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The Judgment By BeverlyLewis,

  • Title: The Judgment
  • Author: BeverlyLewis
  • ISBN: 9780764206009
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rose Kauffman is engaged to Silas Good, a well liked Amish fellow, so why does she still pine for Nick Franco, the former foster son of the bishop Especially now that Nick has left the Amish community under a cloud of suspicion after the death of the bishop s biological son Will Rose marry Silas, even while struggling with romantic feelings for Nick Meanwhile, Rose s oldRose Kauffman is engaged to Silas Good, a well liked Amish fellow, so why does she still pine for Nick Franco, the former foster son of the bishop Especially now that Nick has left the Amish community under a cloud of suspicion after the death of the bishop s biological son Will Rose marry Silas, even while struggling with romantic feelings for Nick Meanwhile, Rose s older sister, Hen, has returned to live at her parents farm with her young daughter Hen and her modern husband, Brandon, are separated by mutual agreement, although he is threatening to sue for custody of their daughter if Hen does not return soon Will the judge rule in Brandon s favor Is there any way Hen can reestablish her place among the People without sacrificing her marriage
    The Judgment Rose Kauffman is engaged to Silas Good a well liked Amish fellow so why does she still pine for Nick Franco the former foster son of the bishop Especially now that Nick has left the Amish community

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    1. Life continues to be complicated for Hen and her younger sister Rose Since Hen returned to live with the Amish and to live the Plain life, Brandon is determined to divorce her Just as the divorce proceedings are starting, Brandon ends up in a serious accident leaving him blind as a result of a head injury Hen takes him home to take care of him Will this save their marriage or will Brandon continue to be determined to go on with the divorce Meanwhile Rose is engaged to marry Silas Good Unfortunat [...]

    2. The Judgment by Beverly Lewis is the second book in the Rose Trilogy Rose Kauffman s Amish community is still recovering from the tragic death of Bishop Aaron Petersheim s son, Christian and foster son Nick Franco s running away Rose s friendship with Nick makes her one of the few people not blaming Nick for Christian s death, but she s trying to focus on her new engagement to Silas Good Elder sister Hen has returned home to live with her daughter Mattie Sue leaving her Englischer husband, Brand [...]

    3. I have, on several occasions, come into a series from somewhere other than the beginning This usually is not a problem for me because so many authors are good at getting stragglers like me caught up on what has happened in the previous books For some reason, The Judgment didn t do that very well Throughout so much of the book, I felt like I was lost and trying to figure out what was going on I just never felt engaged or really into the story I think this would not have been a problem if I had re [...]

    4. Book 2 in the series and it just couldn t get better.Rose has agreed to marry Silas Good who has been courting her for the last months But she can t forget Nick, a friend that was closer then she realized It was to late though, Nick was gone, perhaps forever.Hen is facing her own problems She realizes that she has created most of them herself If she wouldn t have left her home to marry Brandon, she wouldn t be here today Brandon has given her the choice of either a divorce or giving up her ideas [...]

    5. This series continues to be pleasant with most of the things happening as you want them to In this book, the remaining bad guy is smote by the god to suffer in blindness, while a psychic girl inspires and amazes but don t worry, the author regularly makes sure you know that the bible backs up her visions as ok and not some hell sent witchery Vampire guy finds a tastier girl, and Mr Werewolf is MIA, but I m pretty sure things will all wrap up nicely in the next book.

    6. Title THE JUDGMENTAuthor Beverly LewisPublisher Bethany HouseApril 2011ISBN 978 0 7642 0600 9Genre Inspirational Amish Women s fictionTwo Amish sisters, reunited by unforeseen circumstances Hen left the Amish years earlier to marry an English man, one that has completely destroyed even forbidden her to interact with her family When Hen takes her four year old daughter and leaves her husband to return home to think, Brandon responds harshly, serving Hen with divorce papers, and threatening to tak [...]

