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It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us By Hillary Rodham Clinton,

  • Title: It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us
  • Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • ISBN: 9780684818436
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Mrs Clinton book she stresses that it takes a village to help children to develop to their full potential It takes parents, churches, schools, businesses and others As a country, we need to look at other countries to see what they may doing better than America and pick out the good ideas.
    It Takes a Village And Other Lessons Children Teach Us In Mrs Clinton book she stresses that it takes a village to help children to develop to their full potential It takes parents churches schools businesses and others As a country we need to look at

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    1. Have to say, I am an unabashed Hillary fan But that said, I was a bit disappointed that this 10th anniversary edition of her groundbreaking book was not updated for 2007 audiences The data and statistics are all woefully out of date early nineties , and therefore do not provide any sort of meaningful trend analysis Also, in a post September 11th world, I would have liked to hear Sen Clinton s perspectives on raising children in a climate of terrorism, xenophobia and war Overall, I would have tho [...]

    2. First of all, this is a misunderstood book.Many people falsely assume that it s about how government or society is important than family when it comes to the upbringing of children Instead, the central thesis is that society has a crucial role in addition to that of a family when it comes to creating a safe and nurturing environment for children And the corollary that governments and policies should be judged by the impact that they have on our children.Clinton includes a number of statistics t [...]

    3. I couldn t even finish it and that was before the whole Daddy Clinton with a Cigar in the White House fiasco Yes, children are priceless, brilliant, beautiful treasures, but it really only takes two involved, self respecting, loving parents to raise a child The problem our children have in our country is that many parents are too damn lazy and expect other people teachers, school counselors, day care centers, nannies, etc to raise their kids, and to teach them discipline and morals Surprise That [...]

    4. Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote this book with her heart in the right place I believe that she does have a lot of compassion for children That being said, there were times that I had great difficulty reading her book about the well being of children, knowing that she was a war hawk in the US s illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 On page 290 of her book, Clinton states that it is the responsibility of the government to Keep America the world s strongest force of peace, freedom, and prosperity Her vote [...]

    5. Loved this book It reminds me of a time when people cared about other people and really put themselves in the place of the other before making decisions We were a less selfish nation then.I really believe the village principle.

    6. Although I admire Hill s dedication to children s issues, I found this book rather lacking The prose is exceedingly dull, perhaps because she hired a ghostwriter as she did not have time to write the book herself This I can understand, as she was a trailblazing First Lady of the United States, traipsing the globe in advocacy of women and children The subsequent lack of passion which is visible in her oratory is therefore painfully conspicuous.

    7. I came across Hillary Clinton s book 2 years ago at a book sale and was intrigued by the title of the book Thinking it was a sort of autobiography, I learned that the title was derived from an old African saying, it takes a village to raise a child The old adage simply means that a child is not only raised by his parents alone but is also raised by other important actors in the community such as friends, school, and village elders figures that contribute to the total well being of a child Sharin [...]

    8. I love the way Hillary writes She is great at writing on a level that it feels she is really talking directly to the reader I felt that this book gave a great sense of how we should be in our own country towards our children It takes than a mom and a dad to raise a well rounded child It takes many others and it seems there are some areas of our country that lack these values.

    9. Considering I spent years in the Conservative community, where people who never read this book joked about condemned it without having read it, I had never bothered to read it in the 90s It s been on my to read pile a couple of years now, and I decided if there was ever a time to read it, that time has come.Regardless how one feels about Hillary s ambition or political tactics, this book is worthy of being judged on its own merit It has plenty of wisdom to offer for every time and place in human [...]

    10. Wow This book mad eme feel so separate from Hillary I originally loved the idea of a woman in office based on Hillary s strong persona Unfortunately, after reading this book, I really felt the difference in our class backgrounds I felt that being women wasn t enough of a bond To be honest, I was quite bored by her book It was repetitive, and felt only like politics as usual This book made me feel very disconnected from Hillary Clinton Barack Obama s book, The Dreams of My Father had the opposite [...]

    11. Annoying and preachy It may take a village to raise a child, but that village shouldn t be the government.

    12. This book was written in 1996, during Bill Clinton s first term, and the title stuck with me until now, when I finally looked it up at my library and sat down to read it I am glad I checked it out It reminded me of many truths and considerations I knew growing up, but have forgotten in the day to day pettiness of life It made me feel grounded There are many things we teach children about what is good and stable and how to be ready to deal with society and the outside world I had forgotten too m [...]

    13. An amazing book about how the whole universe conspires to create the right ambience for a child to grow up in Hilary Rodham Clinton uses examples from real everyday life to tell us how each one of us is responsible towards the proper growth and development of our little ones into good and mature human beings Life is an experience, and it takes the whole village and community to make this life fulfilling and learning for our little ones.A must read.

    14. It is politically convenient to ignore perspectives from politicians or people in general with whom we assume to disagree with In politics, I think there is an even greater belief that if we disagree particularly, strongly with someone, they must be deficient in all other areas, as well But it is not always socially expedient to practice such an existence, and when considering how we can best work together to foster human flourishing as much as is possible, we would be remiss to ignore the core, [...]

