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A Crazy Little Thing Called Death By Nancy Martin,

  • Title: A Crazy Little Thing Called Death
  • Author: Nancy Martin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Impoverished Philadelphia heiress Nora Blackbird has agreed to wed Mick Abruzzo, son of New Jersey s most notorious mobster, leaving the city s bluebloods in shock Then Nora and her sisters get some ominous news Sweet Penny Devine, ex Hollywood starlet and daughter of the Philadelphia Devines, has mysteriously disappeared Even stranger, her family wants her declared deadImpoverished Philadelphia heiress Nora Blackbird has agreed to wed Mick Abruzzo, son of New Jersey s most notorious mobster, leaving the city s bluebloods in shock Then Nora and her sisters get some ominous news Sweet Penny Devine, ex Hollywood starlet and daughter of the Philadelphia Devines, has mysteriously disappeared Even stranger, her family wants her declared dead pronto Could someone have plotted her final act Now it s up to the Blackbird sisters to snoop among the snooty until they uncover the truth.
    A Crazy Little Thing Called Death Impoverished Philadelphia heiress Nora Blackbird has agreed to wed Mick Abruzzo son of New Jersey s most notorious mobster leaving the city s bluebloods in shock Then Nora and her sisters get some o

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    1. Just a fun read I liked the main character and her family, intrigued by her relationship with Mick, and where that may go, all in all I will read others in this series.Impoverished Philadelphia heiress Nora Blackbird has agreed to wed Mick Abruzzo, son of New Jersey s most notorious mobster, leaving the city s bluebloods in shock Then Nora and her sisters get some ominous news Sweet Penny Devine, ex Hollywood starlet and daughter of the Philadelphia Devines, has mysteriously disappeared Even str [...]

    2. Dialog Martin writes is always funny and to the point and keeps surprising me to no endeven something frivolous can be satisfying if its been done so welld the frustration of having meddling relatives is real and sometimes i think the main heroine should be awarded as worlds most patient sister, but in the end the comedyball keeps rolling with vigor, martin writes a pretty darn good bookis one has a little drama in it too, and it only adds warmth to it all never gets to sappy or preaching

    3. Well, for the most part this book was good But I don t understand why no one else has mentioned the fact that through most of the books Mick was a really nice guy and at the end of this book his character was completely trashed He was turned from a really nice person into a real creep I probably won t read another book because and I may be mistaken the author wants to bring in someone else to give a love triangle , figuring that it will bring something new to the series In my opinion, this could [...]

    4. Nora is reminded every five pages what it means to be in a mob family, and every five pages, she is surprised and distraught Nothing Mick does is ever good enough to compensate for his EEEEEEEVIL He s like a puppy on a but I love you leash that she uses to reel him in so she can kick him, and it is officially on my last nerve Repeat after me LOVE is ACCEPTANCE If there s any He d be perfect, if he d only change into a completely different person, you need to cut him loose and find a completely d [...]

    5. The Blackbird Sisters are a fun and fast read for me This book disappointed me as it had no real plot There a number of themes that didn t seem to go anywhere Nora and Mick have separated again Libby and Emma are there usually zany selves The themes seem to take us in different direction and not brought together.Nora and Lucy attention a beach memorial for movie star Penny DeVine While there AM arm is found and her family wants to buried it The question is Penny DEAD or has she disappeared again [...]

    6. I really like this series This one was pretty true to form I found it less hysterically funny, though several scenes made me laugh out loud On the other hand, I thought several of the characters were getting a little actual depth Overall, very enoyable.

    7. Only a three because I m tired of the on again, off again relationship, and I bawled when I thought Mick had died.

    8. I m not sure how I missed hearing about this series, but I m glad my husband found this book for me Now, to get the rest of the series and start from the beginning Even though this was book 6, I followed the storyline just fine I think reading the earlier books would help, but it was not a necessity to enjoying this one All of the characters were interesting, and the mystery kept me guessing until the end It reminded me somewhat of Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum series I will definitely read [...]

    9. Still loving reading about Nora, Libby, and Emma Though I think this book s pace slowed a bit in a few places Regardless, still entertaining and moved the Blackbird sisters a little further down the line in their quest for money, jobs, boyfriends, husbands, etc Love Libby s daughter Lucy.

    10. These books seem so fluffy and shallow and then they end up sneaking up on you with some heavy stuff I think it makes the books a little hard to classify and so you have to be in a pretty specific mood to read them The endings almost always redeem these.

    11. I absolutely love reading this series from Nancy Martin The plot and characters are so engaging I never want the story to enden I remember there s another book waiting for me.

    12. 3.5Darker in tone than the earlier books in this series Michael is shot he falls down the stairs his leg is broken by an animal trap he s accused of a gangland murder he s shot several times at the end, breaking some ribs he and Nora are engaged at the beginning of the story, and break up at the end Nora is nearly kidnapped she confesses to Michael that she donated eggs to a college classmate 10 years ago who was infertile but who had married into a rich family that expected a child The father, [...]

    13. Alas I am giving this 2 stars as not much has changed I don t see any character growth with the lead character Nora, in fact, she sounds a hypocrite here when it comes to Michael.Once again, someone died murdered and Emma is again in the center of it all She, of course, won t stop till she knows everything And oh, there is still this same detective who uses Nora, but she s too dumb to realize that Doesn t matter, police or detectives here only comes and do the arresting, be it the right person [...]

