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A Cook's Tour By Anthony Bourdain,

  • Title: A Cook's Tour
  • Author: Anthony Bourdain
  • ISBN: 9780747558217
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anthony Bourdain is a life long line cook and author of Kitchen Confidential Here, he sets off to eat his way around the world He heads out to Saigon where he eats the still beating heart of a live cobra, and travels deep into landmined Khmer Rouge territory to find the rumoured Wild West of Cambodia Pailin.
    A Cook s Tour Anthony Bourdain is a life long line cook and author of Kitchen Confidential Here he sets off to eat his way around the world He heads out to Saigon where he eats the still beating heart of a live co

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    1. After fourteen years of contented vegetarianism, it takes a lot to make me want to try roasted lamb testicles I could almost stop writing here the book is that good Bourdain s attitude is part of his charm I m not sure I d want to work in his kitchen, but he writes a damn good story From one end of the earth to the other, he and his faithful camera crew take on whatever is local, exotic, beloved, and edible Then he eats it The way this man writes about food is incredible last time someone made m [...]

    2. Now, I love Anthony Bourdain He s basically full of shit and insane, but honest enough to be aware of it.He s smug, cynical, occasionally snobby and has all the tact of hammer to the forehead.At the same time he s very aware that he s stumbled into a job most people would kill for, he s getting paid to eat good food and travel anywhere he wants in the world Someone is paying him to go live out his boyhood dreams and fantasies.He also loves going places, meeting people and food He has a soft roma [...]

    3. Bourdain a privileged, hypocritical, crude bastard manages to write prose that is intriguing, funny, and surprisingly poetic I began the book as a critic of Bourdain, having just read KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL, which I found to be shallow and boring at best, and also having watched his show NO RESERVATIONS, which often leaves a bad taste in my mouth for several reasons Despite all this, there has always been something in Bourdain s writing that has kept me coming back After reading this book, I ve be [...]

    4. Anthony Bourdain s second book has him traveling the globe looking for the perfect meal Visiting locales like France, Portugal, Morocco, Japan, Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as a little bit of his home country, Bourdain s goal is to try true, authentic, fresh food and not be afraid to join in and eat like the locals No matter what their speciality is Lamb testicles in Morocco, the beating heart of a cobra in Vietnam, haggis in Scotland, natt in Japan He s willing though sometimes understandably [...]

    5. Book Club Read Loved this travel memoir so much Anthony Bourdain s writing captures a precarious balance of cynicism and true wonder that s very hard to achieve His genuine passion for good food and good people leaps off the page, as he revels in the simplicities of tradition and family in the places he explores My mouth watered, my feet itched and I laughed my arse off This book really spoke my language Off now to binge watch the accompanying tv show, now streaming on Hulud crush on him just a [...]

    6. My account is not keeping up with my books currently reading I started this on Saturday December 9th and finished it yesterday Anthony Bourdain is always a good read to me I really loved his first memoir, Kitchen Confidential I think due to what is going on in the U.S right now, I have been reading a lot of cooking memoirs the past few weeks There is something wonderful about reading about other cultures and their love of food And I have tried to recreate some menus did not attempt any in this b [...]

    7. I can t figure what holds me back about his book I love Anthony Bourdain s attitude about food and his philosophy about what makes a great meal I love his desire for absolutely fresh food, right off the bleeding stick or never touching a refrigerator, and I admire the distinctions he makes about how food looks and how it tastes my wife is one who cannot get over the appearance of food and lets it affect her enjoyment of it, while I don t care how food looks, but simply want good tasting stuff I [...]

    8. Kim says I have a man crush on Anthony Bourdain So what s a man crush My favorite urban dictionary definition of the term reads Respect, admiration and idolization of another man Non sexual Celebrities, athletes and rock stars are often the object of the man crush.Let s see Do I have a man crush on Anthony Bourdain by that definition Let s frame the question around my recent reading of A Cook s Tour.This is Bourdain s second, book, after Kitchen Confidential The title is a double dip , a techniq [...]

