[✓ Триумфалната арка || ✓ PDF Read by ¸ Erich Maria Remarque Ерих Мария Ремарк]

Триумфалната арка By Erich Maria Remarque Ерих Мария Ремарк,

  • Title: Триумфалната арка
  • Author: Erich Maria Remarque Ерих Мария Ремарк
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I ve tried to write review forArch of Triumphand I ve failed So instead of it some impressions It s a love story and grief story it s Paris of expatriates, cheap brothels and shabby caf s it s hotel International, mecca for fugitives from every corner of Europe, with its rooms embellished with portraits of fascists or their democratic counterparts, depends on whom current exiles are it s sea of calvados, nocturnal wanderings, ambience of nostalgia and decadency and harbinger of impending disaste [...]

    2. Erich Maria Remarque is best known for his classic masterpiece All Quiet on the Western Front Arch of Triumph may not be equal to that but it is very good, a beautifully written novel that stands on it s own merit and one that I enjoyed reading from start to finish The setting is 1938 Paris, nervous about the unrest in Europe prior to the start of World War II, and filled with expatriates and refugees of many nationalities Ravic is an accomplished German surgeon, and having fled Nazi Germany, he [...]

    3. An exiled German doctor living in Paris in 1939.This had all the indicia of a great novel and it was very good, I enjoyed reading it The first half sets up the plot of a German, Ravic, though that is not his real name he is literally a man without a country Germany has exiled him and France will not recognize his medical license because of his political status He earns a living assisting French physicians, though he does the surgeries for them and receives a quarter or a tenth of the pay treatin [...]

    4. My thoughts a bit into the book THIS is fantastic What lines Did you know that Remarque died in 1970 He didn t JUST write about WW1 Here the year is 1938 The Spanish Civil War, the build up to WW2 and refugees in Paris are all part of this book Interesting and exciting and marvelously written And you want to know why the main character is as he is You simply MUST understand Slowly it unfolds Good stuff Me, I am enjoying myself as I read this.And on completion Everything that I loved when I began [...]

    5. Trebala bi postojati neka kategorija za knjige koje su poput ove van kategorije Pet zvjezdica je ni ta Odu evila me prije 20 ak godina, a odu evila me i sada U ivala u svakoj re enici u dubokim mislima, opisima, samoj pri ii, naravno, calvadosu Ne znam jel do mene, ali mi se ini da se ovakve knjige vi e ne pi u ok, ast izuzecima Bila i ostala jedna od mojih omiljenih knjiga svih vremena

    6. One of my favorite books Remarque at it s best This book transforms you back in time to post war Paris You can small the dusty streets, cigars and Calvados in the air when you read it It will leave you nostalgic and hungry for true love and romance straight from the vintage 30s.

    7. Remarque has a great humanistic way to tell a simple story, while inspiring a greater idea or a state of mind While Arch of Triumph is definitely mainly a love story between German refuge Ravic, and wannabe actress Joan Madou, it is also a dooming testament to the injustices of life And it is also a stark witness to the tragedy of war, and the dark human instincts that precipitate it Being a strong pacifist, Remarque, who served in World War I, tries once again to present not only the uselessnes [...]

    8. this is a later addition i think of books read this year, ones that might become rereads become comfort reading and this is a prime candidate why i do not know, perhaps in clarity, in artlessness, i can concentrate on the characters i tried one other book by remarque, very disappointed, and i have read all quiet on the western front but this was spoiled by having seen the old film now i know the plot, but this is never important, this is bittersweet, romantic yes it must be the romantic aspect t [...]

    9. Su Remarku jau seniai esu susipa inusi ir Triumfo ark , jau penkt jo knyg , rankas miau be jokio nerimo, kad knyga gali nepatikti ir, inoma, neapsirikau Su av jo kaip visad Stipr s dialogai, platus gyvenimo vaizdavimas, cini ka ironija ir taigus antimilitarizmas susilieja nuostab k rin , ai kiai alsuojant remarki ku stiliumi, kurio su niekuo nesumai ysi iame k rinyje ypa stipr sp d paliko dialogai Po Silva Rerum pama iau, kad roman galima puikiai para yti ir be dialog , bet i knyga v l leido i n [...]

    10. Nav jau vairs daudz ko teikt Remarks ir eni ls, ja j raksta par cilv c bu, vientul bu un cer bu Kar salau cilv kus N kam man Remarka sarakst ir Lisabonas naktis.

    11. 4.9 5 I mrekullueshem, frymzues,jehone universale kunder lufterave, edhe ne epoken me te erret ka gjithmon nje fije drite qe na mban gjalle.

    12. Khi m i c nh ng ch ng u c a cu n ti u thuy t n y, c l nhi u ng i s c m th y c c i g thi u thi u, h t h ng, kh ng bi t b t u t u, b i b ng d ng m ng m t c i, t c gi p ngay v o nh ng d ng u ti n l hai nh n v t b c s Ravic v ng i thi u ph tr tu i Jeanne Madou m kh ng c b t c m t l i m o u, d n d t, mi u t hay gi i thi u n o t o n n m t s chu n b k l ng cho ng i c Th nh ng, n u c ki n nh n v s khoan thai, ch m r i trong th ng th c v n h c d n d n c n nh ng ch ng sau, nh ng di n bi n ti p theo c a c [...]