    15. when you work, work hard when you play, play hard and don t confuse the two Mr Rodham you can t roll up your sleeves and get to work if you re still wringing your hands the sight of baby carriages left unattended outside stores on the streets of copenhagen said to me about the safety of danish babies than any researchere is not one civilization, from the oldest to the newest, from which we cannot learn Eleanor Rooseveltwhen parents talk to their babies, they are feeding the brain cells that pro [...]

    16. Full Disclosure I love Hillary Clinton, so I m a bit biased Having said that This book even though it was written in the 90 s seems so relevant today.The importance of having a good support system to raise a child an issue that by all measures she has always been passionate about resonated with me She touches so many subjects from health care, to education, empathy, work ethic and spiritual growth Even though I do not have children of my own, I know that as a member of my community I am also res [...]

    17. During this political season, I decided I needed to know about Hillary, the person I have to say I see eye to eye with her on child raising, the importance of tending to the entire village and a number of really important issues I also got to understand Hillary s personality and influences and I am feeling really good about her This book is very thought provoking and compels you to act on behalf of the village And I am so glad I read it.

    18. While it was nice to read about Hillary s continued dedication to improving the lives of children, the book feels dated Many of the views outlined in this book were once mainstream values of the Democratic party, but in 2017 come off as Republican lite Most of the data in the book is outdated and reads as a very long campaign speech.

    19. I really wanted to like it And the first 30 or so pages were good But she comes off as over privileged and preachy.I ll still vote for her if she gets the dem nom, of course.

    20. Originally posted my review on an incomplete, forgotten account Forgive my repost.Considering I spent years in the Conservative community, where people who never read this book joked about condemned it without having read it, I had never bothered to read it in the 90s It s been on my to read pile a couple of years now, and I decided if there was ever a time to read it, that time has come.Regardless how one feels about Hillary s ambition or political tactics, this book is worthy of being judged o [...]

    21. When this book was first published in 1996, I was in college and not at all interested in parenting or politics Now, 20 years later, I m all about parenting and politics In the introduction, Hillary Clinton makes clear that parents are the most important influences on the lives of their children p XII However, since no family exists in a vacuum p XII , the well being of all children also depends on the society in which they live The village , of course, is a metaphor for not just the neighbors a [...]

    22. I ve always felt conflicted about Hillary There are times I see her as a woman with a family who has faced struggles in her life that are not all that different from myself Then there are moments when I think she is a stone cold harridan who manipulates the system in order to gain as much power as possible As I read this book, however, I was solidly on her side Who wouldn t be well, besides Ann Coulture Putting children first, promoting early education programs and daycare assistance, help for s [...]

    23. Although this book was published 14 years ago, and the generation of children of which I was a part of circa 1996 Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks of, is now in early adulthood, the book s thesis that not only must society make accomodations for its children, but the parents of said children also, is still very relevant in 2010 I grew up in a small town not unlike the ideal village portrayed by Mrs Clinton I was raised by a single divorcee mom was very conservative in her parenting methods I was cl [...]

    24. I enjoyed this read however I couldn t give it stars because as I read I realized that there was a pattern that started to annoy me Basically Clinton outlined truths and reminisces about her experiences and those are truly delightful bits Then she outlines legislation and solutions for various issues I think the book would be interesting if she had addressed issues that she wanted to change or show the ways that other counties and leaders had made innovative, successful changes, but this is re [...]

    25. I listened to the abridged audiobook Most surprising anecdote She and Bill had Arkansas prison inmates on staff in the governor s mansion, which had been longstanding state policy She got to know all kinds of convicted criminals, including murderers.The last part of the audiobook is about income inequality and the degradations of consumer capitalism.All in all, with the frequent subtweeting of politicians who talk a big talk about family values except when family friendly Democratic policies are [...]

    26. I liked it but my friends didn t so much However, it s a good book club pick Our book club quote of the year came from this book It just goes to show that a bad book doesn t make for a bad book club meeting.

    27. Interesting discussion of public policy, developmental and educational psychology Nothing much new, though I was disappointed because I d hoped to get a better insight into Hillary, the person.

    28. Hillary Clinton is the Last Conservative.Take a look at these quotes and tell me who of the many candidates for President in 2016 wrote them There are limits to what government can do We reject the utopian view that government can or should protect people from the consequences of personal decisions or that it can legislate complete peace, harmony, and brotherhood Those of us who believe in the free market system should worry about what we are in danger of becoming a throwaway society sustained o [...]

    29. I began reading listening to this fully expecting to scoff and roll my eyes, and say, THIS is why no one likes Hilary While I don t believe Hilary is the devil that conservatives characterize her as, I ve not been her biggest fan But I loved this book and found myself nodding and saying, Yep, to much of what she said In fact, there were times I got so lost in what she was saying that I forgot I was listening to Hilary and not a talk from General Conference I d probably have given this five stars [...]

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