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Night Pleasures By Sherrilyn Kenyon,

  • Title: Night Pleasures
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9780312998363
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Dear Reader,Have you ever wanted to know what it s like to be immortal To journey through the night stalking the evil that preys on humans To have unlimited wealth, unlimited power That is my existence, and it is dark and dangerous I play hero to thousands, but am known to none And I love every minute of it.Or so I thought until one night when I woke up handcuffed toDear Reader,Have you ever wanted to know what it s like to be immortal To journey through the night stalking the evil that preys on humans To have unlimited wealth, unlimited power That is my existence, and it is dark and dangerous I play hero to thousands, but am known to none And I love every minute of it.Or so I thought until one night when I woke up handcuffed to my worst nightmare a conservative woman in a button down shirt Or in Amanda s case, buttoned all the way up to her chin She s smart, sexy, witty, and wants nothing to do with the paranormal in other words, me.My attraction to Amanda Devereaux goes against everything I stand for Not to mention the last time I fell in love it cost me not only my human life, but also my very soul Yet every time I look at her, I find myself wanting to try again Wanting to believe that love and loyalty do exist.Even disturbing, I find myself wondering if there s any way a woman like Amanda can love a man whose battle scars run deep, and whose heart was damaged by a betrayal so savage that he s not sure it will ever beat again.Kyrian of Thrace
    Night Pleasures Dear Reader Have you ever wanted to know what it s like to be immortal To journey through the night stalking the evil that preys on humans To have unlimited wealth unlimited power That is my existenc

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    1. Warning This book is strictly for fantasy lovers and please do not attempt if you do not believe in Santa or big foot He was a Dark Hunter and she was an accountant.There had never been two mismatched people born.A short note for the readers Who or rather what are Dark Hunters When someone suffers a horrible injustice their soul makes a scream so loud that it resonates through the halls of Olympus.When Artemis,goddess of moon hears it,she goes and offers the one who has been betrayed a bargain. [...]

    2. This isn t a review, it s a rantI know many readers love this series, but I m beginning to think it isn t for me This was my second book by SK the first was Fantasy Lover and I still don t know what all the fuss is about The concept and the mythology of the Dark Hunters are very interesting, but SK s writing didn t work for me again What annoyed me the most was how all her characters were constantly cracking jokes, no matter how serious and dangerous the situation was Everyone was a smartass and [...]

    3. This book sounded so promising, it was my first read by Sherrilyn Kenyon and I d heard many people raving on about how great her Dark Hunter novels were and as a fan of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, I couldn t wait to find another sexy, dark series to get into, complete with the usual array of vampires and mythology.The problem with the paranormal romance genre, and even so the urban fantasy genre, is that after you ve read a few of them they all start to form a similar pattern with cha [...]

    4. I really don t have anything interesting to mention in this review, so let s do it the old school way, simple and effective.Dark Hunter Flashcard 1Name Kyrian a.k.a HunterAge 2,182 last JulyFormer Occupation Prince of ThraceSpecial D.H power Reading minds Reason why he became a D.H view spoiler His wife betrayed him to the Romans and then sat back and watched him being tortured to death hide spoiler Best thing that came out of his mouth You know, I really hate Romans, but I have to say their des [...]

    5. The story was utterly engaging and enjoyable, so much so that I couldn t put it down Sherrilyn Kenyon has done it again Her writing is practically flawless I loved every single thing that happened in this book.It broke my heart when I knew Kyrian s painful history No wonder he wouldn t trust and love any woman since his wife had betrayed him By the way, There were some interesting characters whom I would like to know in the other books I was absolutely intrigued by this series

    6. Just finished my reread and I loved this just as much, if not , the second time No PNR author writes 5 star stories with as much heart as Kenyon does IMO Her books are the perfect blend of tortured heroes, strong heroines, engaging plot, intricate mythology, heart touching moment and the sweetest HEAs I really love how she also clearly had an overall story arc from page one During my reread, I caught a lot of things that set up books far down the series that I never noticed the first time Best P [...]

