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The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Journey Begins By Robin Furth Peter David Richard Isanove Sean Phillips Stephen King,

  • Title: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Journey Begins
  • Author: Robin Furth Peter David Richard Isanove Sean Phillips Stephen King
  • ISBN: 9780785147091
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A BOLD NEW CHAPTER IN STEPHEN KING S THE DARK TOWER SAGA Twelve years have passed since the fateful Battle of Jericho Hill and the fall of the gunslingers Since the Affiliation s resistance against John Farson became little than a faint memory Since the friends that stood by young Roland Deschain burned to ash in the Good Man s razing of Gilead But Roland survivedA BOLD NEW CHAPTER IN STEPHEN KING S THE DARK TOWER SAGA Twelve years have passed since the fateful Battle of Jericho Hill and the fall of the gunslingers Since the Affiliation s resistance against John Farson became little than a faint memory Since the friends that stood by young Roland Deschain burned to ash in the Good Man s razing of Gilead But Roland survivedd now he stalks the desert, hunting the spectral Man in Black in his quest for the Dark Tower Join Robin Furth, Peter David and Richard Isanove as they welcome superstar artist Sean Phillips INCOGNITO into the ka tet of creators entrusted by Stephen King himself to bring the adult adventures of his most personal creation to life COLLECTING Dark Tower The Gunslinger 1 5
    The Dark Tower The Gunslinger The Journey Begins A BOLD NEW CHAPTER IN STEPHEN KING S THE DARK TOWER SAGA Twelve years have passed since the fateful Battle of Jericho Hill and the fall of the gunslingers Since the Affiliation s resistance against Jo

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    1. The first five graphic novels based on Stephen Kings Dark Tower series delve into Roland s youth, from his elevation to the youngest gunslinger and the story of the love of his life Susan Delgado, to the end of the gunslingers with The fall of Gilead Battle of Jericho Hill The journey begins, opens years later with Roland on the trail of the man in black, stopping at a shack in the desert he tells a story of his past to its inhabitant a solitary man alone in the desert.Of the five issues of this [...]

    2. I adore Roland and everything Dark Tower and I m not ashamed to say that I squeed with delight in true fangirl fashion when I heard that Marvel and Robin Furth would be spearheading a graphic novel adaptation Things started out well enough I was so charmed by the first installment The Dark Tower The Gunslinger Born Essentially a re telling of Wizard and Glass Book 4 of the series , the colors were magnificent, the dialect spot on, and I got shivers just reading that awesome line one time the ma [...]

    3. Okay so as usual I say one thing and end up reading another Yes I had the next series laying here waiting to be read and in the process of moving them to the side I would up starting to read them, thats me all over Well the start of the next cycle is here and I have recently learned that even though they thought it was all over there will be a third as well anyway the story starts some years after the events that happened at the end of the last book if you want to find out go read it or at least [...]

    4. This is the 6th book in the Dark Tower Graphic Novel series I was super excited to read this installment in this series because it starts the story of Roland and his journey as the lone Gunslinger It ended up being a well done story but jumps around quite a bit.The story starts with Roland as an older Gunslinger, many years after the Battle of Jericho Hill Then the story promptly jumps back to the events immediately following Jericho Hill We also get to jump way back into the past when Roland wa [...]

    5. mehi was into the first miniseries, in and of itself, without ever having read king s original novels it was so good, it made me seek out the dark tower novels, and follow them through to the bitter end the art was beautiful, the story interesting and compelling, drawing on what seemed to be volumes and volumes of mythologyen, it seemed like the cash cow started milking over at marvel maybe it was the idea all along, but it kind of felt like they said hey, that was pretty successful let s do AS [...]

    6. The quality of the Dark Tower graphic novel adaptations is rapidly going downhill The illustrations, which were so gorgeously rendered in the first few, are now cartoonish and sloppy There is no consistancy in the characters appearances and Roland who, in the early books, looked exactly as I d imagined him now looks like a buffoonish meathead It s like the creators of the series took such care with the beginning books to get fans hooked and now they re just phoning it in, certain that we ll buy [...]

