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A New Birth of Freedom: The Visitor By Robert G. Pielke A.R. Stone,

  • Title: A New Birth of Freedom: The Visitor
  • Author: Robert G. Pielke A.R. Stone
  • ISBN: 9781936021239
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • It has taken centuries to recognize that all humans possess certain unalienable rights There will come a time when we have to consider whether others deserve those rights as well That time will come on July 3rd 1863 When a stranger carrying a shiny, metalic valise steps aboard a train carrying Abraham Lincoln home from a 2 year stint in Congress, everyone stares, wonderIt has taken centuries to recognize that all humans possess certain unalienable rights There will come a time when we have to consider whether others deserve those rights as well That time will come on July 3rd 1863 When a stranger carrying a shiny, metalic valise steps aboard a train carrying Abraham Lincoln home from a 2 year stint in Congress, everyone stares, wondering about the stranger s odd clothing and strange footware with the word Nike emblazoned on them.When the strange man shows up in Lincoln s office at the White house 14 years later, still wearing the same clothes, carrying the same valise and looking not a day older, the president and his staff know something is odd.But when Edwin Blair opens his valise and projects a 3d image of the Earth on Lincoln s wall, then proceeds to tell a fanciful tale about time traveling aliens preparing to land at Gettysburg on July 3rd, they are sure they ve met a lunatic.Unfortunately for them, they re wrong.A New Birth of Freedom The Visitor, is the first book in a new science fiction series that follows the adventures of Edwin Blair and the aliens knowns as Pests as they chase each other through all the centuries of Earth s past
    A New Birth of Freedom The Visitor It has taken centuries to recognize that all humans possess certain unalienable rights There will come a time when we have to consider whether others deserve those rights as well That time will come o

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    1. I usually read heavier stuff but this title came across my radar and I was enticed to read it I love history and the book does an excellent job of painting a feel for the Civil War time period I particularly enjoyed the gentlemanly attitude of the historical characters that was brought to life.It s a serial novel and there will be 2 parts I eagerly anticipate the next 2 installments.

    2. I haven t read a science fiction book in years I don t care for alternate history stories I am definitely not someone who feels like they spent another life fighting the awful war between the states I only start this review by saying that to emphasize the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed this book Pielke s book features the arrival of a time traveller from the future historian, Edwin Blair in the American Civil War on the eve of Gettysburg He receives an audience with Abraham Lincoln only to strug [...]

    3. Can you imagine seeing a guy casually dressed in jeans and Nike during the 1800s Well this is what Edwin Blaire did when he traveled back and forth through time in order to save Earth from unwanted visitors.The Visitor is a novel that is written with detailed historical facts accompanied by sci fi elements that will entertain you while reading the book First, I would just like to state that I am not a fan of sci fi and time travelling because I often get confused but The Visitor was a great read [...]

    4. A New Birth of Freedom The Visitor by Robert G Pielke It was different yet quite interesting I have not read too many books of alternative time line so I was not sure where this would take me But it was a good adventure I know that I ended up in a place I would have never dreamed of being at Lincoln helped people recognize that all humans possess certain unalienable rights But will we see that others deserve those rights as well That time will come on July 3, 1863 When Edwin Blair opened his val [...]

    5. I became hooked on this book from the first chapter and I really hope there is going to be a second book as I can t wait to read it This is the kind of book that you read in one sitting and it leaves you hungry for .The writing style of Pielke is heartwarming and it really draws the reader into the story I found the historical accuracy of the novel in places extremely accurate and help bring a certain authenticity to the novel and its characters The ending of this book really caught me off guard [...]

    6. I enjoy the classic mashups that are the rage now so I picked this up, thinking that it would be fun Fabulous The dialogue seems spot on to me, the sci fi aliens angle of the story wasn t overwhelming to this non fan of aliens scifi and I loved being taken on a ride to Gettysburg and the time in the Oval Office with Lincoln My one complaint It ended rather abruptly, telling me to go get the second book to finish the story ARGH, I hate cliffhanger sequels.

    7. A REVIEWlunch forbidden_planetIt s quite a good review, of course.Perhaps after reading it, you ll buy several hundred copies.

    8. I m a Lincoln buff, Gettysburg is very important to med I love timetravel novelswhat do I need This is going to the top of my pile.

    9. A New Birth of Freedom The Visitor by Robert Pielke is a phenomenal addition to the current science fiction genre It tells the tale of Edwin Blair undertaking an unknown task that unfolds while you turn the pages It is the Time Traveler s Wife meets Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, though Lincoln is not the main character, yet an important one The author seamlessly confronts many different obstacles and just as you think Blair has accomplished his last one another unforeseeable challenge arises I [...]

    10. Note Free review copy provided by Tribute Books as part of their book blog tour.This book didn t pick up for me until nearly the last third of the book Getting there was too much of a struggle for me to really enjoy it and most of this had to do with the way the story was told.I m just not a fan of novels that are told through dialogue, and this is mostly what happened with A New Birth of Freedom Most of the dialogue consisted of Edwin Blair, our time traveler, trying to convince everyone around [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book I will say that there were times when I could put it down after my commute and begin work, but there were plenty of other times I was completely dissapointed that the train hadn t been delayed just a little so that I could continue reading I would totally recommend this book to friends who enjoy science fiction and history mixed together.As I like history, reading about the civil war era was interesting, throwing in someone from the future working to enlist [...]

    12. I readily admit to liking historical fiction and this book begins like that What really hooked me was that is actually historical fantasy, which is a lot of fun to read now and then I started it after meaning to just look it over, and before I knew it, it was two hours later and I was almost 75% through it Pielke has a delightful imagination and that is the saving grace of this book Usually when I discover that the plot involves aliens, I toss the book or stop watching the movie, so we ll see ho [...]

