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The Blue Enchantress By M.L. Tyndall,

  • Title: The Blue Enchantress
  • Author: M.L. Tyndall
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Get swept away in a high tide of romance and adventure from acclaimed author M L Tyndall Attempting to forget about a painful past, Hope Westcott plunges into Charles Towne society trying to find love and acceptance Captain Nathaniel Mason is determined to build his shipping business and doesn t need a romantic entanglement especially with a woman like Hope When Hope Get swept away in a high tide of romance and adventure from acclaimed author M L Tyndall Attempting to forget about a painful past, Hope Westcott plunges into Charles Towne society trying to find love and acceptance Captain Nathaniel Mason is determined to build his shipping business and doesn t need a romantic entanglement especially with a woman like Hope When Hope s adventure seeking puts her freedom and her life in jeopardy, will Nathaniel turn his back or follow God s voice and sacrifice everything to save her
    The Blue Enchantress Get swept away in a high tide of romance and adventure from acclaimed author M L Tyndall Attempting to forget about a painful past Hope Westcott plunges into Charles Towne society trying to find love

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    1. Fire and Thunder Recommendation Read it now but not firstAfter finishing The Red Siren, I couldn t wait to read The Blue Enchantress The book opens with action, tension and jaw dropping moments I was immediately caught up as I found Hope on the verge of being auctioned away as a slave Mr Nathaniel Mason just happening along at the exact moment and then hearing Hope actually confess to having an affair with a married mand that was the first 15 pages I knew this book was going to be gooooood.Hotne [...]

    2. Having heard so much about this author, I went into this book with high hopes It was filled with everything it had promised adventure, peril, shipwreck, pirates, and a large dose of romance I was glued to the pages almost from the very beginning, as Hope stood on the auction block about to be sold into a life of slavery Just as all seemed lost, in walked Nathaniel What an introduction to this wonderful book I instantly liked Nathaniel He was such a great guy, sacrificing so much to see that Hope [...]

    3. A Frank Review of M.L Tyndall s The Blue EnchantressBEWARE The author, ML Tyndall, sports this bumper sticker My Other Car is a Pirate Ship.MaryLu Tyndall maybe missed her true calling as a cruise ship captain because her fifth novel, just like her first four, takes her readers there The Blue Enchantress is Book Two of the Charles Towne Belles series Barbour, 2009 and follows Hope Westcott, the second of three sisters living in early 18th Century Charles Towne.Hope s big problem is her beauty, a [...]

    4. Hope Westcott lives the life of the privileged whereas Nathaniel Mason is a hard working commoner Hope can be seen about Charles Towne on the arm of Lord Falkland She has seen Nathaniel around but would never consider giving him the time of day With the promise of marriage from Lord Falkland when he returns from his voyage, Hope sneaks aboard his ship to surprise him sure the reason he did not want her to accompany him on his voyage was so she would not have to endure the hardships of the voyage [...]

    5. Blue Enchantress by M.L Tyndall features humor, romance, and adventure on the high seas all tied together with a beautiful story of redemption By far my favorite aspect of the book was the exquisitely flawed heroine, Hope Westcott She pulled me in from the very first page Never before do I recall meeting such a sin ridden and self destructive main character in a Christian novel Tyndall does an amazing job of weaving her complex and broken personality, providing the insight and motivation to make [...]

    6. Oh My Goodness I loved it M.L Tyndall has an amazing way of writing She can write a suspenseful scene like no one else Here is an example The maelstrom outside the tiny glass oval writhed in an undulating vision of raging black clouds one second and a hissing caldron of white capped water the next I even became shaky during the hurricane Tyndall draws you in, so that you are on the edge of your seat She will make you laugh, cry, and never want to put the book down Hope Westcott is a character th [...]

    7. This book grabbed me from the second I started reading it Tyndall does an absolutely amazing job at making you really care about what happens to the characters Hope Westcott is a spoiled young woman, but deep down all she really wants is to be loved She is abandoned by the man she loves and left to be sold as a slave Nathaniel Mason is a dashing sea captain He is handsome and God fearing and rescues Hope from a fate worse than death However, he has had enough of women like Hope Women set on dest [...]

