Elmer By Gerry Alanguilan,

  • Title: Elmer
  • Author: Gerry Alanguilan
  • ISBN: 9781593622046
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elmer is a window into a world where chickens have suddenly acquired the intelligence and consciousness of humans, where they can now consider themselves a race no different than browns, black, or whites Recognizing themselves to be sentient, the inexplicably evolved chickens push to attain rights for themselves as the newest members of the human race.Originally self publElmer is a window into a world where chickens have suddenly acquired the intelligence and consciousness of humans, where they can now consider themselves a race no different than browns, black, or whites Recognizing themselves to be sentient, the inexplicably evolved chickens push to attain rights for themselves as the newest members of the human race.Originally self published by the author in the Philippines, this is the first US edition of the book and the first edition to be made available to the book and library trade.
    Elmer Elmer is a window into a world where chickens have suddenly acquired the intelligence and consciousness of humans where they can now consider themselves a race no different than browns black or whi

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    1. Elmer A Comic Book is so fascinating It is about chickens leveling up to humans so we cannot kill, cook and eat them any Think Planet of the Apes But instead of apes, you have chickens They are mixed with human beings queuing with us for the same job interview, dreaming of having sex with our women, etc Practically doing the same stuffs that we do everyday When they get angry with us, they can pluck our eyes out, hang us until we are dead, burn our buses with us inside or even think of eradicati [...]

    2. I ve waited for than two years to get my hands on a copy of Gerry Alanguilan s Elmer More than two years since I ve read a critic raved that this is the great Filipino novel, only with chickens I ve gotten my hands on a second Philippine edition Suffice to say, I was not disappointed.Just like how Elmer s chickens spontaneously developed sentience and speech, is how the Philippine comic scene birthed great comics these past few years Elmer, along with Trese by Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo, a [...]

    3. I borrowed this book from the library and put it off so long, going as far as to accidentally lose it in the passenger foot well of my car, thus incurring that volume with incurable water damage I returned it to the library unread and received an email not long after, charging me for the damage I paid the fee and became the owner of Elmer by Gerry Alanguilan Well, at this point I was determined to get my money s worth.And, boy, did I Think about it How long have we been eating chicken For as lon [...]

    4. Read this with either Chew and Out of the Deep WoodsORMaus and Grandville or Blacksad.It was not surprising to read that Alanguilan is a professional inker His drawings are intensely precise textured and built with millions of tiny little lines Beautiful in their exactness I suspect it was intentional that here, the chickens are drawn beautifully than the homo sapiens are But I get ahead of myself This is the story of what happened when chickens gained souls When chickens started being cognizan [...]

    5. This was kind of amazing.This book was like Ig nobel prize winners it made me laugh, and then think The concept of chickens suddenly becoming an intelligent species sounds absurd, but through it Gerry Alanguilan was able to craft such a fascinating world with such a tragic history.Who knew a story about chickens could incite so much emotion and thought in me

    6. I first heard about this particular comic book via Trisha s Lesbians with Books comments on one of my Filipino Friday meme posts Incidentally when I visited NBS, this book was right on the table located on the store front I thought I might as well And I was definitely intrigued by the idea of Planet of the Apes, Chicken Version.I considered the world presented by Planet of the Apes as plausible because for one apes closely resemble humans But the chickens Well first, I found the whole thing to b [...]

    7. Gerry Alanguilan writer artistElmer is a difficult book to accurately describe The premise is disarmingly simple, verging on pithy What would happen if all the chickens in the world became sentient What follows this premise is a surprisingly touching, extremely thoughtful and complex graphic novel.Jake Gallo is a young rooster, trying to make his way in a world which already includes chickens among those considered sentient, rational beings Jake is frustrated and consumed with anger over what he [...]

    8. veers from hyperextended allegory on racial prejudice to domestic melodrama pretty corny throughout, especially the chicken feed scenes Anyhow, the corniness is cut nicely with non aggressive weirdness I wanted to say unself conscious weirdness , but who can ever say for sure I liked the opening sequence best POV shot of some Filipino dude m bating to the Internet his eyes drift ceiling ward as he s about to come, a single feather floating aimlessly in the air Alanguilan s texture heavy drawings [...]

    9. It s a book about chickens, and did you know I am obsessed with chickens So pretty much there is no way for me to not love this book and I was relieved that it fulfilled my expectations for both chicken content and an interesting story I wanted to get tattoos of several panels chickens watching the sunset, for example I even had a dream that I took this book to a tattoo parlor and got a chicken tattoo This is the story of the day the chickens of the world developed souls consciousness and everyt [...]

    10. Note It s recommended for mature readers only due to depictions of violence, sex hmm , and complicated adult ideas about the world It s the Great Filipino Novel, with chickens Adam David, Philippine Free PressThis is exactly what I thought of this comicbook when I had finished it When I first started and read the first page, I honestly didn t quite know what to make of it Reading, however, past page one, I was surprised, shocked, spell bound by the premise of well, chickens.The story is interest [...]

    11. The only Filipino graphic novel nominated in the Eisner Awards for best new graphic album, Elmer indeed deserves international recognition Created by Gerry Alanguilan, Elmer is a story about chickens who have mysteriously gained human intelligence and consciousness It follows their chilling tale of survival for acceptance in this world and their struggle to co exist with the human race and to live with equal rights Elmer is worth buying and is a good read.

    12. I m lucky enough that I got this one signed by Mr Gerry Alanguilan and the three individual komiks before they were collected.

