UNLIMITED BOOK ✓ The Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux - by Thérèse de Lisieux

The Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux By Thérèse de Lisieux,

  • Title: The Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux
  • Author: Thérèse de Lisieux
  • ISBN: 9780895551559
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pope Benedict XVI Encourages Reading Story of a Soul The Story of a Soul conveys St Therese of Liseux s Little Way of spiritual childhood her elevator to Heaven, as she called it This method was approved by Pope Pius XI as a way for all to grow in holiness through unfailing confidence and childlike delight in God s merciful love Again and again in this book, StPope Benedict XVI Encourages Reading Story of a Soul The Story of a Soul conveys St Therese of Liseux s Little Way of spiritual childhood her elevator to Heaven, as she called it This method was approved by Pope Pius XI as a way for all to grow in holiness through unfailing confidence and childlike delight in God s merciful love Again and again in this book, St Therese shows us how her Little Way of love and trust comes straight from Sacred Scripture This book belongs in every Catholic home, for Pope St Pius X stated St Therese of Liseux the greatest Saint of modern times This is the original TAN edition now with updated typesetting, fresh new cover, new size and quality binding, and the same trusted content.
    The Story of a Soul The Autobiography of St Therese of Lisieux Pope Benedict XVI Encourages Reading Story of a Soul The Story of a Soul conveys St Therese of Liseux s Little Way of spiritual childhood her elevator to Heaven as she called it This method was appro

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    1. I can t remember the first time I read this but I think it was in high school Dear St Th r se was my Confirmation saint so I wanted to read her autobiography I remember being blown away by her simple and yet powerful approach to sanctity It IS the Gospel so gentle, humble, meek and Christian and not even difficult in a way except that I kept forgetting to live it Then as I got older, I confess I sort of forgot about this book and my patron saint I even came to think that she was too young for me [...]

    2. Well this book has been such an emotional experience for me I guess I have now come full circle from my early childhood version of God magical nice fatherly fellow who granted wishes and protection from evil to my early adulthood and also completely wrong notion of God angry father who didn t love me, but seemed to reward evildoers to my later notion of their not being a God at all That was the only way I could explain the horrors of the modern world, the evils I learned of on the nightly news t [...]

    3. I have always heard of her and didn t know what to make of her I read quotes here and there and didn t catch my attention much Since I have begun reading her autobiography, I have been completely absorbed and taken by every words she writes and I feel like she is sitting in front of me like a bosom friend telling me her story in all purity, in all simplicity, in an extremely natural manner Sometimes you read the Saints and you end up feeling they are way up there but not so with our beloved Th r [...]

    4. I am torn in my reaction to this book With all of our knowledge of psychiatric illnesses today, we would probably medicate Therese and send her to therapy due to her hallucinations, visions and, at least from the tone of Manuscript A, her self absorption I only became interested in the book and St Therese when I started reading Manuscript B which is almost 2 3 of the way through the book Manuscript C and the Epilogue were the sections that really moved me and brought home the true scope of her d [...]

    5. A sweet story I didn t like the book as well as I thought I would, though I think I just can t relate to someone as doted on as Therese was I kept thinking what a wuss she was and then feeling bad that I thought such a thing about someone who became a saint I ll admit that in the end she was not a wuss at all The best thing I got out of the book is that God gives everyone the ability to be a saint in his her own way, and doesn t expect anyone to be a saint in the way that anyone else did Which i [...]

    6. Reason for Reading Our church has been run by the Carmelites for over 100 years Our priests are Carmelites and we have a statutory of St Therese in the building I was much intrigued about her little way and after watching the recent 2004 movie about her life was ready to read her autobiography.In truth, the book is really not an autobiography but of a snippet of memoirs It is divided into three pieces, the first, being the longest, was commissioned by her Mother Superior who also happened to be [...]

    7. I have to confess, that this was the most difficult book to read that I have read in a long while It doesn t usually take me several days to finish a book of only 241 pages, even taking into account that I don t have a great deal of time to read every day Overall, it was a worthwhile read I found her experiences, her outlook, her very nature to be almost completely foreign to me For a while, I read almost in disbelief, thinking to myself that nobody could possibly be this humble, or rejoice so m [...]

