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The Gathering By Kelley Armstrong,

  • Title: The Gathering
  • Author: Kelley Armstrong
  • ISBN: 9780385668514
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On the heels of the wildly popular The Darkest Powers series comes the first in another supernatural YA trilogy from New York Times bestelling author Kelley Armstrong.Maya lives in a small medical research town on Vancouver Island How small You can t find it on the map It has less than two hundred people, and her school has only sixty eight students for every gradeOn the heels of the wildly popular The Darkest Powers series comes the first in another supernatural YA trilogy from New York Times bestelling author Kelley Armstrong.Maya lives in a small medical research town on Vancouver Island How small You can t find it on the map It has less than two hundred people, and her school has only sixty eight students for every grade from kindergarten to twelve Now, strange things are happening in this claustrophobic town, and Maya s determined to get to the bottom of them First, the captain of the swim team drowns mysteriously in the middle of a calm lake A year later, mountain lions start appearing around Maya s home, and they won t go away Her best friend, Daniel, starts getting negative vibes from certain people and things It doesn t help that the new bad boy in town, Rafe, has a dangerous secret and he s interested in one special part of Maya s anatomy Her paw print birthmark.From the Hardcover edition.
    The Gathering On the heels of the wildly popular The Darkest Powers series comes the first in another supernatural YA trilogy from New York Times bestelling author Kelley Armstrong Maya lives in a small medical res

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    1. As seen on The ReadventurerWhat a pleasant surprise this novel was I did not expect to like The Gathering after being very underwhelmed by Kelley Armstrong s first YA trilogy Darkest Powers While I think nothing changed in terms of the structure Armstrong chose for her trilogies the whole story is simply separated into three parts instead of presenting three separate story arcs , this book was a much better experience for me I attribute this to the following 1 Setting loved, loved that the book [...]

    2. I have a confession to make here goes So, anyone who knows me at all on will know that I have a few friends whose reviews I rely on without question If they say a book is better than chocolate, orgasms and Melina Marchetta combined, even if I ve never heard of it, I will believe them Except I didn t I doubted, it s true, I doubted I have had this book on my shelf since not long after it s release in April last year and I have been putting if off and putting it off Everytime I reminded myself tha [...]

    3. I do not read a lot of paranormal fantasy novels because forgive me for being too honest , I find most of them a bit corny and the romance often cheesy but this particular book combines several elements the setting a really small secluded forest town in Canada that specializes in medical research , the sprinkle of science fiction and mythology and the genuine teen feel to the novel including the realistic romance, dialogues and writing making this a very refreshing read The plot isn t your compl [...]

    4. The cougar a ragged ear old top I clled Marv just stared at her, like he couldn t believe anyone would be dumb to climb a tree to escape a cat I love Kelley Armstrong s Women of the Otherworld series, but this was my first time trying one of her young adult series Her writing style worked fine for this genre, easy to focus on and a breeze to get through Not much happens until after 50% into the story, but it s still easy to stay focused on the character focused book The small town setting is alm [...]

    5. Well written but I think my sheer impatience with the set up got to me References to Samuel Lyle Darkest Powers trilogy and the Nasts, Cortezes and St Clouds Women of the Otherworld were very welcome as I m anxious to see characters from all the books connect but I m seeing similarities with these other works too Maya reminds me of Elena WotO in personality and ability but the people around her made me think of Chloe s crowd Daniel is Chloe s Maya s best friend and she wants to keep it that way [...]

    6. Bullet Review 75 pages of plot ballooned out to 359 pages Characters are complete morons, without a shred of common sense All the plot twists I called A HUNDRED PAGES before the characters were told it because investigating Ain t nobody got time for that Instead, let s focus on the stupid teen DWAMA romantic plot tumor.You cannot say that I m bloating the rating just because I liked Armstrong s earlier books Massive disappointment if I didn t already own the rest of the trilogy, I would quit her [...]

    7. My history with Kelley Armstrong is a long and solid one.I ve read all her books in the Underworld series and Elena and Clay are one of my few most beloved couples in UF I inhaled all the books where they are protagonists, they re definitely my favorite in the series.When Armstrong started writing YA lit The Darkest Powers series I picked up The Summoning I wasn t very impressed, so much so that I dropped the series This new series, Darkness Rising, is somewhat better than DP, but still hasn t l [...]