    7. Over the course of 20 years and seven The Dark Tower novels, horror writer Stephen King wove an incredibly rich narrative that blended high fantasy and sci fi elements with a spaghetti western Influenced by literature and cinema, from Robert Browning s poem Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came to The Wizard of Oz and Clint Eastwood s cowboy films, the story of Roland Deschain was an epic undertaking Taking inspiration from such a wide swath of stories and popular culture, the books evolved into [...]

    8. The journey begins This is how I first expected the Dark Tower graphic novels to start, with the gunslinger chasing after the man in black I realized after beginning this volume that I had missed the last volume of first arc The Dark Tower Battle of Jericho Hill , but there was enough of a recap to get me on track The fact that this is the beginning of a new story arc The Gunslinger made the loss of that volume less.While at first this appeared to be picking up at book one of the novels, this vo [...]

    9. Well, we re sort of starting over here The early stories of Roland and his quest The story proceeds across the apparent wastelands after the death of Gilead, the death of the gunfighters The story plays pretty much along the lines of the Dark Tower novels in it s spirit And for sure, this graphic novel has King s predilection for coming up with sympathetic characters and then killing them off in really nasty ways of course down pat Not a bad story, nothing new here for those who d like to fill i [...]

    10. Another great installment of the series In this edition, we see a much older, much haggard looking Roland journeying through the desert after the Man in Black, telling Brown of his trials so far We see Roland briefly form a new ka tet with Billy ahh, Ka is a wheel That bastard There s a nice mix of canon series info and new backstory in this edition, and I continue to enjoy these while they keep me going through my No Re read year Again I ll just mention the artwork, specifically for this one m [...]

    11. Retells some of the stories about Roland s childhood and some new material about his pursuit of the man in black The wandering years, when the death of comrades was still raw, and his first experience of the adult world of betryals, both quite neatly juxtaposed Robin Furth knows her shit.

    12. Im blown away by how gripping a story is being told in this format.The artwork is incredible and the dialogue phenomenal.You get the full effect of how desperate Roland is to find The Dark Tower as well as how bleak the prospect of him reaching it is.

    13. 29th book read in 2012 Number 165 out of 261 on my all time book list Follow the link below to see my video review youtube watch v BhQrIR

    14. This one really felt like a filler A reminder that years have passed and everyone seems to have died Thanks I got that from the last book

    15. I m a total novice when it comes to The Darktower and the Gunslinger, so I really didn t know what I was in forbut this was damn good I ve read about the Man in Black Randal Flagg in a few other Stephen King books but I don t know much about any of these characters I felt really out of it when I initially started reading this but honestly it s pretty easy to pick up for newbie readers like me Great artwork and a very dark, strange, cool comic

    16. Interesting very interesting I m in for the next installment Am I in for the next 29 I don t know As I read I recalled my teen days of reading Conan the Barbarian The layout and pacing has that feel I think teen boys are going to like it so the Humboldt library is likely to carry it.

    17. I absolutely love all things that deal with the Dark Tower The Stephen King books are my favorite series of all time When I heard about Marvel making a comic adaptation of the series, I knew I had to have them all The comics turned out not to be a direct adaptation of the King books, but are telling the events that Roland experienced chronologically The first series, told about Roland becoming a gunslinger and about his time with his comrades Cuthbert, Jamie, and Aileen In those books, Roland an [...]

    18. Gilead is in ruins, and all the gunslingers but one are dead Dark Tower The Gunslinger, Vol 1 The Journey Begins launches Roland Deschain on his lifelong quest to find the Dark Tower and avenge his people It s a haunting, bloodspattered story graced by solid artwork, and a lingering sense of tragedy.Several years after the last round of comics, Roland stops at the home of a young hermit and his pet raven Over dinner, Roland recounts what happened after Farson s men killed his people he carried t [...]

    19. I really liked Gunslinger Born , the first series of the graphic novelization of The Dark Tower mythos.I enjoyed reading this first part of The Gunslinger , in which we revisit Roland as he continues his trek across the desert I will avoid specifics to prevent spoilers, both of this series, and some of the Dark Tower novels I enjoyed reading the story, which really recapped and cemented Roland s repeated loss of loved ones and ka tet members.I was a little distracted, perhaps even disappointed, [...]

