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The Remains By Vincent Zandri,

  • Title: The Remains
  • Author: Vincent Zandri
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Remains is a thrilling story of twin girls and a terrible attack Vowing to keep it a secret the two grow up struggling with their past and their belief in God Thirty years later their attacker is released from prision One of the twins is dead from cancer, the remaining twin must face her biggest fear and face a killer who wants her dead The Remains will test your fThe Remains is a thrilling story of twin girls and a terrible attack Vowing to keep it a secret the two grow up struggling with their past and their belief in God Thirty years later their attacker is released from prision One of the twins is dead from cancer, the remaining twin must face her biggest fear and face a killer who wants her dead The Remains will test your faith and will bring you through the question of why bad things happen to good people.
    The Remains The Remains is a thrilling story of twin girls and a terrible attack Vowing to keep it a secret the two grow up struggling with their past and their belief in God Thirty years later their attacker is

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    1. A psychological suspense novel for readers who are considering testing the waters of this genre, but who are not geared for the really dark stuff quite yet This was pretty tame by my standards, yet it kept my interest well enough to keep me reading due to its fast pace There are no sharp edges here, it will not mess with your mind, and the threads are neatly gathered up and tied off at the end If this scenario appeals, then you wouldn t be wrong to try this one.

    2. I preordered this book because it really sounded interesting It was a total waste of time It took me two months to read this book It has never taken me this long to read any book, especially one with only a lttle than 300 pages.The characters were not well developed The events that took places were hastely described and many of them unbelieveable This was like reading a high school studemts short story.Would I recommend yhis book or even this author NO.

    3. A story of suspense, the past is being unearthed and revisited, in a tense knitted tale There is an autistic artist who is an interesting and a important character in the story, he is trying to assist an unsettled victim by sending messages in an unconventional way Writing pace is tense and flowing in a page turning thriller one that you would want to read in one or two sittings.

    4. I don t have an ereader so I had to borrow one from a friend of one of my daughters to read this I had never held one before, let alone used one before this I liked it That s for another post though The main focus of the post is to impart my enjoyment of Vincent Zandri s The Remains If you follow Mr Zandri at all you know he is not an overnight sensation as some have painted him with the success of this novel He has The Remains at the top of the Kindle charts and I am sure it is going to enjoy a [...]

    5. cry, cry, cry little kittens Joseph Whalen had been in prison for thirty years a sexual predator, it was hoped he would die in prison, but the day had finally arrived he was a free man, albeit with a lot of conditions attached.Rebecca Underhill was in her early forties and ran the Albany Art Centre with her friend and partner Robyn One of their on site artists was a man named Franny Scaramuzzi who was an autistic savant his work was amazing, his talent sought after The thirty year anniversary of [...]

    6. Another annoying narrator Just meh The story was ok A young girl and her twin sister experience and trauma and decide not to tell anyone Thirty years later, the still living sister is confronted by reminders of the event Is the monster coming back I found the story a bit boring and predictable There were moments that I liked, but not enough to make the book exciting This is the second audiobook that I feel was hurt by the narrator For some reason, the voice sounded almost computerized It wasn t, [...]

    7. The Remains by Vincent Zandri is one of those books that starts out great and just keeps getting better,this was my first chance to read anything he has written, and I am now his newest fan Rebecca Underhill and her twin sister Molly were only twelve years old when they were abducted and held hostage by a man whose house sat in the woods behind their house After three horrendous hours they were able to escape They decided to keep it a secret, because they wanted to protect their parents Shortly [...]

    8. I just couldn t get into this book It was so slow In fact by the time the villain shows up and it s getting to the climax of the story I actually paused the book to take a nap That should tell you how exciting it was Plus that ending sucked view spoiler I can t get over the fact that while she is visiting Michael and he flatlines the nurse just comes in and notes the time of death Umm wtf There was no attempt whatsoever to revive him hide spoiler

    9. Seriously bad writing At times I thought it must have been one of his first writing assignments in college Boring descriptions, and awful terror scenes left me feeling flat Can t believe I made it to the end.