    14. Once again Nora is planning on getting married to Mick and, once again, her sister Libby is driving her crazy with the wedding plans she has drummed up Mick keeps having accidents and even ends up in the hospital with a broken ankle Meanwhile, one of the Blackbird sisters distant relative, Penny Devine, has mysteriously disappeared Penny s immediate family are declaring her dead but Nora is not so sure about that and begins to try and determine Penny s whereabouts especially since a severed hand [...]

    15. I am a huge fan of the Blackbird sisters mysteries, I have read each of them as soon as they were released and will be pre ordering the next installment MURDER MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH I am saying all this to say that although A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED DEATH was not my favorite book in the series it is still very much a series worth reading.Having said that, I found that A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED DEATH was somewhat repetitive There was nothing fresh in this storyline, the mystery was just okay an [...]

    16. Nora Blackbird is one of three old money sisters who happens to be the local paper s Society Page reporter During a memorial polo match for a disappeared deceased relative, famous movie star Penny Devine, Nora finds a severed hand in the grass The Devine family claims the hand belongs to Penny, but it turns out to be the hand of a man.Nora is engaged to Mick Abruzzo, who has Crime Family ties When Mick helps Nora with her investigation of her relatives farm his leg gets caught in a steel trap ju [...]

    17. Libby has emerged as my favorite Blackbird sister, hands down Nora, though being the main protagonist, is just a little too much of a Miss Goody Two Shoes It was charming at first but it s starting to wear thin now.cially in relation to Mick Sure, he s a reformed bad boy with a shady past, but he has a huge heart and the people who DON T have sticks up their asses seem to think so too Nora needs to decide once and for all if she trusts him or not, otherwise she needs to let him find someone who [...]

    18. Another not as good as the beginning of the series book I ll keep reading in hopes that it gets better.Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read [...]

    19. In this adventure, Nora stumbles upon a disembodied hand while at a Memorial Service Polo match for Penny Devine Is Penny dead If not, who does the hand belong to In a series of craziness, cats of all sizes compete with Abruzzo s bad luck, or is it clumsiness Nora, Libby, and Emma team up once again to solve the mystery of Penny s disappearance Nora, in addition to her sleuthing, learns there s a price on Abruzzo s head and she s a target too Tension, investigating, and some serious discussions [...]

    20. In this Blackbird sisters mystery, Nora decides that she is done with Michael, their lives and values just don t match up Then, she changes her mind, again As the book ends, Emma, Nota s wild, horse loving sister announces she is expecting There are no hints given as to the father I am sure Nora will struggle with this as she just lost her baby, a child she very much wanted And speaking of children, we learned in this book that in college Nora supplied eggs to fertilize sperm for a friend and he [...]

    21. Each Blackbird sister has a distinctive personality Each one makes me think of old friends They are believable yet outlandish in some way They support and chafe each other as only siblings can do while involving themselves in a murder mystery As in all cozies, you don t feel bad the victim was done in because he she was so nasty You root for the home team girls in this well crafted and humorous book.

    22. The sixth outing for the Blackbird sisters.Nora suffered a miscarriage She is now engaged to Michael Abruzzo, son of a notorious New Jersey mobster.In this book, former child star Penny Devine goes missing Penny s brother, Porter Potty Devine, throws a memorial party and polo match instead of a funeral Nora finds what could be Penny s severed hand and this puts a damper on the festivities More frothy fun.

    23. I like this series but this entry was disappointing It may actually be the best mystery that she s written yet but the characters of Mick and Nora got bogged down in issues that they had already worked through in other installments.While I appreciate that she was trying to show the kind of effects a miscarriage can have on a relationship, it felt forced and those two characters in particular acted in ways that were plot rather than logic based.

    24. My absolute least favorite of all the books in this series I enjoyed aspects, but the mystery got to be eyrollingly ridiculous and the addition of Ben Bloom as a potential rival for Nora s affections was laughable I know that happily ever after leads to dull characters, but the constant will they or won t they gets to be tedious I still enjoy some of the regular characters, but the whole thing seemed forced and a little haphazard to me.

    25. Nora finds herself in the middle of yet another mystery, this time What happened to a local celebrity and whose hand was it that she found at the polo match Yep, it can only be a Blackbird Sisters Mystery These books never fail to delight The couture alone is worth reading the book But there is so much Best read in series, otherwise, the mind just might boggle.

    26. I like the Blackbird sisters but I m finding Nora a little pathetic I get that she cares a lot what society thinks of her and I can t help feeling that she comes over as pretty shallow Her feelings about Mick are conflicted, but again I think it s really about what will people think It gets old real fast.The mystery is good, although I worked it out early, it was still good.

    27. Once i pic up the book from the library i was like, oo i will enjoy this book and i did Nora Blackbird a little detective in this book who tries to crack the secrets of life There were many parts when she try to solve some cases that she made some really funny mistakes and it cracked me up This book is very funny but yet mystically interesting.

    28. It s been a little over a year since I read her books in the series Still, although I jumped 5 in the cozy series and read 6 out of order, it s still an enjoyable good read to peruse with bits of humor and intrigue I ll be reading 5, 7 8 later this year What a great read in 3 days.

    29. A Took me awhile to finish this one thankfully the story was easy to pick up and dive back into Martin still has me hanging whether Nora will marry Michael or not A lot of moving parts as the mysterious hand is identified Add in the tigers and WOW, it s an adventure

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