    7. One of the things I love about Beverly Lewis s books are the characters The Judgment is no surprise either They are wonderfully crafted and stand from the page in full three dimension I feel I could step into the story and pick right up with the characters, as well as I know them after reading these two books.In the second book of The Rose Legacy, the reader picks up again with the characters and situations established in book one I would recommend you read these books in order, you will have gr [...]

    8. The JudgementBeverly LewisThis novel is the story of an Amish family that is torn apart by a mysterious accident to the main characters mother The main story line is about 2 sisters and each one is finding her way through their family, faith and life I found this to be a good character story that I breezed through quickly I am glad I waited till all books were available before I started reading That way I could finish within a brief period of time and not have to sit on pins and needles wonderin [...]

    9. This is the sequel to The Thorn Book 1 in the Rose Trilogy The major highlights of the book for me include Rose Ann s courtship with Silas Goode, and Brandon and Hen s impending divorce.Rebekah Bontrager, a childhood friend, returns to Lancaster County after her family had moved to Indiana Known for being exceptionally beautiful, Rose Ann begins to have some worries when she sees her interactions with Silas There s a lot to this courtship that Rose Ann doesn t know yetDespite Hen s best efforts [...]

    10. The Judgement is the continuing story of Rose Ann Kauffman and her family Loved getting reacquainted with everyone Rose Ann is now secretly engaged to Silas Good, her sister Hen and niece Mattie Sue are living in the Dawdi House Her Mamm is still struggling with the constant pain from her accident Rose is still missing Nick, and the Community is morning Christian.Mattie Sue is missing her Dad, who won t accept that Hen misses the Simple Life Don t know what the answer is going to be here Brandon [...]

    11. Rose is engaged to Silas, a neighboring farmer, but she still thinks about Nick, the foster son of the bishop who left the Amish life and didn t tell anyone where he was going What about the new girl in town, Rebekah who seems to have an eye for Silas And what about her older sister, Hannah, who has left her Englisher husband and moved back to her parent s Amish farm with their daughter.I love all of Beverly Lewis s books, can t wait for the 3rd book in this series.I know these are romantic fict [...]

    12. Got hooked on this trilogy Just ordered Book 3 Continuation of a story of 2 sisters One thatreained strong in the Amish culture and one Hen that married outside the Amish faith before she was baptized Hen now has decided she wants her English daughter raised the way she was in the Amish ways and the struggle now with her English husband Rose, her younger sister, who is baptized realized she has fallen in love with Nick a foster child of her Bishop raised in the Amish way but who left now that he [...]

    13. Beverly Lewis writes very nice little books with nothing disturbing and nothing particularly unhappy She almost makes you want to be Amish Even though the book was pretty predictable like I think she does not need a whole trilogy to tell her story Still I just had to know what happened after I read The Thorn and I suppose when the final book of this trilogy comes out in Sept I will have to read that one too because she is the master at leaving threads undone It is sort of refreshing to read some [...]

    14. I had never heard of the Amish Romance genre before a friend loaned me The Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis She is a wildly succesful author in this genre, having written 70 bestsellers, with several adapted into movies Coming off reading The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls I wanted to read something light, where everything works out at the end The trilogy was a very quick read, with a simple romance at the core of the story You can see the plot twists coming a mile away, and some of the writing is [...]

    15. My Thoughts I love Beverly Lewis She is the ultimate writer for Amish fiction She always keeps me interested in the storyline and I can honestly feel the authenticity of her characters coming through the pages I believe her writing and am always fully engaged with the plot I m so happy that book three will be out in the falle suspense is killing me Recommend Of course.Lewis is hands down the Queen of Amish Fiction I love that she usually writes trilogies and her stories have never failed to capt [...]

    16. The 3rd book in this series could not come out fast enough I made the mistake of buying and reading the first two books of this series well in advance of the 3rd book s release Needless to say I was standing in my local bookstore on the day of release with book mark in hand and ready to read The author continues to bring the trials of 3 main families to life in the 2nd book of this series It is easy to get involved in their daily life as this book is very well written It is a pleasing thing to b [...]

