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Death of a Pirate King By Josh Lanyon,

  • Title: Death of a Pirate King
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gay bookseller and reluctant amateur sleuth Adrien English s writing career is suddenly taking off His first novel, Murder Will Out, has been optioned by notorious Hollywood actor Paul Kane But when murder makes an appearance at a dinner party, who should be called in but Adrien s former lover, handsome closeted detective Jake Riordan, now a Lieutenant with LAPD whichGay bookseller and reluctant amateur sleuth Adrien English s writing career is suddenly taking off His first novel, Murder Will Out, has been optioned by notorious Hollywood actor Paul Kane But when murder makes an appearance at a dinner party, who should be called in but Adrien s former lover, handsome closeted detective Jake Riordan, now a Lieutenant with LAPD which may just drive Adrien s new boyfriend, sexy UCLA professor Guy Snowden, to commit a murder of his own
    Death of a Pirate King Gay bookseller and reluctant amateur sleuth Adrien English s writing career is suddenly taking off His first novel Murder Will Out has been optioned by notorious Hollywood actor Paul Kane But when m

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    1. Review completed January 29, 2013 Loved it my favorite book in this series Death of a Pirate King is the fourth book in the Adrien English series Adrien is recovering from pneumonia It s been about two years since our bookstore owner, part time writer, and amateur sleuth had last been involved in a murder investigation Adrien loves to write books but it s not enough to make a living at it That being said, Adrien did achieve a success though He sold a book that he wrote to the movies In the conte [...]

    2. 3.5 stars For most of my friends, this was their favorite book in the series However, for me, it was just too much drama for this mama If I want to see train wreck, dysfunctional relationships with little emotional satisfaction I ll tune into my real life friends relationship problems, thankyouverymuch In my opinion, it was too little too late, Jake.And let me get this straight, Jake I m supposed to swoon over the scraps of yourself that you finally, under duress, give Adrien Yeah, I don t think [...]

    3. This book turned me into a quivering cry baby I cried because of a blow job in The Hell you Say and now I cried some during the love scenes in Death of a Pirate King Something must be wrong with me.Or something is very right with Josh Lanyon.The last book that actually made my eyes water was GWTW And let s face it, that one is SUPPOSED to make you cry Lanyon is something else Nothing indicates that he carefully steers you towards the eye of an emotional tornado His books are not your typical te [...]

    4. Josh Lanyon is an evil bastard who enjoys torturing innocent readers everywhere He needs to be added to the Evil Overlord list for many reasons, most of all for the creation of that creature, Paul Fucking Kane Kane truly is the fruit of the devil And yeah, Lanyon, that means you re the devil But first Hey, Paul A double handed fuck you very much P.S YOU RE KILLING ME, LANYON.In other words, I have never enjoyed angsting over a book so much view spoiler Adrien and the Pirate KingThis is the secon [...]

    5. In my review of The Hell You Say I said I considered it the best installment in the Adrien English series And I meant it It was better than the previous two books But Death of a Pirate King It beats them all THIS is the best book in the series The mystery wasn t very much a mystery, but it was well executed, and besides, who cared about the whodunit when there Adrien and Jake were, meeting again after two years, sparks flying and tension and angst pouring off the pages in waves I wouldn t have s [...]

    6. 5 POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD YOU VE BEEN WARNED This is definitely my favorite in this series I absolutely loved the mystery and all that chaos that was surrounding Adrien THE DRAMA It was strong in this one and instead of rolling my eyes and being annoyed with it, I reveled in it I really liked that it was a dinner mystery type of story.As much as JL frustrates me with these characters and their choices, I also have much love for the fact that none of them have it easy They are all flawed and noth [...]

    7. Adrien will have to convince Jake someone is not what appears image error I loved this book and so far is the best of the serie in my view.Jake is less asshole but he is still an asshole and annoyed me a lotAdrien is sickAdrien s mother is annoyingd Adrien love life is a mess image error all the old same problems to Adrien BUT the mystery and the prose was in my modest opinion the best of the serie It s certainly in my favorite shelf Loved it, can t wait any longer I m already starting the 5, [...]

