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Defined by Christ: Seeing By Toni Sorenson,

  • Title: Defined by Christ: Seeing
  • Author: Toni Sorenson
  • ISBN: 9781598119695
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Using the scriptures, words of prophets, insightful analogies, and stories drawn from poignant personal experiences, author Toni Sorenson illuminates the pathway toward opening the gift of divine love and finding lasting peace by focusing on God s goodness rather than our own weakness.
    Defined by Christ Seeing Using the scriptures words of prophets insightful analogies and stories drawn from poignant personal experiences author Toni Sorenson illuminates the pathway toward opening the gift of divine love

    One thought on “Defined by Christ: Seeing”

    1. I really enjoyed this book She wrote this book for people who don t feel like Jesus loves them and they let the world define them Toward the end of the book she also said she wrote the book for a friend who s toddler drowned in the bathtub when she was in the next room This woman cannot forgive herself and does not think that Jesus could possibly love her after what she did I am not someone who feels like Jesus doesn t love me I can feel his love everyday but reading it felt like wrapping a warm [...]

    2. I liked how this book tied real life experience of the author to the scriptures and words of living prophets The author did not over do it with details of her personal life, but instead wrote in generalities that I could relate to.

    3. Seriously, run right out right now and buy a copy of this book and keep it next to your scriptures it s that important

    4. Lovely and inspiring Words I needed to hear and will cherish for a long timeif I am lucky enough to recall them when needed most.

    5. Shortly after I started working with my trainer last year, she recommended that I read Defined by Christ It had changed her life during an incredibly stressful and discouraging time With all of the books on my to read list, I never got around to reading it However, since I was lucky enough to interview Toni Sorenson for Utah Book Month, I moved it to the top of the list.Too often we place the value of ourselves on things or situations we can t control and people whose opinions don t really matte [...]

    6. A beautiful book that takes the question What think ye of Christ and changes it to What does Christ think of you That s a very personal and profound question to answer and I thought this author did a very good job at it My personal favorite part Consider these facts Albert Einstein s teacher told his parents that he would never amount to anything of worth A coaching staff cut Michael Jordan from his high school basketball team A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney for lacking creativity Beethoven [...]

    7. About halfway through this book I just couldn t take it any and stopped reading There s nothing wrong with writing about the Savior and our relationship to Him through His Atonement However, each individual s personal relationship with Christ is well, personal This woman chose to put hers in a book Okay, I ve seen people do that tastefully, but she just made me feel uncomfortable She s been through some difficult trials in her life and chose to write about them in a please pity me kind of way, w [...]

    8. I am not sure I would actually say I liked it with this book, but because the fundamental message is important and beautiful, I give it the 3 stars.The title comes from the scripture What think ye of Christ and she realized that it was just as important to ask What does Christ think of me His opinion of us is the only one that really matters.The author wants you to know that God the Father and Jesus Christ love you Period Regardless of anything and everything which is a truth that is sometimes d [...]

    9. This is such a positive book The author shares experiences from her life when she was down, alone and felt no self worth She walks us through her transformation of understanding what a child of God really means and the blessings of the atonement that cover all aspects of our lives, not only our sins The author helps everyone to see that God does in fact love each and everyone of us.Just because we experience hard, unjust and difficult things in our lives, doesn t mean God doesn t love us Satan i [...]

    10. This book is filled with powerful messages about finding our true worth and value I loved it I feel like every teenager should read this book so they can come to see their true worth through the eyes of the Savior There are so many messages in the world and through the media about finding worth through clothes, popularity, championships, money, etc that this message is truly needed How many are committing suicide who once had worldly success and didn t find lasting peace and value Tooo many I lo [...]

    11. This was such a fantastic book for me to read right now With school starting, I find and that I allow myself to be defined by others than Christ students, parents and administrators One or two bad situations will always make me question myself and who I am While I haven t been through nearly the difficult experiences in my life that Toni Sorenson has been through in hers, I have felt many of the feelings she described I loved hearing how she overcame them It helped rejuvenate me and give me ho [...]

    12. The author teaches how to open the pathway towards opening the divine gift of love and accepting the atonement in our own lives She teaches that we need to focus on our own infinite worth rather than our own every day weaknesses It was delightful and I enjoyed reading it It was a great reminder of truths we already know but sometimes don t always embrace She teaches a lot about how important it is to develop confidence in the plan of happiness.

    13. Thank you, Toni, for being so honest with your readers Without detailing the hardships and trials, Toni weaves powerful teachings of truth from page to page taking readers on a journey to discover how to define themselves through the Lord, Jesus Christ Anyone who reads this will come away feeling better about herself himself and strengthened by the love of a caring Creator and the support of a willing Savior.

    14. I officially have a new favorite book Defined by Christ is insightful and heartfelt and full of light and hope I loved Toni Sorenson s writing style She was so sincere I felt like I was talking to a friend when I read it So beautiful I would be in a very different place emotionally and spiritually if I hadn t read this I would recommend it to anyone, but especially to those struggling to find their worth and their identity.

    15. I really liked this book For those who struggle with who they are, guilt, depression, fear, etc this book is for you The author does a very good job relating the fact that we are all defined by Christ and what that entails There were many great examples, scriptures, quotes and personal experiences that she drew on to make for a really good read

    16. I love books that make me look at life differently and want to be a better person Some things were new that made me think Wow and others gave me another perspective on things I alread knew Really, it doesn t matter what the world thinks of us and the label it gives us What the Lord thinks of us is the most important A must read

    17. Don t be defined by what you think others are labeling you as Allow your self to be defined by Christ and be filled with that love The main message of the book is to search and feel Christ s love Very uplifting.

    18. I actually read this on a book on CD I liked it The author uses many examples from her life She lists various things we can do to lean on Christ and to believe we are important to our Heavenly Father.

    19. I know Toni and I was humbled and moved by her willingness to share her personal journey She is close to her Savior and I loved reading about how she came to realize that she is loved by him.

    20. Toni generously shared her heart and her insights in this book and led me to ponder how I want to change and improve my own life Thank you, Toni, for putting so many things in perspective.

    21. This was uplifting and easy to read A good reminder of who we really are and who we are meant to be A nice perspective with some great analogies that I plan to use.

    22. Great book Reminds us that Christ loves us no matter what One example i loved in the book was the baby chicken breaking out of the egg We have to struggle sometimes to grow and be strong.

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