[EPUB] ☆ Stigmata | by ✓ Lorenzo Mattotti Claudio Piersanti

Stigmata By Lorenzo Mattotti Claudio Piersanti,

  • Title: Stigmata
  • Author: Lorenzo Mattotti Claudio Piersanti
  • ISBN: 9781606994092
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Imagine that you were the lowest of the low a drunkard, a brawler, a fornicator, a desperate hulk of a man Imagine that the mark of the divine suddenly appeared etched in your flesh, and that your life spiraled into unending horror as a consequence Imagine that you managed to find a respite from this Hell and imagine that this respite was short lived.Legendary cartoonisImagine that you were the lowest of the low a drunkard, a brawler, a fornicator, a desperate hulk of a man Imagine that the mark of the divine suddenly appeared etched in your flesh, and that your life spiraled into unending horror as a consequence Imagine that you managed to find a respite from this Hell and imagine that this respite was short lived.Legendary cartoonist Lorenzo Mattotti Fires, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde applies his virtuosic pen to novelist and screenwriter Claudio Piersanti s gripping fable of good, evil, sacrifice and ultimate redemption.
    Stigmata Imagine that you were the lowest of the low a drunkard a brawler a fornicator a desperate hulk of a man Imagine that the mark of the divine suddenly appeared etched in your flesh and that your lif

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    1. A hist ria intensa e densa e tal e qual s o os desenhos Para quem gostar verdadeiramente de banda desenhada ser uma leitura muito interessante, se se conseguir identificar com os temas que a obra aborda Para mim foram dif ceis de entender S me senti desconfort vel ao longo de todo o livro, mas mesmo isso permite me reconhecer algum valor na narrativa Achei feio A verdade que n o fala de coisas bonitas Chega a ser espiritual e, mesmo n o tendo gostado muito, conseguiu transmitir me um tom especia [...]

    2. Mattotti and Piersanti start with a strange but holy premise what if a ne er do well drunk and thug suddenly found himself afflicted with stigmata on his hands What would happen Now add art that blends the scratchy style of Eddie Campbell with the rounded faces of Peter Bagge Our protagonist goes through a spiritual journey from denial to cynicism to madness to acceptance to peace The book doesn t try to answer any big questions, and it doesn t preach It doesn t explain, and offers only the smal [...]

    3. Outstanding in every way Mature, demanding the point where comics truly becomes literature Mattotti s art is a revelation I know him mostly through his somewhat lurid pastels but this violent sweeping swirling expressionistic pencil work was astonishing The story is beautifully written and well translated I respect the decision to leave unresolved the reasons for the stigmata and his own implied holiness This is a comic I would happily recommend to someone who liked challenging art.

    4. Pe mine m a revoltat destul de mult i cred c dac a fi citit o cu g nduri mai apropiate de divinitate, pa nice adic , a fi tras alte concluzii A a ns , tot ce a f cut romanul Stigmata a fost s mi alimenteze o ur justificat , trebuie s m crede i fa de religie i sacul opac pe care aceasta l trage pe capul fiec rui adept dispus s i ncredin eze via a, moartea i speran ele n m inile cuiva care locuie te, se zice, n norii pufo i de deasupra noastr i care ne face bine, teoretic, dup ce ne face mult r u [...]

    5. An Italian man with mysterious stigmata tries to find his place in the world it doesn t really work The hectic illustration really meshes well with this painful story.

    6. Ten a ganas de ver c mo se mov a un genio con el color como Mattotti en el blanco y negro y al respuesta es que admirablemente bien Las p ginas finales, con el degradado de negro a blanco, son para enmarcar Y no son las nicas.Muy recomendable.

    7. If you think you know what this work is about by reading the title, you d be wrong Yes it does deals with the stigmata, that mysterious miracle given to people, often those of devout faith, that symbolizes Christ s wounds But this book is so much than that You see the main character, the one that gets the stigmata in this book, isn t of devout faith In fact he s about as far as you can come from it He drinks, he s probably done drugs before, he sleeps around, he s the type of guy that you would [...]

    8. This is a fantastic book While it does not play with big concepts, which is how I usually like my novels, the novel s strength lies in the complexity of its visual style that teases out implications with a force that the base storyline does not There is a sense of violence, madness, and urgency conveyed through the linework, which perfectly illustrate the protagonist s anger and frustration as his life spirals out of controls Catholic beliefs structure the story, and to a great extent this is a [...]

    9. Phew This one really hits you right in the face, and I mean that in the best way possible The main character wakes up one day to find his hands bleeding and no matter what he does he can t make the wounds heal The blood causes him to get into a fist fight with the owner of the bar he works at, leaving the poor dude to wander homeless for a time He stumbles across a travelling circus and joins up, first as a handyman and then as one of the attractions His past catches up to him, though, in the fo [...]

    10. 2.5 This time, I m actually going with the rating system this graphic novel was okay Stigmata is a tale of despair and hope, happiness and cruelness, and the fault lies in me and the huge expectations I built up around this book I loved the art style Simple, minimal, a little bit weird but most definetely haunting It added to the story a lot having it in black and white, with the raw lines and almost unfinished, hurried look it makes the art just like the life depicted in the story This is where [...]

    11. Great stuff, mais avec un b mol The art, made up of dark squiggly lines might not be for everyone, but I do like it It successfully conveys all the depression, somber moods and rainy days of this story but is also effective to portray light, innocent wonder But I can t shrug off the deja vu A lot about the story, and everything about the art of Stigmata late 2010 , is SO similar toManu Larcenet s 2009 Grasse carcasse that it borders of plagiarism Of course, the plot is different but even the mai [...]

