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Heartsong By S.W. Vaughn,

  • Title: Heartsong
  • Author: S.W. Vaughn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Genre LGBT Urban Fantasy ParanormalSeries Previous Book Skin DeepTrystan Raines loves cock That s a bonus in his line of work he s a prostitute, and damned good at his job But pickings have been slim lately, and he s homeless and flat broke So when a stranger offers him a million dollars to play escort for a month, he jumps without looking right into a world most hGenre LGBT Urban Fantasy ParanormalSeries Previous Book Skin DeepTrystan Raines loves cock That s a bonus in his line of work he s a prostitute, and damned good at his job But pickings have been slim lately, and he s homeless and flat broke So when a stranger offers him a million dollars to play escort for a month, he jumps without looking right into a world most humans don t know exists The world of the Fae And his new master for a month is their gorgeous prince, Braelan, who wants to experience New York with a human.Uriskel also serves Braelan, as a bodyguard, but his term is a lot longer than Trytan s life, without possibility of parole He s also Braelan s half brother but he can t let the prince know that, or the King will have him killed Uriskel is less than pleased when Braelan introduces his new human toy, and informs him that he s to play bodyguard to the prince in the human realm.Trystan thinks Uri s an asshole Uri thinks Trystan s a fool But when the prince forces them to perform sexual favors with each other for his amusement, they discover mutual lust that deepens to love Unfortunately, there s no way the prince will let them be together unless it s over Uri s dead body.Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Male male sexual practices, violence.
    Heartsong Genre LGBT Urban Fantasy ParanormalSeries Previous Book Skin DeepTrystan Raines loves cock That s a bonus in his line of work he s a prostitute and damned good at his job But pickings have been slim

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    1. And the nominees for the world famous Drama Queen Award are Dawson, from the Dawson Creek TV serieandUriskel, from the book HeartsongAfter a long and strenuous day the juries decided Uriskel Main character of the book Heartsong image error Main facts took in consideration by the juriesThe constant whinnying, and a good example are the follow evidences found in this book I m ugly No sorry, I m than ugly, I m a monster Nobody love me I m a low class fairy the fantastic being, but he think he is a [...]

    2. Heartsong is the sequel to Skin Deep, a book I enjoyed This book focuses on the character of Uriskel, who is half Seelie Unseelie and brother to Cobalt from the first book As the book starts Uri is imprisoned in Arcadia, the land of the Seelie Fae for failing to perform his duty to the king, due to events that took place at the end of Skin Deep His punishment is to be tortured and humiliated in front of the Seelie court Part of that humiliation involves Trystan, who also featured briefly in the [...]

    3. I felt let down by this book There was little sense given of why Trystan and Uri fell in love with each other other than hot sex At the same time, the hot sex didn t get delivered for me The premise is that Trystan was bought for one month to do anything Braelyn desires, but view spoiler in the end all Braelyn wanted was cuddles and love view spoiler I thought I d get a least a few sizzling BDSM scenes out of this read, but nada.Aspects of the stay in Manhattan really jolted me out of the world [...]

    4. S.W Vaughn, where have you been all my life I loved this story and this a great series This time Uriskel and Trystan from Skin Deep are paired together I did not think it would work but it really did I believed their love and Uri is so deserving of love He truly is noble I have to read book 3 to find out if justice will finally be served to Arcadia for the torment Uriskel goes through If you re a fan of m m romance with a dark paranormal twist, don t hesitate on this book It will suck you in.The [...]

    5. First of all, I totally DO NOT REMEMBER anything from book 1 Guess the series don t stand out that much for me lol But when I checked, I gave it four stars rating, so it must be good For this second book, I must copy what Bookwatcher said, OMG URISKEL, WHAT A DRAMA QUEEN I, too, don t mind a tormented hero, but this guy is just too much I want to bitch slap him when he s telling Trystan how he is a monster, that he deserves a punishment, that nobody care enough for him for the nth time Seriously [...]

    6. Like the first book, Skin Deep, the author uses abuse in this case extreme torture to make a character deeply sympathetic Though it was tough to read, it certainly worked Who could not root for Uriskel to find a happy ending.This was the kind of story that made it hard to find a place to take a break As a reader I didn t want to put it down It had so many players and elements including a group of outcast Fae that supported each other and each with their own special powers the deck of cards was s [...]

    7. You know, I don t generally like books that have a prostitute theme mostly because about 90% of the time there s going to be sex with the prostitute and a trick and I really don t want to see that With the way this blurb starts, I had a good indication that I was going to get outside the main couple sex So, I put it off I waited so long to read this but in the end I adored this book.In Skin Deep we meet both Trystan and Uriskel Trystan I didn t much care for but I fell in love with Uri by the en [...]

    8. This proved to be slightly less than I had expected It was a good book but not great.I was drawn in at first, with the unusual set of characters, their backgrounds and way of coming together I already liked Uriskel from Skin Deep, his gruff demeanor but kind heart and strange but pleasant sense of humor And he seemed so lonesome that it felt only just to have him star in the second book and give him a chance at being happy for the first time in his life.Uriskel came into the story pretty much as [...]

    9. Main Characters Trystan human Uriskel fae.Key Themes Slave, Captivity, InterspeciesTrystan is a low class hooker, pulling tricks in public toilets In the opening scene of the book, Trystan approaches a super handsome blond for a trick, having only just finished servicing another client, and instead gets offered 1M for a month s work At that point I thought to myself this is a going to be a awesome gritty story, about an f ed up prostitute but, when the blond stranger pointed to the toilet wall, [...]

