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Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love By Andrew Shaffer,

  • Title: Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love
  • Author: Andrew Shaffer
  • ISBN: 9780061969812
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amazing stories Incredible quotes Sordid details This book shows that a genius in the realm of thought can be a dummy in the land of love Tom Morris, author of If Aristotle Ran General MotorsWhat do Ren Descartes, John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and Jean Paul Sartre have in common That s right they were all hopeless failures when it came to romance Author A Amazing stories Incredible quotes Sordid details This book shows that a genius in the realm of thought can be a dummy in the land of love Tom Morris, author of If Aristotle Ran General MotorsWhat do Ren Descartes, John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and Jean Paul Sartre have in common That s right they were all hopeless failures when it came to romance Author Andrew Shaffer explores the paradox at the core of Western philosophical thought that history s greatest thinkers were also the most pathetic lovers to ever walk the earth With razor sharp wit and probing insight, Shaffer shows how it s the philosophers missteps, as much as their musings, that are able to truly boggle the intellect.
    Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love Amazing stories Incredible quotes Sordid details This book shows that a genius in the realm of thought can be a dummy in the land of love Tom Morris author of If Aristotle Ran General MotorsWhat do R

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    1. Illuminating, educational, hilarious Reading Shaffer s tongue in cheek but meticulously researched analysis of the romantic train wrecks of various historically lauded but perhaps morally and socially inept philosophers feels like a sort of voyeuristic psychotherapy I found myself laughing out loud at some parts and cringing at other parts If you are married, you will either appreciate your spouse even after reading or question whether or not monogamy is a good idea in the first place If you ar [...]

    2. So I was going to write this review last night when I was drunk so that anything I said could be blamed on alcohol but I fell asleep, so instead I m going to write it now while I drink pepsi and everything I say we will have to assume that I meant to say So as an opener I d like to use two anecdotes The other night I was involved in a group chat with a very close friend and one of our mutual friends who is dating another close friend Because everyone involved in the conversation was under the ag [...]

    3. I ll admit there s a sort of horrid schadenfreude aspect to reading this book Some of the stories are hilarious, some very tragic And there s a voice in my head saying to some of the philosophers in here that wants to say if you re so smart, how come you can t be less of a love crazy dork However, Mr Shaffer manages to turn into than a book of philosopher gossip and there s some wonderful insight into human nature and the gap between what a person espouses and what he she practices An enlighten [...]

    4. Eh Ok, the concept is great, the book layout is great picture with pithy quote, summary, another pithy quote , the serendipity of finding it on the impulse buy shelf at Borders was great suspicious But uh, if you re going to be about philosophy and love, define the terms philosophy love, dude, and ESPECIALLY failure Seriously Duh Is having an affair failure Is having an open marriage failure Is loving the same woman tormentedly all your life failure Is madness by syphilis failure Well, probably, [...]

    5. As Blaise Pascal said, The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing Interestingly enough, he is not among the 37 philosophers whose, often amusing and sometimes shocking, love lives are featured in this quick read of a book The layout is like a Who s Who than a thesis, with each philosopher getting a 2 4 page entry which includes a brief shallow mention of their life and work and how they failed at love There is a lot of the multiple marriages, mistresses, and illegitimate children w [...]

    6. Aping the style of Bertrand Russell sHistory of Westerrn Philosophy, Shaffer skewers various pillars of philosophy who chose to use their own petard to hoist the canopy of their bed It s a fun romp across the white patriarchy that comprises Western Thought Noted cold fishDavid Hume sums it up best by noting the general male culpability If we human persons with the penis and testicle attachment did not abuse our authority over women , they would never think it worthwhile to dispute it.Shaffer s r [...]

    7. I was a former philosophy major who has failed at love many times, and thanks to this amazing book, i m very philosophical about it now LOL A very well researched book that shows how much truth is stranger and often touching than fiction I wanted to reach across time and bitch slap S ren Kierkegaard and marry his jilted fianc , the incredibly hot Regine What was the gloomy nut thinking Somewhere in philosopher purgatory S ren is being forced to listed Adele s Rolling In the Deep, over and over [...]

    8. It s humor people.This is not a serious book but a fun and giggly series of lighthearted anecdotes These are some of the most influential thinkers in the western world, yet they are reduced in this book to the most human proclivities Sartre and De Beauvior seemed to have a lifelong running bet as to who was the biggest womanizer, Rousseau fancied himself a wee spank from time to time, Camus was a bit of the ladies man, and Ayn Rand was a jealous cougar shrew, whose husband never left her despite [...]

    9. After reading this book, my question is, which philosophers DIDN T fail at love The book contains short, readable accounts of the rotten love lives of philosophers stretching from Aristotle to Heidegger My other question why would philosophy so lend itself to so many men and women who were either really dense about relationships, really reclusive, or really rotten human beings Does failure in love turn thinkers inward to deep contemplation, or does deep contemplation and thought turn thinkers in [...]

    10. Descartes knocked up a maid the first and only time he ever boned Engel s reveals on his deathbed that he took the fall for Marx s illegitimate son Camus first wife had sex with a doctor in exchange for morphine Althusser accidentally strangles his wife in his sleep 4 because how did Foucault not make it in here.