    7. Kyrian of Thrace Hunter Amanda Devereaux Human Why Kyrian become a dark hunter His older unfaithful wife betrayed him to the Romans and then sat back and watched him being tortured to death He still has nightmares and phobias about it.Amanda An accountant who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.One thing I loved Amanda is given a special Barbie with knives that shoot out of her feet.Settings New Orleans, Louisiana I loved the humor, the story, the characters, the mythology.Favourite quote S [...]

    8. SPOILERS ARE HIDDENSherrilyn Kenyon is becoming a better author, but we still have a ways to go.Kyrian is a Dark Hunter Amanda is one of the 9 Devereaux sisters Selena, the psychic from Fantasy Lover, for example, is her sister They wake up to find themselves handcuffed together by an evil Daimon named Desiderius They fall in love and stuffINGS I DIDN T LIKE Kyrian is sarcastic and joking While amusing, it failed to connect me to the character I couldn t get worried too much about his tragic bac [...]

    9. Me ha encantado este primer libro de los Cazadores Oscuros El universo que crea la autora es muy interesante y me encantan su sentido del humor y los tiras y aflojas verbales de los dos protagonistas Kyrian, adem s de ser supersexy, es un amor y Amanda es una gran protagonista femenina Pero la escena lgida del final me ha parecido un poco precipitada y desma ada, de ah que no le d , por poco, las 5 estrellas.

    10. the very first dark hunter book and still one of my all time favs we are introduced into the world of the dark hunters who protect us from those that walk the night praying on our souls, and to a hole cast of people that come to life as the books series continues.

    11. Well, I m not an expert, but that guy behind you looks like a Daimon to me Captivating writing style, appealing and lovable characters, and unique world building make this novel really enjoyable.The writing is professional The information about the characters, the background myth, the world building, the different kinds of beings, the story of Kyrian, and the significance of the secondary and tertiary characters are all built up very accurately and smoothly As the story progresses, everything is [...]

    12. There is a lot of hoopla about this series, so I will give it a few books before judging it as good or eye rollingly tropey cheesey smut There are tons of these type of things Stroking tonguesMoaning into mouthsHot gazesHungry looksAnd meltinglots and lots of meltingO_oSo, yeahOn the other hand, the world is really cool and original I like the Dark Hunter origin story and the Greek mythology Those Greek gods sure are assholes.So we have Kyrian, a former Greek commander and present Dark Hunter, a [...]

    13. It s actually unbelievable that I get such a kick out of these books They are completely rushed, thick with cheese and very eye roll worthy, and yet, I m loving it.Amanda wanted normality in her life, but sadly it s not in the cards for her Mistaken for her twin, she is attacked and the next thing she knows she s handcuffed to a big, tall and sexy who she can t help but wantof course.Enter Kyrian.I don t know why I have such a thing for tortured past brooding tempered smoldering vamps, but at la [...]

    14. Greek Gods Vampires Daimons Hunters Insignificant Humans blabbering the whole book Concept 2.0 5.0Execution 2.5 5.0 Characters Bespoken 3.0 5.0Cover 3.0 5.0Overall 2.75 5.0As for Kyrian and Amanda The constant cheesy dry humour bantering between them was addictive

    15. Circa 1999The One where Joey Eats Rachel s English Trifle cue Joey eating the trifle I like it What s not to like Custard Characters Good Jam Plot Goooood Meat Kyrian Goooooooood Okay, this book is better than Rachael s meat, peas, onions, whip cream, jam and raspberry English trifle Way better It has all of the ingredients for a steamy, edgy, exciting and faced paced adventure Although it s definitely a read that s outside of my preferred genre, I feel Sherrilyn Kenyon has what it takes to hook [...]

    16. I ve been on a real binge this month, discovering Sherrilyn Kenyon s work The world she created not only is dark, ominous and terrifying but is also bright, full of humor and filled with sexy demi gods and demons.I loved how she mixed greek mythology with contemporary fairy tales Her heroines are full on snark and mischief, gods and goddess impetuous as ever and the Dark Hunters I haven t met one I didn t likeI m up to book 5 now and they keep getting better and better I must say, I only have on [...]

