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Promethea 5 By Alan Moore J.H. Williams III,

  • Title: Promethea 5
  • Author: Alan Moore J.H. Williams III
  • ISBN: 9788498477412
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • El tiempo de la Promethea del Apocalipsis ha llegado, y por mucho que Sophie Bangs quiera evitarlo, es la hora del Juicio Final para la humanidad Con el ltimo tomo de la aclamada serie de A lan Moore TOM STRONG, WATCHMEN y J.H Williams III DESOLATION JONES se pone punto y final al incre ble universo de America s Best Comics.
    Promethea El tiempo de la Promethea del Apocalipsis ha llegado y por mucho que Sophie Bangs quiera evitarlo es la hora del Juicio Final para la humanidad Con el ltimo tomo de la aclamada serie de A lan Moore

    One thought on “Promethea 5”

    1. The story is painfully slow and boring A lot of detail tarot cabala on nearly every page that is laborious and boring BORING.

    2. Should ve liked this one Alan Moore cool combination of ancient mythologies killer art Sadly, the stunning drawings are all that s worthwhile here Promethea is crushed under the weight of Moore s worst tendencies pages upon pages of masturbatory mysticism, some really weird gross sex scenes, and aimless plotting The story itself college student Sophie Bangs becomes the reincarnation of a mythical goddess whose destiny is to bring about the end of the world should have really been a lot interest [...]

    3. HolyAlan Moore is a genius, yeah yeah we know But have you read Promethea This series has it all, Superheroes, mystical quests, the Apocalypse I mean THIS is why we read To be taken to another level of insight, bringing us closer to humanity Right Read it.

    4. How hard to rate this final book in the Promethea series, but at the same time I had the advantage of having read Tom Strong and America s Best comics, so I could link the events with what happened here Honestly, for people who only read the Promethea series, they will be way clueless at the beginning and the end of the book Since, if only you have read Tom Strong , you will be familiar with the character and his unusual family, and also the whole end of the world deal, I understood it better wh [...]

    5. Alan Moore looks over, from his computer, at the reader with a hidden grin in the finale of his Promethea series that, while, of course, it had to end here, has had me in a sort of depression for a couple days now, knowing any further adventures in this universe are over The last volume follows on from the last and shows the reader what the end of the world looks like in metaphysical and physical sense This big idea opens the gates for a lot of crazy, from the artwork, to the resurgence of the p [...]

    6. I honestly think the ending of this series was one of the most mind bending pieces of reality blurring literature I ve ever read No, I ll go further It s one of the most mind bending pieces of reality blurring literature that has ever been published Reading this, along with Borges Labyrinths, absolutely changed my view on what literature can do The slow gradual progression through the Occultist, Kabbalistic adventure of the earlier volumes, to this, the Godhead volume, felt to me like being thro [...]

    7. This series by Alan Moore and JH Williams has been one of my favorite comics ever and this final collection is no different.The previous volumes were guided introductions to magic and the kabbalah This last volume sees Promethea presiding over the Apocalypse while the government and a a super team try and stop her Moore s vision of the end of the world is actually quite uplifting and inspiring probably not something you ever expected to read.As with the whole series, JH Williams and Mick Gray s [...]

    8. WOW That s all just WOW I think my mind blew a gasket reading this final volume It s just so true This is it our life it s happening now and it s our story to tell And nothing s stopping us but our own imagination s limits I bawled my eyes out, and then vowed to start doing everything I ever wanted to do, right that minute Then I watched some bad reality TV so umm guess my wand will and sword strength need a little discipline I wouldn t convert to Kabbalah or practice Tarot due to this series bu [...]

    9. So Promethea has finally delivered the end of the world view spoiler Wow, the post apocalyptic world is a world full of hippies But yes it is understandable, because you know, world peace and utopia man hide spoiler I may not have taken drugs but the last chapter art is obviously drug induced Hehe With an unconventional story but nonetheless a straightforward plot, the whole Promethea series is an exciting and magical trip.

    10. This run seemed bolted on to the main plot line which, IMO, was over at the end of volume 4 issue 25 For those who are reading for their interest in magick and qabala, rather than for Alan Moore fandom, you can safely stop there and skip this one.

    11. this whole series runs a great fantasy for me, but alan moore really drops it in the end basically the character of promethea loses her voice and you are suddenly just reading alan moore s philosophical masturbation

    12. For me, there was quite a long gap between reading Book 4 and Book 5, as the library didn t have the last volume on the shelves for awhile.With Promethea , Alan Moore has written the most metaphysical graphic novel series ever created Delving into such heavy topics as the nature of human consciousness and our perception of reality, to the very nature of time and the origins of religion While this is all very thought provoking, it sometimes doesn t make for the most entertaining of stories But if [...]

