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V.I. WarshawskiKilling Orders By Sara Paretsky Kathleen Turner,

  • Title: V.I. WarshawskiKilling Orders
  • Author: Sara Paretsky Kathleen Turner
  • ISBN: 9781408466957
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Feisty Chicago private eye Vic V.I Warshawski is used to getting mixed up in complicated cases But when three million dollars in share certificates are stolen from a Dominican priory, she really doesn t want to get involved Because agreeing to investigate would mean doing a favour for Aunt Rosa, the priory s treasurer, and Vic has never forgiven Rosa for something sheFeisty Chicago private eye Vic V.I Warshawski is used to getting mixed up in complicated cases But when three million dollars in share certificates are stolen from a Dominican priory, she really doesn t want to get involved Because agreeing to investigate would mean doing a favour for Aunt Rosa, the priory s treasurer, and Vic has never forgiven Rosa for something she did a long time ago.Against her better judgement, Vic gets drawn in, only to be suddenly called off the case But she doesn t give up easily and, despite a campaign of intimidation against her, starts to uncover a massive conspiracy involving the Mafia and the Catholic churchStarring Kathleen Turner as V.I Warshawski, and with a star cast including Martin Shaw, Adjoa Andoh and Lorelei King, this gripping drama will appeal to all fans of Sara Paretsky s hardboiled heroine.
    V I WarshawskiKilling Orders Feisty Chicago private eye Vic V I Warshawski is used to getting mixed up in complicated cases But when three million dollars in share certificates are stolen from a Dominican priory she really doesn

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    1. Book Review4 of 5 stars to Killing Orders, the third novel in the V.I Warshawski mystery and thriller series, published in 1985 and written by Sara Paretsky Another great installment, pitting VI against her own family this time It s gotta be hard to have an animosity within your family, especially when your parents are gone and your aunt is one of the only people left But VI and Aunt Rosa aren t close Yet when Aunt Rosa is accused of counterfeiting, VI knows she has to help try to clear her fami [...]

    2. I have said this before but you definitely have to go into these books tongue in cheek A lot of the action is just so far fetched but at the same time eminently readable The main character is like someone out of a Marvel Comic strip She survives the most amazing obstacles and always comes out on top At the same time the story is good, the action constant and the characters charming Four stars for pure entertainment value and a promise to continue with the series asap.

    3. I loved that the book finally got into background on V.I s dead mother and her antagonistic relationship with her Aunt Rosa I didn t really enjoy the parts that dealt with the outdated attitudes about lesbians and at one point hoped that the character of Bobby would have a stroke I also didn t believe all of the craziness that was surrounding V.I was realistic and her not wanting to tell the police anything was beyond stupid Her falling out with Lotty was actually interesting, but that quickly [...]

    4. Scooooorrrrre And the crowd roars Ok, ok It s not a Great Book But this is The One previously Jet Li Women need an extraordinary badass female detective and V.I Warshawski is that guy If James Bond can be young for 70 years and know how to do everything there is to do in the world, why can t we have a comparable female character Plus, she actually is real in that she has a well rounded personality, except for her excessive need to do it herself even if she is bleeding out.Not quite a cartoon, bu [...]

    5. I couldn t remember whether I had read this before or not Apparently I had.But this was different A recording made by the BBC with Kathleen Turner as V.I and a whole cast of characters Perhaps it was a radio show Anyway, it was a quick listen.

    6. I love early Warshawski Interestingly, although I loved this now and am all but certain that I ve read it before what has stayed with me of it over the ensuing decades is not so much the story, the plot, as the ambience, the incidentals What stood out when I first read Paretsky s work was Warshawski s integrity and willingness to please NO ONE in her pursuit of answers and justice Her lack of apparent need to please, ingratiate or charm seemed to smash some of the gender stereotypes of the time [...]

    7. The most exciting plot so far and otherwise classic Warshawski with the tasty peripheral of clothes and food and friends and boys.

    8. Victoria Iphigenia V.I Warshawski is the daughter of Italian born Gabriella Sestrieri and former Chicago police officer Tony Warshawski V.I is half Italian, half Polish, and 100% hard boiled A detective specializing in financial crimes, V.I encounters everything from money laundering to murder, from the mafia to the monastery.Of course, a hard boiled detective is never scared So what I was feeling couldn t be fear.Set in Chicago, in the wintertime, mid 1980 s Lots of Chicago landmarks, payphone [...]

