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Point Blanc By Anthony Horowitz,

  • Title: Point Blanc
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • ISBN: 9780744559712
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fourteen year old Alex continues his work as a spy for the British MI6, investigating an exclusive school for boys in the French Alps.
    Point Blanc Fourteen year old Alex continues his work as a spy for the British MI investigating an exclusive school for boys in the French Alps

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    1. Seriously loved the turn of events at the end And the suspense However, this reminded me a lot of an episode from Totally Spies called Dolphin Drama in which Alex is enrolled by her parents in a fancy boarding school where scientists extract people s wits although in this case it s about the body than what is inside of it.

    2. In this new mission, Alex Rider has to infiltrate a secretive boarding school for spoiled teenage kids of rich parents who need a little bit of etiquette.So Alex Rider takes on a new identity and personality Indeed, he is required to blend in act spoiled, wear dirty clothes, be unpolite, etc I must say, if spying as a career does not work out in the end for this young man, he could surely become an actor.I mean, he is really, really good at making people see what they want to see and not who he [...]

    3. Point Blanc Point Blank Alex Rider, 2 , Anthony HorowitzPoint Blanc is the second book in the Alex Rider series, written by British author Anthony Horowitz The book was released in the United Kingdom on September 3, 2001 and in North America on April 15, 2002, under the alternate title Point Blank 2010 1389 250 2 9789642980666 21 .

    4. The worst time to feel alone is when you re in a crowd I really enjoyed the second book in this series much than i did the first one, it just stepped itself up from the first one I now have of an understanding of this world and the main character Alex Rider Plot this book picks up a couple of months after the first book ended and Alex is trying to live a normal life and attend school, however this doesn t last long when MI6 needs his help and he is soon going undercover in a private school Thi [...]

    5. Liked this better than Stormbreaker, because the involvement of a 14 year old spy seemed credible, but perhaps it just took a second book Alex Rider is coerced to masquerade as a hell child of a magnate to enter a prestigious school, where miscreants are re educated When two parents die under unusual circumstances, MI6 decides something is wrong there Alex is sent to a mountaintop in Switzerland, where he is basically on his own to discover what is rotten there and uncovers a devious plot by a [...]

    6. This is the book that got me hooked on the Alex Rider series Anthony Horrowitz was so clever in making up this story How he made it sound realistic but I also think it was a bit science fiction ish but I liked that about it When a crazy scientist makes clones of himself and replaces sons of multimillionaires with them it sounds impossible right But not for Anthony Horrowitz.

    7. 3.5 Kick ass starsI read this book a long time ago and enjoyed it a lot especially because the main character is a fourteen years old male devoid of the usual teenage angst This book is the second in the Alex Rider series where Alex is a spy in training for MI6 During the course of his training Alex learns about the world and uncovers a potentially deadly secret which leads our hero into a daring adventure This was a fun and entertaining book with likeable characters and fantastic action.

    8. Such as fast paced suspense filled book I loved every page of this book Alex is such a funny and witty character and, this is such an interesting series that I think I will never get bored of Can t wait to read the next book

    9. Some unavoidable spoilers for Stormbreaker contained in this review.In Stormbreaker, we saw Alex find out the truth behind his uncle s death and be blackmailed into MI6 s shadowy world of espionage and danger After his last adventure Alex thought that everything would be over, but his victory against Lebanese madmen, Herold Sayle, is short lived Now Blunt and the agency needs his help again This time Alex needs to go undercover at the French reform school, Point Blanc, for rich rebels His aim Fi [...]

    10. 4.5 Stars Part young Bond, part MacGyver and totally awesome I love Alex s dry wit, and his reluctance to be a super spy It sets the series a part and makes it so fun This one was a tiny bit predictable, so not quite a 5 star read for me But this is probably the 5th or so time I ve read this book since I was a teenager, and I love it every time.

    11. It took me 27 days to read this not even 300 page book BUT I REALLY LIKED IT, I PROMISE IT S NOT THE BOOK S FAULT AT ALL.I really like the action I swear, there s never a dull moment If you want a break from slow burning plots, pick up Alex Rider.Alex has a dry sense of humor Alex is smart Alex is super brave or maybe he s super stupid, who can tell Either way, Alex is awesome.

    12. That ending was badass I m just saying Point Blanc stepped up one notch from Stormbreaker Where in Stormbreaker Alex Rider started out being innocent and just a normal school boy, and ended up as a boy interested in spy work, in Point Blanc he changes so much I won t say how because it will spoil everything, but it is visible, and it I am looking very much forward to see how he will change over the course of the books Alex started out as the same boy we left interested in being a spy and not re [...]

