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The Good Sister By Drusilla Campbell,

  • Title: The Good Sister
  • Author: Drusilla Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780446535786
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Roxanne Callahan has always been her younger sister s caretaker Now married, her happiness is threatened when beautiful and emotionally unstable Simone, suffering from crippling postpartum depression, commits an unforgivable crime for which Roxanne comes to believe she is partially responsible In the glare of national media attention brought on her sister, Roxanne fightsRoxanne Callahan has always been her younger sister s caretaker Now married, her happiness is threatened when beautiful and emotionally unstable Simone, suffering from crippling postpartum depression, commits an unforgivable crime for which Roxanne comes to believe she is partially responsible In the glare of national media attention brought on her sister, Roxanne fights to hold her marriage together as she is drawn back into the pain of her troubled past and relives the fraught relationship she and Simone shared with their narcissistic mother At the same time, only she can help Simone s nine year old daughter, Merell, make sense of the family s tragedy Cathartic, lyrical, and unflinchingly honest, The Good Sister is a novel of four generations of women struggling to overcome a legacy of violence, lies and secrecy, ultimately finding strength and courage in their love for each other.
    The Good Sister Roxanne Callahan has always been her younger sister s caretaker Now married her happiness is threatened when beautiful and emotionally unstable Simone suffering from crippling postpartum depression

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    1. May 26, 2005 The day I stopped loving Tom Cruise That is the day he slammed Brooke Shields for publicly announcing her reaction to postpartum depression She chose medication Gasp Since then I ve felt nothing but contempt for the man who has never had his body rewired while internal organs are pushed aside and changes in hormonal balance makes you cry because the cat coughed up a hairball On this particular day, my own body was waging a war with itself, having pushed a person the size of a pot ro [...]

    2. This was an extremely intense novel that had my attention from the beginning I totally related to the storyline and understood what was going on The way Drusilla changed POV third person was important and the backstory was woven in beautifully with just the right amount at the right time causing me to read faster and faster.I m choked up about it as the subject matter isn t for the faint in heart and it s possible that shallow thinkers or those who haven t been in similar circumstances won t get [...]

    3. Grand Central Publishing October 1, 2010 Trade Paperback ISBN 978 0 446 53578 6Story Description Nine year old Merell knows what she saw in the pool that day And her call to 911 immediately put her mother, Simone, under suspicion for an unforgivable crime But as usual, Simone s older sister, Roxanne, has come to the rescue In the glare of national media attention she tries to help her vulnerable niece make sense of the family s tragedy And while striving to hold her own marriage together, she st [...]

    4. The Good Sister opens with Simone Durand on trial for the attempted murder of some of her children Devastating to think anyone would want to kill their kids, but tragically, it is on the news all too often.The story then goes back in time to showcase how Simone came to be how she is, and her connection to her sister, Roxanne Roxanne has always been there to care for Simone, but she feels guilt when she doesn t want to care for her, she wants to have her own life Roxanne s husband doesn t underst [...]

    5. This was not an easy read as the book dealt with issues like postpartum depression bordering onto psychosis, neglect of dependent children and an aversion of the female child The young mother, who is described as a girl in a woman s body is forced to repeatedly bear children, the goal being a male baby in the family To begin with, she herself is dependent on others, emotionally and physically, to a much greater extent than normal She was neglected by her mother, overtly protected by her sister a [...]

    6. I realize this is a controversial subject matter, and I understand that and factored it into my thoughts , but I had an extremely hard time getting into this book The mother and I use that term lightly, was a whiney, blame everyone but herself woman from the start I couldn t stand her character I certainly didn t feel for the Grandmother or the sister who kept protecting her to save her from punishment for her crimes I felt myself cringing at the words used, and disgusted that she was constantly [...]

    7. Held my interest until the trial, when it became a little boring I skimmed through most of it.An easy, quick read I finished it in one sitting.

    8. All in all a good book on many subjects very near and dear to my heart However, there were three main faults keeping me from rating this book any higher 1 I wanted to feel for Simone Whether by my own choice or by the persuasion of the author, or other outside factors such as reviews, I m not sure So I kept trying to like her but I just wasn t convinced Maybe there is not enough background into Simone s life but ultimately I didn t see her as anything than a self loathing, entitled adolescent i [...]

    9. Well written fiction account of a woman suffering through postpartum depression and how it effects generations of women As a mother of an infant that was very difficult, I totally understand this temporary and sometimes long term affliction When my sister in law mother of 4 boys called me a few weeks after bringing my second infant home from the hospital and jokingly asked if I was ready to throw her out the window yet, I was so relieved to know that I was not the only one that had that thought, [...]

    10. Interesting story and the characters could have been as well if I could keep the men they kept losing straight Same crazy people reproducing the same crazy situations.I thought it was a good story badly written Maybe the confusion was only in my head but it was at the very end that I realized it was the grandmother of Roxanne whose husband left and had another family Did the rest of the men die It seemed that the buildup to the event was the thing and not what actually happened.I am rambling Do [...]

    11. 4 StarsThe book opens with Simone, a beautiful, over privileged mom housewife, on trial for the attempted murder of her children The story of this horrible turn of events is told in alternating points of view by Simone, her oldest daughter Merrell, Simone s older sister Roxanne and their mother Ellen, with the majority told by Roxanne and Merrell We follow Roxanne through a rocky childhood, in which she became Simone s protector, caretaker and only friend, forming a very strong yet codependent b [...]