    17. Wow, Dark Hunters are far than just being dark At first they became who they are because of something they did wrong but that isn t it It s a choice they made Kyrian is a Dark Hunter His job is to destroy the Daimons who are trying to suck the souls out of the human race Amanda who is in a boring relationship and who comes from a very unconventional family was kidnapped by the evil that Kyrian is after because he was looking for her twin but she ended up being handcuffed to Kyrian, which wasn t [...]

    18. 3 starsWowis book was great I had only picked it up because I wanted to start the Dream Hunter series and I wanted to get some background knowledge on the world I was entering I didn t expect to fall in love with everyone Kyrian was such a broken guy much need in love and he got it in spades from the wonderful Amanda They were cute I just, I can t form coherent thoughts about how damn cute they were The writing was good and the side characters were awesome I m so intrigued by Acheron because it [...]

    19. Reviewed for thcreviewsNight Pleasures is the first story in the Dark Hunters series to actually get into the real meat of who the Dark Hunters are and what they do As such, it was a pretty good beginning to the overall story arc, but in my opinion, as an individual romance it suffered from a few of the same issues as it s predecessor, Dragonswan There was plenty of material in this book, in particular Kyrian s tormented past, which should have lent itself to rip your heart out moments, yet I fo [...]

    20. Esta segunda entrega o primera, depende el punto de vista de la serie Cazadores Oscuros pierde intensidad en lo rom ntico respecto de su antecesora, no as en el erotismo de la historia Donde gana con creces es en la creaci n de un enorme entorno m tico y sobrenatural que rodea la existencia de estos antih roes inmortales Se nota un trabajo m s s lido por parte de la autora, sin que por ello deje de ser una novela que se devora muy r pidamente Entretenid sima, igual que la anterior.

    21. I have high hopes for this series so far I like all the characters and want to know about them especially Acheron

    22. 4 STARS Ya tengo una nueva adicci n GRACIAS VIRI por tu recomendaci nEste segundo libro o primero whatever de la serie Dark Hunters y ahora si conocemos bien este mundo e igual me gust mucho como el anterior y es que me pareci muy interesante esta mezcla de vampiros con mitolog a griega.No hubo un romance tan tierno y lindo como el anterior pero si m s acci n y eso lo compensa, Kirian es un gran personaje y me encant que haya sobrevivido es muy sarc stico y tiene un humor negro que divierte y co [...]

    23. Finally the Dark Hunter universe is explained I think this was supposed to be the first D H because this is where they first appear.I liked this book very much, although the storyline was quite predictable and when I say quite I mean totally XD , and the ending a liiiittle to mushy for me, but the main character was awsome, so he gets the 4 stars 3 Kyrian is a Dark Hunter, a vampire who hunts other vampires Of course, there are differences between him and the others, I won t go into that cause I [...]

    24. What made me take so long in reading this I loved it from beginning to end No further comments except the narration was stellar.

    25. Oooh Kindle, what trash you make me read I d read about this series for a long time and was too red faced to buy the six pack cover at Borders Well, this ended up on my Kindle andI enjoyed it I m totally vampired out, but the world was kinda interesting, I ve lived in New Orleans, and there are so many fans of the series Nice romance, pretty interesting characters, I didn t regret reading Now the later ones.

    26. segunda, tercera o cuarta vez que lo leo hace muchos a os que lo le por ltima vez y es que me gusta siempre La verdad es que habiendo pasado tanto tiempo, ha sido como leerlo casi por primera vez.La pasi n que transmite Uffff a una se le caldea la sangre XDEsta segunda entrega tiene mucha m s oscuridad, tensi n, peligro y pasi n que su precedesora e implantar los cimientos de lo que ser la saga de ahora en adelante Aventura, h roes perseguidos por su pasado, atormentados, bondadosos, fuertes, qu [...]

    27. Since you can read my thoughts why don t you answer it His smile widened hungrily like a wolf that had just found its next meal Yes, sweeting, I think you re incredibly sexy And I would love nothing than to take you back to my place and make your toes curl This was my first book by Sherrilyn Kenyon and although it wasn t a five star book for me, and cheesy at times it was still a solid beginning to a passionate PNR series and I can already tell this won t be my last This book reminded me why pa [...]

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