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Nightshade By Maryrose Wood The Duchess Of Northumberland,

  • Title: Nightshade
  • Author: Maryrose Wood The Duchess Of Northumberland
  • ISBN: 9780061802423
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A dark, gothic tale of romance and murder.The latest book in the grippingly dark series, The Poison Diaries.Our heroine, Jessamine, has lost her faith in the men she loved, and her innocence as well She turns to the dark side and plots to kill her father, using his own poisons, before becoming an assassin, a poisoner for hire Can she recover from her heartache and reuniA dark, gothic tale of romance and murder.The latest book in the grippingly dark series, The Poison Diaries.Our heroine, Jessamine, has lost her faith in the men she loved, and her innocence as well She turns to the dark side and plots to kill her father, using his own poisons, before becoming an assassin, a poisoner for hire Can she recover from her heartache and reunite with her true love, Weed Find out in this thrilling story where poisons, darkness and horror are a part of everyday life, and love is the only cure.
    Nightshade A dark gothic tale of romance and murder The latest book in the grippingly dark series The Poison Diaries Our heroine Jessamine has lost her faith in the men she loved and her innocence as well S

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    1. After really enjoying The Poison Diaries I have to admit I was excited to get my hands on an advanced copy of Nightshade and I couldn t wait to start reading it Although Nightshade goes in a completely different direction to the one I was expecting and is a lot darker than The Poison Diaries I still really enjoyed it In fact I think I liked it even because it managed to surprise me The story is a quick read and one I was able to whizz through in one day, the action is fast paced and you never k [...]

    2. Nightshade is the second book in the poison diaries series.Nightshade is a very different book to the first instalment in the series I found it to be much darker especially in how Jessamine was written I also thought it was much fast paced and exciting and enjoyed it even than book one.For me the biggest change from book one was in how Jessamine is written She has changed an awful lot since book one become a much confident and self assured but darker character I actually loved this about her a [...]

    3. Total let down I was so excited to read this second book and as I read it got and disappointing I don t even know if I would bother reading the third book The first book, Poison Diaries had an ethereal quality It was dark, but magically delicious This book was just dark and it got gloomier and gloomier as the story went on Jessamine seemed to do a complete 180 Characters must grow and in the first book Jessamine lost some of her innocence, but still remained pure and steadfast In this book she [...]

    4. This review will SPOIL the first book If you haven t read it, please stop here No, seriously, stop.Okay, you asked for it.At the end of book one, Weed and Jessamine were separated Now, in Weed s absence, Jessamine is beginning to change She has taken over her father s apothecary business while he devotes all of his time to his poisons She remembers the things that Oleander showed her during her illness, and she wonders what secrets her father has hidden from her all these years Slowly, she recov [...]

    5. Nightshade Poison Diaries Book TwoFour stars A return to the garden with a superior sequel.Jessamine returns from the brink of death to find her beloved Weed gone Left behind are the shriveling remnants of their budding love bitten by the deadly frost of betrayal Jessamine loses her innocence and tenderness after she sees the bald roots of truth, attached to the vine of lies that ensnares her Her entire existence adulterated with her father s injurious greed and insatiable lust for knowledge of [...]

    6. Just to warn you there really is no way to write a review of a 2nd book in a series without revealing some secrets from the first book This is especially true where this series is concerned, so this review will contain spoilers for book one I mentioned in my review of The Poison Diaries that I liked it better after having read Nightshade It brought some things together for me, but mostly I think it was because the ending to TPD takes such a strange turn that I think your mind needs time to adjus [...]

    7. I Love It I m in love with this series I cannot wait for the third and final installment to publish so that I finally know what happens I m saying this again This is not a love story There s only a portion, a miniscule part in the book involving both the characters together in the same place and that isn t romance either This book is so much than that.This is poison filled book.It picks up where the Poison Diaries left off, with Weed up and away after he serves Prince Oleander in order to save [...]

    8. How to start Wow, I really was expecting it to carry on from where the first book in the Poison Diaries trilogy, the Poison Diaries left off with Jessamine recovering from her illness and carrying on looking after the gardens and her father Not forgetting pining over Weed Maybe running away to find out Well it didn t quite start like that, it did start right after where book 1 left off, however this book became darker than I could ever have imagined The prince of poisons, Oleander, was filling J [...]

