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The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 6: Happy Birthday By J. Michael Straczynski John Romita Jr.,

  • Title: The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 6: Happy Birthday
  • Author: J. Michael Straczynski John Romita Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780785113430
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Peter Parker spends his birthday as Spider Man fighting an interdimensional threat that s descended on Manhattan alongside a Who s Who of the Marvel Universe including the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the X Men s Cyclops and Dr Strange.Collects Amazing Spider Man Vol 2 57 58 Amazing Spider Man Vol 1 500 502
    The Amazing Spider Man Vol Happy Birthday Peter Parker spends his birthday as Spider Man fighting an interdimensional threat that s descended on Manhattan alongside a Who s Who of the Marvel Universe including the Fantastic Four Iron Man th

    One thought on “The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 6: Happy Birthday”

    1. este tomo comienza con un peque o arco en el spiderman busca al hermano de una de sus alumnas que nada desaparecido, entre medias vuelve a aparecer Ezequiel avanzando un poco su trama.Despu s tenemos el arco m s importante del tomo, en el que spiderman colabora con el doctor extra o para evitar el regreso de Dormammu, la aventura desemboca en un viaje en el tiempo en el que Peter Parker tienen que volver a hacer frente a sus batallas m s importantes para volver al momento actual, ycomo colof n e [...]

    2. Me sigue gustando bastante el Spiderman de Strac, pero los niveles de cursiler a a los que llega con cada cap tulo especial, o cualquiera en el que interact a con MJ o May o alg n muertito sorpresa se pasan de empalagosos Si la mayor a del tomo hubiera seguido la t nica del ltimo cap tulo, el del sastre de superh roes y villanos, seguro promediaba para arriba Pero por lo otro, m s lo predecible de la resoluci n del megaespecial 500, redondeo para abajo en un laburo que en otro contexto quiz s al [...]

    3. the last 2 or 3 issues of this volume were some of the first comics I ever read I read them out of order, with little context, but I loved them it was cool to reapproach them now, with a lot knowledge of the story and characters.

    4. Well, I picked up Happy Birthday from the library in preparation for a trip to the beach And while sitting on the shore, watching the waves, and reading this, I felt like I was on a freakin acid trip Not because of the motion sickness I got from the ocean No, that had nothing to do with it Nor was it the art It was incredibly clean It was this story That was just out there Waaayyyyyy out there.To start off we have to give the major difference in my eyes, at least between DC and Marvel DC was alw [...]

    5. You know, I ve read this part of Straczynski s run on The Amazing Spider Man a few times now, and I always thought it was a landmark run, but this time around, I m starting to see the cracks and feel that maybe it isn t very good after all Volume 6 Happy Birthday contains three stories in all a three part main story, and two one shots The main story involves Spidey responding to a disturbance and finding a battle in progress, involving the Fantastic Four, The Avengers and Cyclops from X Men figh [...]

    6. Volume 6 ties in with ASM 500 You knew something important was going to happen.The Mindless Ones attack Times Square Spidey joins up with Thor, Iron Man, Cyclops, Thing, Mr Fantastic and Human Torch to fight them off Reed Richards comes up with a plan to defeat them, but once defeated, Doctor Strange appears and says good job idiots, you just helped Dormammu escape Strange and Dormammu showdown, Spidey goes to help and his arrival throws things off He and Strange get thrown into the Void When th [...]

    7. Muy interesante.Trae el Amazing Fantasy 15 primera aparici n de Spiderman pero re coloreado, una historia muy buena y fundamental Incluye tambi n el primer anual de spiderman que a mi me pareci muy divertido e interesante pero porque amo la historia de los comics y me encanta poder leer comics cl sicos cuanto m s viejos mejor D.Como historia principal trae Feliz cumplea os y dos historias breves m s A m personalmente Feliz cumplea os me gust mucho, aparecen mucho otros personajes de Marvel y la [...]

    8. Es gracioso porque a mi me encant de este n mero algo que otros odiaron, y es el drama y sentimentalismo de Spidey Me gust que la historia realmente me llegara, que me hiciera sentir las p rdidas de Peter, porque hasta ahora no hab a le do ning n c mic en el que el h roe viviera un duelo como Dios manda.La historia abarca toda la informaci n posible sobre Spider man, retoma todas las luchas previas, y arma una aventura multi temporal que me gust bastante, aunque no es algo que me esperaba de est [...]

    9. I really enjoyed JMS run on Amazing with Romita as the artist I like the birthday story and how it forced Peter to look at who he is as a hero by reliving some of his toughest battles JMS proves that Peter is a hero at his very core by forcing him to never give up even if he was pushing his limits I really liked Peter s experience with his past and future selves He was given great advice to love MJ by older Parker and realized that without his powers many would have died without him The May arc [...]

    10. Classics I m not sure if the other editions of this Happy Birthday include Amazing Fantasy 15 and the first Annual, but these are golden treasures of Marvel The Happy Birthday story has an overwhelmed Peter fighting Mindless Ones, and Romita Jr is a titan, her portrait of Mary Jane is not one to be missed, Jr Jr is essential in Spidey s history Straczynski give us delightful dialogue, clever jokes, and a than enjoyable plot.

    11. Pfff I have no words to say how much I love this Spiderman comic I got a comic attack and I m reading a lot, but this was one of my favorites Doctor strange here was just amazing and now i want to read something about him, because i fall in love Seen Thor and fantastic four was amazing too, and Spiderman never disappoint to me All the stars in the universe for Happy Birthday

    12. Mostly because of the GROSS SOBBING I did at the end because there is nothing I want than for Peter to get some parental or avuncular, in this case, I guess validation for his life choices and he gets five minutes with Uncle Ben here that totally made me sob like a hungry, angry baby.

    13. Bit of an odd story, but I really like reading Dr Strange and Spider Man together They both like and respect the other, and would go out of there way to help each other, or at least they would if their battles overlapped , but it s so much fun to see Spider Man driving Dr Strange crazy

    14. asn Spider Man m i tady spoustu vtipn ch hl ek,zachranov n bezbrann ch a tak tu ani nechyb spousta padouch n kte se i vr t 3.Spidey slav narozeniny ve stylu Konce sv ta,ale to p ece nen dn p ekv pko astn narozeniny.

    15. Same thing as the last one The plots seem to be building toward something, but the real joy is in the character interactions One of the gems inside is getting to see Peter and MJ order brunch at a fancy restaurant Overall an ok read.

    16. 50% of this book had action, and a nice amount of cameo appearances of other heroes Not too much Aunt May MJ drama which really makes Spidey books boring.

    17. Another great volume I really like the JMS take on Dr Strange He pairs well with Spider man I m subtracting a star for the super tailor story.

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