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Al Capone: Chicago's King of Crime By Nate Hendley,

  • Title: Al Capone: Chicago's King of Crime
  • Author: Nate Hendley
  • ISBN: 9780986542725
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • Crime writer Nate Hendley examines the life and crimes of Al Capone, the world s most famous gangster, during his brief reign over corrupt, Prohibition era Chicago.
    Al Capone Chicago s King of Crime Crime writer Nate Hendley examines the life and crimes of Al Capone the world s most famous gangster during his brief reign over corrupt Prohibition era Chicago

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    1. If you don t know very much about Al Capone or the heyday of Chicago criminal activity this is an excellent overview Easily read in one sitting and written in a clear factual manner, yet far from boring There is no hyperbole or drama just a conversational saga of the mob scene and the corrupt graft taking legal and governmental attitude of Prohibition America It is interesting to learn of the various personalities of these cruel, vicious, murderous men One crime lord a florist who drew a line at [...]

    2. I am writing this review for my 85 year old father He throughly enjoyed this book He remembers hearing about Al Capone growing up and lived in the Miami area when Al Capone did It brought back many memories he had forgotten and heard about Al Capone He also stated he learned much about the man through this well written book He would have give it then 5 stars if he could He is an avid reader and stated this is one of the best books i have read in a very long time.

    3. I received the book for free through First Reads I have never read any other books on Al Capone and so I cannot comment on the standard of the factual content of the book This is not normally the type of book that I would read although I have to say I really enjoyed reading this book The book gives a good account of the life of Al Capone where he came from and how he became the greatest gangster in American history It is rather ionic that Al Capone was responsible for the deaths of countless num [...]

    4. I won this book from a contest on.I ve never been interested in reading a biography as I believed all I would read is dates, places, times and no real story Author, Nate Hendley s Al Calpone Chicago s King of Crime certainly was an eye opener for me This was such an enjoyable read that once I began reading, I did not put it down until I finished the last page.The life of this man and how he got to be where he was had me totally captivated From a young man and his sexual encounters which would tu [...]

    5. I am really excited to have won this book I entered this giveaway for a friend that is very interested in the topic of mobsters and so this book is to be shared with my friend Thanks I always like a book that can be read in one sitting This book gives a very accurate account of the life of Al Capone I have read other books on the mobsters of this era and find the life of the mobsters and their families quite compelling and interesting as it is a lifestyle that I cannot even fathom living This st [...]

    6. While not a huge fan of nonfiction, I do normally enjoy a good true crime novel so I requested this book when it was made available on a free give away The information about Al Capone s life and crimes that is presented in this novel seems to be very thoroughly researched and accurately presented My problems with this book is that is about all that I got out of itformation A successful true crime book to me presents the reader with accurate information about the subject, but do so in a way that [...]

    7. I love books that get right into the story, rather than spending the first half setting up the background Hendley s book on Capone did just that He gave some detail about Capone s family and upbringing before moving quickly into the story about Capone himself.The book is filled with facts and dates about his life, and does a nice job of providing the history as a novel The details don t interrupt the flow of the story I haven t read much about Capone Hendley s book portrays the man as arrogant a [...]

    8. I first want to say thank you to the publisher for the copy I received in a giveaway I have always had a huge fascination with the mafia life, especially Al Capone This was a very nice, brief summary of the life of Al Capone For someone who isn t already familiar with the man and his life, this book may not be in depth enough to cover your interest However, if you are just looking for a brief summary or something to round out your reading on Al Capone, this is an excellent book The author also r [...]

    9. I won Al Capone Chicago s King of Crime from a First Reads Giveaway on Good Reads I have always had an interest in learning about Al Capone and this book certainly gave that to me It is a very short book and basically highlights Al Capone s life from start to finish I did learn a few things but the book was not extremely engaging Due to the length of the book the reader only gets a small glimpse of his life and so there are times where it will feel as if you were left hanging All in all it was [...]

    10. AL CAPONE BY NATE HENDLEYI have always been somewhat fascinated by the mob life This book read as a documentary in part and was extremely informative I have always heard about Al Capone and read other historical articles about him but this book went above and beyond.It was fluidly written and a quick and easy read Anyone interested in learning about the infamous Al Capone should definitely pick up this book Kitty Bullard Great Minds Think Aloud Book ClubRead greatmindsthinkaloudobo

    11. This was a first reads giveway I appreciate Five Rivers Chapmanry and Nate Hendley the opportunity to read this Although I am not clear on the shortness nor the compelling reason why Henley wrote this story, I found the pace and prose well done I am interested in this time period of prohibition as well as the depression although Capone s heyday was before the stock market collapse of 1929 and as a result will delve deeply into this subject matter I will be reading Public Enemies and The Forgot [...]

    12. I received this book through GR First Reads.At first, this brief book read a bit like the biographical reports my students wrote in composition classes But it picked up speed, and I was soon hooked on finding out the details it contained about Capone s life, from its humble beginnings to its ignominious end It s not eloquent or masterfully constructed, but for someone who wants to learn about the famous mobster, it offers a broad overview and some interesting details I would definitely read of [...]

    13. This book was a very quick read and I liked the fact that there was a lot of information in there that I had no idea about Al Capone The author certainly did his homework in the history of Al Capone and growing up in Brooklyn, his rise to a mobster in Chicago, and his troubles with Elliot Ness It blew me away that Capone suffered from Syphilis and this is essentially what killed him I won this book thru Library Thing.

    14. A great incite into the world of American gangsters Nate Hendley does an excellent job of giving light background into the life of AL Capone For someone who has an interest in early American mobsters this book is an excellent start It is an easy read and gives a great deal of information about Capone s struggles both personally and financially a giveaway

    15. While I found the information within this book interesting, the writing, for me, was dry and somewhat dull The book reads like a factual timeline, stating only the facts without any insight or life to the words I felt like I was reading a long newspaper article.

    16. I really enjoyed this book I normally do not read biographies, but the cover got my attention plus my interest in mobsters I plan on using this book for a speech in a few weeks for my college Speech class Very well written I look forward to reading Hendley s biography on Bonnie Clyde.

    17. I found it very interesting to learn about Al Capone I live in Chicago and barely knew anything about the man The timeline and the different characters were hard to follow but I guess that is the life of a notorious mobster.

    18. GIVEAWAY Mr Al Capone.Never really researched much into this guy, only had to learn about him in school So I never thought I would get to know about his life through leisurely reading.I don t know that everything there is factual, but then again, I didn t know much about him.

    19. An interesting and concise look into the life of one of Chicago s most notorious criminals I have received this book for free through First Reads

    20. I won this in the book giveaway on It was an interesting history on Al Capone Thanks, Mr Hendley for a nicely done bio.

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