    9. Killing Orders V.I Warshawski 3 by Sara Paretsky Author 3.87 Rating details 3,593 Ratings 140 ReviewsV.I s battleaxe Aunt Rosa is under investigation by the FBI and SEC after counterfeit stock certificates were found at St Albert s Priory, where she serves as treasurer As malicious as her aunt is, V.I knows she s not dishonest, so V.I vows to protect her from taking the fall But V.I starts questioning the strength of her family ties when a menacing voice on the phone threatens to throw acid into [...]

    10. Many years ago, I tried to read a Sarah Paretsky mystery can t remember which one and just couldn t get into it However, I recently heard an interview with the author which once again piqued my interest in her mysteries, so I listened to the audio book of _Killing Orders_ Because it was published in 1985, some of the book is dated Some of its datedness is quaint as in the Omega car her protagonist drives and her use of pay phones However, with the shift to the right in U.S politics since 1985 an [...]

    11. I ve heard lots of great things about Paretsky s V.I Warshawski series, but this is the first I ve read I enjoyed it, but I have to admit that the financial stuff makes my eyes glaze over a bit I liked the addition of Catholic Church politics into the mix Though I didn t read the first two novels, I had no problem figuring out Warshawski s back story, and her relationship with her family and with Roger Ferrant are explained pretty well Warshawski reminds me a bit of Sue Grafton s Kinsey Millhone [...]

    12. a tad bit moral ambiguity than I m comfortable with she SAYS that she doesn t believe that the end justifies the means, but she keeps doing really morally questionable stuff to get to the root of the problem I guess the fact that she feels a little guilty about it is supposed to make it ok hmmm Anyway still a good story

    13. This is the 2nd time for this book, but I still really like it I got into this series because of the movie, and now I m into them because of the writing.

    14. This one is ridiculously fun and God bless VI for dealing with her aunt Rosa Because wow, that lady s a miracle she lived as long as she did.

    15. Another great Sara Paretsky book This one involves V.I Warshawski, private investigator, as she takes on the Catholic Church, the Mafia and her mean aunt Rosa.

    16. Solid story and a satisfying end Plus I love reading about the Chicago I remember from my childhood when it was cheap to live at Halsted and Diversey, haha

    17. I am reading several books at the same time I often do that when I am reading a difficult book Killing Orders is my RR from reading The Girls Who Went Away, a book about the experiences of young unwed women who released their babies for adoption in the 1950s and 1960s V.I Warshawski with all her drama is relaxing by comparison However, V.I s sparing with a Catholic brother at a Dominican Priory about abortion does suggest some potential for future heated exchanges about church politics as Warsha [...]

    18. I have enjoyed Paretsky s Warshawski books in the past, though I have read them out of sequence something I rarely do with detective fiction This early book explains a good deal about Warshawski s personal history and I probably should have tackled it years ago Warshawski comes off as fairly unlikable through much if not most of this book and that made the story difficult to process Indeed, I sympathized with a couple of characters who disliked Warshawski or at least became very frustrated and a [...]

    19. I thoroughly enjoyed this early V I Warshawski book Financial crime is always fascinating and scary As always, the author has woven a bit of history, both of V.I and the period in which she conducted her investigation No internet, no cell phone, not even 911 access to make everything a bit easier It is a story of misplaced trust and the way it can be manipulated by unscrupulous individuals, using the religious life to mask their greed Although written and set in the mid 80 s, the book is as rele [...]

    20. V.I Warshawski s life is going well until the day she gets a call from her Great Aunt Rosa She says that her employer, St Albertus Magnus Priory, has accused her, a very pious woman who never misses Mass, of theft It seems that the Securities they had in their safe are counterfeit It is unknown when the switch was made V.I takes on the case but Rosa isn t making it easy, as she still harbors ill will toward V.I s mother The case will take numerous twists and turns and force a face off with Churc [...]

    21. An extremely well written book with twists and turns and a very surprising ending.An enchanting V I Warshaski tale that will keep you guessing until the final chapter of the book how this story will end This author has me hooked and I will be reading a lot of her books.

    22. Another solid V I Warshawski story, though some recurrent themes and motifs are already becoming evident after only three novels Might be a while before I try another, to give the series some time to become fresh again for me.

    23. Been many years since I ve read this series and I m so glad I m re reading these booksis book held me enthralled till the very end.a mixture of stocks, the church, the priests and the mafia all jumbled together with VI to sort it all out book

    24. This is one of the best V.I Warshawski books in Sara Paretsky s series While most, when giving a review, tend to give a lot of the story line away, I don t see the purpose I just want to say, Ms Paretsky is an awesome author.

    25. A book I found on the sidewalk in front of a tattoo parlor where someone was recently stabbed Appropriate.

    26. Great bookShe drew me in at the start and kept me to the end Love the characters along the way and the ending was not in the least what I anticipated.

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