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The Hermit of Eyton Forest By Ellis Peters,

  • Title: The Hermit of Eyton Forest
  • Author: Ellis Peters
  • ISBN: 9780445403475
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 1142, and all England is in the iron grip of civil war And within the sheltered cloisters of the Benedictine Abbey of St Peter and St Paul, there begins a chain of events no less momentous than the political upheavals of the outside world.First, there is the sad demise of Richard Ludel, Lord of Eaton, whose 10 year old son and heir, also named Richard, is aThe year is 1142, and all England is in the iron grip of civil war And within the sheltered cloisters of the Benedictine Abbey of St Peter and St Paul, there begins a chain of events no less momentous than the political upheavals of the outside world.First, there is the sad demise of Richard Ludel, Lord of Eaton, whose 10 year old son and heir, also named Richard, is a pupil at the Abbey The boy refuses to surrender his new powers to his formidable grandmother supported by Abbot Radulfus, Richard defies the furious Dionysia.A stranger to the region is the hermit Cuthred, who enjoys the protection of Lady Dionysia, and whose young companion, Hyacinth, befriends Richard Despite his reputation for holiness, Cuthred s arrival heralds a series of mishaps for the months When Richard disappears and a corpse is found in Eyton Forest, Brother Cadfael is once forced to leave the tranquility of his herb garden and devote his knowledge of human nature to tracking down a ruthless murderer.
    The Hermit of Eyton Forest The year is and all England is in the iron grip of civil war And within the sheltered cloisters of the Benedictine Abbey of St Peter and St Paul there begins a chain of events no less momentous

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    1. This 14th tale in a series of 20 according to certainly has whetted my appetite for others in the series There s a wonderful relationship between the sleuthing Brother Cadfael and Sheriff Hugh Beringar, the official investigator of crime in Cadfael s neck of the woods Theirs is not a Holmes Watson sort of relationship so much as it is a partnership of equals, an alliance of church and state forged in order to bring justice to the corner of 12th Century England that they call home In this particu [...]

    2. I think the sheep and lambs have need of you Even the black sheep and the grey, like some you ve argued for against God and me in your time There are very few all black Dappled, perhaps I may be coming to the end of the Cadfael series, but this light hearted adventure almost makes me wish there were another 21 to devour in the meantime This story had everything A 10 year old boy promised an education at the abbey by his late father is subject to his grandmother s conniving schemes of honey and g [...]

    3. I have been slowly but faithfully making my way through this series, which is so wonderful I am going to be really sad when I ve finished them all I ve taken only to reviewing ones that are unusual or resonated with me beyond the normal I love this series feeling.This book is one that stood out, not so much for the quality of the mystery but because it gives great insight into how the medieval world valued honor and loyalty There isn t much of the medieval world that I d trade for what we have t [...]

    4. It s always a pleasure to return to the 12th Century to revisit Brother Cadfael and friends The stories are basically simple, yet filled out so beautifully in her amazing way with words with poetic descriptions of people and settings In this book, Brother Cadfael has to deal with a mysterious hermit who has appeared soon after a royal messenger has disappeared, and a series of murders follows, all while the 10 year old heir of Eaton Manor is the focus of a battle between the Abbey and the boy s [...]

    5. The Hermit of Eyton Forest isn t too bad as far as formula series fiction goes I am drawn to fiction about monastic life and theological canonical disputes between different monastic orders and was looking for something along the lines of one of my top 5 favorite novels, The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco Seeing that this book is the 14th in a series, I should ve known that it wasn t quite what I was looking for Can any of my friends or other Goodreaders who may stumble upon this non review rec [...]

    6. I felt this was an excellent mystery Although I was suspicious early on of one character and rightly so, I never would have guessed at all the entanglements on my own It was very exciting to read, and hard to put down.

    7. I ve been thrilled to discover a few Cadfael stories I seem to have missed What a luxury to be able to bury my nose in a new one There really is only one Ellis Peters happy sigh Finished this, now on to the next No interruptions, folks, I m reading.

    8. I m sufficiently obsessed with this series that I m probably never going to give less than 3 stars, but I thought this one was a little overwrought and complicated Too many new characters, most of whom were going by an assumed name, and the solution to the central mystery hearkened back to something that was mentioned in the first few pageswhen I wasn t paying attention.That said, I am constantly amazed by Ellis Peters exhaustive knowledge of this period Even though certain tropes do come up ove [...]

    9. A boy being educated at the abbey suddenly falls heir to his father s lands The father had made Abbot Radulfus the boy s guardian to keep him out of the hands of his grandmother The grandmother has recently become the benefactor of the eponymous hermit, whom she installs in a hut on her lands When a landowner seeking a runaway serf is found dead in the forest after going to see the hermit, Hugh and Cadfael get involved Near the end of the book, Cadfael confesses to Hugh that he has transgressed [...]

    10. The Hermit of Eyton Forest is a Mediaeval whoodunnit Set in the year of 1142 the story is set in and around a Abby, and brother monks who are mostly good and kind men Put in their care is a young lad by the name of Richard, when his father dies, his evil grandmother wants to marry him off to a lady in her 20 s so they can join the land Into the mix a servant runs away, a mean master tries to find him and ends up dead Then young Richard disappears, is he kidnapped Has he run away, lots of stuff g [...]