    13. Arch of Triumph readwithstyle.wordpress 20A huge fan of Erich Maria Remarque as I am, surprisingly I hadn t read two of his most famous novels Arch of Triumph and All Quiet on the Western Front After 5 novels Shadows in Paradise, Three Comrades, A Time to Love and a Time to Die, The Night in Lisbon and The Black Obelisk , his voice sounds so familiar, that while reading I feel an overwhelming calmness In a world where nothing is right, where humanity has continued on the path to self destruction [...]

    14. I put this book aside to read A Lady s Life in the Rocky Mountains but I was already getting tired of it and I m not in the mood to finish it right now The story is about a German refugee living in Paris during WWII but before the Occupation He had been a surgeon in Germany but as he is living illegally without papers, he has to take whatever work a few French doctors give him work that they don t want to do such as trying to save a woman s life after a botched abortion I found this all very int [...]

    15. I was blown away by this book It is very old and still it touches on some things that are universal and beyond restraints such as time It s set in the illegal refugee community in Paris during the second world war, and the protagonist is a not too sympathetic doctor, who practises illegally for pittances, drinks himself down or less every night because of his insomnia, has casual relationships when he doesn t play chess with a Russian refugee friend of his, has countless political discussions a [...]

    16. Rediscovering the books that I read when I was too young Read in 2 nights One of my favourite books definitely.It was like I could almost feel how the author felt when he was writing it.Everything is so complicated and yet brought to us so simply Must read.

    17. Non torna indietro l ora che si vissutaRemarque descrive qui, con essenzialit ricca di poesia, un mondo nascosto gente in fuga dalle persecuzioni naziste negli ultimi anni trenta del secolo scorso inquiete, delle ombre andavano in su e in gi Erano gli emigranti senza documenti, la brigata degli illegali Cos Ravic, chirurgo illegale a Parigi, deve fare i conti con una vita sempre al buio e allerta costretto, per sopravvivere, a non stringere legami n a provare affetti, a sollevare barriere strozz [...]

    18. Nu v apuca i de cartea asta dac trece i printr o desp r ire Nu v apuca i de cartea asta dac sunte i pu in depresiv Dar mai ales, nu v apuca i de cartea asta dac nu v plac lucrurile care ncep at t de bine i se termin la repezeal A a impresia mi a l sat mie finalul c r ii de m ntuial De i e o carte frumoas E stilul caracteristic a lui Remarque, simplist i totu i nc rcat de emo ie Am adunat, pe parcursul lectur rii, citate prin vreo trei carnete, n telefon sau n documente word Am tr it cu lectura a [...]

    19. Trist cartea, dar mi a pl cut foarte mult tr irile suflete ti ale dr Ravic, g ndurile i starea pe care o avea de la o zi la alta Trist atunci c nd mereu trebuie s fii pe fug , trist cu toat nebunia r zboaielor i tot ce au avut s ndure oamenii de pe urma lor Trist e s te ndr goste ti de o femeie i ea s nu se mul umeasc doar cu tine, ci mereu s o vezi la bra cu un alt b rbat Trist, dar totodat plin de speran mi a p rut finalul Eu a a i sper c el va supravie ui r zboiului, deport rii Trist s citesc [...]

    20. Absolutely excellent At first, after reading half way through I gave it 4 stars Big mistake it is definitely 5 plus Remarque put human face on pre WW2 Europe and France in particular The characters, their life stories and pre war spirit of that time builds up tension and anxiety in the reader It is than a love story In fact, I think love story is not central point of the book It is there to examplify one of the inevitable feelings and to support the main underlying theme of how important human [...]

    21. Erich Maria Remarque is one of the greatest novelists i have ever read This is third book of Erich Maria Remarque i read I am sure i will read it again.

    22. Ph n v n kh ng bi t n n cho 3 hay 4 sao, th i th 3,5 5 sao v y Truy n kh ng ph i d , ch l m nh ch a c m c nhi u l m C i c ch t c gi v von so s nh trong m i c u v n mi u t l m m nh b i r i qu T c gi so s nh p n m c d t m nh n t n u t n u l m m nh l n n Sao H a cung tr ng r i m t l t qu n m t c i ch nh l c u ng em ra so s nh l c i g lu n H u nh kh ng c u n o l ng kh ng d ng ph p v von mi u t n y, ch tr nh ng c u tho i, to t h t m h i V ch nh v so s nh v von d qu , th l t nh ti t l i m ra lan man C [...]

    23. One excellent book by Remarque for the collection and for sure not the last I ll continue reading him The German writer has such a warm prose full of kindness that make a reader love him, despite the fact that he is dealing with hard, cold and cruel times and topics in his books In the Arch of Triumph he focuses on refuges life from all Europe, in a pre ww2 Paris More specifically his main hero German doctor whose opposite ideology to uprising Reich troubles him, finds in Paris a temporary or n [...]

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