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Music Was IT: Young Leonard Bernstein By Susan Goldman Rubin,

  • Title: Music Was IT: Young Leonard Bernstein
  • Author: Susan Goldman Rubin
  • ISBN: 9781580893442
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This biography of American composer, pianist, and conductor Leonard Bernstein takes readers from his childhood in Boston to his spectacular professional conducting debut with the New York Philharmonic in 1943 Illustrated with archival photographs, mostly from the Leonard Bernstein Collection at the Library of Congress, this book showcases the verve, energy, and wit of oneThis biography of American composer, pianist, and conductor Leonard Bernstein takes readers from his childhood in Boston to his spectacular professional conducting debut with the New York Philharmonic in 1943 Illustrated with archival photographs, mostly from the Leonard Bernstein Collection at the Library of Congress, this book showcases the verve, energy, and wit of one of the greatest American musicians of the 20th century.
    Music Was IT Young Leonard Bernstein This biography of American composer pianist and conductor Leonard Bernstein takes readers from his childhood in Boston to his spectacular professional conducting debut with the New York Philharmonic

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    1. Sidney Taylor Book Award for Older Readers 2012 winner Very readable story of Leonard Bernstein s childhood and formative years before his fame as a conductor and composer Well chosen pictures of Bernstein, his family, friends and colleagues.

    2. 31 May 2011 MUSIC WAS IT YOUNG LEONARD BERNSTEIN by Susan Goldman Rubin, Charlesbridge, February 2011, 178p ISBN 978 1 58089 344 2 When you re a Jet you re a Jet all the wayFrom your first cigarette to your last dying day from West Side Story After reading the first few chapters of MUSIC WAS IT YOUNG LEONARD BERNSTEIN, I was dying to see Leonard Bernstein in action I watched some great scenes on YouTube from Bernstein s Young People s Concert at Carnegie Hall in 1964, when he was 46 Then, I foun [...]

    3. Why I picked it up This bio has been on a lot of best of lists for nonfiction and I was interested in knowing about Bernstein, who I could have told you nothing about And to tell the truth, I love yelling out Leonard Bernstein whenever I hear REM s It s the end of the world and we know it and I figured I kind of owed him some knowledge on my part.The subtitle of this book is young Leonard Bernstein and that is fairly accurate the book ends after his debut at Carnegie Hall when he was 25 His ear [...]

    4. For most of his life Lenny followed a dream of his that most people thought was impossible Lenny wanted to be a musician, and not just any musician, he wanted to be a famous conductor and lead an entire orchestra Music Was IT is Lenny s biography, which tells the story of Lenny s many challenges, the biggest being his father who never believed in him and his Jewish heritage, which was not a good thing to have when you re a kid growing up in the early 20th century Even worse, when Lenny was learn [...]

    5. Okay, maybe I could give this a 2.5, but no During the twenty years I taught piano I was always looking for engaging books to help my students become familiar with great composers and musicians I would not be able to recommend this book I thought it was boring I kept wondering what I was missing considering this was a 2012 finalist for the YALSA Excellence in Young Adult Nonfiction award.The plot is simple Lenny Bernstein was a gifted musician from childhood, but his father didn t think there w [...]

    6. This is a fascinating account of Leonard Bernstein s life from his birth until his debut as a conductor of the New York Philharmonic in 1943 at the age of 25 Bernstein had a lot going against him in his desire to be a musician and conductor His father, a Russian immigrant, was adamantly opposed to the idea He wanted his son in a stable, reliable job working for him selling machines that would give women permanent waves From the beginnings of his life, however Lenny just wanted to make music Beco [...]

    7. This is a wonderful biography of the talented pianist, conductor, and composer Many readers may have heard of Bernstein only through West Side Story, but after reading this story of his early years up until he s 25, having successfully conducted the New York Philharmonic in Carnegie Hall they will certainly know much about Lenny Lenny had to reach for his dreams without the support of his father, a wealthy Jewish businessman who feared that a musical career offered no financial stability At var [...]

    8. So much I didn t know about Bernstein I am from live in the Boston area, and there was a lot in here about his connections to Boston and to Sharon, where his family had a summer house I really liked how the book showed his tenaciousness and dedication, even in the face of his father constantly trying to persuade him to abandon music as a profession Even with that, he seemed to have been close to his family and they did support him in many ways, despite not always agreeing with his decisions It i [...]

    9. Tags Carter G Woodson Book Award, Leonard Bernstein, music, piano, conducting, Jewish Americans, New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Aaron Copland, childhood, protege, family businessLeonard Bernstein was the son of a Jewish immigrant who wanted nothing for his son that to see him take over the family hair salon business But Leonard had other ideas he wanted to play and make music Taking on odd jobs, studying with anyone who would take him on, Leonard worked hard to achieve his dreams and at the a [...]

    10. I was fascinated by this book Not only did I learn a lot about Bernstein, but I learned what a different world the American classical music scene was back in his time I really had no idea that you basically had to be European or European trained to conduct one of the major American symphony orchestras I also enjoyed reading about Bernstein s personality and exploits he definitely seemed to live life at full speed Although this is a fabulous book, I don t know that it will snag many readers A lot [...]

