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  • Title: Return of the Mummy
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780439837781
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • They re baa ack Make way for the bestselling children s series of all time With a fresh new look, GOOSEBUMPS is set to scare a whole new generation of kids So reader beware you re in for a scare Dead or alive After last year s scary adventure, Gabe s a little nervous about being back in Egypt Back near the ancient pyramids Back where he saw all those creepy muThey re baa ack Make way for the bestselling children s series of all time With a fresh new look, GOOSEBUMPS is set to scare a whole new generation of kids So reader beware you re in for a scare Dead or alive After last year s scary adventure, Gabe s a little nervous about being back in Egypt Back near the ancient pyramids Back where he saw all those creepy mummies Then he learns about an Egyptian superstition A secret chant that is supposed to bring mummies to life Gabe s uncle says it s just a hoax But now it sounds like something s moving in the mummy s tomb No way a couple of dumb words can wake the dead Can they
    Return of the Mummy They re baa ack Make way for the bestselling children s series of all time With a fresh new look GOOSEBUMPS is set to scare a whole new generation of kids So reader beware you re in for a scare Dead

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    1. I liked this book We re back in Egypt with Gabe and Sari, some of the few non white protagonists in the Goosebumps series Sari is still an obnoxious little brat, and turning 13 has made Gabe into something of a flirt He flirts with two adult women in this book the flight stewardess and Nila Once again, Sari and Gabe are spending the summer with Sari s father, Ben He is a renowned archeologist They are just about to open the tomb of Khor Ru, who was King Tut s cousin, or something.One bad sign is [...]

    2. Source I own this book Cost Unknown Title Return of the MummySeries Goosebumps 23 Author RL Stine Overall Rating 3 starsThis book is a sequel to book 4 of the Goosebumps series and it takes place a year later when Gabe goes back to Egypt to visit his Uncle Ben and cousin Sari again I always liked this book, but it was never one of my favourites as there are much better books in the series I think that the first part of these mini series with the big series is always the best one and the others k [...]

    3. There s no way that moldy old mummified prince is going to come back to life just because I recite 6 words I don t even know the meaning of It s another adventure Gabe has with his Uncle Ben and Cousin Sari in archaeological world Today, they make a great discovery, the tomb of the ancient prince from 4 thousand years ago witnessed by a reporter named Nila But the discovery leads to something else when the reporter demands to know the six ancient words and speak them out loud five timesThis stor [...]

    4. This book was a serious let down It was almost the same as the first book to this one Really you would think R.L Stine could come up with something better, I mean he s written at least 30 books Anyway, the story takes place in Cairo, Egypt and Sari Gabe s cousin Uncle Ben, and Gabe are off again exploring a four thousand year old pyramid Except this time they are about to open a tomb door that belongs to Prince Kahru Soon, Gabe and Sari get worried that Uncle Ben might be Falling for a lady from [...]

    5. This could ve been a good story, but the ending left a lot to be desired I was left with too many questions about what had happen, and I didn t like that at all Gabe and Sari weren t all that likable, so reading the book took a while to read because of it Just an okay book to me.

    6. Gabe and Sari return to Egypt to meet up with Uncle Ben, the famous archaeologist Our young heroes are now thirteen and their competitive nature has not subsided with age Ben is on the verge of a monumental discovery of a prince s tomb that could possibly eclipse How Carter s discovery of King Tutankhamen.In this story, Stine situates the story to a desert camp near the tomb site Just prior to breaking the tomb s seal, Dr Fielding Ben s partner arrives and voices his belief in the tomb curse and [...]

    7. Gabe is going to go to Egypt where his uncle, who on is an archeologist, has uncovered a tomb.This is something that interests Gabe and he wants his uncle to get the recognition he deserves The only problem is Gabe s cousin will be there and she is always trying to outdo him in everything, like it s a competition.They will need to work together when weird things start happening around the archeological site.

    8. So I think Stine s real comfort zone is middle grade I think Goosebumps, while at times silly, have far developed plots, settings, and characters than his young adult stuff In RETURN OF THE MUMMY, for instance, Stine takes his time setting the scene of Gabe going to Egypt and developing the setting while in Egypt at the dig site The visual is much real in my head than reading most of his YA stuff because, I think, so much of the book is setting up the creepy part to come.Gabe and his cousin Sa [...]

