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Truth Or Demon By Kathy Love,

  • Title: Truth Or Demon
  • Author: Kathy Love
  • ISBN: 9780758231970
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Hot Hell, Yeah.If you ask Killian O Brien, Hell gets a bad rap True, he s a demon, so he s bound to be a little biased But he s got great job security, all the women he can handle, a body to die for literally and free reign to do as he likes Or he did, until teenager Daisy Reed and her two friends got hold of a book of spells and summoned him to do their biddingot Hell, Yeah.If you ask Killian O Brien, Hell gets a bad rap True, he s a demon, so he s bound to be a little biased But he s got great job security, all the women he can handle, a body to die for literally and free reign to do as he likes Or he did, until teenager Daisy Reed and her two friends got hold of a book of spells and summoned him to do their bidding.Their demand find Daisy s older sister, Poppy, a boyfriend Can t be that difficult, right It s not like the woman is unattractive Truth be told, Poppy is irresistible and mind blowingly sexy Which is exactly why finishing this simple little assignment so he can be sent back where he came from is turning out to be the hardest thing Killian s ever done
    Truth Or Demon Hot Hell Yeah If you ask Killian O Brien Hell gets a bad rap True he s a demon so he s bound to be a little biased But he s got great job security all the women he can handle a body to die for l

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    1. What would you do if you get your hands on a spell book Would you cast a spell to get what you desire Or would you leave it alone Well Daisy and her friends while on a sleep over decided to use this book of spells Daisy wanted to cast a spell to find her sister Poppy a boyfriend But I don t think they expected for the spell to actually work because they were shocked and surprised to see a man magically appeared in front of them And what better way to welcome him, but they throwing hands full of [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsOne minute Killian O Brien was enjoying his expensive scotch and about to relax after a day of escorting souls into hell when he suddenly finds himself in a strange living room Killian has been summed by Daisy and her teenage friends to find her older sister a boyfriend He s not happy being at the mercy of teenage girls but if finding Poppy a boyfriend is what Killian must do, then let the search begin But things start to get complicated when Killian begins to fall for the smart, pretty [...]

    3. A group of teens give a twist to that old slumber party game truth or dare when Daisy and her best buds summon a demon to find a boyfriend for Daisy s dedicated older sister Poppy The setup sounds odd but I actually really enjoyed Truth or Demon The demon, Killian O Brien, is bound to obey and can t return home until he finds the match for the sister which puts him at a disadvantage and the fact that a demon from H,E, double toothpicks is completely managed by a gaggle of teenagers is pretty fun [...]

    4. The first half was great with some hilarious scenes, I couldn t stop reading But then it went downhill, some sexual scenes were thrown in which didn t keep my interest so I skimmed them I was still curious of how the big reveal to h that H was a demon would pass off, but was disappointed The end felt rushed and a little boring I liked the H but wished he would have had demonical characteristics I mean he came from hell by a spell, but apart from that he could have been any ordinary human man, h [...]

    5. I had such a great time reading this book Ms Love has crafted a fun heroine, such a sexy hero and secondary characters that made me laugh so hard I love the idea of the demon from hell being plagued by a trio of silly, teenaged girls It is just a wonderful, all around good readd has a very memeorable rooftop love scene that has been burned into my brain

    6. I liked it It was cute, I m really glad I got it from the library though I did find myself skimming some parts throughout.

    7. I find that I enjoy Love s books the most when I m emotionally drained That s usually the time that I want a low drama book that will still hold my attention Love is pretty good for this, yet I almost always end up criticizing her for having too little drama So I m a bit of a hypocrite Especially, since the near zero drama going on in this story was one of main complaints.With that said, the plot Killian is a demon minding his own business down in hell when suddenly he finds himself standing in [...]

    8. hmmmm this would have made a good short story but just too drawn out Setting Boston condo, places around town reputed to have ghosts erotic art gallery, fairy art gallery Theme Demon finding his soul with a perfect woman the perfect woman seeing herself in a new way falling in love fantastic sex Characters Killion O Brien demon from the First Circle of Hell his job is to escort souls into hell a job he does efficiently, without thought of the individuals, with charm to get them to go where they [...]

    9. Poppy has had to grow up fast when her parents die She has to take care of her younger sister, Daisy, and pushes her own dreams aside to raise her After a bad break up, she has also given up on ever finding love So Daisy decides to take matters into her own hands and summon a Demon to find Poppy s soul mate Little did Daisy and her fellow teen friends know, Killian O Brien could be just what they are looking for instead of just a Demon to do their bidding.I absolutely adored this book The charac [...]

    10. I found this book at the local bookstore not too long ago and was immediately smitten with the cover Not too shabby, right Truth or Demon is a light hearted read about a sexy demon that falls in love with an average girl.Killian is beautiful, confident, and eager to get back to his lair First, however, Killian must find Poppy a soul mate This task seems like a piece of cake at first, but as Killian gets to know Poppy, he finds he doesn t want to let her go Although I really enjoyed Killian s cha [...]

    11. When Killian meets PoppyPoppy s young sister Daisy, and her best friends, Emma and Madison, find a spell in a fiction book to summon and demand a wish from a demon They wished a demon who could find a boyfriend for Poppy, who has dedicated her life to raise Daisy, and who deserves happiness Well, their wish is granted, they got their demon, straight from The First Circle of Hell Killian, who happens to be the nicest demon I ever read about He is handsome, kind, understanding, charming and a true [...]