    10. Excellent sequel to Skin Deep , this story brings together the much abused despised Fae half breed Uriskel and human rent boy Tristan A compelling tale full of adventure and intrigue What s gallae mean Braelan s name for you He shook his head It s an endearment of sorts Not terrible, but not exactly loving The closest I can come in your language is sweet bitch Yeah, that s kinda what I though And I am his bitch, for now He drew a quick breath and met Cobalt s eyes What about aillidh That one s e [...]

    11. The book starts with sex and ends with love Though not a sweet journey at all A lot of abuse and pain in this book but a really great fantasy read We met these MCs in the first book so they should be read in order I will admit to loving this one as much as the first Rentboys and Fae creatures and sex and love and pain Damned good.

    12. I think in general Vaughn s writing style might stray a little past my violence abuse comfort scale and the scenes that have it are really difficult for me to get through, but I enjoy the rest so much, it s hard to just give it up Trystan is just recovering from being sick and on his first night back to work as a rent boy, he meets a man that offers him a million dollars for a month of work This work requires him to be the sort of sub to the Seelie Prince, Braelan After completing his mission an [...]

    13. Pain, intrigue, and betrayalThese are a few of my favorite things skips through blood puddles singing Resolute in the face of unbearable pain.All that is sweet and holy, Uriskel is a beautiful, beautiful thing To say that I am beguiled by this tortured creature is an understatement He possesses all that covet honor, prowness, and cunning.The bliss he d held for a moment was a bitter candle in the long darkness ahead.Okay, now that I ve nattered on about my obsession back to the story itself Me l [...]

    14. 4.5 stars rounded up.In regards to the BDSM and menage tags I loved this book I m not quite sure why anyone would put BDSM on this The only BDSM was done by an asshole slave master who just wanted to torture the other guy It was like any other slave gets beaten up but they went to a BDSM store to find interesting implements There was nothing remotely sexual about it So if you are concerned about BDSM, don t be There is no consensual BDSM play in the book Well, there was one time when one guy s w [...]

    15. It turns out that the area just outside of my comfort zone is actually a in a fairly decent neighborhood Of course, anything unfamiliar can be a little scary, so I m venturing out slowly and with caution This book assured me that I was on the right track, and that keeping an open mind can reap it s own rewards.Which reminds meDid you ever hear the one about the male escort that walks into a bathroom stall and gets pounded into the wall by an enthusiastic customer, only to be approached by a gorg [...]

    16. I did not enjoy this installment as much as I did Skin Deep Uriskel drove me crazy with his need to carry everything on his back Trystan is the hero of this story in my opinion with his up beat attitude and his love that finally changed the burden for Uriskel Prince Braelan s visit to New York opened his eyes to what a misled putz he was but not before he tortured Uriskel It was nice to visit the gang at The Grotto again and see how the royalty and the banished mingle Nicely written and an easy [...]

    17. Wow, this author doesn t pull any punches when it comes to writting some hard to read topics This is the second book in the Fae series and I liked it better than the first I felt like we got character development in this one Granted, I wanted to punch B in the face for most of the book and I thought his turn around from biggest asshole ever to a misunderstood disillusioned guy was a quick trip That being said, I ll be reading the third I m interested to see how the author handles the dangling p [...]

    18. A human prostitute tied to a Fae Prince yet falling for the Prince s slave bodyguard Deceit, betrayal, surprising connections and an unexpected love are woven together in this well written and entertaining book At times very violent yet beautifully emotional as well this Fantasy novel is definitely worth reading Complete review posted at Rainbow Reviews

    19. Why was I waiting so long to read this book I liked it I liked it a lot I didn t think there was a lot of cry babyish behavior in it, like a few of the other reviews I did think it had a lot of misunderstandings in the beginning I thought I was going to go crazy with them, but they slowly went away.

    20. The series veered into porn without plot quite sharply on this book, but I still can t actually dislike some nice fairie porn.Still, even here we occasionally see glimpses of the author s capacity for storytelling I wish there was of it.

    21. Be still, my fragile heart I do have a thing for Unseelie and this book just Hit Every Spot For Me PERFECTION I love.

    22. Kindle UnlimitedI read the entire series back to back so same review for all Well written, sexy characters and great HEAs for each book I loved that each of the brothers were so different and that their lives and relationships with their human partners were unique And I absolutely loved the ending.There is a lot of torture in this series but there s also a lot of gentleness.

    23. Excellent sequelIf possible I liked this one even better than the first Great characters that were so easy to fall in love with, and they made you cheer for the whole book Trystan was a bit too much the good proustite but I liked that he was unrepentant about the work Really dug the new intrigue and look forward to the third book.

    24. Little harder to read than Skin Deep, but I liked it just as muchWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS The Fae realm that is only hinted at in the first book actually makes an appearance albeit brief here, and it s fascinating Nothing too original, but seeing characters I was already familiar with as they navigated the Fae world had my undivided attention I liked the magical angle in the story The Fae characters use their magic sparingly and are lim [...]

    25. This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes.My Rating 3.5Heartsong begins with a glimpse into Trystan s life as a male prostitute When he is offered an extremely large sum of money to be the servant of a prince, he accepts Trystan soon learns that his new master, Pince Braelan, is quite cruel, but instead of being cruel to Trystan, the prince takes everything out on his bodyguard, Uriskel Trystan spends some time trying to figure out the relationship betwe [...]

    26. Uriskel from book one gets his own story maybe it s a little like be careful what you wish for, because he s basically tortured for the first half of the book I saw some reviews that suggested Uriskel is some kind of cry baby which I don t get Uriskel doesn t whine about his punishments He reacts stoically to all that s lashed out at him Maybe he doesn t immediately fall at the feet of the first prostitute Trystan who falls for him, but then again, Uriskel lived in a dark hole prison for 5 years [...]

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