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The Tin Princess By Philip Pullman, The Tin Princess The Tin Princess A Sally Lockhart Mystery The Tin Princess A Sally Lockhart Mystery Paperback September , by Philip Pullman Author The Tin Princess Sally Lockhart, by Philip Pullman Mar , The Tin Princess is a fast paced, engrossing Victorian pulp, told with the keen eye for imperial politics and business that Pullman has brought to all the books in this series. The Tin Princess A Sally Lockhart Mystery Jan , The Tin Princess A Sally Lockhart Mystery Kindle edition by Philip Pullman Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Tin Princess A Sally Lockhart Mystery. The Tin Princess BookRags The Tin Princess Summary Tin Princess by Philip Pullman is the story of Becky Winter who accepts a position as a tutor to Adelaide Bevan and begins an adventure that no one could ever imagine Rebecca Winter is sixteen in and is walking through the St John s Woods area of London She is on her way to meet her first pupil. The Tin Princess PDF Sally Lockhart Book Free Download Free download or read online The Tin Princess pdf ePUB Sally Lockhart Series book The first edition of this novel was published in March th , and was written by Philip Pullman The book was published in multiple languages including English language, consists of pages and is available in Paperback format.

  • Title: The Tin Princess
  • Author: Philip Pullman
  • ISBN: 9780439977791
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sally Lockhart s friend and partner in adventure Jim Taylor has just solved a mystery For years he s been searching for Adelaide, the little girl enslaved by toothless crone Mrs Holland in The Ruby in the Smoke And now he s found her just as she s about to become a princess Crown Princess of Razkavia, to be exact, and a princess in danger Her future husband is desperSally Lockhart s friend and partner in adventure Jim Taylor has just solved a mystery For years he s been searching for Adelaide, the little girl enslaved by toothless crone Mrs Holland in The Ruby in the Smoke And now he s found her just as she s about to become a princess Crown Princess of Razkavia, to be exact, and a princess in danger Her future husband is desperate to protect his bride, and employs Jim as their bodyguard Razkavia s quaint little streets are full of danger.
    The Tin Princess Sally Lockhart s friend and partner in adventure Jim Taylor has just solved a mystery For years he s been searching for Adelaide the little girl enslaved by toothless crone Mrs Holland in The Ruby in

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    1. Possibly my favourite of all the Sally Lockhart books, which is funny since she personally is barely in this one, lol I really loved the whole Razkavia set up, having most of it through young Becky s eyes, and having Jim play such a huge role in it this time round I think I missed Jim than I realised throughout most of Tiger in the Well, heh I loved how the plot kept you guessing right until the end And there was hardly a dull moment Even the ending didn t just sort of fizzle out It began with [...]

    2. For me The Tin Princess was not as successful as the other books in the Sally Lockhart quartet, probably because it is neither about Sally Lockhart or Victorian London, both of which are the thing that interested me about this YA series in the first place Some spoilersInstead the plot is about Razkavia a made up Germanic state in middle Europe Where members of the royal family are being bumped off Our heroes Jim and Becky fall into this world of royal intrigue, by way of Adelaide, the little coc [...]

    3. Tin trains, tin ships going down the whirlpool you know what I am, Becky I m a tin princess Like chess I come all the way across the board and turned into a queen Still only tin, though Want a game of chess Un libro muy dulce que me cautiv con su ambiente del 1800, sus personajes carism ticos, el cambio gradual y notorio en la protagonista, y una int rprete de 16 a os con ganas de comerse el mundo No fue tanto por las intrigas pol ticas que te adelantan en la sinopsis, sino por c mo se fue desar [...]

    4. Lost count of how many times I ve read this, but I haven t added it to GR before I absolutely love this book It s so vivid, and tragic, and the two girls at the centre are wonderful This is an absolute comfort read for me.

    5. I haven t read the Tiger in the Well, so I have some mild spoilers for it, but this is brilliant I absolutely love this style of Ruritanian fantasy Gothic crime novel thing and I think this might be my favourite out of the three I ve read.