    20. Quite personally, this is my favorite of all the Dark Tower graphic novels I ve read to date Revisiting the beginning of The Gunslinger, it expands further on the adventures of Roland between New Gilead and Brown s shack This book packs an emotional punch especially if you have read and loved The Dark Tower novels The Journey Begins is a book of parallels, mirroring the tragedies that befall Roland in the future It also cements within his mind that he is the death of anyone who dares join his ka [...]

    21. En ouvrant ce nouveau recueil des comics Marvel adapt s de La Tour Sombre, de Stephen King, je me demandais bien ce dont il allait tre question Allions nous rejoindre Roland, le dernier Pistolero, directement apr s la Bataille de Jericho o ses amis avaient trouv la mort, ou bien dans sa marche forc e travers le D sert de Mohaine, la poursuite de l Homme en Noir Et bien, en r alit , ni l un ni l autre, ou plut t un peu des deux En habile sc nariste, Robin Furth a eu la riche id e de reprendre son [...]

    22. This is probably my least favorite of the GNs so far.For one thing, it bugged me that it didn t open with the line I mean, come on, how do you change that Also, this isn t the first time it s happened, but it bugs me when the previous volume ends one way and the the next volume picks up, backtracks a little, and changes how it happened Like I said, this isn t the first time it happened, but it was kinda a huge change in this one view spoiler At the end of Battle for Jericho, everyone s dead and [...]

    23. Finally A really good issue.So Robin Co adopted a very interesting approach for The Journey Begins It actually starts with Roland chasing The Man in Black, just like the first Dark Tower book, Gunslinger starts If you ve read the books, you know that pretty much the first half of it are flashbacks going deeper and deeper into Roland s childhood The same concept is used here but instead of going back and telling about the city Tull first, the first flashback goes all the way to the battle of Jeri [...]

    24. After five prequel hardcovers detailing young Roland Deschain s destiny in becoming the last Gunslinger, we now come to the first book directly inspired by Stephen King s series, The Gunslinger The Journey Begins This one simply doesn t hold a candle to the rest, it s all a filler story and the artwork is not even close to the standard set by the previous volumes.Roland is old and battered He wanders the desert, following whatever signs he can of the Man in Black, when he comes across an old far [...]

    25. Why oh why do I persist These come in to work so shiny and brand new and they look so exciting and then they just stink I keep reading them hoping beyond hope that something awesome will happen, somehow I ll be rewarded for slogging through increasingly rotten storytelling Hasn t happened yet.In this volume, words are taken right out of the mouth of Aunt Talia from The Waste Lands and given to some anonymous lunatic There s another blonde chic with a braid named Susan who gets imperiled in some [...]

    26. Roland Deschain is a boy no longer, what little innocence he had left burned away in the fires of Gilead and Jericho Hill Inexplicably surviving that climactic conflict, Roland, the last Gunslinger, finds himself driven by a single overwhelming purpose to find the Dark Tower and force whoever rules there to remake reality and serve justice on those who have destroyed all he holds dear Herein lies the next part of his quest encounters with Not Men and Billy Bumblers to crazy old coots and a dark [...]

    27. Ka turns like a wheel, sooner or later it will return to the same places and if you are not careful you can be easily run down in its path Having barely survived the tragedy of Jericho Hill, Roland is faced with the loss of everyone he cared for and the end of an era With only his quest left before him, Roland set out in search of the man in black and the path to the Dark Tower.The first tentative steps into the lost years of Roland s journey towards the Dark Tower This arc is the most daring of [...]

    28. Peter David, The Dark Tower, vol 6 The Journey Begins Marvel, 2011 The prequel stuff basically, everything that in the novels took place in Wizard and Glass is now done, and like the title says, the journey begins This story arc, Robin Furth tells us in the preface, will cover the twelve years between the battle of Jericho Hill and the beginning of the first Dark Tower novel so I wouldn t be expecting Roland to hunt down Walter any time soon, d ye ken Roland picks up his first billy bumbler side [...]

    29. It was alright, the art is great, but plotwise, nowhere near as good as the first arc so far, I hope it picks up Can t believe they brought Aileen back just to kill her off for good like THAT, and I wasn t a fan of the weird Susan doppelg nger character at all Basically, my favorite parts of this were the ones taken straight from the novel, and not the added bits.EDIT You know what, I ve thought about it for a couple of hours, and I m downgrading to two stars The art is still good, but honestly, [...]

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