    8. To have a veritably sacred and loving bond with God is a wonderful and unexplainable sensation, an ecstasy that no degree of hyperbole can befittingly describe, for, it is an experience that is transcendent above all things earthly When one searches to have a holy unification with the Lord, when they utter, I love God, they are seized by the ethereal clasp of the Divine And it is good Sometimes that celestial grip is so wonderfully strong, what emanates from the soul into the sanctified cup is o [...]

    9. As a non Catholic, I was very interested in this autobiography and writings of Saint Therese of Lisieux, the young Catholic nun who lived in the late 1800 s and died at age 24 The variations of her thoughts were fascinating to me Things such as I am most thankful to Our Lord that He let me find only bitterness in earthly friendships and how she looked forward to her death and being with her Lord and spouse, That day everything was little except the graces received except my peace and joy in gazi [...]

    10. I first read this book as a young monk.And then EVERYTHING about her I could lay my hands on Later as a Retired Catholic I visited Lisieux and the convent where Therese lived and died.Revisiting this book after so many years fills me with curiosity and is something I d like to do before the lights go out.I am interested in my response, now, when I have done some 180 degree turns in some areas of my life.I hesitate to award any star rating yet not fair to me or the book But I do recall two things [...]

    11. Began reading this book a little begrudgingly as St Therese of Lisieux just never really appealed to me My opinion was that she was spoiled and had an easy life, so what would she have to offer me Well, this is one of my favorite books The first few chapters I had to drag myself through, after that it was smooth sailing She had such a practical and easy outlook on life and holiness, very much like St Josemaria Escriva that it s through the small, every day events in our lives that we can grow as [...]

    12. I wanted to read a book that had been translated for my Better World Books 2016 Reading Challenge, and since I already had this, I thought I would check it out After all she has my name, or rather I have hers, and I like little things Other than that, I really wasted my time.Therese and her 4 sisters who survived to adulthood all became nuns after an extremely religious, pious, and sheltered upbringing First I have to say, I m not a Catholic, and reading this certainly does not sway me in that d [...]

    13. I am not finishing this book Now that I have switched English classes, I do not plan on reading this again As you an see, my feelings for this book have not changed Everyone says how they admire Th r se so much I just don t get it She is extremely full of herself, and she is always crying at every little thing She seems really spoiled, and it drives me crazy Even when she says that she did it for Jesus she is still obsessed with herself I just don t know what people like about her.Ok I do not li [...]

    14. Inspiring and thoughtful My favorite passages Only the day of the first, the only, the eternal Communion in heaven will be without a sunset p 79 Life is your ship and not your dwelling p 92 Oh Beloved Mother, how these beauties of nature spread out in profusion did good to my soul How they lifted it up toward the One who was pleased to toss such masterpieces onto a land of exile that must last only a day p 137 8 That beautiful day passed, just as the saddest ones do, since the most radiant of da [...]

    15. I thought this was a most helpful book in rediscovering the joy and simplicity of a love relationship with your higher power I actually have a little miracle story from this little saint It was recommended to me on to read this book and I meant to have read her but never got to it I ordered it online and it never came, I thought it was a mistake with the processing A few days later at work I found a copy of this book in my boss golf cart He said a sister had left it behind and I could take it if [...]

    16. I had always heard about St Therese but never knew much about her So the spring of my sopho year I finally picked up her Story of a Soul I remember secretly reading this book during lecture in differential equations I felt such peace and confidence in the way she described God s love and grace This is a love story the love story between a young soul and the God who made her In this story you will discover her shortcut to heaven, the little way of spiritual childhood This Doctor of the Church and [...]

    17. St Therese of Lisieux is one of the most beloved Catholic saints So what is her story And why are so many devoted to her St Therese was born to parents who deeply loved the church Their children were raised in that atmosphere, so it is no surprise that several became nuns, including Therese Therese wrote down the story of her life in this little book In it, the reader gets a feel for the astonishing character that was Therese She seemed to live her faith every minute of the day Simply Devoutly S [...]