    13. This is a great beginning BUT it is DEFINITELY a beginning I am not going to recap the plot.It sounds like a straightforward time travel story with invading aliens thrown in Could be good or could be cliched, depending on the writer s skill Happily, this writer seems very skilled I thoroughly enjopyed the bookuntil the end My big beef is that there is no closure on ANYthing or explanation of big questions like what provoked Blair to go back to Gettysburg.I liked the book enough that I ll read th [...]

    14. I should start off saying I got a copy of this book through first reads, so bear that in mind That being said, I really enjoyed this book It was fast paced and interesting I like how the author described the problems the time traveler had in going back to the 1860s and the way that the time traveler was effected by changes in his past For the most part, I liked how historical figures were treated in the book, president Lincoln may have come across as a bit too thoughtful, open minded and clever [...]

    15. So I received this book as a GoodReqads FirstReads giveaway I wasn t sure what to expect, but it wasn t what i got The book is the retelling of history with a twist The main character travels through time, back to the Civil War, to prevent a future tragedy.It was a well written book and I enjoyed the way everything flowed I was so caught up in the book that before I realized it, the book was done, and it was a cliffhanger I ll tell you that already, it was a cliffhanger, leaving you waiting for [...]

    16. An odd little book It was definitely interesting, but I think it flies right by alternate history into Sci fi that happens to involve historical figures.I think that it had potential, but the writing was not up to snuff For instance, they seemed to be obsessed with food Good day, Mr Lincoln I said as I selected a pear, and then bit into it and paused to ponder my situation before swallowing the first bite and then taking a second one Good evening to you as well said the president, before choosin [...]

    17. I really enjoyed the book.The historical facts and the handling of the historical characters was great.I was not totally comfortable with the way Blair s thoughts were presented there was just something not right.As a Scotsman I have to say Pinkerton s Scottish accent was Not Scottish that is to say it was Crap.I cringed every time I read Pinkerton s dialogue Pielke needs a Scottish stunt writer.That said the general plot was good and held my interest, I will certainly look out for the next book [...]

    18. Good read Interesting how someone from the future influences and changes the outcome of one of the greatest battles of the Civil War Quick read of a little than 200 pages Looking forward to the next book in the series New Birth of Freedom The Translator should be out in November Ironic how the last book I read was about time travel as well 11 22 63.

    19. The Good I kept thinking I knew where it was going but then it changed track Really enjoyed it, had a fairly unique storyline, very well written, would make AMAZING Hollywood Blockbuster.The Bad This is book one so the story doesn t wrap up Minor irritationWould recommend as it is Entertaining and a fairly easy read don t be put off my the cover.

    20. Great Book Easy read Love Alternate History books, especially onces with some Sci Fi thrown into the past Look forward to the 2nd book of this trilogy.

    21. Would you believe someone if they told you they were a time traveler Probably not, you are not that trusting of a soul You would require some proof What could they say or do to convince you that they are the real deal But wait, why is it so important that you believe them What do they want from you A New Birth of Freedom The Visitor by Robert G Pielke begins when a stranger carrying a shiny, metallic valise steps aboard a train carrying a young Abraham Lincoln going home from a two year stint in [...]

    22. There I was, innocently scouting various reviewers in search of people who might be willing to write reviews of my forthcoming memoir, when I stumbled across a review of this Stumbled is the apt word, because it stopped me cold in my tracks and then sent me to to read some sample pages, whereupon I had to order a copy When it arrived in the mail, I took a break from the serious work I ve been reading for something light.What grabbed me was the concept of going back in time and talking with some [...]

    23. A New Birth of Freedom is a science fiction that throws history through a loop We follow Edwin Blair back in time to the Civil War era where he meets some of history s leading gentlemen of the day What is unique about our Mr Blair is that he isn t an adventurer or a scientist, he is a history professor on a mission to save the world in his time.In Mr Blair s time aliens have descended on the planet and have wiped out our resources These Pests the aliens are almost impossible to beat because they [...]

    24. Kind of a mess The good interesting time travel premise, great characterizations of historical figures, like John Hay and, natch, Abraham Lincoln The author did his homework, so there s a veneer of historical accuracy in the tale.The bad there s just WAY too much going on for any of it to make sense The giant invaders The Indian sign language The nurse who studied entomology The last third of the book was a disjointed, incomprehensible stew.You can see that the author was setting up a series, wi [...]

    25. This book was not at all what I expected I was expecting Historical Fiction but didn t expect the time travel, alien, science fiction elements Had I read the summary above I would have had a better idea of what to expect.The first 50 pages of this book I was confused and not at all interested in the story It did pick up once I got further into the story but I just didn t love this book I know there is a target audience who will really enjoy this, it just wasn t my cup of tea It was just a little [...]

    26. Alternate history involving time travel and the Civil War I m all over that.Alternate history involving time travel, the Civil War, AND invading alien bugs Nope Not for me.The biggest thing I have against this book is the complete lack of any mention of aliens in the original description If I had known what I was getting into beforehand I never would have picked it up Minus two stars for crappy descriptions, minus another star for a rather so so book, and minus one star for writing the entire s [...]

    27. I sit here, thinking how to write a good review, while feeling bad for not liking the story.I liked the way it was written It flowed well, I just felt that it went a place I wasn t willing to go.When I read the synopsis for the book, I thought it was a neat premise Aliens in Early America With Honest Abe no less I m not even American, but the idea appealed to me.It was a total let down though Waaaay to far fetched fr that era, and it was all unexplainable Some things have to be explainable to be [...]

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