    13. Mix James Bond Junior with a crazy brain washed boardingschool in France Add hilarious equipment and some crazy badass skills on snowboard, and then you ll have Point Blanc.The first 150 pages was one big summary of the former book, Stormbreaker, which made me leaning to three stars But in the end, Point Blanc was far better than Stormbreaker, because, unlike Stormbreaker, Point Blanc had a big kickass escape scene filled with action I was all fired up, but this book made me hold my breath for a [...]

    14. I loved this one even than the first Alexonce again is thrown into a dangerous situation by the increasingly nasty and hateful Alan Blunt This time he is sent undercover to a school in the French mountains.The story is exciting and I think that both adults as well as kids will love it I like the character of Alex, so resourceful and thinking fast on his feet I ve already got book 3 on its way.

    15. This is the second Alex Rider book that I ve read and been completely surprised by how much I like it.Alex s initial stunt to get him back in everyone s radar shocked me What was he thinking But from there, although I had reservations about how his assignment was possible to pull off, I think the story did a great job of pulling us through.The end wasn t a huge surprise but it was action packed and full of adventure I look forward to reading of the series.

    16. I give this book an A plus This book was full of suspense, and excitement I was constantly on the edge of my seat I loved how the M16 spy agency sends a 14 year boy on a deathly mission Through the story there are a lot of twists and turns Alex faces many close calls of giving up his identity, but he might not get so lucky in the end

    17. A novel for children There isn t an element which can capture the heart of a adult or young adult But I am sure that the children will be captivated.

    18. On one hand I liked this book than the first one, on the other hand I found it way creepy Although that s probably just me.So this is the second book in the Alex rider series and again, the characters are pretty cool, the adventure is awesome, and well the gadgets speak for themselves This book is about a mission in the french Alps, because there seems to be something fishy about a finishing school built inside a mental asylum SPOILERS Ok first of all, how creepy was that ending It s probably [...]

    19. The scene is set with the murder of a wealthy businessman, Roscoe We watch as Roscoe is murdered Gosh it was chilling Next, we follow Alex as he damages police headquarters while tailing a dealer who has been selling drugs to kids at his school MI6 intervenes with the police s charges and sends Alex undercover to Point Blanc, a reform school in the Alps, where apparently Roscoe s son goes Alex uncovers sinister things going on within the school.Point Blanc was an action packed, adventurous and s [...]

    20. Woah, talk about suspense This book was packed with nonstop action and I loved every single minute of it The scenes are perfectly set up, giving insight from various perspectives to really establish the events It was ingenious I could really imagine everything that was going on it was as if I was watching a movie The whole plot was brilliant and keeps you guessing throughout How Anthony Horowitz comes up with these original conspiracies and ideas, I just don t know What I do know is that I ll de [...]

    21. It s 007 for children and I very much enjoyed reading it Of course, the problem that arose was something that would cause international crisis but the plot was rather simple which is appropriate for the target age group I think I understand why the movie did not continue on following the series but I think it would have still been a fun watch.

    22. The book took place in several locations First, he was in Brooklyn, New York, then he was assigned to go to a rich family s house in Lancashire Finally, he was flown to France where he was attending a reformatory school The point of view that was portrayed was third person limited refers to the main character as him or by name, and the narrator is only able to expose the main character s thoughts and observations The major characters names are Alex Rider main , Alan Blunt, Dr.Grief s all 17 of t [...]

    23. I read the book Alex rider, Point Blanc, the second book in the series And I really liked this book, it kept me on my toes and to wanting to read Overall It was a good, action packed, book The main setting of the the book was the school, Point Blanc, located somewhere in the French Alps The story is told by Alex in first person Some of the main characters are Alex, of course, Dr Greiff, Mrs Stellenbosch, Alan Blunt, and James Sprintz Most of the conflict is between Alex and M16 vs Point Blanc A [...]

    24. I m not ashamed to say how much I am enjoying these books as a grown man They are light and fun Like the Bond genre, they rarely have life changing insights although they occasionally dabble with important global political issues This one had a far better plot villain than the first although it does indulge itself with the same type of silliness that runs rampant in Bond novels films ex his friend named fiona friend , since he never had to phone a friend I m assuming she ll reappear in later nov [...]

    25. This book genuinely has an amazing story line What I love about this book is that it keeps the reader intrigued and it never gets boring Every page almost there is something rather interesting that makes the reader want to continue on And definitely when Alex was staying at Point Blank it was so strange to hear the strange things the school did and how in the past it was an Asylum made by a crazy person.

    26. Honestly, reading this series is much like watching a James Bond movie lots of special effects and impossible situations and danger Perhaps the pull is the teenaged that protagonist doing the impossible I will say this series is addictive though certainly not a favorite for me.

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