    8. The last 1 4 of the bookI don t even know where to start.I don t know about you, but I m not too fond of writing essays, and I was pretty terrible at it in grade school I tend to BS my way through them then, I just ramble and make random, dramatic statements and reactions and not much actual facts until the very last part of my paper, where I realize, OH SHIT, I only have 250 words left, and I need to make a point Then I cram in all the facts I can and hope that my essay paper ends up somewhat c [...]

    9. 3.5 starsI really liked Armstrong s Darkest Powers Trilogy The Reckoning, the Summoning, the Awakening, so I was excited that this trilogy is set in that same world with a different set of kids The Things I loved 1 I loved that, unlike every other YA out there, Maya had a great relationship with her parents Yes, she was adopted, so there could be potentially creepy birth parents lurking out there, but I m a firm believer that the people who raise you are your real parents view spoiler I m assumi [...]

    10. Here s the thing that you need to know before you pick this up it has no resolution It s three hundred and fifty nine pages of introduction A wild and eerie setting is described, a cast of powerful teenagers is introduced, a few mysteries are presented, and a romance begins And then it just ends There isn t even a real cliffhanger However, I have to say that the elements that are present the setting, the characters, the conflicts, and the romance are all pretty well done I don t know if it s bec [...]

    11. First thoughts when I found this book in the library Yes Score Full disclosure Kelley Armstrong is one of my favorite Canadian authors I love her easy going storytelling style I was a bit hesitant to pick up this book because I did not enjoy her Darkest Powers series as much as her adult series.I was pleasantly surprised by this book I was captivated by the story and could not put the book down The Gathering is the story of Maya Delaney, a 16 year old girl who lives in an extremely isolated comm [...]

    12. Since I loved the Darkest Powers trilogy so very much, the realization that was already bored and did not enjoy myself particularly hit me rather unexpectedly when I started flipping forward around page 190 Certainly my heavy cold with a nasty headache included in the package has to carry part of my inability to focus on the supposedly unnerving small town story, but I really do not care enough about the characters fate to prove this theory under stabilized conditions later So After 194 pages I [...]

    13. Maya lives in a small research town She is recovering after her best friend s questionable death When she starts to look into it with Daniel, boyfriend of her dead friend Instead of discovering answers all they find are questions about themselves, and the town Sometimes I feel jealous of YA novels The covers are so pretty and there are so many I wonder if there were so many when I was in school I don t remember, but I think the Urban Fantasy craze picked up before I graduated So when I read a Y [...]

    14. Slow and underdeveloped start to new trilogy, 2.5 starsIn Kelley Armstrong s THE GATHERING, Maya Delaney lives in a small medical research town on Vancouver Island A year after her best friend s death, Maya and her friend Daniel still don t have answers about how Serena died When other people start to show up dead in the woods and Maya begins to have strange moments of connection with animals, she decides to start looking for answers All the while, things are heating up between Maya and bad boy [...]

    15. 4 starsSo begins my journey of rereading the first two books in the Darkness Rising trilogy and start the last book, The Rising.Can I just say that it s good to reread a book you like Even if it s been a long time, there s still that lingering feeling of how much you liked it It was the same for me after reading The Gathering.For those of you who don t know, the Darkness Rising trilogy is a spin off of the Darkest Power trilogy We follow a new cast of characters as well as a new plot that is som [...]

    16. The Good Stuff I cannot believe I have never read one of Kelley s books before, she is an incredible storyteller She is also a lovely women who sent me a signed copy of one of her books for my SBH Spina Bifida Association raffle The story grabs your attention from the 1st chapter and doesn t let go until the very last page Maya s parents are AWESOME this is the first YA book I have read where the parents aren t self involved, clueless douche bags Thank you Kelley for this I will buy and read all [...]

    17. I really liked this book for several reasons First, I should say that I listened to the audiobook and the narrator was fantastic The opening scene was scary and interesting Loved the new take on shifters The end was left open for a sequel which I will pick up as soon as I can Daniel was my favorite character though Rafe was interesting too Love the three legged Fitz

    18. Interesting plot, intriguing characters but I m still having issues when it comes to the writing It s okay, but it tends to get pretty repetitive I don t know how many times we were reminded that the town is tiny and isolated I get it, really I do Other then that though, I enjoyed this one I got a kick out of the setting, which was in Canada yay us and I loved how this one revolved around animals and Maya s story behind it I also really liked Daniel, I m not sure if he s playing the big brother [...]

