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Against All Enemies By Richard A. Clarke,

  • Title: Against All Enemies
  • Author: Richard A. Clarke
  • ISBN: 9780743268233
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Bush administration has squandered the opportunity to eliminate al Qaeda.A new al Qaeda has emerged and is growing stronger, in part because of our own actions and inactions It is in many ways a tougher opponent than the original threat we faced before September 11, and we are not doing what is necessary to make America safe from that threat No one has a The Bush administration has squandered the opportunity to eliminate al Qaeda.A new al Qaeda has emerged and is growing stronger, in part because of our own actions and inactions It is in many ways a tougher opponent than the original threat we faced before September 11, and we are not doing what is necessary to make America safe from that threat No one has authority to make that claim than Richard Clarke, the former counterterrorism czar for both Bill Clinton and George W Bush The one person who knows about Usama bin Laden and al Qaeda than anyone else in this country, he has devoted two decades of his professional life to combating terrorism Richard Clarke served seven presidents and worked inside the White House for George H.W Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W Bush until he resigned in March 2003 He knows, better than anyone, the hidden successes and failures of the Clinton years He knows, better than anyone, why we failed to prevent 9 11 He knows, better than anyone, how President Bush reacted to the attack and what happened behind the scenes in the days that followed He knows whether or not Iraq presented a terrorist threat to the United States and whether there were hidden costs to the invasion of that country Most disturbing of all are Clarke s revelations about the Bush administration s lack of interest in al Qaeda prior to September 11 From the moment the Bush team took office and decided to retain Clarke in his post as the counterterrorism czar, Clarke tried to persuade them to take al Qaeda as seriously as had Bill Clinton For months, he was denied the opportunity even to make his case to Bush He encountered key officials who gave the impression that they had never heard of al Qaeda who focused incessantly on Iraq who even advocated long discredited conspiracy theories about Saddam s involvement in previous attacks on the United States Clarke was the nation s crisis manager on 9 11, running the Situation Room a scene described here for the first time and then watched in dismay at what followed After ignoring existing plans to attack al Qaeda when he first took office, George Bush made disastrous decisions when he finally did pay attention Coming from a man known as one of the hard liners against terrorists, Against All Enemies is both a powerful history of our two decades long confrontation with terrorism and a searing indictment of the current administration.
    Against All Enemies The Bush administration has squandered the opportunity to eliminate al Qaeda A new al Qaeda has emerged and is growing stronger in part because of our own actions and inactions It is in many ways a t

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    1. This is the center of the controversy Clarke is the most informed insider when it comes to the federal government s response to and planning for terrorism He should know As the White House anti terrorism Czar he was in a central position from the 90s to 2003, and was in the business for 30 years, covering the presidencies of Reagan, Bush the first, Clinton and Bush 43 He says that the incoming Bush administration was so contrarian about Clinton that they ignored the plans and advice proffered by [...]

    2. Fucking scary Clark had the curious fortune of heading counterterrorism in both the Clinton White House and the Bush White House The latter was worse by a gigantic margin The day after 9 11, Bush was pacing the Situation Room beneath the West Wing asking everyone whether they thought Iraq had anything to do with it He certainly thought so, as did Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney Or not It s hard to tell the difference between the dishonest and the misguided in the Bush Administration Either way, t [...]

    3. a must read for the limited number of intelligent americans clarke relates his history as a presidential advisor from reagan to w bush the pace is brisk and breezy, like a thriller, but crammed with fascinating facts about government operations the payoff is that w appears as a gullible dimwit manipulated by fossilized cold warriors unable to realize the dangers to a post soviet world posed by terrorists i could go on at length.

    4. A bit dated, but really good first person account of the fight against terrorism leading up to and slightly beyond 9 11 Clarke does at times seem as if he s trying cover his , but he puts out a fair account of his bosses i.e presidents competencies with regards to their understandings of the terrorism issue In his view Iraq was a clear distraction, based on some discredited theories of their purported involvement in the 93 World Trade Center bombings It s interesting reading this material 14 yea [...]

    5. Against All Enemies Inside America s War on Terror by Richard A Clarke Against All Enemies is a fascinating book about the recent history of terrorism during the presidential years of Bush senior, Bill Clinton and George W Bush from the point of view from insider and counterterrorism czar Richard A Clarke This 352 page book is composed of the following eleven chapters 1.Evacuate the White House, 2 Stumbling into the Islamic World, 3 Unfinished Mission, Unintended Consequences, 4 Terror Returns 1 [...]

