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Dance at Grandpa's By Laura Ingalls Wilder Renée Graef,

  • Title: Dance at Grandpa's
  • Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder Renée Graef
  • ISBN: 9780064433723
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Little House books tell the story of a little pioneer girl and her family as they traveled by covered wagon across the Midwest Laura Ingalls Wilder s classic books, illustrated with Garth Williams timeless artwork, have been cherished by millions of readers ever since they were first published over sixty years ago.
    Dance at Grandpa s The Little House books tell the story of a little pioneer girl and her family as they traveled by covered wagon across the Midwest Laura Ingalls Wilder s classic books illustrated with Garth Williams

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    1. Also known to us as Grandpa s Dance Party This one has it all pretty dancing moms, sleepy children, and super sour pickles

    2. This series is such a great set for kids It s simple and a quick read to younger kids, but a great intro intro to Laura Ingalls.

    3. My First Little House Books are my favorite If you love Laura Wilder books then you will love these for your little ones Dance at Grandpa s is about a party that takes place at her grandparent s house in the woods She talks about all the fun things at grandma s house, like her feather bed and the fireplace in the room Laura loved seeing all the women dress up for the party and from the illustrations they did look beautiful I love the way the pictures are drawn in the Little House books I would r [...]

    4. These First Little House books are WONDERFUL, now you don t have to wait until your child is old enough for the original series, these are written basic and sweet but not to over non readers heads I read this to my 2 year old granddaughter and we both LOVED it The illustrations in these books are done so well so eye appeasing that it helps the non reader to stay with the reader.This book the Ingallas family get all bundled up and take a trip into the Big Woods to Grandma and Grandpa s house the [...]

    5. The My First Little House is a collection of books in which they took events in the longer Little House books and make a picture book version of it The illustrations are done by Renee Graeff but in the style of Garth Williams who did the illustrations for the books I grew up with He also did the illustrations for Charlotte s Web and Stuart Little I love these books because they bring me back to being young and reading the Little House series for the first time.

    6. One of the simplified My First Little House Books, which I discovered when my first daughter was a toddler, this book tells the story of Laura, Mary, Baby Carrie, Ma and Pa going to a dance at Grandpa s house All of these books have been favorite reads with my littles Right now this is my three year old s favorite of the series This series is adapted largely from Little House in the Big Woods , with a couple of stories from Little House on the Prairie.

    7. A My First Little House Book inspired by, what else, the Little House books This shows Laura and her family visiting her grandparents home where they have a party I love seeing Laura s love and loyalty to her family in just the little ways she looks at things And I like seeing the party through Laura s child eyes I m glad they ve created these picture books for the younger audience But I think for Book Time the children could handle an actual chapter from the book.

    8. It is all laughs and beautiful music at grandpa s house Laura thinks that the whole night is beautiful, from the babies lined on the bed to her mother dancing in her green dress She has the best time with her family This book can be used to discuss the topic of family and eating dinners Also, this book can help students understand the value that illustrations can whole when expressing oneself The fact that they can aid in the telling their story.

    9. Laura Ingalls was always my favorite book character as a child and I was delighted to find that there are books about her life for younger ages as well I remember the dance at grandpas in her chapter books, and i loved the illustrations for teh scene It s just as my little imagination saw it when I was a little girl

    10. I was SO excited to find these simplified Little House books to read with my 3 year old I m not usually a fan of abridgements, but these are very nicely done and do manage to retain the flavor of the original Little House books while bringing them down to a 3 year old level A perfect way to introduce my girl to Laura Ingalls Wilder The illustrations are lovely, too.

    11. I haven t started reading the Little House on the Prairie books to our girls yet, so in the meantime, we are reading the picture books that are for a younger audience They are nice little stories, snippets of what occurs in the other books, with great illustrations that really help bring the story to life.

    12. This book describes well about festivals and going back to our grandparent s house which made me think of the time on January 1st, snowing hard and our family going to our grandparent s house I m living in Vietnam, so for 4years I couldn t visit my grandparents in winter This story leads me to think of so much other thoughts.

    13. One of my favorite parts of Little House in the Big Woods now a beautiful picture book The illustrations are absolutely lovely The story is one that I love I treasured every minute of these stories.

    14. This is a Little House book that is a quick read It can be used to talk about the difference in pioneer days and now The book is filled with adjectives I also like the use of unusual verbs, pranced, swirled.

    15. This is a very cute book to read to children It reminds me of my childhood when I would read the longer versions of the The Little House Books This is a good book to read to children to teach them about pioneer days.

    16. Notes All the books in this series are beautiful.Great intro to pioneer life, but may not connect to preschoolers with no frame of reference.Son read them after he first learned to read.Excerpted from Wilder s actual books.

    17. Dance at Grandpa s is a good book to read before the winter break The students can expect parties, dancing, and lots of food The best part is when Laura gets to spend and appreciate her time with family.

    18. Little House snippets for little readers Great length of story for a little children s book Great way to introduce them to Laura and the characters from her chapter books.

    19. my two year old daughter loves these picture books The illustrations are wonderful and draw her inwe spend a lot of extra time just talking about what we see in the pictures.

    20. Little house simplified in a picture book Illustrations done by the woman who illustrated American Girl Doll Kirsten.

    21. After reading these books many times over, the kids are usually eager to move on to the longer books And they like to make the connections between these thin books and the big book.

    22. Pa packs his fiddle and the family leaves for a winter party Laura loves how beautiful her mother looks as they swing along.

    23. Last but not least, I particularly enjoyed this little warm up story to the Little House on the Prairie series.

    24. A great segmented series that breaks out smaller stories from the series This series is a great introduction to the Laura Ingalls Wilder series to move the young reader onto once they are ready.

    25. I read this a couple days ago while we were in the car I ve always loved Little house on the prarie books This one is for young ones to read too now.

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