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The Nobodies By N.E. Bode Julianna Baggott,

  • Title: The Nobodies
  • Author: N.E. Bode Julianna Baggott
  • ISBN: 9780060557386
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Hardcover
  • THE NOBODIESFern Drudger s quirky adventures continue in this delightful sequel to The Anybodies She goes to Camp Happy Sunshine Good Times and is bombarded by desperate messages from people who call themselves the Nobodies But who are the Nobodies, and what do they want from Fern
    The Nobodies THE NOBODIESFern Drudger s quirky adventures continue in this delightful sequel to The Anybodies She goes to Camp Happy Sunshine Good Times and is bombarded by desperate messages from people who call

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    1. Although I read this sequel before the original, I really enjoyed it It can be read on many levels as a thrilling adventure, a lovely trot through references to other children s books, and a reflection on how to live life in the moment and embrace change I know that sounds like a pile of hooey who would see such depth in a young person s novel but the main character s struggles with expressing her tru character enough to find the truth who captured the Nobodies is a wonderful metaphor for modern [...]

    2. Clever sequel to The Anybodies Fern learns about her abilities and her history We learn about all of the characters as she defeats another villain and encourages people to be themselves along the way Looking forward to the next book.

    3. This book is when Fern and Howard go to a summer camp together Fern s grandma tells them that they re like brother and sister and that s how they should act, but they don t They always fight and they re always getting into trouble After a week of being together at Fern s house, it s time to go to the camp Fern s grandma is talking about how much she loved the camp when she was younger Fern and Howard got on the bus and the bus driver had a seeing eye dog with him He was a blind bus driver The do [...]

    4. Good reads book review 1The NobodiesThe Nobodies is about a girl name fern that can with special powers These powers aren t normal super hero powers that you ve heard of her powers are unusual she can shake anything out of a book or painting and she could climb into a book or painting and interact with the things inside of them She could also shape shift into anything a rhino, moose, or maybe a inanimate object such as phone or record player This summer the bone which is her dad and her grandmot [...]

    5. After a couple of mishaps with Howard, her switched at birth almost brother, including shaking a rhino out of a book, Fern and Howard are off to Camp Happy Sunshine Good Times Fern feels uneasy about the whole thing, particularly since anytime she has tried to shake something out of a book lately, all that comes our are blue bottles with messages inside The messages are all asking HER for help, but she can t figure out who is sending them On top of it all, there is a nasty mole hanging around On [...]

    6. It s a fantasy book that has all kind of emotions in it.It has some sad parts like the coming of two characters.Also some scary parts like when a mole attacks you.It has some pictures in there to give you an idea of what is going on.There s always something to be cautious about because it is a fantasy book.Crazy things can happen unexpectedly.I really liked the book but I feel like if I had read the first book since this is the second book it would have been complete.I had to put the puzzle tog [...]

    7. My daughter asked me to read the first book in this series to her, as she had read it at school and thought I would like it We read that one, and now we re in the midst of the NOBODIESI thought that that NOBODIES was a little all over the place, but the sequel is much focused The intrusive narrator is funny, the plot moves along at a good clip, the magic is believable and desirable, and, like the previous book, THE NOBODIES ends with a lovely message of redemption I particularly like the way th [...]

    8. More like a 4.8Hmm I remember The Anybodies vividly from when I was younger and yet I barely remember this book I think what happened was that I read the first few pages and then never finished The story was just as enjoyable as the last one and I love how this one was a bit intense and action packed The ending was a bit too fast for me, and I was left with some gaping questions I did, however, love the fact that this book was focused on Fern and Howard s relationship All in all, I loved the bo [...]

    9. A sequel to the Anybodies Fern and her brother Howard go to a camp for Anybodies Not all is well at home, Fern keeps getting messages in coke bottles about how someone s need her help She and Howard have also released a rhino and a big game hunter too.The camp isn t really nice, the counselers are mean, the buildings are run down, and the forest is filled with all kinds of transformed people.

    10. More Anybody fun with Fern and Howard, this time at a summer camp specifically for teaching young Anybodies how to use their powers Only once they get to Camp Happy Sunshine Good Times, things are very different than they expected This is a great sequel to The Anybodies with even and I wouldn t have thought it even possible connections to classic children s literature Now I m off to find a copy of The Somebodies

    11. I read good portion of the book and then just skipped to the end I don t like to do that but I was so bored and I felt lost The first book was fun This not so much Maybe I didn t remember enough of the first, but I felt like there was new information that was just assumed the reader knew The author asides were fun at first, but got terribly annoying since they happened at least once a chapter The silliness of the first book seemed to turn cheesy and flat in this one.

    12. Fern is a wonderful, strong female character Not only is the adventure a lot of fun but the lessons she learns about family, love, embracing the ever changing world around her and the potential each person carries within her to be a force of good are lessons that are relevant to readers of all ages.

    13. Plot line is pretty good but the character development and interaction is lacking quite a bit Also, in the last book the author s constant asides were quirky and almost annoying in this book they are distracting and obnoxious A good mind mush readd I did like it enough to read the last of the series Hoping it s a bit better.

    14. The sequel to The Anybodies by N.E Bode is just as fun as the first In this installment, Fern and Howard are sent to summer camp, the dubiously named Camp Happy Sunshine Good Times There, they uncover an evil plot by BERT, meet The Hermit, and get to the bottom of the Diet Lime Fizzy bottle mystery.

    15. This book is about a girl named Fern who goes to an Anybodies Camp.She meets alot of kids and scary creatures She ends up having many adventures and facing terrifing animals Fern solves many myesteries, too.If you like mysterious and adventerous books than you will like this one too Read it

    16. The Nobodies is the sequel to another charming book,The Anybodies Both of these books are great for anyone who has ever wished that they had magical powers Easy read, but very fun.

    17. I liked this one even better than the first, which is pretty good for a sequel The characters are back for a new adventure, with new friends and enemies that we meet along the way It is another good clean fun read for that young age group, or for anyone who just likes an exciting adventure.

    18. Awesome book that was totally worth reading and was just as good as the first book D The third book is definitely going on my reading list The author writes in such a fun way, I would read a cookbook cover to cover if she wrote it

    19. I knew Fern would have another great adventure I knew she would learn about her powers I really hope the author has .dies up her sleeve.

    20. Just like the first one I loved this book It wasn t as great as the first one but I still really enjoyed it

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