    6. Richard Clarke has worked in the area of national security for the past 30 years He was head of counterterrorism affairs for Presidents Clinton and Bush II In this book, he severely criticizes the current Bush Administration for its lack of interest in terrorism and al Qaeda before 9 11, and its disastrous decisions afterwards.He first explores the Reagan and Bush I reactions to events like Lockerbie, TWA 800, and the Beirut bombing that killed over 200 American soldiers The word terrorism had n [...]

    7. There was some really great insight at the opening of the book about what happened on and right after 9 11, and also suggestions at the end of the book about how to handle foreign relations and use of force after 9 11 However, the meat of the book was a bitchfest of I told you so s and all the ways that Clinton was better than Bush Jr Maybe too much about 9 11 is still classified, but this tell all felt like either a teaser prequel, or just a way for Clarke to complain about what wasn t done the [...]

    8. Reading this concurrent with Donald Trump saying about Obama, ISIS is honoring President Obama He is the founder of ISIS, he s the founder of ISIS, the founder , even if he meant it metaphorically regarding Obama s policies responses which Trump, by the way, denies meaning the book makes him look uninformed foolish Good book Informative Helpful in placing terrorism today in a context that makes the history meaningful Clarke is open about his perceptions being his, his biases being his own Glad [...]

    9. In this authoritative account of the U.S s rash rush to war in Iraq, the US s former chief counter terrorism adviser describes in searing detail the fool s errand that Bush and Cheney sent us on in their war of choice, not necessity Written by one who was there, and wasn t listened to Read it to help ensure this never happens again.

    10. Richard Clarke was a counterterrorism official in Washington before it was cool He was sounding the alarm about al Qaeda for years before 9 11 and was frustrated that his warnings were not taken seriously On the morning of 9 11 he assumed the role that the yet to be invented Secretary of Homeland Security might, coordinating with different agencies to ground planes, close national monuments, and mobilize first responders.The book documents how he feels terrorist threats should have been handled [...]

    11. It must be hard to be Clarke who has such influence in government but no one knows what he does and why he does it I am convince the reason he wrote this book is to brandish his legacy as someone who did something for the US Although I like this book, it is largely a confirmation of what I already knew that Bush s war on Iraq was based on his ideology rather than on facts He does make a convincing case that the war in Iraq makes America less safe rather than safe Clarke states that government i [...]

    12. Very interesting account of counterterrorism policy from Reagan to Bush Jr This is very subjective an egocentric, though See Ghost Wars The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001 and The Age of Sacred Terror Radical Islam s War Against America for an interesting portrait of Clarke.I don t like how Clarke cashed in on the 9 11 commission hearings to advertise his book, though.Apparently, Clarke claims that Condoleezza Rice gave him the [...]

    13. Obviously it took me a while to get around to this, but I m still glad to have read it Though I tired of all the bewildering agencies and the number of officials mentioned, I suppose it is necessary to wade through them in a book aim at a lay audience If nothing else, this is worth reading just to see that at least someone was onto the BS from Wolfowitz, Cheney, and Rumsfeld from the beginning I do wish I knew whether Clarke s assessment of Cheney as a rightwing fanatic dates to later or the tim [...]

    14. A bit tiresome after a while Clarke treats us to a blow by blow of much of his anti terrorism activity across the tenure of three presidents What is of particular interest is the Bush administration s insistence in finding a link or manufacturing a link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Husain If Clarke can be believed, and I do, it started the day after 9 11 Bush, Cheney and Wolfowitz were intent on finding a pretext to invade Iraq Bet none of their kids ever joined that fight

    15. Uncomfortable and very enlighteningIt is unfortunate that books such as this one can not be written and read before tragic events happen but wait, this is a good timely read now, to ponder scenarios of future events I highly recommend it to , and believe it should be mandatory reading for those in government who are responsible for being wise enough to make good decisions There are serious lessons to be learned herein.

    16. Kinda dry but incredibly insightful book Its one of my first forays into politically charged books, I recommend either sipping from it occasionally or reading all the way through in one setting Highly recommend.

    17. Norman Mineta relays this story from the PEOC on 9 11 Soldier The plane is 50 miles out, do the orders still stand Cheney Yes the orders stand Its just a funny story, like that time the drive thru didn t give you the right flavor soda.

    18. A fascinating and troubling look at the inner workings of counter terrorism during the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st by someone who was there Definitely worth a read, just not terribly well written.