    8. Written May 29, 20144.8 Stars A stunning and very slowly told love tale so gripping and beautiful to experienceBook 4Here we go again another adventure with the gay bookseller and reluctant amateur sleuth Adrien English.My fourth of five novel in this series in just a couples of days Death of a Pirate King starts two years after the last book ended When we last met Adrien in book 3 The Hell You Say 4 stars It ended pretty sad and I was of course eager to know how it all would keep going Will Jak [...]

    9. I have been DYING to write a review on this book, even though I probably posted a status update on every single page anyway.Jesus, I LOVED this book Every Adrien English book is absolutely amazing, both from the mystery and the romance side, but with Death of a Pirate King the characters have matured and finally reached a stage where they are able to discuss things and be brave enough to risk something by addressing things directly God knows, Adrien and Jake are not exactly natural communicators [...]

    10. The book 4 of Adrien English Mystery seeries is the best sequel for me so far I join all 5 and 4 stars exciting reviews and confirm that for me EVERYTHING, really EVERYTHING in the book 4 was good The plot Adrien He was the best Jake I know, a lot of readers won t share my opinion Though, LIKING doesn t mean UNDERSTANDING And I LIKE him But I swear by God, I didn t understand his behaviour in many situation And of course the writing, as always.Just a few words from myself Josh Lanyon knows how t [...]

    11. Re read 8 8 17 and many other times PIt has been two years since Adrien and Jake parted ways Now it seems they will come face to face once , since Adrien got himself mixed up in yet another murder investigation.After the epic fail that is Jake, Adrien has tried to move on with his lifed he has been doing this with Guy, the professor dude we met in the previous book I think Guy was oke guy but nothing special Healthwise Adrien isn t doing really well he is still recovering from a nasty pneumonia, [...]

    12. This was me while listening to the audiobook for Death of a Pirate King I wasn t sure how I felt about Adrien I wasn t sure how I felt about Jake I didn t know where the murder mystery was going.And most importantly, I had no clue what to think about Adrien and Jake together It also didn t help that this time around Adrien was just as irresponsible as Jake.Yet those misgivings didn t matter at all, because I had no problem with sitting back and watching the shit show unfold Do I believe that Adr [...]

    13. The sexual tension between these two Give them a few seconds alone and it s on And um view spoiler hopefully photobucket doesn t delete this one hide spoiler br br br br br br br

    14. Sigh.I m tired This series is emotionally draining I m going to try and wrap this review up right quick because this book was so far my least favorite of the series.I m tired of this bullshit I m drained I m exhausted And I m starting to not care.There were exciting parts, but too many of them were overshadowed by my blood lust.Not looking at me, he growled, Oh, go to hell I raised my water in a toast Sure I ll follow the trail of bread crumbs you re scattering.Adrien, I love you, but smarten yo [...]

    15. When Adrien dies, his grave will say Here lies the most unfortunate motherfucker ever lived in this city He s just got a terrible life No permanent bf, friends getting murdered, slept with a serial killer, heart condition, a mother that seriously needs to have some pills, annoying police always on his ass, always wrapped up in crimed I can go onWhatever god watching over this manhave mercylol

    16. By the time I was 12% through this book I thought I could not hate any character than I hated Jake Riordan By about 35% the unthinkable happened and the ice around my heart began to crack just a little, but the ending of the book just floored me and finally put Jake on the fast track to redemption It felt like everything came together in this book and the emotions felt real We get to see a different side of both Adrien and Jake Definitely my favorite of the series so far.Potential book series s [...]

    17. After this reread, Adrien Jake get 5 stars AE is better the second time around And Jake on audio grunts S good.____________________________________ I m not insane This is very simple, very straightforward Provided he doesn t kill me, it s foolproof Adrien seems to find trouble no matter where he goes Adrien s book, Murder Will Out, has been potentially picked up for a movie script Adrien is at a dinner party that features some Hollywood execs and what do ya know The guy next to Adrien drops dead [...]

    18. wow, that was hard to read but oh so good too the most painful breakup reuniting i ve ever read the first reunion kiss,so angry,en so sweet now youre back, from outer space i should have changed that stupid lock, i should have made you leave your key.J you were the only person in the world i could be honest withen A just gave it all to him, up against the wall J oh baby yeah sorry, so sorry hey A hey i said, ruefully.J i missed you i loved jakes confidence here, the suredness that he loved this [...]