    17. Good book, I had a hard time putting the book down I had to keep reading to see what was going to happen next I was sad that Nick left, because he loved Rosie Nick sounded so interesting to me Sorry about Christian s death the heart ache on the bishop s family I felt bad for Hen, the sitiuation she was in, she wanted amish life so much her husband was against it Good words, as I read I coud picture in my mind what was happeing I look forward to reading book 3 in this series to see what will happ [...]

    18. In the second novel in The Rose Trilogy, Beverly Lewis continues her saga of the struggles Rose and her sister Hannah endure in remaining true to their beliefs while fulfilling their place in the world Should Hannah sacrifice her Amish beliefs to save her marriage Should Rose sacrifice true love to marry an upstanding Amish man You won t want to miss reading this novel while you ponder what advice you might offer these two young ladies.

    19. The Judgment is yet another in a long line of romance novels set in the heart of Amish Country Lancaster, PA that is I ve only read this second part of the Rose Trilogy, but am confident I could predict the plotline of both the first and third books as well The story is rather treacly and formulaic with unnatural dialogue, but if you re a big fan of either Christian romance or Beverly Lewis, you won t be disappointed.Writing CPlot CLevel Easy

    20. A Quickie ReviewThe story in this one is a little bit better than usual, but everything else is just of the same, though that isn t a bad thing I m curious to see how Ms Lewis will wrap the series up in the series finale As I said in my review of the first book If you ve read any of Beverly Lewis Amish books, you know what to expect, and that s what you ll get from this book Score 4.25 5

    21. LOVED jumping back into some Beverly Lewis had been far too long.The Judgment follows Rose through shifting dynamics in her relationship with her betrothed, Hen through the murky waters of a failing marriage, and the lovable Beth who brings hope and joy to the Kauffman family.Now I m just wondering what happens in the final bookad I found it on the library shelves

    22. I love Beverly Lewis, but this series is boring, bland, and hard for me to get into the story I feel like I m trudging through the mud with this series While I do like books about the Amish this one leaves me cold I will finish the series but I don t really care for the Rose Trilogy.

    23. Does nothing good ever happen on an amish farm These stories are killing me I want happiness for these people I grow to love while reading the stories, but alas it is not to be, I am not sure I can wait until Sept 2011 to continue this story.

    24. the continuing story of the Amish family Unfortunately there are no surprises or new ideas with the characters Old plot, not entertaining enough The new twist in this story is that the neighboring bishop might lose his pulpit because the foster son he took in did not choose the Amish lifestyle.

    25. I really loved this book I didn t expect to like it this much, but it was intriguing and mysterious from start to finish I will most definately be reading the next one.

    26. The Rose trilogy continues with the second book picking up shortly after the end of book 1 The Thorn Nick has left the Amish in an attempt to return to the English world Rose is newly engaged to Silas, and Hen is continuing to struggle to find a way for her husband Brandon to accept her desire to return to her traditional values as an Amish woman The girls mother Emma s health is on a worrisome decline from the pain she suffers due to her accident she suffered from a decade ago that left her par [...]

    27. Despite having been thoroughly unimpressed with the first book in this trilogy, I had no other brilliant notions of what to read, so I picked this one up I truly thought that this one boasted both better writing and a better plot than the first book I appreciated that there was quite a bit of up and down in the story, not a clear and quick solution to any dilemma On the other hand, I was a bit let down by how neatly and quickly one of the storylines resolves at the end of this book, as if all th [...]

    28. YEET Yes, that s a spoiler if you read my last update But wow everything is building now I ve invested in both Hen and Rose s story.Will Nick come back Please Give him a redemption story, let the true Nick be the good one Let him not have caused his brothers death He s such a good person at heart Ach du lieve.

    29. Beverly Lewis makes her character so lifelike Book 2 of the trilogy carries one from the end of the Thorn thru many problems in the characters life However, it leaves so many of life s struggles unanswered wanting me to read the third book as soon as I can get it.

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