    13. How to put my feelings about this book into words First off, if I could give it 4.5 stars, I would I wouldn t call it amazing , but it s given me enough to think about that I want to say than really liked it.Second, I m not sure how to describe the mystical psychobabble that takes up most of the last 1 3 of the series On the one hand, it was kind of nice to have a superheroine who wasn t just fighting Bad Guy du Jour, but on the other, it just felt like endless exposition and no story I enjoyed [...]

    14. So Moore has finally lost it.Don t get me wrong I have nothing against using mystic beliefs to tell or to structure a story I found Phillip K Dicks idea to let the I Ging decide which way a story goes, to be a brilliant experiment.I just don t like being force fed a stew of esoteric belief systems with the occasional mushroom here and there Moore doesn t leave even the smallest room for ironic distance, so I can t shake the feeling he really beliefs in all that stuff to be the gospel truth And t [...]

    15. Brilliant meta conclusion to the 30 episodes of Promethea Alan Moore s superheroine come to simultaneously save and destroy the world Firmly connected in the real world, yet floating through it irreverently with fantastic disregard for convention, this comic is quite the magical trail, tipping its hat to Jung, Crowley, Heisenberg, Hofstadter, other brilliant thinkers All these people including Moore managed to synthesise new elements from older traditions, Moore has a lot of fun doing so I ve le [...]

    16. My friend Matt Harris sums it up rather well in his own review but what I will add to it is that this has been a very enjoyable series, Williams artwork in particular a revelation and perfect mind meld to the words of Moore And given the world events going on at the time of reading Brexit, Trump, ISIS, shootings, etc this certainly made the real world feel like Armageddon was is fast approaching.

    17. For a series that had such great potential at the start, it ends somewhat decently, but failed to deliver with the volumes in between I had so hoped that this would have been Moore s Sandman , but in the end it was nothing than his mystic babbling It seemed to be of a recollection of an acid trip than a story For me, the main interest of the series was the outstanding artwork by J.H Williams III and Mick Gray The art was consistently brilliant throughout, and the page designs were innovative H [...]

    18. Alucinantemente impresionante e impresionantemente alucinante Escriba lo que escriba seguro me quede corto, m s con el sue o que tengo encima El ltimo cap tulo casi merece 5 estrellas por s solo, nom s que termino amarreteando en el total por cuestiones t cnico circunstanciales, y porque le encontr un par de pifies a la versi n espa ola Cuando pueda le escribo una rese a m s elaborada y toda la bola Pero seg n Promethea, ya lo hice, o siempre estar por hacerlo As que a fin de cuentas no deja de [...]

    19. Promethea is a great idea set in a fantastic world I love the details with fabulous characters Sophie s loooong voyage into the Immateria e meets God She IS God We are ALL God Wow was boring, but no where near as frustrating as the end of the series Promethea as Ender of Worlds I like, but then it all got very psycadelic and I m pretty sure Moore just finished writing while on acid.

    20. While Promethea Book Five is not the worst in Alan Moore s Promethea series, it is not as interesting as the first volume The plot is not as thin as other volumes, but does not please Neither does the philosophical angle in which Moore has chosen to frame it The character of Promothea, which seemed, at first, to hold such potential, merely melts into another stereotype I had hoped for , but this volume did not deliver it.

    21. I really liked this series The themes might not be for everyone, but then again, nothing is If nothing else, it s thought provoking and very effective not to mention beautiful as a graphic novel The final issue is pure genius Highly recommended.

    22. Oh my god, I was wrong to give the first three volumes only four stars My first impression was that, while the Promethea series was subtle and funny and totally enjoyable, it felt perhaps a little thin, a touch small in its ambition Big mistake Now that I ve finished reading volumes 4 5 which I could scarcely tear myself away from I see that those small beginnings were merely the sowing of seeds in the garden of the imagination These, then, being cultivated patiently, expertly, lovingly, blossom [...]

    23. Probably one of the greatest living writers in the world speaks on the occult and the ways we can change our lives for the better.

    24. That warm feeling and smile that comes from getting exactly what you wanted out of an Alan Moore epic Promethea exceeded my expectations on all fronts.

    25. There is something about the showman in Alan Moore and there is a LOT of showman in him which seems to drive him to end his stories with a bang When I say a bang, I don t mean a circus grade tooting of horns and rattling of drums, but an earth shattering, cataclysmic BANG of the Big variety Look no further than his prior extended works like Swamp Thing, Marvel Miracleman or Watchmen for evidence Promethea is no different, and has, in fact, told us we were heading for an apocalypse for about half [...]

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