    10. So the main character Rebecca was constantly referring back to a traumatic event that happened to her and her twin when she was a child, but she would only share snippets at a time Rebecca feared the man that had abducted her as a child and she became paranoid of him stalking her since he was recently freed from jail Though her paranoia did prove true and she is later attacked by this lunatic, I was disappointed with the mystery story of her childhood abduction The author left you waiting to fin [...]

    11. This is the first book I read by Vincent Zandri This book started off good but than it got very dry, slow boring So honestly I stopped at chapter 4 I am happy it was free because I dont think its worth buying.

    12. Only a fair mystery bookTwin girls are attacked at the age of 12 but never tell anyone 30 years later the perpetrator is released from jail having been imprisoned in another attack and comes after the remaining twin.

    13. The Remains by Vincent ZandriPublisher StoneHouse Ink ISBN 0982770502 ISBN 13 9780982770504At the request of Pump Up Your Book, an EBook edition was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion Synopsis borrowed from PUYB Thirty years ago, teenager Rebecca Underhill and her twin sister Molly were abducted by a man who lived in a house in the woods behind their upstate New York farm They were held inside that house for three horrifying hours, until making their daring escape Vowing to keep their [...]

    14. I can sum up my thoughts on this book in three very simple words Masterful Suspenseful Amazing.Before I found this book on Pump Up Your Book Promotions, I had never heard of Vincent Zandri or his other popular books Can I please say that I am so glad that this has been remedied From the moment I turned on my Nook and read the first page of The Remains, I was hooked Completely and utterly committed to finishing this entire book in one sitting no matter what else was going on around me So, that s [...]

    15. Vincent Zandri s The Remains is a thriller of the first water As noted in the title, I finished it in a single night I simply could not stop reading Zandri s protagonist is Rebecca Underhill, an art instructor As a young teenager, she and her late sister, Molly, were abducted by one Joseph William Whalen who is released from prison at the beginning of the book Contemporary with that event, Rebecca starts getting mysterious text messages that either say just her name or Remember On top of it all, [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book It was definitely a story that I did not want to put down Not knowing the story of what happened to Molly and Rebecca until almost the end of the book kept me wondering what had really happened to them And of course I imagined the worst, as the author wanted me to I still wanted to hear about it and wasn t disappointed even though it was not what I expected I was really drawn into this story and the characters I cried with them and screamed with them The only downside [...]

    17. I don t throw around the word Hitchcockian a lot, because I think it s overused and cliche But if any book I ve read deserves it, it s this one The atmosphere Zandri creates from the get go is pitch perfect The characters are believable and the mystery is gripping to say the least.What struck me the most was the originality of the plot An autistic savant starts painting pictures of a crime committed 30 years It turns out his art teacher was the victim What s going on here I m not revealing anyth [...]

    18. Story of twin sisters abducted thirty years ago by a man who lived on a neighboring farm and held for three terrifying hours They vowed to keep this secret from their parents The attacker was sent to prison for another crime and their story has remained a secret between them ever since Molly has passed away from cancer and Rebecca begins to receive strange text messages All these years, they thought the attacker had died in prison Now, Rebecca finds out he is not only alive, but has been release [...]

    19. Teenagers Rebecca and Molly Underhill are abducted by a man in the woods near their home After several hours of torture, the girls manage to escape They never speak of it to anyone except each other Thirty years later and the memories return, along with anonymous texts and haunting paintings Is that monster back or is Rebecca losing her mind This is an excellent fast paced thriller I could not put it down.I continued to think about the characters and the story even after I had finished the book. [...]

    20. The Remains was my first Kindle book for I prefer regular books, and I must say I am glad I decided to read it I was hooked to the story from the very beginning, the letter Rebecca Rose Underhill writes to her sister Molly was the hook which with its mystery captivated my attention till the very end of the book Instead of telling the story, I will highly recommend it to all who like mystery and absorbing read The Remains by Vincent Zandri, it is a must I absolutely love the book.

