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Lean on Me By Cherise Sinclair,

  • Title: Lean on Me
  • Author: Cherise Sinclair
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Andrea wants to submit, but not to just any so called Dom He has to be tougher than the slum bred bullies she grew up with She d given up finding a true Dom when her friend finagles her a place as a trainee in an exclusive BDSM club with the powerful Shadowlands Masters Andrea s thrilledd terrified.Forced to accept an unknown submissive into his carefully run trainAndrea wants to submit, but not to just any so called Dom He has to be tougher than the slum bred bullies she grew up with She d given up finding a true Dom when her friend finagles her a place as a trainee in an exclusive BDSM club with the powerful Shadowlands Masters Andrea s thrilledd terrified.Forced to accept an unknown submissive into his carefully run trainee program, Master Cullen is furious Not only is the young woman new to BDSM, but she s unsuited to her role armoured in leather like a Domme, she s liable to punch a Dom than kneel He decides to push her right back out the door But as he ruthlessly intimidates her, punishes her, then comforts her, his glimpses of the woman inside the emotional armour intrigue him and her utter surrender captures his heart Although Master Cullen is famous for his unfettered lifestyle, Andrea believes he might be interested in her, until she discovers he s not just a bartender he s a cop Maybe he d overlook her past brush with the law, but when another trainee accuses her of stealing money, Andrea s sure she s lost the Master she wanted with all her heart Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable BDSM theme and content includes not limited to bondage, spanking, tethering , voyeurism.
    Lean on Me Andrea wants to submit but not to just any so called Dom He has to be tougher than the slum bred bullies she grew up with She d given up finding a true Dom when her friend finagles her a place as a t

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    1. 3.5 StarsLean on Me is the fourth book in the Masters of the Shadowlands series by Cherise Sinclair This book is about Cullen O Keefe and Andrea Eriksson Master Cullen is the bartender at the Shadowlands Club and I fell in love with his laid back demeanour and sexy smile right from book one While Cullen did not disappoint in this book, I was somehow let down by the heroine I could not bring myself to like her all that much Cullen is a popular Master at the club as he attracts all the unattached [...]

    2. This is the fourth book in the Masters of the Shadowlands series and we finally get to have Cullen s story From the beginning, I loved this bartenders laid back manner His easy, sexy smile and wicked sense of humor has made him one of the most popular Masters at the Shadowlands Not interested in any kind of relationship that involves commitment, Cullen is content to enjoy the fruits of his labors at the club, and as the head of the sub trainee program, he s got than enough fruit to pick from.An [...]

    3. 3.25 stars I m beginning to wonder if maybe this series just isn t for me Or if I m going in with too high of expectations I ve been looking forward to Master Cullen s story from the very first book And I m pretty much left wondering when he ll get a story because this book certainly didn t feel like the Cullen that I got to know over the course of three previous books There were barely there sprinkles of his personality, but not enough to piece together the man that I thought I knew a bit about [...]

    4. This review was posted at My Secret RomanceFrom the moment you meet Master Cullen, there is something seriously alluring and seductive about him You want ch, much of him When Master Cullen told Kari he d top her in the second book, Dark Citadel, I was done The phrase hooked, line and sinker , could easily describe how I felt about him I ll top you tonight Master Cullen to KariAndrea has a bit of a troubled past She s been on her own since she was young and doesn t need help from anyone She has [...]

    5. AwwWhat to say about this book Cullen Oh, dear God Cullen He is sooo my favorite this far I think I fell in love with a book character again.My CullenReading about him in the previous books I expected a player, someone who would play hard to get due to commitment phobia and I was partly right He was a player and he liked screwing around until a certain sub walked into his life I like the fact that in this series the heroes aren t afraid to go after what they want, they don t resist because of so [...]

    6. Cullen looking like BoramirRAWR Liked Cullen and Andrea s story but I did have some problems with itThere was a situation with Andrea and Master Dan Master Asshole and Master Marcus took care of it And then when Cullen was brought aware of it and pointed it out to Master Asshole, he took a step back and felt bad about it Whatever Thought they were too harsh on Andrea Then they blame Andrea and her pride for not crying about it I was like, SERIOUSLY I would have love to take a flogger, especially [...]

    7. I liked Cullen in the previous books I guess when he s in Master Mode, its a little harder for him to be a playful guy However, each book in the series so far gets and emotional depth, and bring up some big issues.

    8. Liked the characters, good story, hot read Now on to the complaints Cherise Sinclair makes the same mistake as many romance authors when writing a Latina Hispanic character she has her using random Spanish words to make her seen authentic To all writers out thereDON T DO THAT Maybe non Spanish speakers don t notice, but those of us who do know the language can tell you that there is nothing less authentic than a bilingual character mixing up both languages when speaking to someone who only speak [...]

    9. OMG I LOVE ME SOME MASTER CULLEN YUM MY Did i say that the last one was my favorite in this series so far Well this one has just bumped THAT ONE right off the top There s still not a whole lot of actual story per se s pretty much just very HOT BDSM sexwith some sweet and romantic parts thrown ind then MORE HOT BDSM sex However, i do like that with each book the author is bringing us a little bit of life outside the club In the last book we got to spend some time at Master Nolan s homehaving hot [...]