    9. Wow.I can not believe the sequel is releasing this year I had no idea I m actually quite excited about this one The Poison Diaries was by no means perfect, but I do remember being thrown on an emotional rollercoaster I love that the cover of this one matches the first one 3.5 5I really enjoyed some parts of it, but I do feel as though it was rushed as we get to the end I do love how dark this book was it was all certainly compelling, I just wanted to know what happens next But overall, I ll say [...]

    10. Now, if you have not read The Poison Diaries then you need to get out there and pick up a copy I also would like to make it known that I LOVE the cover art It is what drew me to this series I started reading The Poison Diaries without even knowing what it was about I think that makes for a great cover I liked the first book, but the second book was just packed full of intrigue Whereas the first book was set all at Jessamine s cottage this one takes you across the English countryside and ends in [...]

    11. Rating 2.5 StarsI started this book with high hopes as I really enjoyed reading the first book in the series Sadly, I was disappointed I had to force myself to finish reading this book I really hate who Jessamine becomes This is what essentially ruined the book for me I hate the things that she does with her poisons and hate how she uses her body I think the author took it took too far in this respect A the same time, I love who Weed becomes in this book even though we do not see as much of him [...]

    12. My god, way to rip a girl s heart out and stamp on it Nightshade, like the first The Poison Diaries is perverse and a bit strange, a drug induced dream of a book Beautiful and confusing Well worth a read I only hope Weed hasn t been too destroyed by the bizarre choice to change authors and make it raunchy thejournal news nort.

    13. This series keeps reminding me of Rappaccini s Daughter, which is a plus It feels like a dark fairy tale, like how a fairy tale is supposed to be disturbing and questionable entertainment for children, yet the kind of story children flock to nonetheless It can be a bit oppressively dark, but I enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.

    14. 4.5 stars It would have been a perfect 5 IF IT WASN T FOR THAT ENDING I almost threw this book across the room It made me that furious, in a good way, BUT STILL Now I have to wait a grueling year to find out the conclusion to this awesome trilogy 2012 can t come fast enough

    15. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick Dirty This is a dark tale filled with betrayal, passion, and murder With interesting characters and a fascinating plot.Opening Sentence I wake, as I usually do, to the sound of Weed s voice.The Review Jessamine is devastated She survived the strange illness that over took her body recently, but she woke to find that her beloved Weed had abandoned her She was brought back to health by her father and he told her that Weed no longer cared for her and fled [...]

    16. After reading last year s The Poison Diaries, the first addition in this series, I had been eagerly anticipating Nightshade, the newest addition I couldn t wait to find out what would happen next to Jessamine and Weed Would Jessamine finally be able to escape the grip of her controlling father Would Weed be able to reunite with Jessamine before it was too late Only Nightshade would let me know, so as soon as I received the book in the mail, I quickly gobbled it up While my questions were indeed [...]

    17. I have to admit, I didn t read the first book, THE POISON DIAREIS, but now I have to I need to see how Jessamine and Weed fell in love, and understand of her relationship with her father But, I do think you can dive into the second book without having read the first It s easy to see where the story started and get to know the characters I can envision Jessamine being very timid and accommodating, maybe almost weak, in the first book I m glad she wasn t like that in this one She was dark and dis [...]

    18. Es war ja schon fast zu erwarten, dass ich dieses Buch abbrechen werde Warum ich mir den zweiten Teil der Poison Diaries noch angetan habe, verstehe ich selbst nicht.Da mir bereits der erste Band eher weniger gefallen hat, war meine Motiviation f r dieses Buch schon fast unterirdisch, aber dennoch wollte ich der Geschichte nochmal die Chance geben, sich zu entwickeln Aber das war nichts Jessamine macht da weiter, wo sie im ersten Band aufgeh rt hat Sie nervt Sie versucht immer sehr erwachsen zu [...]