    8. I am so glad I stuck with this series, Charles Towne Belles I didn t care for the first book so much but I really liked this one I understood and identified with the main female character In The Red Siren, Hope was a supporting character but The Blue Enchantress was all about her story and her battle with being misunderstood by everyone around her Her love interest is Nathaniel Mason, a hard working ship builder who has always held a flame to the illusive Hope In fact, he named his first ship a [...]

    9. The Blue Enchantress is a very strong Christian adventure romance set in 1718 The book is packed full of adventure from start to finish running alongside the Christian message The story is set on the high seas and includes a hurricane, deserted island and pirates God is featured strongly throughout the book, with people including one of the main characters finding redemption It is the second book in the series, but although I hadn t read the first one I didn t find it a problem It does tell you [...]

    10. I am Christian, but the idea of Christian fiction has me thinking some cheesey preachy book that someone who enjoys mainstream genres wouldn t enjoy Luckily, I was forced into trying it with this novels when I got it in the giveaway.It s a great story about love, adventure, and spirituality It isn t heavy handed and Christian or not, you ll love the characters.

    11. Hope got involved with a married man Lord Falkland, and her life become horrible af ter that He claimed he know nothing about her and she ended up on an aucion block to be sold Just by chance Captain Nathaniel Mason, saw this happening He had met her before in Charles Towne, and didn t know what was going on But knew couldn t be sold as a slave Took his money and a ship to purchase her, but planned to take her back to her family.My gracious the book really gets interesting then Ship is messed up [...]

    12. REVIEW FOR ALL 3 BOOKS IN Charles Towne Belles SeriesM.L TyndallTHE RED SIREN book 1 Charles Towne Belles SeriesM.L Tyndall o AVAST YE LANDLUBBERS, FAITH FILLED ADVENTURES AWAIT o I loved this entire series and read all 3 over a 6 day period in honor of Natl Talk Like a Pirate Day smile There are exciting adventures upon the high seas in the early 1700s, miraculous deeds, as well as evil presence things many Christian authors do not bother to address Some of the exciting characters Dajon hard n [...]

    13. Hope continues to bring trouble upon herself and those around her Until she lets go of her old life, she has no hope of change and peace Every turbulent, choppy wave deposits Hope in a new dilemma Will she allow Nathaniel or God to push her in the right direction

    14. A lot of action and suspense in this one Definitely a page turner But a little too much sensuality for me, not so much in their actions but in the line of their thoughts.

    15. AwesomeMary lu tyndall has done it again another awesome book which touches your heart and inspires you as you read.

    16. Another Wonderful Story I really wish they would make these books into movies I find Miss Marylu the best Christian story teller I have read I m anxiously ready to start type he next one

    17. I had the privilege of interviewing M L Tyndall, on our radio show Kingdom Highlights , for her new book, The Blue Enchantress , the second book in her series, Charles Towne Belles published by Barbour If you haven t read the first book you have missed a great treat Ms Tyndall knows how to craft a great story filled with action, suspense and wonderful romance Don t start this book late at night because it will be very difficult to put it down or stop thinking about it.At the end of book one we l [...]

    18. Full disclosure I received this book from a giveawayThe Blue Enchantress first and foremost is a Christian romance novel If I had known this going into the book, perhaps I wouldn t have been so disappointed with the lackluster, unsatisfying ending Don t expect a hot, steamy pay off in the end.With that said, the book is a harrowing tale of Hope Westcott and her arduous transformation from a carefree trollop into a god abiding gentlewoman This all takes place on the perilous high seas, complete w [...]

    19. The Blue Enchantress by M.L Tyndall is the second book in the Charles Towne Belles series The first book is The Red Siren and the third is The Raven Saint The books are about three sisters Faith, Hope Grace Wescott They have an older sister who is married and still in England, her name is Charity Their father is an Admiral in the Royal Navy and spends time at sea then with his family Their mother passed away during childbirth.Hope Wescott has always seemed vain, self centered and a flirt Her fa [...]

    20. First of all, I would like to extend a heartfelt Thank you to Mary Lu Tyndall and her publisher for sending me a copy of The Blue Enchantress to review for them I have always been grateful for this generosity, and I am trying to improve at being consistent in taking the time to thank these wonderfully giving individuals in a public forum I really appreciate your time, effort and expense in making a reviewer copy available to me.Mary Lu Tyndall s latest novel in the Charles Towne Belles series is [...]