    12. While I liked this story I have to rant about somethingis book is labeled 5 in the New Orleans Vampires series I have enjoyed reading the previous books and looked forward to seeing some of the previous books, but this book did not have any of those characters or even was in New Orleans, it was in Boston Ok, rant off, and now on to the book You can just imagine all the high jinx s that will happen when 3 teens girls summon a demon to fulfill a wish So what does a trio of teens wish fora boyfrien [...]

    13. Killian is a demon who has been summoned by three young teens to find a boyfriend for the older sister of one of them When I first heard about this at the end of the previous book, I thought it sounded a little too cutesy, but it wasn t too bad It s an interesting story, but other than Killian being a demon it s not much different from any other romance.Both Killain and Poppy are too gullible and trusting and the teens have too active imaginations In fact, there s a lot of details that are just [...]

    14. I have to say I think this has become my favorite in this series What s not to love A sexy as all get out demon is summoned by a group of teenage girlsd now he has to do WHATEVER they say Let me just make this clearis book is HILARIOUS No worries though, between the bouts of humor there is plenty of steamy romance and wven a few scandalous sex scenes I love that this book has a realistic timeline on the romance, instead of the two just automatically jumping into bed as so many romance books do I [...]

    15. I ve not read any of the other books in this series but that want a problem This was a really quick read for me There were a few times that I thought that it was a bit slow, that I wished the two main characters would just talk and stop assuming what the other was thinking or feeling But really, overall, it want a bad book It s not a book that will be winning any big literary awards for its complexity But I ve read much, much worse In a nutshell, he book is about this teen, Daisy, who has lived [...]

    16. I love love LOVE Kathy Love s books This tale, which is listed as 5 of the New Orleans Vampire series is no exception, although, I do wonder why it was included within this series since it has nary a vampire in it, nor is it set anywhere even close to New Orleans Poppy was a wonderful heroine and the 3 teenage mousekateers were wonderful secondary characters Killian was, of course, suitably hot, being a demon and all The pairing of Poppy and Killian was definitely enjoyable Now, if I could just [...]

    17. I like this book.Killian and Poppy I love they too lives a demon, gives soul to hell, and quite happy with his life and then his is caused by three girls, who have found a spell in a children s book and he can t leave until he fulfill their desire to find a soul mate for her sister think of nothing find a guy and all, but what if, instead of them to woo her, he drives away their fury what is wrong with him because it is simple human woman, but why he so responsive to her touch

    18. As much as I love Kathy Love, I wasn t completely in love with this book.It was a little YA for me There was a teeny bopper in the book, it doesn t mean it has to cater to them.Don t misunderstand It was a great piece of writing like always, but it left me feeling like a high schooler.Compared to the other 4 books of New Orleans Vampire s this was very Tame.I still liked it and Kathy is still a great author

    19. Truth or Demon is a cute read Poppy s sister and her friends conjured the demon Killian and ordered him to find Poppy s soul mate The love story between Poppy and Killian was hot I loved Poppy s sister and her friends and Killian s response to them I did not like Truth or Demon as much as the earlier New Orlean s Vampires books or the Young brothers books that Kathy Love wrote All in all Truth or Demon is a fun read with likable main characters.

    20. Kathy Love gives her larger than life hero an earthy quality Which is practically an oxymoron considering that this larger than life hero happens to be a demon Kathy breaths into her protagonist s simple truths, warm hearts, and interesting quirks.I m looking forward to the next installment of the New Orleans Vampires.

    21. A nice enough read, though I found it hard to stay interested long enough to finish the book Some of the conversation induced eye rolls and I found it hard to believe how naive plain dumb the heroine, Poppy, was portrayed a lot of the time Lots of angst, a poorly developed bad guy thrown in just for kicks, and a rushed, anti climactic ending that s disappointingly blah.

    22. God, I love this woman s books and now I ve just finished her last one and I m having a weird feeling of desperation like I said weird I couldn t find another author that can give me the same peace of mind and spirit like she does Anyway, great book, great love story, just like all the others Kathy Love wrote Can t wait for a her next novels I hope they will be many.

    23. Started and couldn t get past chp 1 after finding out the GIRLS are teenagers and not preteens who summoned the demonk The way they were interacting I thought they were maybe 10 11.tal turn off.

    24. This is the first Kathy Love book I read and it won t be the last I loved the story and found myself laughing out loud at some points I would definitely recommend this one and I am looking forward to reading of Kathy s books.

    25. this book was ok as far as being a part of a series it failed none of the previous characters were involved only one was mentioned and that was because she was the author of the book involved I was very disappointed

    26. idk why theres so many bad reviews for this book i thought it was awesome had me laughing and squealing the whole time so sweet and nice and come onnnn DEMONS ahhhh i do so love my demon men 3 great book

    27. This book was the first I have read of this series and now I have to go back It was Hilarious I dont recommend reading it in public unless you are ready to get some odd looks I know I got them from the other side of the couch Love it Not your typical Demon Romance.

    28. The book was good but thought it was a little childish Was hoping for romance and violence when satan came involved Bleh

    29. Very light reading Three teenagers summon a demon to help a sister find true love It s a romance so you know the ending.

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