    6. As usual, Philip Pullman has written another fabulous story It was very exciting and I just loved the characters, especially Jim and Adelaide It was great how we returned to Adelaide, since we ve had such a long time to wonder what on earth happened to her And it was so fun that Jim was one of the main characters He really needs his own series, actually Now, the story was different from the others in that there was a large element that wasn t historical The story is based on a fictional country [...]

    7. This was the second book I ever read in the Sally Lockhart series and I honestly really liked it apart from one thing, which make me hate the book and as I re read it Adelaide.Boy, isn t she just annoying Every chapter contains at least a paragraph of praise and I guess what s supposed to be a awe inspiring descriptions of how Adelaide s beauty and charming psychopath personality mesmerizes everyone around her Yes, Pullman we get it everybody loves her bossy, unpleasant personality, could you [...]

    8. needs a re read shelf for books like this one It was as fun the second time as the first This is one of my favorite Pullman books, right up there with the Dark Materials trilogy, though not as intense You don t need to know anything about the Sally Lockhart books to read this one because it s a complete side story.

    9. Why are Philip Pullman s endings always so sadLoved the book, though not his best It certainly raked up the emotions inside me.

    10. I hadn t read anything else in the Sally Lockhart series, which likely affected the degree to which I knew what was going on, though Pullman is such a good storyteller that I went along with it contentedly anyway And hey, I always like a made up tiny country with royalty and stuff.

    11. Despite how quickly I devoured the three first Sally Lockhart books, I took my time getting around the the fourth because, well, it s not about Sally She only appears in the book very briefly I shouldn t have waited so long The Tin Princess is a fast paced, engrossing Victorian pulp, told with the keen eye for imperial politics and business that Pullman has brought to all the books in this series Although I didn t remember Adelaide very well from the first time I met her, I quickly grew very att [...]

    12. Maybe the weakest of Pullman s Victorian era novels, The Tin Princess borrows heavily and intentionally from late 19th century adventure novels and comes complete with a made up Slavic Kingdom, but despite its way to good to be true conclusion I can t help but love it I have a soft spot for Jim Taylor.But I cannot ignore the book s conclusion Stop if you ve heard this rant before Pullman seems to think that sex leads to either death or separation Sally and Fred hook up and Fred immediately dies [...]

    13. Somehow I m even sad than I was when I finished the final Harry Potter book This series is so, so, so, so made of awesome And I can t help but love it And adore it.Never mind that I really don t get what Mr Pullman is trying to do at the end of The Tin Princess Okay, I needed some time to get into this Razkavian stuff and get used to the fact that Sally wouldn t play a big part in this one But after the first 100 pages I really loved it When I came to the final 5 pages I thought Well Save and s [...]

    14. This is almost a standalone in the Lockheart series it s certainly the one that s easiest to pick up and reread quickly, and that s because it doesn t really dive into Sally Lockheart s life This one s all about Jim Taylor.I love Jim unabashedly He s cheeky and clever and quick, with a strong sense of right and wrong It s great to see him in the centre of his own story, as I always wanted of him in Sally s books Now that he s grown up a bit and is finally the ringleader of his own investigation [...]

    15. This is a sort of sequel to The Ruby in the Smoke et al and okay, it s kind of a cheesy sequel But oh, the characters Seeing Jim and Adelaide all grown up, and Sally as a matron, is fun without being corny and Becky and the new minor characters are wonderful enough that you can mostly ignore the rags to riches to royalty story the book is ostensibly about.I think of it as really extremely good self fanfiction If you enjoyed the three books in the series proper, and can keep that description in m [...]

    16. The Tin Princess features characters from the other books in this series Sally Lockhart , but is only a slightly connected story It s the somewhat familiar story of an English girl, Adelaide, of no breeding but innate intelligence and wit, who marries the exotic prince of a small European country Seeking a job, the young Becky Winter is hired to be Adelaide s tutor, and soon finds herself helping Adelaide negotiate a maze of dangerous politics and social situations, and he unexpectedly becomes Q [...]