    19. Nightshade picks up where Poison Diaries end Now awaken, Jessamine is heartbroken to find out that Weed has left, his whereabouts unknown Her father tells her about how Weed, feeling helpless, left her to die because he knew that he could not save her However, Jessamine doubts her father s words, for when she was in a delirium, the Prince of Poison, Oleander had shown her everything.When she finds out the truth behind her mother s death, she wants to get revenge and no other way is better than u [...]

    20. I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Nightshade in return for a review What can I say about this book than BRILLIANT Everything Jessamine had to put up with in this book was heartbreaking She lost all faith in herself and was willing to do anything to be with Weed again And I mean anything With Oleander s guidance, she became an assassin and went by the name Belladonna a beautiful but deadly flower because that s how she felt.I enjoyed hearing from Weed throughout the story too He went throu [...]

    21. Link to full review emmegailsbookshelf.wordpress.cNightshade starts off right where The Poison Diaries left off The poisoned spiral is still spinning out of control and continues to get worse and worse I think many YA readers will love the Gothic feel of this book Overall, I enjoyed finding out what becomes of Jessamine and Weed I was, however, turned off a little by the overwhelming feeling of doom and gloom I didn t want Jessamine to be so willing under Oleander s seduction.Jessamine has barel [...]

    22. After being pleasantly surprised by The Poison Diaries, I was curious to see where the sequel would take me and it didn t disappoint Going down a dark and twisty path, Nightshade explores a dark side of YA that had me absolutely enthralled.While I wouldn t usually pick up books in the historical fiction segment, this was an exciting new road for me to take Some scenes were so vividly described that I felt like I was there, for example the scene at the river What I liked most about this book was [...]

    23. I really enjoyed the change in the characters It was not the turn most characters take, but I loved that the author surpirsed me with something real.The plot line picks up right where it left off Both characters are now on the run, and the king is now running the show I loved how the plot kept the reader going It was intense and full of so much new information that I was just taking it all in.What I really liked it how dark the book got So many dark emotions and thoughts As the reader, you fille [...]

    24. thebooksweread 2011 11 nig probably should have read the back of the book before I committed to reading it I m not interested in reading really creepy books, and this one is really creepy If I had known, it would have been less of a shock when she remorselessly kills her own father in the first 20 pages of the novel I was shocked then, and I never had a chance to recover This book took me places I never expected I read the first book of this series last year and liked it This book was very diffe [...]

    25. I can t say I really liked this book as a whole, but there were several parts I really did like The one thing that stands out most in my mind is Wood seems to have the courage to take her YA heroine places no other YA heroine has ever seen before I don t think I ve ever read another YA novel where the heroine gets to do things that debase and ruin her But Jessamine does AND IT IS AWESOME So many YA authors shy away from ugliness, or else present it in a less offensive light, and all because of t [...]

    26. I was so lucky to get this from the Poison Diaries team I am now a steadfast Poison Diaries fan and not so patiently waiting for the third installment This book is darker and a little racier then the first Weed is awesome but my tastes sometimes run a little darker so I have the biggest book crush on Oleander the poison king And Jessamine, our little heroine isn t so pure now, is she I think that was a big move on Maryrose Wood to take her female lead to such a dark place.How many times can I me [...]

    27. 3.5 starsI love this series quite a lot, but I cannot help feeling a bit let down by this one The first book was one of my favorite books last year, and I kept expecting this one to live up to its predecessor, which didn t happen The dark fairy tale feeling that reigned over the first one didn t translate well into this one and many twists along the plot didn t feel right to me I love that the story is still dark and merciless with its characters, but I expected a bit from this one I m still ea [...]

    28. I really liked The Poison Diaries , and was somewhat disappointed in its followup While the first book toyed with dark motivations, the second can t seem to rise above them much to the detriment of the plot, characterizations, and mood There might be an audience for this series, but I m not sure who that might be.

    29. ahh i wanted to like this book so much but it was so painful to read through Jessamine s downward spirale becomes so tainted and her character does a 360 I did manage to finish the book and i will probably read the third book even though i did not enjoy this one because i still hope for that happy ending with Weed, the only reason this review is a two star not one.

    30. The second book in our Poison Diaries series, this book takes a look into Jessamine and Weed s life on the road Will the path to happiness be a successful one or will the plants take over their life

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