    9. Goals for my life 1 Write better2 Cook better3 Travel Redefined goal for life BE LIKE ANTHONY BOURDAIN.I ve listened through this book twice now, and I ve loved it both times In every case there s a new discovery to be had, a new element to enjoy, a new allusion to catch Bourdain s voice doing the narration, a comforting mix of professor with a smoking habit and friendly guy at the bar, is perfect naturally because it s his voice reading his words.The meandering journeys through Asia, Europe and [...]

    10. I am an enthusiastic fan of Bourdain s CNN series, Parts Unknown I also liked his Food Channel series, No Reservations even though the production values weren t as good as they are on CNN.This book is a narrative of his search for the perfect meal with the Food Channel folks tagging along I don t think it a spoiler to say the search was both successful and unsuccessful To understand why this is so, the reader needs to get to the last few pages of the book.The biggest surprise for me was that his [...]

    11. He s Still Got It and Now He s On the RoadIf you loved Kitchen Confidential Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, then imagine all that again, with some incredible travel writing ie even exotic delicacies, and the occasional threat of death chucked in for good measure Also wonderful are the behind the scenes story about filming Bourdain s show Reasons You Don t Want to Work in Television, sections 1, 2 and 3 There s something magical and infectious about letting someone, anyone, talk about wha [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed this book to begin with, where Bourdain opens on the philosophy that the very best meals in one s life are largely dependent on context so than the food itself On his quest to find the perfect meal , I loved his food adventure stories as explored through this lens I think this element kind of dropped off throughout the book, though, with a few chapters feeling almost like forced inclusions based on the TV show itinerary That said, the behind the scenes insights into the fil [...]

    13. Although he occasionally comes across as a Jeremy Clarkson of food, all bombastic arrogance and impatient with anything that infringes his right to do what he likes, I am rather fond of eating, so Anthony Bourdain s pesrpctive is one I largely share, even if his playful likening of vegetarians to the hezbollah is something of a one angled view.In particular, he has no time at all for the lily livered, western centric tendency towards fussiness if it s there to be guzzled, be it the still beating [...]

    14. As someone who grew up poor, ate cheap, salty stuff out of boxes and cans powdered milk was a staple of my childhood , and never traveled, I m a culinary dilettante at best and likely always will be Much of the insider foodie stuff is over my head if not interesting and often fascinating But like all quest narratives, Bourdain s under the guise of a quest for the elusive perfect meal is a quest for identity And the guy can write At his best, he s as good as any of the too many memoirists out the [...]

    15. I m an unabashed Tony Bourdain fan, love his brain and P.o.V on just about everything although there are things the man eats that I would NEVER, in a million years, even if I was starving to death, put in my mouth and Cook s Tour is, I think his first book or an early on in any case It chronicles the beginning of Tony s running around the world eating cool stuff adventures, and most of the book is broken down into short sections by place, i.e this five pages is about Vietnam, this really horrifi [...]

    16. Dear Anthony Bourdain.I do not know who you are, and since picking up this book I have no interest in finding out any about you either You are a pompous, whiny, brat who spends 260 pages taking the attention off some truly incredible places and foods and onto yourself I cannot put into words how much I dislike you moaning so profusely about a TV show you signed up for, and who funded your travels around the world.Thankfully there is a small amount of the book which is well written You also rais [...]

    17. A great book about Bourdain s travels throughout the world when he first began to travel for his TV shows The book is interesting and well conceived than the show and it gives you context for Bourdain s travels There are some very memorable moments in this book, particularly Tony s ill fated decision to go to Pailin, a Khmer Rouge stronghold in northern Cambodia, as well as his trip to his childhood summer vacation home in the south of France with his brother Chris and his visit to the home o [...]

    18. I have to say, this book is much better than Kitchen Confidential While I enjoyed KC very much, A Cook s Tour is a poetically written, passionate, and always snarky ponderance of food Tony outdoes himself with this one Highly recommended.

