[PDF] ✓ The Compleat Moonshadow | by ☆ J.M. DeMatteis Jon J. Muth

The Compleat Moonshadow By J.M. DeMatteis Jon J. Muth,

  • Title: The Compleat Moonshadow
  • Author: J.M. DeMatteis Jon J. Muth
  • ISBN: 9781563893438
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • by J.M DeMatteis Jon J Muth Collecting both the original run of Moonshadow and its sequel, Farewell Moonshadow in a single paperback volume Journey from the farther reaches of outer space to the starry skies of the inner spirit as the young dreamer, Moonshadow, and his cynical alien companion, ira, set forth on the unforgettable intergalactic odyssey that science by J.M DeMatteis Jon J Muth Collecting both the original run of Moonshadow and its sequel, Farewell Moonshadow in a single paperback volume Journey from the farther reaches of outer space to the starry skies of the inner spirit as the young dreamer, Moonshadow, and his cynical alien companion, ira, set forth on the unforgettable intergalactic odyssey that science fiction great Ray Bradbury called beautiful, original, haunting Mature Readers SC, 7x10, 464pg FC
    The Compleat Moonshadow by J M DeMatteis Jon J Muth Collecting both the original run of Moonshadow and its sequel Farewell Moonshadow in a single paperback volume Journey from the farther reaches of outer space to the starr

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    1. Yeah, it s a comic book One with depth, humor, and relevance than 90% of mainstream literature as found on NYT lists or NPR.

    2. This is probably one of the weirdest books I ve ever read Moonshadow was born in an intergalactic zoo, the offspring of a drug addled, Brooklyn born hippie who calls herself Sunflower and a grinning ball of light, an alien creature who may or may not be entirely capricious read absent father extraordinaire At the zoo, Moonshadow slavishly follows around some lecherous, foul mouthed, cigar smoking, bowler hat wearing, Wookie like creature named Ira, and together they have some adventures after Mo [...]

    3. Van Morrison s Moon Dance youtube watch v 6lFxGCat Steven s Moon Shadow youtube watch v kGNxK Piping down the valleys wildPiping songs of pleasant glee,On a cloud I saw a child,And he laughing said to me Pipe a song about a lamb So I piped with merry chear Piper, pipe that song again So I piped he wept to hear BlakeThe Compleat Moonshadow is a kind of fictional fantasy auto biography of Moonshadow, which the author John Marc DeMatteis says is a story of his own awakening, illustrated in dreamy w [...]

    4. What does one write when one knows he couldn t possibly give a book justice.Wouldn t it be fun if we all lived in a Disney Animated Movie nd could simply burst out into song instead in fact, I do believe that is exactly what I am going to doOh, I m bein followed by a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow Leapin and hoppin on a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadowAnd if I ever lose my hands, lose my plough, lose my land, Oh if I ever lose my hands, Oh if I won t have to work no And if I ever lose my [...]

    5. Imaginative, with interesting pictures, at times very beautiful I would easily give this 4 stars if I had not taken so long to feel attached to the story or characters By the end, I did feel attached, to varrying degrees During the first third of the book I felt incredibly annoyed with the pompous writing I think this book is overrated yet I would still recommend it to fantasy lovers.

    6. It s so rare to find a graphic novel that works on than one level, but when you do, it s wonderful On the one hand, there s the gorgeous watercolor art, some of it literally breathtaking, one the other, there s the solid story that tackles various important topics while still being exciting, engaging and occasionally humorous Sci fi fans will no doubt find the story fascinating It s the journey of awakening of 15 year old Moonshadow, the child of a hippy earth born mother and a giant grinning b [...]

    7. The best comic book series I ever read, the one to which I compare all others Even five stars isn t enough.

    8. 4.5 stars, althoughI m wavering It was really good More than some of Vertigo s other graphic novels, this one comes closer to being an illustrated novel Yes, there are still dialogue balloons and even traditional comic book onomatopoeiae, but they re well dominated by narration coupled with absolutely fantastic artwork.Where to start Since I ve brought up the art, I ll go over that first It s not just watercolor, although that s certainly the majority, and used to all its strengths there s dripp [...]

    9. Under the editorship of visionary Archie Goodwin, Marvel s Epic Comics line, with titles such as Dreadstar, Coyote, and Starstruck, showcased some of the best and most innovative comics of the 1980s.Premiering in 1985, the fully painted twelve issue fairy tale Moonshadow by writer JM DeMatteis and artist Jon J Muth continued that bold tradition.The chronicles of the young, naive Moonshadow s life continued in 1986 Orphaned and raised by strange aliens and befriended by a cantankerous, foul smell [...]

    10. Dude who runs the hobbie shop said this was his favourite comic ever That s high praise for a major nerd Plus he gave me a discount Sweet Dec 25, 2011The ending to this book actually bumped it up from beige 3 star read to 4 stars I expected so much from this when I started it The artwork is really whimsical, a perfect fit to the story But as I read further and futher, I couldn t stand how pretentious the narrator was Ugh Get over yourself Throughout the book, the narrator breaks the fourth wall [...]

    11. Moonshadow is a 1985 1987 limited series written and created by J M DeMatteis and illustrated by Jon J Muth and Kent Williams as well as George Pratt It was later released as a trade paperback currently entitled The Compleat Moonshadow The comic was inspired by the Cat Stevens song of the same name It takes the form of a bildungsroman with elements of satire The first issue of this come out while I was on my own bildungsroman, and the echo and significance of this was not lost on me It was also [...]