    12. Post partum depression is an issue that is prevalent in society, but often overlooked as a serious disorder, so I was glad that this book brought to light the real pain and confusion many young mothers feel after the long awaited birth becomes a reality I just felt like the book missed its opportunity to hit that mark.The Good Sister was about cycles mothers who will do anything to keep their husbands happy mothers who really don t want children and are not equipped to raise them well eldest chi [...]

    13. Shelley picked this for our book club I enjoyed it even though it was about a macabre subject a mother attempting to murder her children Roxanne is Simone s big sister, and she has been taking care of her all of her life Now Simone is married to a chauvinist who married her because she was beautiful, but vulnerable and fragile He ends up practically abusing her by repeatedly impregnating her, hoping for a boy after 5 girls, even though she s obviously not capable of taking care of all those chil [...]

    14. I have to give this book a few stars because I definitely found it interesting, and I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and all their history, but it was really kind of a mess The writing was sometimes good and sometimes not, often too confusing to follow with all the jumping back and forth between viewpoints and past present, and I really felt like the author just didn t give enough There were so many hints or brief allusions to certain parts of each character s story, and I kept wa [...]

    15. I decided to read this book because the characters have some parallels to my own disfunctional mother and sister, and I hoped to gain insight within my own family dynamic So far, the plot is no where near my reality there s far drama and dysfunction with lots of promise to be a fantastic, well written tale.Ok now that I ve finished this book it was kind of blah, but readable The post partum behaviors of the sister were of a side story and lacked depth, the main character the good sister showed [...]

    16. A wonderful, multiple layered book dealing with post partum depression and mental illness Fascinating glimpse inside the mind of a mother, who honestly loses all sense of reality, and believes that the right thing to do is to save her children by trying to kill them For so many years I have looked aghast at news articles about monster mothers, who harm their children, and now, thanks to this book I shall have some modicum of understanding of the anguish in their minds Another valuable lesson in [...]

    17. A very personal account of a woman suffering from postpartum depression, emotional and mental disorders The story is told mostly from her older sisters point of view, who was abandoned by their mother only to be brought back to help care for this younger sister The book grabbed me right from the start as it opens with the younger sister on trial for the attempted murder of her children Her husband knows she is helpless, and needy This was his main attraction to her as he pays no attention to get [...]

    18. I really like this author I was looking forward to the book and knew it dealt with such tough issues such as post partum depression and mental illness With a glimpse inside the mind of a mother, who honestly loses all sense of reality I enjoyed the book though I had to pick it up a few times as I had a hard time staying interested I found at times that it jumped around a bit and some of the characters seemed a bit underwhelming There were times I couldn t figure out if I was in the past or the f [...]

    19. It was hard to read because I was always wondering when Simone would follow through with killing one of her children This book was a good read, but it wasn t great It was almost hard to read because of the post partum depression issues harming her children I did appreciate that this book brought to peoples attention that babies DO get have acid reflux I almost jumped out of my chair when reading that baby Olivia had acid reflux because it seemed like no one ever thought that acid reflux was a bi [...]

    20. Wow I have a love hate relationship with this book I could profoundly relate to so much of Simone s struggle with Post Partum Depression It was by no means a feel good read, but a book about how the sins of the father or mother can so greatly affect our children I didn t enjoy how the author jumped around in her timeline, and I despised Simone s husband I felt like Campbell did a great job of describing what it is like to be experiencing severe PPD, and how draining it is for those who care for [...]

    21. i think its sad many women have suffered from this debilitating disease process for sooo many years and yet it wasnt formally accepted as that until 1994 just liked the story, felt for the mom, the sister AND the daughter s in all of their formsmething just resonated with me

    22. Probably like 3.5 stars It was good, just not sure it was AS good as some of the others I ve read lately.

    23. The first half was the strongest for me I kept reading it thinking, this is much better than most of the reviews made me think it would be The subject matter of post partum depression psychosis is very thoroughly researched and was believable I thought Simone was drawn pretty well, and Roxanne was, for the most part, likable and believable There are bunny trails that were oddly placed Ellen s date I think we were supposed to get a handle on her personality and have this be her story too, but I n [...]

    24. I tore through this book as I found the character development and subject matter very interesting It s all too common for mental health issues to be passed down in families, and for families to be codependent and cover up potentially disastrous events for protection of their loved one However, I found the author s writing style confusing and sometimes just plain bad There were a few occasions where she shifted POV in one paragraph Who edited this book and allowed that to slip by While they were [...]

    25. This is a book that gets it right Very early into this book the reader is thrown head first into the suffering family members experience, as a result of mental health Author, Drusilla Campbell, addresses an often times untouched topic of postpartum depression, or rather postpartum psychosis In doing so, Campbell weaves an incredible masterpiece of familial drama, suffering and unfortunate outcomes that can result.This book winds us through Roxanne and Simone s childhood to an ongoing trial in pr [...]

    26. Amazing read Slightly disturbing content, but a real life struggle for many women, nonetheless I will be checking out other books by this author.

    27. I liked it Roxanne sells the story Would have liked building on the story between her and her husband Simone was not endearing The story line got a tad bit redundant for me.

    28. This novel delves into post partum depression, mental illness, enabling, dysfunctional family dynamics Very eye opening for both my mother and me.

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