    19. So entertaining, like reading an episode of Bourdain s show I like his sense of humor and his style of travel.

    20. I expected to enjoy this much than I did Since I have watched No Reservations off and on for years, and watched some of A Cook s Tour years ago and because I just finished Kitchen Confidential and liked it much than I thought I would, I figured this book would be an automatic hit with me Unfortunately, no It was just ok I did enjoy reading a chapter, then going to YouTube and watching the Cook s Tour episode that went along with it I think I got a better sense of what was outside the lines of [...]

    21. This book disappointed me I d already read and enjoyed Kitchen Confidential and The Nasty Bits I thought I would find A Cook s Tour to be a similarly spirited and opinionated trip through Bourdain s brain, this time in the framework of amazing meals from all over the world It let me down Don t get me wrong there are some great moments in this book, but as a whole it didn t work, and actually irritated me.Bourdain wrote this book as the Food Network sent him around the world in search of the perf [...]

    22. Another Tony Bourdain book in the books and I wasn t left disappointed At this point, I know what I m supposed to be getting from his works, and much like most of the food he experiences in A Cook s Tour, I received exactly that Bourdain has a way with words, and you d know that if you ve read this or any of his other books or even seen any of the multiple shows he is now involved with Although this book was written at the turn of the century, a lot of it still makes sense He only dates himself [...]

    23. I actually get into immense detail about this book and indulge in memories of perfect meals on my blog booksaremyfavouriteandbest.wo but if you only want to know about whether or not to read it, then this The idea for A Cook s Tour was simple travel the world and find the perfect meal It was cheeky, because Bourdain knew from the outset that there was no such thing the perfect meal isn t only about what s on the plate, it s the time, the place, the company and the memory I knew already that the [...]

    24. I love all books related to travel and I love all books related to eat So a book about both should be a gemstone for me, shouldn t it I gave 3 stars to Bourdain s book because I was hoping for in depth information and descriptions of foods, locations and culture The book doesn t disappoint it contains all of this but I would prefer if it was longer.I like the way Bourdain writes with irony, self criticism and honesty I like that he doesn t pretend as if he has taken these trips alone he always [...]

    25. I wanted to love this book, and perhaps that is why I am only giving it two stars it was a disapointment I love travel, and I love food, so this should have been the perfect recipe for me despite the fact that Mr Bourdain harbors vehement disdain for vegetarians What ultimately annoyed me about this book was its organization The author began by saying that he was looking for the perfect meal a combination of food, atmosphere, excitement, all that would culminate in a perfectly memorable experien [...]

    26. I liked this book a lot better than I expected to, having encountered Bourdain a few times on TV and when reading interviews I am not fond of enfants terribile in general, and Bourdain is old enough that it s an increasingly pathetic approach as his hair grays and his face wrinkles Fortunately, his writing in this book shows little of this aspect of him directly, and his writing is engaging.This book tracks a year of his life, as he travels around the world looking for both trouble and the perfe [...]

    27. I was hesitant about A Cook s Tour I thought someone who was as self professed a egomaniac as Bourdain would be insufferable to read about, and my suspicious were not eased when my little brother, who had read the book, waxed on about how much he loved Bourdain s pleasure seeking hedonistic lifestyle My brother, God love him, is kinda insufferable.I was, howerver, pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the book Bourdain is an excellent writer His prose is crisp and clear, and he does an admi [...]

    28. I m a fan of Anthony Bourdain s books in audio format, I find the way he reads a really nice compliment to the book Yesterday I knew I d have a long day of driving and sure enough logged 430 miles This book had been saved on my iPhone for a while in audio format and figured I d listen to it all If you re a loyal watcher of No Reservations you ll relate to many of the stories, as they are recaps of what happened on the show There s also the typical rants about vegans, and some rather nice words a [...]

    29. I was anxious to pick up A Cook s Tour after having a BLAST reading kitchen confidential and man, this book does NOT disappoint Based on the former food network TV series, A Cook s Tour follows Anthony as he travels all over the world in search of the perfect meal Along the way, shenanigans and adventures are to be had as Anthony travels the globe The book is written in the same style as Kitchen Confidential , but as if he s going on a whirlwind tour of the world If you re a fan of No Reservatio [...]

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