    12. Definitely an overlooked, imaginative, unique, creative, funny, with some depth, sci fi, coming of age graphic novel Ira is quite the character in and of himself he s a sarcastic, funny, impulsive, selfish, lecherous alien and he is the pretty much unwilling companion to Moonshadow, the main character, a young boy trying to figure out where he belongs The artwork is also quite talented This is one of the best books I bought impulsively from the used section at a bookstore Maybe this comic isn t [...]

    13. The watercolour illustrations in this book are alone are captivating, and as it turns out, the story is also very beautiful As many commentators have noted, this is an original and haunting coming of age story Moonshadow, the main character, and the book itself are innocent and full of wonder Because this is a story of awakening, it is also full of confusion, heartache, sorrow, betrayal and pain The artwork, the author s prose, and even Moonshadow himself created such an atmospheric experience, [...]

    14. Undoubtedly one of my favorite comics ever, I was unaware of its influence when I first discovered a copy in a box at an antique junk shop One of the first comics to feature fully painted artwork, it featured a complex adult storyline that melded poetry, crude humor, fairy tale, and science fiction into a wistful story of reminiscence, a coming of age tale set in space It does suffer from a rambling plot that at times lacks cohesion, but Muth s gorgeous art binds it together beautifully, and Mat [...]

    15. This is a great graphic series I can t say what I loved if it is DeMatteis words or Jon J Muth s incredible watercolers This series has a great mixture of comedy and tragedy that is almost like I B Singer s books in comparison DeMatteis has written many series since, but this remains my favorite because of the way it tells the story of a childhood innocence forced to confront grown up reality Though told in very fantasy terms, this is a realistic view of love, life and death, and grief that can [...]

    16. This raucous and magical coming of age story is one of my all time favourite books First read it in the 1980 s and I ve reread it a dozen times since discovering new things every time The artwork is gloriously gentle except when it isn t, the story is charmingly whimsical, except when it isn t This book has everything, poor parenting, sex and debauchery, war and violence, love and peace, happiness and misery and in the end acceptance DeMatteis writing is heavily autobiographical, one has to imag [...]

    17. Well, if you read literature then you will like this book If you like obscure references and underlying themes, you will like this book If you read books because its relaxing but engaging, then you won t like this book I had to struggle to get 100 pages into it The story and characters are really well portrayed and the story is interesting at times, but there is so much to understand To be honest I did not like the art style either so it swayed me into reading something else If your into fantast [...]

    18. This is definitely something I would call an illustrated novel rather than a comic It s sort of strange, and my favourite part is the artwork Wasn t compelled by the story much and found myself thinking of stories that I ve written in the past that could probably measure up to this one That s not to say the work isn t good, it s definitely got its charms, but it was the illustrations that compelled me to keep turning the pages.

    19. Deliciosamente surreal, DeMatteis mergulha nos nas po ticas aventuras e desventuras de um rapaz nascido num zoo gal ctico que, solta entre planetas, tem de se descobrir a si e aos sentidos da vida Hist ria de crescimento pessoal disfar ada de narrativa fantasista, tem um car cter fe rico sublinhado pela aguarela expressiva do ilustrador John J Muth.

    20. I originally read this series many years ago when it came out in individual issues I wanted to see what I thought of it years later.The artwork has a very dreamy, water washed effect, which I do find very beautiful I remember the story to be much less heartbreaking is very unique and also has an odd dream like quality to it.

    21. I m not a comic book fan in general, but the 90s DC Vertigo comics were something special, and MoonShadow is no exception This one along with The Sandman by Neil Gaiman were my favorites There is something sweet to this one with its exploration of character The watercolors are beautiful Even now, 16 years later, I still have these on display around the home.

    22. One of the most innovative and adult storylines ever to grace mainstream comics also featured art that was sublime It owed a great debt to much of 60s literature about spiritual quest, without succumbing to the hippy dippy bullshit of that era or the execrable writing style of the similarly obsessed beats that preceded the hippie era.

    23. Reread for the Frisco Public Library s graphic novels book club Incredible book, all the impressive on multiple readings I have my good friend and former student David Walton, for introducing me to Moonshadow well as other great DeMatteis books.

    24. Beautifully painted, whimsical and magical, Moonshadow is a graphic novel experience quite unlike any other.

    25. everyone should read this book one of the most imaginative stories i ve ever read with an inconceivable amount of gorgeous watercolors to accompany it gives me chills just thinking about it.

    26. Beautiful and frustrating in equal measures Moonshadow reads at times like the dreams of a madman poured out onto the pages Wonderful artwork and writing but I simply found it all too incoherent.

    27. Moonshadow has a father who s essentially a light ball a rare intergalactic species called G I Doses, a hippie mother called sunflower, a shaggy, chainsmoking, wall humping father replacement figure named Ira and a cat named Frodo, these are fine ingredients for an epic adventure First off, they go hurtling through space responding to a distress call from some alien In this mission, Sunflower gets mauled and dies, and while arranging her burial on GimmeGimme, a distant dock station planet, Moons [...]

    28. Hard to review this without saying Doctor Seuss on Acid crack shrooms etc.Why Moonshadow is amazing It s freaking amazing.Moonshadow taps the vein of your lost childhood It is everything you ever thought about being a growing kid becoming an adult It is the wonder years of comic book fantasy.It will make you very nostalgic for that time then you will realize that it never happened but the feeling is there.I read this interview with J.M Dematteis around the time that Farewell Moonshadow the epilo [...]

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