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Shaman King, Vol. 5: The Abominable Dr. Faust By Hiroyuki Takei,

  • Title: Shaman King, Vol. 5: The Abominable Dr. Faust
  • Author: Hiroyuki Takei
  • ISBN: 9781591162544
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Back in action with a new body to abuse, Tokagero is out for revenge against Amidamaru, the samurai who killed him 600 years ago But when Amidamaru is in danger, it spells trouble for spirit medium Yoh.
    Shaman King Vol The Abominable Dr Faust Back in action with a new body to abuse Tokagero is out for revenge against Amidamaru the samurai who killed him years ago But when Amidamaru is in danger it spells trouble for spirit medium Yo

    One thought on “Shaman King, Vol. 5: The Abominable Dr. Faust”

    1. This was very good The tournament is raging on and Yoh is faced with an unusual opponent with an even unorthodox fighting style I m really enjoying the introduction of new characters in every volume and the tournament in general The constant action and solid artwork was a treat and the writing was spot on Another great entry into a terrific series.

    2. Shaman King is rated Teen and has moments dealing with death, ghost, and combat so if any of these things bother you then please move on The tournament to determine the next shaman king is underway and Yoh finishes his match with the Icy Horohoro with an exciting final strike and a new friendship born Now I am sure most of you can imagine the main character might win the big battle the book is based upon but Yoh requires two wins to make it to the next round so don t assume he will win all of hi [...]

    3. C mo me dejaron con la pelea contra Fausto a la mitad Bah, m s que a la mitad cerca del final, quiero creer Por lo menos termin la pelea contra Horo Horo, con un final relativamente predecible pero bien armado igual Ahora que no tengo a mano el tomo 6, no s cu ndo retomar la serie, pero la verdad que le estoy tomando cari o a este Jojo s Bizarre Adventure para la gente menuda.

    4. This is my favorite volume in the series because we are introduced to my all time favorite character in the story Johann Faustus VIII At this point Yoh starts to realize that there are shamans out there who are not what they seem.Faust is the first genuine threat other than Ren among the cast but also has one of the saddest backstories of the cast and while psychotic there is still some humanity about his behavior despite how broken minded he seems to be Faust can appear very polite and friendly [...]

    5. 3 5After the first few volumes, I was debating on giving this series up I was just not enjoying it But after reading a couple , I m enjoying it It went by faster, and the main plotline is getting interesting.Now that Yoh is competing in the major Shaman fight, it s getting exciting I am especially enjoying meeting the eccentric characters they are all fun and unique The story is still very exaggerated and Manta is a bit annoying, but that s all right Yoh isn t being too god moding, which is app [...]

    6. So, we continue the battle between Horohoro and Yoh, and the first battle of the Shaman Fight is Yoh Horohoro was a fun first opponent and they ended up celebrating together afterwards After the first battle, the interactions between Yoh and Manta were hilarious Manta makes me giggle consistently through these volumes, and even though he always seems to be yelling, he is one of my favorite characters.Right after the fight, Yoh gets news of his next battle from Silva, who Yoh battles to be entere [...]

    7. Another strong volume I try to stick with the headings for the stars which puts four as really good literally really liked it and five as amazing and having rated a book that was far stronger than this in just about every way as amazing earlier today I can t quite justify putting this one there.ough it s as good as I would hope a new volume of Manga would be This title is beginning to develop a bit depth of story as the Shaman Fight begins Takei does a good job of using the circumstances of the [...]

    8. This has probably been my favorite volume so far Yoh was growing and doing awesome things and then Faust showed up I m actually a little disappointed when they did the tease preview for Faust on page 65 From that preview, I thought he was going to be a voodoo witch doctor Necromancers are cool but voodoo witch doctors are cooler So I was bummed.I was going to continue reading this series but the library does not have a copy of volume 6 available for checking out So unless they decide to order a [...]

    9. In this volume, Yoh wins against Horohoro Trey in the anime, I guess and then begins his fight against Faust VIII.I don t remember this fight being as tough in the anime but the rest is exactly the same.I don t know what else to say, I adore Faust and the way he s drawn and also I love the puns in the manga, about drugs morphine and the head of the tribe, I suppose that wasn t a normal cigar.

    10. Wow I think that s the first time I ve seen a vivisection in a graphic novel before And to think this is targeted to kids and teens in Japan Wonder how nobody ended up with nightmares from this.

    11. Emotional stuff regarding Yoh s past Manta aka Morty goes through some freaky shit, and Faust is one sick motherfucker The show did not portray this volume to its full potential But thinking it s a kids related audience, toning down goreish scenes was probably for the best.

    12. A partir de este volumen es cuando se deja en segundo plano la comedia y comienza la crudeza Es buena pero aterradora.

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