    19. A fantastic historical insider view by Richard Clark, this is one of those books that would make you frustrated with every line you read And this is what happened with me This is not the first account of events inside the White House on 9 11 and in the desperate days that followed It was Bob Woodward, in Bush at War, who first described how the neo conservatives tried to link the attack on the Twin Towers with Iraq and goaded Bush to use it as a pretext for war against Saddam Hussein However, Wo [...]

    20. Richard Clarke s book was extremely informative and the details of previous administrations efforts against terrorist activity helped me frame, and better understand the situation America finds itself in today It made me think about topics not only in the context of recent events, but with the knowledge of American involvement and history in the Middle East, which gradually led to increased Arab animosities and eventually to the Sept 11th attacks This became the catalyst that changed all America [...]

    21. The critics claim that he had an axe to grind against Shrub s Administration for not appointing him to a position in their Administration After reading the book, you can definitely say that for about 30 pages in the book The other 273 pages detail a lot of the failings of four Administrations the current Administration is not included in this book, simply because they weren t running for office in 2004 At several junctures, Clarke points out that America has not been good about keeping events fr [...]

    22. My husband has just bought Dude Where s My Country and Liars and the Lying Lies they Tell Before I read those I wanted to read what may have really happened, sans humor Five years later I still haven t read Al Franken I rarely read non fiction for fun, but this highly readable book was often shocking and disturbing Clarke spent thirty years working for the Pentagon and the Executive Branch attempting to protect Americans from just the kind of attack that happened on 9 11 The FBI hid their resour [...]

    23. The September 11, 2001 terror attacks were wake up calls to take heed of the ripened and full grown terrorism against America Richard Clarke warns that any counter attack against the enemy will only create enemies, some are visible and known and some are not The unknown enemies have a vast and extensive global network They are lurking in the fog ready, at any time, to strike.From Publishers WeeklyFrom the first thrilling chapter, which takes readers into the White House center of operations on [...]

    24. Gripping and full of revelations This amazing piece of work has been on my to read list for years till I finally got my hands on a copyFor people who never heard of Dick Clarke, he s been one of America s go to guys when it came to Counterterrorism since the early 1980s until 9 11, has served under Ronald Reagan, Bush the elder, Bill Clinton as well as George W Bush.Clarke, who had one helluva story to tell gives a blow by blow account of almost every major conflict and counterterrorism effort i [...]

    25. I m a little behind the eight ball with this read I guess I figured late 2008 was a good time to catch up on the book that dominated the news cycle and punditocracy for most of 2004 I wasn t disappointed though Clarke s tell all doesn t feel dated, and for my money it s the most important international affairs book of the post 9 11 era.You haven t lived until you ve read the first 15 pages of this book In all seriousness, I ve never read non fiction as intense, dramatic, and fascinating as his r [...]

    26. One of the best written even if it was probably ghost written memoirs to come out of Washington D.C in quite some time, Richard Clarke takes us inside the anti terrorism wards of four presidents from Reagan to the W Bush His best gift is to illustrate the attitude of each regime, and where their interests lay It s written very sharply, drawing some excellent scenes from real life, including the opening 9 11 in the White House It is critical of all administrations, but considerably educated than [...]

    27. This book fleshed out for me the reasons that make me believe that going to war with Iraq was a mistake Although Clarke probably has some political axe to grind or some money to make from the indictments he levels at the current Bush administration, his clear reasoning and the fact that he worked for Reagan, Clinton and the Bushes, make me believe what he has to say And that is, that somehow Bush I and Bush II have some obsession with Iraq that has skewed their perception of the threat it poses. [...]

    28. Did you ever wonder, in retrospect, what was really happening in the old White House while we were all being led down the garden path into a war in Iraq Oh, there are some great shows out there that will give you the scoop Frontline recently did a multiple show synopsis that was head spinning but really, aren t they all just fronts for the liberal leftist media For everyone who nodded in response to that last query, grab the most recent version of Against All Enemies Richard Clarke, my friends, [...]

    29. Came across this in my dad s collection while reading Blair s bio, got to Blair s discussion of Iraq and thought I d slip this in It definitely makes me think Blair is a liar, because I definitely don t think he s a fool This is not slick, it is not a man opening up his inner world and thoughts to you though it is by force somewhat autobiographical It is an account of everything he and the white house have done to prevent terrorist attacks, and that is much than I realised Once again, it opens [...]

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