    17. All the Sally Lockhart books are great, starring a heroine who can shoot a pistol, solve a mystery, and is written by Phillip Pullman in a Victorian London full of opium addicts, smog and murders Actually Sally isn t in this book very much as it is mainly the story of her friend Jim and the little urchin Adalaide from previous books, now married to the crown prince of a small European country.

    18. What a disappointing end to a quartet This book starts off with such promise, and the plot and the writing style are brilliant it s Philip Pullman, so of course they are , but there were a few things that marred my complete enjoyment of this story Firstly, there is the relationship between the three main characters, Jim, Adelaide, and Becky what would have worked best as an amiable trio a la Harry Potter is instead portrayed as a couple and the third wheel Where I should have felt sympathetic to [...]

    19. C nov princezna se uk zala bohu el jako kniha, kter je spjata s ur it m v kem a po letech lov ka znovu u nenadchne ve zkratce, je to prost young adult, na kter v dosp losti za nete vid t v echny nedostatky.Nap klad, nikdo se nijak zvl nepozastavuje nad t m, e Adelaide se s princem sezn mila v nev stinci krom star ho kr le, kter ho to do druh ho dne p ejde , bez probl mu a bez pomluv se stane kr lovnou, kter dojedn v d le itou mezin rodn smlouvu a nikoho to nenapadne proti n pou t.V echno je hroz [...]

    20. A rollicking old fashioned melodrama, which takes some of the characters from the earlier Sally Lockhart books Jim Taylor and little Adelaide and transfers them to a little made up country in Central Europe There they battle evil plots and international intrigue and poisonings and murder and true love, all in an attempt to save a kingdom Lots of people die in this, including people the reader has come to care about and a kitten And in some ways the plot is quite predictable I could have told you [...]

    21. All the books in this series are chock full of action, exciting adventure, mysterious plots, fascinating historical details and wonderful characters and Anton Lesser as the narrator is absolutely suburb He can do any accent it seems men and women, Cockney guttersnipes, Irish ruffians, a Scottish magician, a Hungarian politician, Eastern Europeans I liked this book the best because the primary point of view is a new character named Becky and she is brave and kind and clever and she is the native [...]

    22. I read all 4 books in the Sally Lockhart series, although I already knew the stories of the first two from the BBC TV series a few years back In fact they were the best of the lot Book 3, The Tiger in the Well, only features Sally, all other characters were conveniently away right when she needed help the most She s being sued by a man she s never met, claiming his right to everything she owns as he s her husband And he has the documents to prove it Incredibly far fetched, and I guessed who was [...]

    23. This was not the best story as I must confess, I missed Sally being in it The series has always included Sally but this time centers around Jim and Adelaide who has reappeared 10 years after mysteriously disappearing in the first book An interesting but tragic plot that doesn t take place in Victorian England A bit of a hazy ending that rather ends up in the airr the last book in the series.

    24. Found this at the library and was first attracted by the antique like cover art and the text on the back I have not read any other books by this author I quite enjoyed it, there was action but somehow it was not too unrealistic, in that the heroes did not ultimately win all that they set out to Nevertheless, they came out of the adventure in an acceptable way I may read other books in the same series.

    25. Very good book but it isn t clear what happened to Karl if he was killed on his way to meet Count Otto or if he lived because at the end of the book it says And the students of Richterbund, gathering silently ate the Caf Florestan to wait for news of Karl and Gustav and the others who d died And I really want to know what happened to him.

    26. I did really like the dark undertones of the story, questioning whether there was really any meaning in the end if the story s events Which ironically made me question whether the book in turn, was pointless It started out so well but maybe i lost steam towards the end or too much was happening Either way, I felt the ending just lost its impact on me or ended far too abruptly.

    27. 3.5I wanted the plot to be complex, and it took a moment to adjust to a new city and focus I love learning about the history of Victorian London via Pullman and this book takes place in a made up country All that aside, it was poignant and intriguing as always.

    28. I just read all four of the Sally Lockhart mysteries through Although I missed Sally in this one, I thought this was the most exciting of them all.

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