    21. For years, the Underhill twins had repeatedly been warned to never walk through the woods alone The rumor was that a serial killer lived there someone who had reputedly murdered his entire family While Rebecca Underhill may have taken such warnings to heart, her twin sister Molly had always had a rebellious nature Besides, the sisters had always felt safe walking through the woods, and they figured that as long as they were together they could handle whatever came their way.That belief was put [...]

    22. There are very few books today that I can honestly open up and read in one sitting The Remains is one of those books This book will draw you in from the first page, grab ahold of you and won t let go until the last word The plot is a fantastic one, with a 30 year old crime coming back to haunt central character Rebecca in the form of nightmares, flashbacks and text messages The build up is done expertly and with author Vincent Zandri s subtle hand, making for some suspenseful reading and a few u [...]

    23. After decades in prison a creepy man, Joseph William Whelan, is coming out of prison You don t know what he did, but in reading the opening of The Remains by Vincent Zandri you know it was something bad Need to wash your hands bad He s a creepy man who speaks in rhyme He has plans for revenge His revenge is part of the mystery surrounding the book What he s done and to whom are slowly revealed The slow reveals leave you wanting for .Rebecca Underhill is a semi divorced artist living in Albany He [...]

    24. If you d like to win the book in a Comment Giveaway Contest, all you have to do is visit fuisti 2011 06 re by June 15th When Rebecca Underhill was thirteen and her twin sister Molly was still alive, they ventured into a forest their parents warned them against and explored a creepy, old house they thought could become their home away from home Turns out it was already claimedd not by a particularly sane man either Thirty years later, Rebecca is a painter and art instructor living a pretty lonely [...]

    25. The Remains by Vincent Zandri is an amazing suspense filled nightmare that does not let the reader out of it s grasps until the final word is read Just the cover of The Remains sends chills throughout my body and makes my fingers itch to grab it and delve in Once I did begin to read, I was instantly hooked and found it very difficult to put down I have read several thrillers and suspense stories and have to honestly say that this is one of the best that I have read I was taken by surprise repeat [...]

    26. What I thought that the book began well The author managed to capture my attention and keep for a whiler a book with a predictable storyline, it seemed too long We knew that Whalen was coming back, that he would be abducting Rebecca and try to kill her Yet the story was than 200 pages longe author kept building up what had happened to the MC and her sister when they were kids It was supposed to be something really horrible When the great reveal came, it read that they escaped before anything co [...]

    27. I was so glad to get a chance to read this book for review I actually had been waiting for it since I read Moonlight Falls in May The Remains is the second book by Vincent Zandri that I have read and so far I have loved them both He is a great writer and really knows how to keep you in suspense The characters have plenty of detail and the story is told well This book is easily read and moves along at a pretty fast pace and is suitable for young adults as well I started reading this book late in [...]

    28. Vincent Zandri is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors I had read Moonlight Falls see my review here and loved it My expectations were high for this book, but Mr Zandri left me breathless when he surpassed all my expectations with The Remains The Remains is a suspenseful and downright chilling tale that absolutely captivated me from the beginning When I picked the book up, my intention was only to read a chapter or two, and go to sleep Half way through the book, I discovered how very late [...]

    29. As young girls, Rebecca and her sister Molly lived through a nightmare abduction, held captive by a madman for three agonizing hours They only barely escaped For thirty years they kept this to themselves, a secret bond between sisters, until Molly died of cancer Now, Rebecca carries the burden by herself.But the nightmare isn t over When she begins getting threatening texts and messages, Rebecca learns that the madman who tormented her and her sister is free, and looking to clear up unfinished b [...]

    30. Joseph Whalen, a convicted sex offender, attacked twin sisters Rebecca Molly Underhill when they were children He s been in jail for the last 30 years but now he s been released on parole A lot has changed in 30 years, Molly has passed away and Rebecca now runs an art centre When Rebecca starts receiving anonymous text messages and the artist in residence at the centre Franny, an autistic savant, begins painting her pictures reminiscent of when she was attacked by Whalen, things begin to take a [...]

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