    19. No time for a full review I will just sayIt s about time I hate Paul Kane I still love the holy fuck out of Jake Riordan, no matter what Poor Adrien, again, and the shit he gets himself into.Lanyon makes me cry during his sex scenes It s about time I honestly skimmed a lot of the mystery because I wanted Jake time I don t feel bad for Guy, I never warmed up to him He s not Jake.It s about time Moving on to the last book Come to mama, Jake my boy.

    20. Thoughts later, but just so you know Those stars are NOT because I ve changed my mind about Jake He s still a dick Those stars are for Adrien English and the mastery of Josh Lanyon s words Superb

    21. Wow What can you say about this one Definitely the best up to now I adore Adrien and as much as Jake can be so exasperating I still love these two together and just want them to go on forever The back story in this is perfection review edit 02 02 13First of all the above review was written way after I first read Death Of A Pirate King because I wasn t into writing reviews round the time I first read it but on reflection after re reading, is far too trite and short to do justice to this fabulous [...]

    22. This series was completely stressful to me I read this entire book feeling like a band was constricting around my chest Jake is the detective and former love interest of the protagonist, bookstore owner Adrien English In the last book, Jake left Adrien because Jake knocked up his girlfriend and wanted to have a normal life So he married her and I I mean Adrien was devastated But good riddance, right Wrong Jake is back in this book and he makes me madder than ever The only reason I could even mak [...]

    23. 3.5we re getting there Even better this timeI ve grown fond of AdrienI feel protective of him I hate Jake More so in this book than in any of the othersd that says a lot My heart broke numerous times alongside Adrien as Jake continued to be his jerk self.But, Adrien proved he s smarter and stronger than we might have even expected in the previous books The murder on the high seas and in high society mystery saga was fun and interesting and not overly in your face as in books past too And as ever [...]

    24. Series Spoilers Ahead Adrien, Adrien, Adrien He s at it again Madness, mayhem, and mystery This time Hollywood comes a knocking bringing all sorts of trouble, possible movie deals, scandal, gossip, and murder of course into our favorite sleuthing bookseller s life The fourth book in the mystery series finds Adrien, once again, mixed up with a murder investigation, which brings him face to face with his ex lover, Jake Riordan Even though two years have passed since they parted ways, the tension a [...]

    25. I m not sure what to say, but let s see if I can come up with somethingI loved this book with all of me So let s sort of revise it in parts1 Adrien I think I fall in love with his voice harder every time ha Yes, the narrator s, too Damn the guy He has a very sexy voice I m not sure how to explain this but it seems to me that with each passing book, the writer got a firm hold on Adrien, and his thoughts And his snarky remarks His hidden feelings And I just love listening to him Even in this book [...]

    26. My heart s worse I have to have surgery Jake s face stilled When he asked His voice came out thick and unwilling I shook my head I haven t talked to the surgeon yet It would be soon, I guess He had sucked in a sharp breath when I said I hadn t talked to the surgeon He let it out carefully and said, What the hell are you doing I smiled, thinking how odd it was that he was the only person in the world I could say this to I m scared And I was also scared Baby is so sick.So much has happened Excitin [...]

    27. Josh Lanyon has the ability to play with my emotions like a yo yo I m feeling wrung out I was already feeling sad after To Hell You Say, and then this book added a lot of stuff Stuff like soldiering on even if you do not want to, about wanting something you cannot have, about have two wants that cannot live together I keep imagining Jake waiting outside in the car, his wants and needs fighting inside him pulling him apart, so sad and lonely.The thing that touches me most is the fact that the st [...]

    28. Oh Adrien How many times can my heart break for you I felt like throwing up a few times reading this book I was so emotional The mystery was great Lanyon has referred to something a couple of times in the AE books Adrien is a mystery writer and he often thinks to himself that only happens in mystery novels Well, the solution to the mystery isn t really what happens in mystery novels I was able to figure it out but not before Adrien did, and that s what I love about Lanyon s writing The mysteries [...]

    29. It s been two years since Jake and Adrien have seen each other and it takes another murder to throw them back together Once again Adrien finds himself smack dab in the middle of the investigation Understandably this reunion brings back old hurts and anger His reactions jaded and cautious as new, painful revelations come into play.It seemed at times, I felt sorry for everyone view spoiler Sorry for Adrien for his inner turmoil He was in a bit of denial for settling for Guy Of course there s a li [...]

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