    10. Quite liked this story but did not like the continual use of the word Dios just bugged the hell out of me.I realise she was of Spanish origin and maybe it is because I do not hear this type of language in RL not being from the US.I wasn t keen on Andreas personality either.I did enjoy the smexy scenes, but was wondering why the writer did not give us the full detail of their first night together in his bed I thought that was a very special occasion and we only get glimpses of it in flashback.I d [...]

    11. Where do I begin I absolutely adore this author and this series The stories are always very intense and thought provoking It is not difficult to become invested in all these amazing characters and the author does a fantastic job of weaving the stories tightly between all of them throughout every book I m simply drooling for continuing stories in her other stand alone books So, that being said, I was so happy to read Master Cullen s story The big, intimidating Dom who so easily scared everyone.I [...]

    12. Love the Masters of the Shadowlands Let me just say Master CullenHOT Andrea and his story was great On to the next D

    13. Edit I feel it s only right to make a note after having read the entire series now I stand by my words on this book, BUT I ll also kind of eat them too, as Lean on Me has definitely turned out to be the anomaly in this series for me Almost every single thing I disliked about this book is fixed in every following book I am absolutely in love with this series as a whole, just not this particular volume of it Though I didn t like this particular book, I would not advise taking my review on it as re [...]

    14. OK people if you are after some super hot.d assxy as hell controlling Doms then the shadowlands series is one for you A good friend recommended these books and whilst i am a little naive when it comes to BDSM i can honestly say that these books will heat you to the core I have been lucky in the past and managed to read a few really good BDSM however this book number 4 in the shadowlands was simply ECSTASY Master Cullen is a Bartender Dom who works at the shadowlands club a private BDSM club he r [...]

    15. Roll me over and fuck me again Follow the rules of Shadowlands Do as you are told or else endure delightful shockers, kittens Move over Zachary Master C is here to rule the roost or should I emphasize Cullen s ability to stimulate pain with every caress of divine pleasure All through the bartending Dom activities Cullen comes across as a tender heart veiled behind a rigid persona Andrea wants a hardcore Dom and desires it real bad Rough around the edges due to her street endurance credo, Andrea [...]

    16. Next to DOM in the dictionary, there has to be a picture of Master Cullen I ve read the first 3 books in this series and I couldn t wait until I got my hands on him Since he walked onto the page, he s the kind of character you want to know about I m a total sucker for a guy with a good sense of humor married to one and Cullen keeps me laughing, whether it s his book or any of the others, he always steels the show with his one liners But don t let his sense of humor fool you, he is 100% DOM and [...]

    17. I admit I ve been looking forward to Cullen s book since we first met the charismatic bartender in the first book Club Shadowlands He s always seemed so easy going, definitely my mistake as we and Andrea learn here, but I wasn t wrong about his kindness and his innate sexiness.See my full review at my blog or booklikes

    18. I admit I had some troubles with this book And by troubles I mean, fuck you, Andrea She s not independent, just irritating I wanted for Cullen, Shadowlands hot and hilarious bartender It never really felt like Andrea was submissive enough for such a big dom.

    19. I wasn t supposed to give this a 5, but I changed my mind at the last minute because I really felt connected with Andrea s character I love her She s really kickass Although the other heroines in the series were independent and sassy like her, she has this certain something, maybe because she grew up in different circumstances unlike Jessica, Kari, and Elizabeth, and to others, from the wrong side of the tracks.I was always wondering what type of sub would bring Cullen to his knees pun intended [...]

    20. 3.5 This is a good, light, BDSM story I like the female in this story than any other female character I ve read from this author She has a strong back bone and isn t overly submissive I also like the male character This author always has likable characters She gives enough of a backstory on her characters to be interested in them, but not enough for me to become passionate about them and their story I can put down these books rather easily when I need to get something done This is the first sto [...]

    21. 4.2 Stars I had thought I had read this but apparently not So I dug right in and found this to be a pretty good installment in the Masters of the Shadowlands series I always liked Cullen in the other books and had a lot of sympathy for Andrea I liked how the romance developed and what is there to say for the sex HOT, HOT, HOT I wish that the make up of these two was a bit prolonged but otherwise really enjoyed this read.

    22. Another exciting, sexy read from Cherise Sinclair Master Cullen is dreamy and although I didn t always like Andrea s characterization, I really liked the storyline Again, I m impressed with the way the author incorporates past characters into the plot, it makes for an engaging and heart warming reading experience.

    23. Nasty and affronting, kinky bastards, like hell would I submit myselt to that kind of treatment but what do I know

    24. 4 stars Loved this one The interaction between Andrea and Cullen was beautiful Not my favorite in the series, still nothing to sneeze at Can t wait for of this series

    25. Si, Si Senior So I wasn t going to start Lean on Me Book 4 in the Shadowlands series so soon after finishing book 3 Not because I haven t loved all the books so far they are some of the most intensely erotic books I have ever read and seriously the Masters at Club Shadowlands are highly addictive I just planned on taking a little break since there is only 1 book left in the series and I wanted to delay and savour and extend my series reading experience as long as possible.Needless to say last w [...]

    26. Two things I really love about a book, first is a brilliant story and second is the ability to capture a subject theme and expound on causing the reader to fully understand what the author is trying to convey Author Cherise Sinclair has did that for so many fans of her BDSM series including myself I was reluctant to read a series about BDSM because my fear was I get this wildly outrageous beating and flogging but never opening up to the real and true relationship nature of a Dom and his Sub Auth [...]

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