[EPUB] ✓ Audrey Hepburn: A Biography | by ✓ Warren G. Harris

Audrey Hepburn: A Biography By Warren G. Harris,

  • Title: Audrey Hepburn: A Biography
  • Author: Warren G. Harris
  • ISBN: 9781568951560
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Chronicles the life of the charming and dignified actress, discussing her childhood in Nazi occupied Holland, rise to stardom, unhappy marriages, and work for UNICEF.
    Audrey Hepburn A Biography Chronicles the life of the charming and dignified actress discussing her childhood in Nazi occupied Holland rise to stardom unhappy marriages and work for UNICEF

    One thought on “Audrey Hepburn: A Biography”

    1. This novel also has one true fault, and the fault is that underneath all of the well researched facts and trivia and all the information and precision found in this biography, the biographer is simply not a very good writer Biographies are generally written in a semi formal tone, and certainly not a conversational one For the most part Harris stuck to one voice, but there were times when he would slip from formal into dead casual, or add in some turn of phrase that struck discordant and spoiled [...]

    2. If I had to list my favorite actresses of all time, Audrey Hepburn would be high on the list Not because she made lots of movies because she really didn t But she starred in several of my all time favorite movies My Fair Lady, Breakfast at Tiffany s, Sabrina, Wait Until Dark, Roman Holiday all make the list I found this at the library and grabbed it Although I will admit I would have preferred reading the book written by Audrey Hepburn s son For the most part I enjoyed this book but I did feel t [...]

    3. Okay, I must be honest that I really enjoy reading about anything about Audrey Hepburn This biography felt a little further away from the biographies with up close sources that I ve read, like the one by her son, Sean Ferrer, but I still enjoyed it Written in large print format, I originally thought I was going to cruise through the book, but the paper thin 400 pages took me forever to get through I appreciate Audrey s kind and gentle nature, her love of children and her desire to use her fame t [...]

    4. This book was really amazing because she has alot of great life lessons quotes that can relate to me in way shape or form This book talks about how her whole life was either if it was good or even bad at some points Audrey was an amazing actress and a ballerina Audrey had alot of goals and strived to conquer all of them a some point and time She was a great person and will be remembered for her coreers.

    5. A well researched account of Audrey s life Harris seemed to focus a lot on her superficiality, I d like to read another biography to confirm this and a few other things It was well written and I enjoyed the book that I read it rather quickly.

    6. Ehh It was alright Not much info one couldn t get on Talked about the movies she made, who she made them with Very little insider info.One bit of interesting info was her relationship with Givenchy, and that he created the first celebrity fragrance, for her

    7. Warren G Harris has written a really in depth biography of Audrey Hepburn Very interesting and enjoyable to read.

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