    12. Imagine if you could tell a tale through scribbles.Imagine that tale was about the son of a circus man.Who has genuine Stigmata.No, Really.His life crumbles into madness, and the story is a wild, insane thing He starts out a man, he goes mad he comes out of madness, and becomes something ELSE.What would you do, if you were a madman, trying to find the sanity to survive holes in your palms, that never healed, and bled freely with all the implications that come of it What COULD you do and stay san [...]

    13. What it does, it does extremely well What I mean here is the ability to take the reader by the arms and pull them into this black pit of despair we find the protagonist to be living in We connect with his dreary life and feel his suffering and torment as if the wounds have appeared upon our own skin What contributes to this engaging feeling must be the scribbly dark art style used Swirls of noir entangle each page, reminding us that darkness and shadow is always lingering within life itself Howe [...]

    14. Mattotti is a pretty amazing artist This story was much better than the other thing I ve read by him Such passionate, terror filled, strangely sweet illustrations Such excellent representations of the darkness brewing inside the big drunken lout with the titular stigmata, and his struggle against the darkness of the outside world But it s not perfect, narratively, I suppose Perhaps some of it s in translation, but I think he works a little bit indirectly and obtusely with story just a little bit [...]

    15. O que um estigma O anti her i desta obra ilustrada por Lorenzo Mattotti sob argumento de Claudio Piersanti sofre um duplo estigma Numa vertente mais on rica, as suas m os sangram constantemente Mas o seu real estigma a solid o, a inadapta o, a incapacidade de encontrar um lugar para si no mundo O car cter expressionista da ilustra o de Mattotti, aqui longe do registo abstracto futurista baseado nos pintores italianos dos prim rdios do s culo XX que utilizou em obras anteriores, sublinha a fort s [...]

    16. gripping in its own way to be perfectly honest, i m not sure that i can detect any real message here beyond redemption through salvation i missing something else , and while the story is brief and underdevelopedd poorly written with a host of clichesd a bit hurriedly illustratedill, there s somethingt charming it s far to dark to call it that , but, wellipping about this whole affair while the two are hardly comparable, it feel similar after having read this as i did when the credits rolled duri [...]

    17. This book is masterfully drawn in a loose, scratchy style, but the story was rather superficial With such a dramatic and tragic event as unexplained stigmata, you would think the central character s inner life would have been explored deeply Instead, we are left with long scenes of silent solitude and rain to fill in for any real emotional connection to this supposedly tragic hero It s not exactly appropriate to say show, don t tell about a graphic novel, but I wished I was shown something int [...]

    18. Black and white artwork is used effectively to convey the anguish of a man down and out, but who them becomes the focal point of attention when he starts to bear the stigmata The gaping wounds in his hands are typically associated with those of deep piety and religious devotionhe is neither A fascinating and compelling graphic novel, it shows how this particular art form and style of writing is being utilised to challenge, confront and engage.

    19. The cartooning in this book is thoroughly stunning The loose, gestural and expressive drawings really create a bleak, desperate tone to the book that lends itself really well to the narrative The story itself worked well, though the writing seems a little stiff likely the nuance lost in the translation but I did thoroughly enjoy most of it, until the end, which didn t satisfy me like the rest of it Still, fantastic read.

    20. Mattotti and Piersanti s Stigmata is an impressive combination of despair, schmaltz, and spirituality that manages to deliver a consistent reading experience despite being built with some apparently cliched elements It s a testament to the talent of these creators that they don t let the cornier aspects of their tale degrade the whole thing, and Mattotti s simple, sweeping graphics are a pure pleasure this one is definitely recommended.

    21. Beautiful, visceral illustrations, but ultimately it felt like it didn t go anywhere I mean, I wouldn t have minded at least a hint of why in the world this guy got stigmata, and there were so many chances for plot But if you look at it as a conceptual work of art than a story, I suppose it s much successful Still worth a look, though, some really haunting panels Not for the squeamish most of these involve cascades of stigmata blood.

    22. Dark and gritty yet beautiful morality play In scratchy black and white that goes beyond cross hatch or typical renderings, this is gorgeous and deep drawings that perfectly match the writing.In fact it really felt like it was done by one person.Refreshing and original though it is also quite classic, the art was almost too exciting for me to read slowly.

    23. Seemingly drawn in a fury with a ballpoint pen, this graphic novel flows like a poem and sticks like a burr It took me twenty minutes to read and when I crashed out of the last page I was breathless and lonely I may have been unduly predisposed to like it because of the carnival freaks, but I did like it a lot.

    24. Beautiful art very muddy and dark, matching the story I found the second half to be somewhat of a let down from a powerful start to the novel Maybe not the best thing I ve read, but wonderful art and an unusual story.

    25. Powerfully emotional graphic novel Loose, free illustrative style is deeply personal Utilizes the graphic medium to its full capacity well paced, silent frames The content is dark and moody, but the finale brings a sense of hope, that hardships are necessary to reveal ones true self.

    26. Dark, carny folk always make for a good premise Supernatural coupled with Carny supported by extremely engaging drawings made this much than a comic book Can t wait for the next from the author.

    27. I m a big fan of Lorenzo Mattotti His line quality has a way of driving the narrative forward like a freight train or diminishing the scene to a slow pulse This ability to command the timing of the sequence is the skill I most admire in a comic artist.

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