    11. An inspiring look at the early life of conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein, following him from his early years and his father s disapproval of his love of music up to his triumphal conducting at Carnegie Hall at the young age of 25 A wonderful, almost unbelievably true story of a man s passion and talent for music and his determination to follow his dreams, despite anti Semitism and his father s fear that a career in music would result in poverty and disappointment The story is solid, well [...]

    12. Not for everyone, but I liked this biography of the steps that Leonard Bernstein, a Jewish kid from Boston, took to enter the exclusive world of orchastra conducting As a musical theater geek, you can t look at 20th century musical theater and not know who he is, but I thought this book would be a good one for kids young teens who are into music in a big way I suspect that theough they might not be fans of the genre, the act of falling in love with music, of being obsessed with it, are the same [...]

    13. This was an exciting biography to read It felt like what Leonard Bernstein would have written, if he had done an autobiography for kids Lots of primary sources used, particularly family members especially his brother and sister, as well as other family members and friends I particularly liked the section in the back matter where the author wrote minibiographies of famous people mentioned in the book so you understood what they did to be well known and just how they connected to Bernstein s life [...]

    14. Loved this Lots of details about his many and varied musical interests piano an incredible sight reader musical theater, composing than I had been aware of.I especially liked that Bernstein s father was so resistant to his musical career, all through the beginning of his career, hoping that Lenny would someday take over his beauty supply company That is such a common dynamic, and one I m sure many young people will experience Plus it makes his story interesting the jobs he had to do to pay for [...]

    15. This book can be used as a non fiction resource for the common core This was an inspiring book about the young Leonard Bernstein His love of music and zest for life enable him to overcome many challenges in his life His father did not want him to become a musician, though his mother supported his artistic expression Because I have seen his concerts for young people, it was very interesting to learn about his life Bernstein s contributions to music can be compared contrasted to either earlier com [...]

    16. Super engaging biography I really didn t know a lot about Leonard Bernstein, and I m SO not a nonfiction fan, but I read this one cover to cover in one sitting Bernstein seemed to lead a sort of charmed life even though all the odds seemed to be against him from the start there he was, stumbling into the people he needed to meet, being in the right place at the right time and drawing people to him right and left like moths to the flame of his intensity He was a talented, fascinating man, and his [...]

    17. Combining an interesting narrative with lots of bw photos, Rubin has once again created a fascinating biography of a fascinating person Here, the emphasis is on Bernstein s youth, ending with his triumphant debut as conductor of the New York Philharmonic at age 25 Tween and teen readers may identify with the major conflict in Bernstein s life his father did not want him to pursue a career in music.

    18. Audience Probably for middle grades, 6th grade and up Aspiring musicians will love this story Students with Jewish heritage may also relate to this story.Appeal Biography that s packed full of information, but condensed enough for a younger audience Details the entire story of Leonard Bernstein s musical aspirations Contains many interesting little stories from his life and lots of pictures.Carter G Woodson Book Award list

    19. It was interesting reading about this guy, he had a clarity of where he wanted to do with his life that was almost like a fairy tale This guy really lived the American dream, starting at the bottom and soaring to the top I am jealous The biography ended rather suddenly so I wonder what he did with the rest of his life PS I am also jealous of his sight read skills and ability to go on the fly by making up the bottom hand by understanding chords Oh how I wish I could do that

    20. Designed for ages 12 , this is a great biography of Bernstein s life up 1943 It is particularly inspirational for those following their passion in life despite the odds Given its larger typeface, this would also be a wonderful gift for those challenged by regular type books The photos and interview quotes really add to the picture Bravo

    21. An accessible and interesting biography, filled with photos and letters that bring the period to life, Music Was It explores Leonard Bernstein s childhood and young adulthood stopping just after Bernstein breaks barriers by conducting the New York Philharmonic This is a great choice for aspiring musicians.

    22. Another great story about a mans life He chased his dream just like Roy Campanella This books are such a good inspiration to kids because it shows them that they cant become anything they set their mind to Just an uplifting story and the colors in the drawings made it look very cool and interesting.

    23. Won the Carter G Woodson Award in 2012 This is a biography of the life of Leonard Lenny Bernstein He is a famous composer, musician and conductor Lenny composed West Side Story among other famous works The book is full of real life pictures of Lenny and other important individuals in his life.

    24. Easy to read biography about Leonard Bernstein I picked it up casually when it came across my desk to skim it before checking it into the system at my library and ended up reading it in one sitting A good hour or two of reading.

    25. A great overview of Bernstein s early years Some students may not be enthralled with the subject matter, but young artists or novice older musicians will find it informative full of info I will recommend it to my students I thoroughly enjoyed the story photos.

    26. Fantastic book, very accessible I particularly appreciate the last several pages, which include brief bios of other musicians mentioned in the rest, as well as a great discography of conducting compositions.

    27. Shallow account of Lenny s early years Incessantly and repeatedly highlights lack of encouragement support from father, which becomes tiresome Could have delved deeper in many possible dimensions none of which were explored deeply.

    28. Wonderful book It is about what happens when your father tell you all you can do in life is to work in the family business and music should be nothing but a hobby Yet you know yourself that music is your life.

    29. This was a REALLY good book It is written for 9 12 year olds, but I couldn t put it down once I started and I m a WEE bit older Also, good pictures of other really famous people as well If you need a Lenny book check this one out

    30. A very slow read for me, but an interesting look at the world of music and a significant starrahsbookjournal.wordpress

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