    11. This was a decent read, it is just simply put not my genre I m going to ignore the latter and give it a 4, otherwise, a 3 on this laundry room find.The characters are compelling and well developed I didn t find it quite so mysterious as a classic mystery book and I understand it s suppose to be a medieval mystery of sorts The periodness was reasonably done I would say the authors ability to describe a setting was excellent Again, just not my genre that I will be actively seeking out the others i [...]

    12. Runaway Villeins, tyranical masters, disappeared novices, young lordling being foced to marry A murdered courier an empress under siege This Cadfael story had all the best elements of the series and brought new twists to boring old life in the 12th century This one never made it to TV, not sure why but it s vintage Cadfael An enjoyable read that s actually a bit of a mystery than most.

    13. An interesting tale, but not Peter s best Little relation to the Main Sequence of the Cadfeal Canon.Cadfael series excellent historical fiction Ellis Peters draws the reader into the twelfth century with modern story telling but holds us there with a richness of detail which evokes a time and place which might as well be mythic Though the foreground of each chronicle is a murder mystery, behind it a nation and a culture are woven in a wondrous tapestry.

    14. Really well done While there s a lot of back and forth through the Forest, it s not as annoying as in The Virgin in the Ice , since there is purpose to the repeated trips, rather than because two young people are flailing about thoughtlessly and causing themselves and others to be in jeopardy.

    15. I know that setting the books in the 12th century does limit the types of situations encountered But the character masquerading as another trope does get old As soon as a new character is introduced, you start wondering if they are who they purport to be, and reviewing everyone else that has been mentioned to see whose identify may have been assumed Cadfaels soft spot for star crossed young lovers means you can usually presuppose they will be found innocent of any wrongdoing, no matter how stron [...]

    16. In this fourteenth Cadfael mystery, everything hinges on the arrival of a holy hermit and his young servant to the lands surrounding the abbey When an arrogant and harsh visitor to the abbey is murdered and one of the abbey s schoolboys goes missing, things get quite complicated indeed Along the way, we get some of the hallmarks of a Cadfael novel lovers in some difficulty, an obvious suspect who turns out not to be the culprit, and the concealment of true identity It was good and diverting read [...]

    17. Cadfael is dragged into a murder investigation and manhunt in this tale Richard is a youth at the abbey school, when his father dies His grandmother is hellbent on marrying this 10 year old off to the slightly older daughter of a neighboring property, in order to secure the property as part of her estate And in the blink of an eye, visitors to the abbey go missing and one is found dead Then the boy is also missing Hugh has his hands full to get it all sorted appropriately.

    18. Hermit has a lot going on a runaway villein and a mysterious hermit and a delightfully medieval custody battle and romance and murder and political intrigue but it all knits together quite elegantly, with a perfectly satisfying conclusion.

    19. A nice entry to the series A solid mystery, political implications, historical background, and interconnecting threads Quite entertaining.

    20. Tak zas tak jednoduch to b t nemuselo M lo postav, tak e bylo v dy pom rn jasn , kter zahradn k je vrahem.

    21. This one did a lot of meandering and didn t come together as well as some of the others, but was still mostly enjoyable.

    22. An apparently obscure man takes to a simple hut and lives in poverty and piety However, his true history and colors become clear as Brother Cadfael unravels the onion of this novel.

    23. Third Cadfael in a row on this little binge A great series for binging Such a comfort when feeling low wanting a bit of an escape Cadfael Hugh feel like friends.

    24. In mid October 1142, a pupil at the abbey loses his father This is probably not the only case of a person injured in battle who died months or years later We tend to assume that people either die of their injuries or they survive but this was not so safe an assumption at the time compare with Godfrid Marescot from An Excellent Mystery And Godfrid had Saracen physicians Richard Ludel The Elder did not.It s not clear when the lord of Eaton began to consider what would happen to his son when he die [...]

    25. Technically, this is the fourteenth novel in the Brother Cadfael series 1 , as I have not been able to get the twelfth novel in the series yet from the library, and I accidentally skipped the thirteenth volume The plot of this book is pretty straightforward At least some of the mysteries are fairly obvious to those who are familiar with how the novels of the series work, and everyone acts or less in accordance with their character, with Cadfael being caught between his loyalty to his order, to [...]

    26. 1st Recorded Reading October 12, 2005Once again Brother Cadfael goes wandering forth from the Abbey, involving himself in at least two murders and one set of sweet young lovers in and around Shrewsbury In fact, he is the sole finder of the first body, and once again, it never occurs to anyone to wonder if the finder of the body is not the killer But of course, Brother Cadfael is pure of heart, and would never do such a thing one hopes I found this one to be one of the interesting books in the s [...]

    27. A Brother Cadfael mystery I had planned to keep this for my Lethal Location challenge next year, but it turns out this was published in 1988.This really is a very good example of what I enjoy about the series There s plenty of real life history in the background, with King Stephen and the Empress Maud battling, in this particular novel they re currently fighting over Oxford On a side note, we had a lovely LARP set in this period of time, based on the fight between the King and the Empress, which [...]

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