    18. This is one of my favorite devotional reads Ever I may be a bit biased because she s my Confirmation saint, but I love St Therese This book completely changed my views about the importance of a prayerful life Her simple way of showing love to God is inspiring and humbling A beautiful reminder of the potential for sainthood in all of us I need to pick it up and reread it soon Recommend to both Catholics and non Catholics looking for a spiritual type book.

    19. A most profound and amazing read I am forever transformed by this humbling experience It is no wonder that she is a Doctor of the Church.

    20. Saint Theresa the Little Flower is the patron saint of my Grandmother s church I knew only a little about her before going to France Purchased my copy at the bookstore of the Carmel of Lisieux where Therese lived and died at the beginning of our summer vacation I was able to visit the Theresian museum there as well, before reading her autobiography, so I had visuals and background info at my disposal when reading Five stars are not given lightly This is a work worth studying Therese has insights [...]

    21. This book was honestly so inspiring in ways that I did not expect It blew me away how spiritually mature St Therese was from a young age and, although it is an easy read, there are a lot things that have deeper meanings that really spoke to me.

    22. I take personal retreats regularly at a center named after Saint Therese So it seemed only right that at some point I should read her autobiography.It is personal narrative with a single thread throughout Therese s intense love for Jesus that was a consequence of her great confidence that she was greatly loved by Jesus It is this love, even than the fact that two of her sisters had preceded her in entering the monastery, that moved her from an early age to long to be wed to Christ.She confesses [...]

    23. The Good a must read in order to understand what it means to be a child of God The Bad tedious read wandering thoughts narrative weighed down with vivid details of little things St Therese gives new meaning to the word adorable Her autobiography Story of a Soul shows that she is one of a kind The amount of love and joy that radiates from her writing is incredible to behold.The lasting impression that you get from the book isn t the actual events themselves, but rather her state of mind during th [...]

    24. This is a Study Edition prepared by Marc Foley published by ICS In some of his reflections on the text he draws on from other literary sources that I don t know, so it s a little odd at times But it is very good We are now in Chapter 8, and I liked the reflection Marc had on the two images of God that Therese uses 1 When Therese experiences aridity in prayer, she talks about Jesus sleeping in the boat He s still there, even though it doesn t feel that way He s just sleeping Therese lets Him rest [...]

    25. First things first, I m not Catholic and I m a missionary As the patron saint of missionaries, St Therese s way of following Jesus is profoundly humbling A nun who never left her village, entered the convent at 15 and died at the young age of 24, she nevertheless had a burning passion to pray for the lost and missionary priests But than that, St Therese believe that she could never accomplish great spiritual or missionary tasks, but that the path of holiness could be taken in everyday, ordinary [...]

    26. I ve been slow to read this book and to review it Given that many of the devotional writers I read have recommended it, that should be surprise, but St Therese of Liseaux has a reputation of being a bit saccarine She is, mind you, in a kind of 19th century pious kind of way, but, underneath all that, is a thoughtful consideration of how faith is developed and the obstacles which one needs to overcome a majority of which tend to be almost entirely in our heads For those who may not have run into [...]

    27. I read the Dover edition in translation by Michael Day, with forward by Rt Rev Mgr Vernon Johnson This new theology, by a new Doctor of the Church since 1997, can compete with other Doctors of the Church St Augustine and St Thomas Aquinas, by here giving a Little Way of Holiness accessible to all As when a fellow nun annoyed all the others by clanking her rosary beads, little Therese went out of her way to be kind to her Her final illness and death at a young age, from tuberculosis, only allowed [...]

    28. A very, very interesting auto biography I came to this book knowing very little about Saint Therese and felt, at first, very distanced from her experiences and her faith I thought that her fervor and her reliance on love and innocence was beautiful but was something that I did not see in my own life, and thus I began reading this book very much academically But there are many sides to this text and towards the end particularly after she became a nun I found myself being drawn and to her though [...]

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