    9. This review was updated on A Weebish Book Blog as part of my TBT Review feature.R.L Stine was one of my first favorite authors growing up and the goosebumps series my first fictional love When I saw the library had the new goosebumps audiobooks, I was thrilled I m well aware that I never had the chance to read every single goosebumps story as I wanted to, and was excited at the chance to delve back into the seriesTURN OF THE MUMMY is the second mummy book in the classic goosebumps series Gabe s [...]

    10. Return of the Mummy is the sequel to Curse of the Mummy s Tomb , a Goosebumps book I thought was kind of up and down And interestingly, it was one of the few that didn t really end in a cliffhanger So the fact that there is even a sequel is kind of surprising Luckily, Return of the Mummy is better than the first What I liked about the first is that the adults actually play an important part of the book Uncle Ben is still his goofy mummy searching self He has a sketchy partner and there is even a [...]

    11. Yes, another sequel I was excited going into this one, and after a few chapters, I m still feeling pretty good about it Sari is still a jerk I wouldn t blame Gabe if he DID decide to take a swing at her Of course he won t He s very well behavied Gabe pretty much does what he is told Read chapter by chapter commentary at R J Spindle

    12. The second book to Goosebumps book number 5 The Curse of the Mummy s Tomb I really like that there are two main characters While it is in first person, Gabe is almost always with Sari, and their interaction makes it a fun read A nice little twist near the end This book is scifish You have mummy s, chants and other weird things, but still an enjoyable read Uncle Ben is not a boring character Alot like me Wise yet humorous

    13. I gave this bood 3 stars is because i thought it was really confusing I didnt know where they were are what they were doing After I read this book I would maybe read it again The ending was decent, they saolved the mistery of what happened to the mummy and Jack and Amy were happy the never had to go to the pyrimids again.

    14. I enjoyed this book I don t know if it was because it took place in a different country or what, but I thought it was exciting I don t know what the twist was, but I could probably come up with some hunches.

    15. the book was so cool.Because the mummy comes out and try s to stop the kids.But the kids run as fast as they can.Also it comes out of no where and then the kids start running and then it is also so funny.

    16. The second in the Mummy Series from Goosebumps Almost like the first one but recruiting nor character and a grand big pyramid Sari and Uncle Ben are back and I still love Saris attitude and competitiveness.The story is not much gold but gets well and progressive but is not scary in the least There are a few connections about the ancient dummy and the relics I like the parts about the new discovery and the character of Nils but apart from that the book is dull and boring.PlotGabe Sabry is flying [...]

    17. I haven t read a Goosebumps book for the first time in some years I re read one once in a while but actually reading one for the first time it hadn t happened Okay it took me about an hour to read it which is impressive, i remember taking 2 days to read them, but you know things change and I am older now.R.L.Stine is without a doubt my fav writer of horror for children it is also the only one i read, so i dont have a lot to compare it to I love how you are the main character and how you feel wha [...]

    18. For some reason, RL Stine decided the fans were just clamouring for mummy stories after the truly amazing Curse of the Mummy book 5 I sure hope Gabe gets lost after trying to tie his shoes again Anyway, our book begins with our super cool hero Gabe flying on a plane all by himself like a big boy and getting fresh with a flight attendant He s so smooth he s scoring extra peanuts while telling her about her Uncle Ben and his vast rice fortune Sorry, his Uncle Ben is still in those Egyptian pyrami [...]

    19. This book was absolutely amazing R.L Stine did a wonderful job of keeping the readers one edge and wondering what would happen next in the book I would recommend this book to anybody who is interested in thrilling horror.This is one of my favorite book s I have ever read please read this book.

    20. Another fascinating Egyptian mummy story from Goosebumps Gabe returns a year later to Egypt to visit his Uncle Ben and cousin Sara again And while excavating at an ancient tombs, things starts to come aliveI loved the setting of this one, and the adventure was awesome.

    21. Meh I just never cared for the first one or this sequel as a kid Still not a big fan as an adult either Mummy stories just never did it for me, and I found it pretty boring A little better than the first one, but not by much.

    22. Overall it should be three stars, with one additional for the ending, which caught me totally off guard Decent Goosebumps book, although not one of the best You can read about it in Bulgarian, if you click here citadelata %D0 %D1%83%D0

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