    13. My boyfriend reads a lot of superhero comics, which he insists are good but which sound crappy He also has a thing for chickens, which is obvious in the amount of chicken knicknacks he has One day, he showed me this graphic novel he bought at the comic book store Look at this, he said A comic about what would happen if chickens gained human intelligence and speech Cool I said, secretly thinking it sounded lame Later on, he brought this silly book to my house and told me I should read it because [...]

    14. Jake is a chicken technically, he s a rooster who was born into a new world where his parents also chickens awoke to self awareness and intelligence on par with that of human beings Angry and frustrated in his adult life, Jake returns home to spend time with his elderly father, Elmer, who passes away soon after his son arrives Elmer has left Jake his book a journal memoir of what happened when all of the chickens their people changed and how the world became a different place for everyone Like a [...]

    15. So for starters, let s begin by saying that this book is about chickens Now that s out of the way, let s end it with a note that this book may or may have not made me shed a tear Gerry Alanguilan, both the writer and artist for this book did an awesome job at this Brilliant storytelling on his part and the black and white drawings nailed it It s charming, heartbreaking, and wittingly funny all at once The plot mostly revolved around chickens, literally How they re trying to go through a life whe [...]

    16. Fantastic Take a complicated protagonist who discovered a series of events that affected who and where he is now a rich history of conflict, discrimination, and violence, traces of which he still carries on at present Regardless of universal laws and worldwide acceptance, it is still very hard to fully embrace the idea that we are all equal I think this is the struggle that most of us can relate with Of course, these were all present in this work and to add flavor to it think of the characters a [...]

    17. February 3, 1979 A bright light in the sky And the world changed.Chickens man Chickens They re everywhere What happens if they become sentient beings With self consciousness and cognition Would you be able to see them as equals The art in this book is completely black white which is a blessing The amount of red that would be needed to convey the slaughter of chickens would be too much It was an interesting idea that became a well executed graphic novel.

    18. This book is truly a masterpiece and very unforgettable The sapient chickens here are the representations of racial difference, the oppressed, the poor and other minorities that deserve equality in this very cruel world I love the way the story was written It was very serious and no nonsense and it made me want to make my own graphic novel too it is graphic novel that has a statement and not just created to give enjoyment as well A must read for all people.

    19. This is an excellent and relatively rare graphic novel coming out of Southeast Asia.It is a story about a world where chickens suddenly gain human level intelligence and are able to speak and function on par with humans, and inter species relations are even possible Told from the point of view of a young chicken, Jake Gallo, who inherits his father s diary when the latter passes away, it s also the moving story of how chickens made that leap from poultry to intelligent chicken and the struggle t [...]

    20. I finally finished this graphic novel Have you ever carried a half read book around for months I did that with this title, waiting for it to have enough priority to finish it Had nothing to do with how much I was enjoying it Pretty good I m glad I can send this title on it s way, since I have finally completed it I m motivated to look into Gerry Alanguilan s other work, and other foreign graphic novel titles.

    21. What does it mean when I have sympathy for our feathered friends than my fellow homo sapiens Alanguilan s just that good It s nice to read about sentient chickens struggling for their rights every one in awhile instead of robots.

    22. Elmer isheavy handed but confusing in its messaging Chickens suddenly gain intelligence and sentience Is it about race Is it about eating meat I couldn t really say.

    23. Gerry Alanguilan is a Filipino comic book artist and writer who s well known as an inker for both Marvel and DC, but his indie cred extends all the way back to his first comic That work includes Johnny Balbona, Wasted , Timawa , Humanis Rex and Where Bold Stars Go To Die Through his own company, Komikero Publishing, Alanguilan put out four issues of Elmer between 2006 and 2008, collecting them into a single volume in 2009 That book was republished by Slave Labor Graphics, and a French translatio [...]

    24. Beautifully drawn and laden with detailed pen strokes to convey strong emotions of characters humans and chickens alike , Elmer offers perspectives on humanity both the promising and the ugly as seen through the eyes of chickens.Interesting premise how a fairly implausible at least for now yet allegorical plot can tell so many things about society and our views on race, identity, and equality.

    25. Elmer is a story with an interesting premise There s a parallel world like Earth, but where chickens have suddenly undergone a change and become sentient The book goes through all the themes I ve come to expect, genocide, discrimination, race centered or chicken centered insularity, a society devolving into chaos However, the book does end on a welcome note as the chickens receive worldwide recognition and unassailable rights far faster than the recognition whites in the US ever gave their Negro [...]

    26. Gerry Alanguilan est philippin, ce n est pas si courant que des bandes dessin es de ce continent parviennent jusqu nous C est certainement un gage de qualit mais nous y reviendrons.Son id e para t compl tement invraisemblable, compl tement saugrenue Il a tout simplement imagin qu un beau jour des ann es 70, les poulets prennent subitement conscience Ils sont d sormais dou s de raison et ne vont donc pas tarder se rendre compte de leur condition d existence et du traitement qui leur est inflig pa [...]

    27. Review as seen in my blog Film Police It s because I m a chicken, isn t it You are all racist, so the chicken flocks.I got my hands on Gerry Alanguilan s trade paperback comic book compilation Elmer on my first time visit to the annual Komikon Filipino comic convention last month Three years of passing up, telling myself chickens could wait, asuangs and tikbalangs could not, I had picked it up on the shelf I conclude I was the racist after all And I m not proud of it Elmer is a brilliant comic b [...]

    28. Elmer is a graphic novel having an interesting premise, wherein chickens are considered to be leveled by humans The protagonist,Jake Gallo,is having difficulty of finding a job that ll accept him as a chicken He is full of anger and rage for humans because of their selfishness and racist behavior Jake has been a good son and a brother in his family He has a brother named Freddie who he considered gay.Since his brother is a popular chicken actor,changing it s name into Francis as a screen name is [...]

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