    19. THIS REVIEW HAS BEEN POSTPONED BECAUSE IT WAS IN SETH S BUTT.But I got it back again So, yaaaaay Uh yeah, I guess I should explain that Well, so Seth is one out of the few people who actually read my reviews And he s always like, Briiigiiid where s your next revieeeeew And I m always like, UP YOUR BUTT So, yeah This review was in Seth s butt for a while.Now, the actual review It feels like I read this ages and ages ago It was like a week ago, actually But in Brigid time, that is quite a long tim [...]

    20. The Queen of the Otherworld is back with this exciting new series as Maya tries to uncover the mysteries surrounding her heritage along with the death of a friend Armstrong introduces us to a new cast of characters and a small town setting on the edge of nowhere, where a medical research facility sets the stage for tons of mystery.I have to say that I am really fond of the characters in this book Maya is that girl next door, who you can t help but love I love her personality and her interactions [...]

    21. 3.5 Stars I really liked Armstrong s first foray into the YA genre with her Darkest Powers series so when I saw that she had a new one, I knew it was something I really wanted to try and was keeping my fingers crossed that I would like it every bit as much as I did the first series.This was a fun entertaining read and while it was sometimes formulated and predictable it was still entertaining enough that I wanted to keep turning the pages There is something to be said about characters and a stor [...]

    22. I want you to have big dreams, big goals I want you to strive to achieve them But I don t want to see you beating yourself up every time you make a mistake If I were to list the most important parts of any book, it would look like this A strong opening, a good introduction to the plot and the characters, a good twist, and a climax The Gathering managed to tick off half an item off that list a good introduction to the characters Note Add an extra point for engaging writing The characters are well [...]

    23. I didn t find a whole lot to like about this book Spoilers below1 It s categorized as YA but it reads like a upper middle grade book Unfortunately allusions to sex and date rape mean the book ends up being a YA book that doesn t feel very sophisticated 2 The plot moves at a snails pace On top of that, the plot isn t that exciting This book is essentially a contemporary YA with only a small dash of the paranormal And because it s a strange, poorly done hybrid of contemporary YA and pnr, the plot [...]

    24. I enjoyed this a lot It s a slow build, but I was enjoying Maya, so I didn t mind Indeed, it was cruising along at a solid four stars until I got annoyed I ll get to that in a sec.First, though, I have to say how much I enjoyed Maya She s strong and determined and very much in her element in a small town in the backwoods She has good friends and family who love her and a pretty good attitude towards being adopted She has found her place and knows how much she loves the outdoors and working with [...]

    25. OMG Kelley did it again I read this book so fast cuz it is sooooo good D Let me tell you guys We all DP Fans miss Chloe, but I m sure you will love Maya DChloe is smart innocent which we love Conversely, Maya is smart confident girl She make the first move She s ROCK And that make she soooooo cuteeee with Rafe I can t stop smiling image error Talk about Rafe He is new mysterious boy from another town I love how jerk he is cuz he made me LOL He is sweet bad boy and a little pitiful which made I f [...]

    26. I really love Kelley Armstrong s novels, especially the Darkest Powers trilogy, because they have a young adult plot with substance By this I mean they actually have a solid mystery and background and originality behind what would otherwise be a typical young adult book I pretty much only picked this up because of my faith in Kelley Armstrong s writing.Unfortunately, this substance doesn t kick in until what is pretty much the end of the novel There was a little too much focus on romance and not [...]

    27. Probably my least favorite of Armstrong s books that I ve read I hope Armstrong can save the trilogy with a better book 2 and 3.This book cannot stand on its own At all Anyone who is unfamiliar with Armstrong s other books would probably toss this book in the trash after finishing it, if they made it to the end It s entirely build up We learn that the main character has some supernatural abilities, but everything we see in the book is pretty passive The main ability is only shown for one minor c [...]

    28. Maya, an orphan teenager lives happily in the tiny town of Falls, British Columbia She s wonderfully happy, but not until tragedy strikes near her heart and she starts to uncover the secrets that her tiny town has kept hidden from the teenagers.I m always wary when a cover of a book says New York Times Best Selling Author splashed on the front I didn t have to be hesitant at all when reading The Gathering at all I simply enjoyed the journey that Kelley Armstrong took me And that is right over to [...]

    29. Oh Kelley Armstrong, how you TEASE I love Kelley Armstrong s Darkest Powers series, so I was very excited to hear about her new YA series Darkness Rising And I must say that fans of the Darkest Powers series will not be disappointed This has all the great elements of an Armstrong novel, great characterization, awesome story and an ending that makes you wis you had the next book setting on your shelf I m already captivated by these characters and their story and I have a feeling that we ve only s [...]

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