    11. Love this book Interesting,Informative,Funny, and Filled with moments a philosopher who came up with angel sex d another who doesnt have a problem in doing whatever he likes infront of ppl under the believe what is natural can not be wrong Lots of LOLING took place XD XD All in allReally worth reading

    12. Wit, history and snark all in a single afternoon of reading is what makes this book a MUST READ Historical tidbits that will make you chuckle, choke and pause is what I m talking about Bravo Andrew Shaffer This book is brilliant

    13. Accidental wife murder Adultery on a grand scale Adopting lovers as children Misogyny Socrates style Physical deformation via venereal disease Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love is a collection of the love gone wrong lives of some of the greatest minds in history Men and women alike, this group of 37 philosophers were much better off as thinkers than as lovers.There is, among many people, this idea that anything to do with philosophy or other certain topics mine is physics is going to be diff [...]

    14. This book is undeniably entertaining, containing a perfect balance between satire and tragedy, and a blend of intriguing historical fact mixed with modern perspective Apparently philosophers, for all their infinite ability to probe the deepest questions of humanity, have a bit of trouble when it comes to probing their hearts.Each chapter focuses on a different western philosopher, everyone from Aristotle to Ayn Rand is included Some of the stories aren t as wretched as others, like David Hume 17 [...]

    15. You d think that being the greatest minds of well, ever, would give these guys a step up in the love department, but it turns out that great philosophers like Nietzche, Engels, Plato, Kant, and Wagner had some pretty twisted relationships Each philosopher profile is made up of one or two pages detailing the philosopher s failure at romance and quotes on love It s not a great book to read to get an idea of what each philosopher believed, but it will certainly intrigue you I ll be looking for biog [...]

    16. A cheap and easy book Each philosopher gets a big illustration or two, a tiny quotation of what they said, and three or four pages of luke warm chatty tabloid recount of the romantic tragedy that was their life Having read a Camus biography, Shaffer s treatment of Camus seems too simplistic coerced into a simplistic account of betrayal when the reality was complex.Proof that it takes than anecdotes to make an interesting history book That said, I learned some interesting things Abelard of Abel [...]

    17. Before giving my opinion, I have to point out that this book was neither about great philosophers Nicolas Chamfort Henry Ward Beecher I dunno , nor was it about failing in love Or is that an opinion Anyway, the book is divided into extremely short chapters devoted to each philosopher Each of the chapters reads like a Cosmopolitan magazine article heavy handed with the colloquialism and barely there depth of fact It disappointed meI guess I expected a smarter read, given the subject matter There [...]

    18. i received this book thanks to first reads, and the irony was not lost on me i would definitely recommend this book to anyone that has a good sense of humor and who epicly fails at relationships, which would be the catagory I would put myself into But it s a good recommendation for ANYONE looking for a light read book that they can pick up and put down at any old place without fear of missing something hugely important to the rest of the text or someone who has been through those relationship up [...]

    19. Iwords, they escape me at this moment So many of these philosophers were freaks and hypocrites But, that s why I loved this book We quote these dead people, argue for or against their beliefs, try to prove or disprove at other times Yet, beyond a place or day of birth, we don t really know them We have little knowledge of their lives, what brought them to that place where they went, This and wrote it down for the rest of the world Love and relationships are something we all struggle with, why no [...]

    20. A really quick and fun read about the mostly failed love lives of history s greatest Western philosophers and writers Most of them are French, German, Russian, or American It is hard to determine whether some of them really felt like they had failed The ones who succeeded in their own eyes seemed to have pull off a very lucrative and bohemian lifestyle where ownership and monogamy were not part of the picture Or they just married many times until they were too old to care eventually Mostly dark [...]

    21. If one ever needed further confirmation that smart people don t necessarily make outstanding mates, Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love is a great starting point Andrew Shaffer has assembled the lacking love stories of 37 philosophers, mostly male, whose words may have stood the test of time, but their ability to personally connect did not There s not really a lot to analyze here If you dabble in psychology or philosophy, or if you want to send a funny gift to a student of these subjects, this [...]

    22. Don t know much about philosophyd I really never had any desire to pick up books from that section in the library, but this little gem makes me want to go out try some out I saw this book reviewed in Whole Living and I figured this would make for an excellent Valentine s Day read after all I seemed to have failed at love myself These short bios on world famous philosophers are extremely interesting and they re written in a witty, sarcastic, humorous way Shaffer did a great job in illustrating th [...]

    23. Great details very funny Each chapter deals with one philosopher is only less than 5 pages but perfectly documents each failed love affair, including those philosophers who just failed to have any romantic relationships in their lives either by choice or by bad luck, yet still ironically wrote theories on love relationships It was all written with such cleverness and very well researched I especially loved that a Boise Weekly columnist was cited in Henry Thoreau s chapter, because it s rare to s [...]

    24. this reads like book of lists remember those books that had lists of all these different topics d showed the other side of geniuses yeah, them it reads like book of lists because it s small, bite size chapters on differemt people quick to read, easy to understand sometimes the author stretches at the failed at love concept i mean, if you fall in love, and your love dies at a young age, you don t fail at love you just have a tragic love unless, of course, you re the one who strangles her that hap [...]

    25. I have not read this book but I think I can explain already, why it is so Would somebody pls send me a copy so I can compare with my own position As a side observation A male philosopher will be in unbounded happiness in love, when lucky enough to find a female philosopher as partner, like Sartre and De Beauvoir And although I haven t write anything I also consider myself one, and I was not very lucky in a number of relationships, until I found another philosopher.But I suppose I will have to wi [...]

    26. A giveaway.Just in time for VD, this is the perfect present for the newly engaged, recently married, currently separated, happily divorced, or eternally single Imagine your Philosophy 101 CliffNotes, only instead of philosophy synopses, you get lessons in what not to do from experience rather than theories Each piece includes a portrait of the philosopher, a quote, biographical information, sexual relationship failures, and a longer segment from their writings on relationships love sex gender.

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