    21. For some reason, I just could not immerse myself in Hope and Nathaniel s story I was really looking forward to it, because I enjoyed The Red Siren immensely Maybe I just wasn t in a pirate mood at the time, but I was about two thirds of the way through the book before I became emotionally involved with the characters If the characters are hard for me to relate to, it s harder to get wrapped up in the story I did finally reach that point, which was a huge relief Normally, when reading Mary Lu s p [...]

    22. This is the second book in the Christian historical romance series The Charles Town Belles I have been given the first two books by the publisher through the LibraryThing Early Reviewer Program The review of the first book is here in summary, the concept was far fetched but it wasn t that bad as far as Christian romances go not a genre I usually read return return As for this book this one aggravated me It followed the travails of Hope Wescott, the sister of the heroine in The Red Siren Hope has [...]

    23. Hope Westcott envies her sisters larger than life personalities, and wishes she could be brave like Faith, the fiery pirate ess, or pious like Grace, the straight laced saint Hope s best features only seem to get her into trouble with men who would exploit her, like Lord Arthur Falkland The Blue Enchantress opens up as Lord Falkland abandons Hope to a white slavery auction in the Caribbean Nathaniel Mason an admiring acquaintance from Charles Town stumbles upon her just in time God directs Natha [...]

    24. I had to force myself to sit down and continue reading this book, which is telling in itself The two main characters both annoyed me virtually nonstop, each in their own charming ways Nathaniel, a self professed man of God, was quicker to judge than any other character I ve seen in a long time He constantly decided he knew exactly what kind of a person Hope was and why, and made snap decisions regarding her based on those judgements The poor girl received mixed messages from him that sometimes s [...]

    25. The book starts off with Hope on the auction block to become a slave She had chased after a man who did not want her Nathaniel buys her, having to sell his ship to save her Nathaniel has had his eyes on Hope for many years but she is from high society and he is a not Nathaniel plans to escort Hope safely home and be done with her but much adventure awaits Will Nathaniel see how much Hope has changed and risk everything to save her Will Hope be able to become the true Lady she want so desperately [...]

    26. I enjoyed the first book in this series, The Red Siren click on title for my review so I was glad to sign up when First Wildcard offered the second book, The Blue Enchantress, for review The heroine of The Blue Enchantress is Hope, the daughter of a British admiral They live in Charles Towne in the early 1700 s At the end of The Red Siren, Hope had stowed away on ship carrying her lover, Lord Falkland She knew he d be glad to see her, and figured he d marry her as soon as possible She was wrong [...]

    27. In the second book of the Charles Towne Belles series, Hope Westcott finds herself in dire straits after running away with Lord Falkland, the love of her life Instead of her happy ending, Hope is abandoned on the island of St Kitts until rescue comes in the unexpected form of Captain Nathaniel Mason Nathaniel vows to help Hope return to Charles Towne even though he wants to throttle her for the predicament she has put him in He sees Hope as nothing than a manipulative flirt and temptress Hope i [...]

    28. The Blue EnchantressTonight I returned home after a long voyage I sailed throughout the Caribbean, lived through a hurricane, was shipwrecked and landed on a deserted island that was later invaded by pirates All of this after being sold to the highest bidder I can truly say that life is never boring when you are Hope Westcott This is how I felt after I finished reading The Blue Enchantress As the reader, I had been removed from my everyday ho hum life and transplanted into a life of adventure up [...]

    29. As the pages turn I can hear the metal clanging of sword and the roar of a wave and smell the sea spray I can hear gulls cry and picture the fish swimming beneath the aquamarine glass of water Imagery is fabulously portrayed in this second book of the Charles Towne Belles trilogy following a second sister Hope In the first book, readers were introduced to Faith, a proper lady of Charles Towne, who also happens to be a red haired pirate known as the Red Siren and her two sisters Hope and Grace Gr [...]

    30. Review The Blue Enchantress by Tyndall, Marylu 5 STARSBlue Enchantress is a fun christian romance book It has slave trade,pirates and many adventures I would love to read Marylu I stayed up till 4 am and could not put book down.Miss Hope Westcott found herself in the Caribbean on St Kitts up for sale in a slave auction Her fiance that she sneaked on board is ship to runaway with him She found out that he was married and he denied knowing her So the captain of the ship put her up for auction.Na [...]

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