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Nice Big American Baby By Judy Budnitz,

  • Title: Nice Big American Baby
  • Author: Judy Budnitz
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A blazingly original, profoundly moving new work of fiction by a writer whose world and imagination knows no boundaries I don t know what planet Judy Budnitz comes from, said Newsweek on the publication of her fiction debut, Flying Leap, but I m happy to have her Tremendous funny, dark, adventurous, slanted, and enchanted These twelve astonishingly inventive sA blazingly original, profoundly moving new work of fiction by a writer whose world and imagination knows no boundaries I don t know what planet Judy Budnitz comes from, said Newsweek on the publication of her fiction debut, Flying Leap, but I m happy to have her Tremendous funny, dark, adventurous, slanted, and enchanted These twelve astonishingly inventive stories which take us into the heart of America and around the globe, from suburban backyards and swimming pools to war torn streets and fallout shelters are riveting, seductive, and impossible to forget.In Flush, a mammogram prompts a dark comedy of blurred identities between a mother and her two adult daughters In Elephant and Boy, a surrogate mother and son bond, tinged with the erotic, is formed when a philanthropist attempts to civilize a young elephant handler Nadia sounds the depths of a young woman s complex feelings toward a friend s mail order bride from Eastern Europe Preparedness an Orwellian tale in Technicolor imagines rapture in the wake of imminent apocalypse And in Where We Come From, a pregnant woman s many failed attempts to cross the border do not lessen her resolve to give birth on U.S soil to a nice big American baby Magical, poignant, often transcendent, these are virtuoso modern fables that mine our stores of hidden urges, misunderstandings, and blind passions, inviting us on a voyage through places and times at once deeply familiar and wondrously strange.
    Nice Big American Baby A blazingly original profoundly moving new work of fiction by a writer whose world and imagination knows no boundaries I don t know what planet Judy Budnitz comes from said Newsweek on the publicati

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    1. I read Miracle in the New Yorker probably four years ago and it s stayed in my mind than any other short story I ve ever read I m pretty sure it s perfect A lot of these stories have that same feeling of strangeness they put normal people into various sets of surreal and often suggestive of Big Conditions social, political, human, etc circumstances without demanding to be deciphered or running full on into heavy handed symbolism or allegory Hooray for residing in mystery

    2. This is absolutely phenomenal Great short stories, reminiscent of George Saunders surreal and creepy and very moving all at once Blew me away.

    3. Only read one short story from this anthology Morherland It was for class but I was still very impressed by this powerful story.

    4. These stories present a world to us that is almost familiar, but twist that familiarity by adding some surreal element A pregnant girl gestates for years while attempting to cross from Mexico into America so the child can be an American baby, a white couple give birth to a black child His skin has the solid, inorganic sheen of obsidian, an iridescence like oil , daughters stand in for their frightened mother s mammogram appointments, a wartime doctor plants and cultivates a field of amputated li [...]

    5. I will not blame this book for the security guard at the library who, when he saw its title, asked if somebody was expecting Hmph I teetered between 3 and 4 stars but at the end I think it earned the fourth star Budnitz s magical realism is an interesting twist on the genre, which is generally associated with Latino Chicano writers The first and title story is a nod to these roots, but the stories branch out from there The short stories are a good length long enough to develop characters but not [...]

    6. Absolutely brilliant I would have never known about this author, but the title of the book was interesting so I picked it off the shelf, fully thinking I would put it back after a few seconds But the reviews were enough to make me take the book home All of them were well deserved Judy Budnitz is a wonderful writer with an imagination that simply defies comprehension at times Each of her short story was a world of its own, complete and wonderful or horrible, frightening or full of tenderness I m [...]

    7. Usually short stories disappoint me by being too weird or I don t even understand them or most are of a topic so tragic or sad that the author wouldn t want to write a whole book about it My opinion only And usually books of short stories are not page turners for me, wellese short stories are page turners and pull you right into them Ms Budnitz is so very talented that even if she writes a weird story it s still so good you re glad you read it Now that I ve finished this book I ve read everythin [...]

    8. Oh my, she depresses me like no other It felt just like reading If I Told You Once compelling and strangely saddening, as if someone kept thrusting thorns into my skin and at first I do not even realize it But once I do realize it, it hurts like hell.I like prose that hurts It makes me feel alive battered, and cut up, but alive.

    9. What an amazing collection of stories Funny and odd, compelling and though provoking Each story harbors a seemingly usual circumstance, but then Budnitz twists them and they become perverse in the best possible way Because that perversity, however slight or extreme, makes you reconsider your expectations.

    10. Loved these hilarious, biting stories Well, actually, they ranged from light and witty to heavier and telling of our current culture They were so well done So clever, original, such neat ideas and ways of expressing issues I laughed out loud at some of the outlandish tales Very sharp writer.

    11. i loved most of the stories, but immersion really stands out it gives a really powerful treatment to sisterhood, childhood, polio, racism, and definitely to language really gorgeous and memorable.

    12. Why do stories that are 20 pages feel longer than whole books sometimes That s how this was for me I liked the stories, but I kept checking to see if I was almost done them while still in the middle.

    13. Brave, weird, wild stories that occilate between the hyper real and surreal Even the moments when a story seems to miss a mark slightly get made up for in the sheer boldness of the writing I want to be Judy Budniz when I grow up.

    14. Engrossing stories Budnitz is very good at rendering characters realistically unlikeable, while keeping them interesting enough to follow Weird, fantastical plots with a good dose of dark humor.

    15. Una colecci n de cuentos que reflexionan sobre la condici n humana, con un pie dentro de un mundo on rico, que roza lo surrealista Es mi primer libro de la autora, y me ha sorprendido el tono tan singular que tiene, la manera de acercarnos a unas historias inveros miles y que a la vez est n llenas de sentimientos que nos son muy cercanas Muy recomendable.

    16. These are quirky, dark stories, dealing with people pushed to their limits, or struggling to understand their place in a family One hilarious story has an immature, narcissicist no president trying to punish his country that refuses to follow his emergency fallout shelter drill instructions Very enjoyable.

    17. Favorite Stories The marks my two absolute favorite Flush A daughter takes her resistant mother to the doctor s for a mammogram This story showcases one of the recurring themes in this book, that of the role reversal that occurs when children become adults and their parents become like children again.Visitors A daughter waiting at her home for her parents to arrive on a visit keeps receiving increasingly bizarre phone calls from her mother as their trip progresses Saving Face In a totalitarian s [...]

    18. I love Flying Leap, an earlier collection of Judy Budnitz stories, and while this book doesn t hit quite the same heights as its predecessor, it still has many of the same strengths and is worth a read Most of the stories have a certain magical realism to them, like the title story, in which a woman refuses to give birth for years because she insists on crossing the border and having a nice big American baby, and they generally work well There is also a lot of humor, especially in a story that s [...]

    19. This collection of short stories, published in 2005, mixes the domestic with the magical, the ordinary with the surreal, etc Often the premise of a story was interesting to me than the execution There are some very original ideas here a pregnant border crosser decides to carry the baby until she can give birth on American soil, so she ends up being pregnant for four years a family traps and keeps salesmen in a pen for slaughter female friends form a dangerous malice towards the mail order bride [...]

    20. I have a new author to add to my list of favorite short story authors Judy Budnitz Her stories are brave, dystopian, and funny an irresistible combo I particularly loved Saving Face, which is all about unthinking allegiance to a political leader Here are a few quotes from this brilliant shorty story, which I will be returning to again and again What s your dad do I said Designs new and better wings for new and better sing nuts, he said proudly It sounded like he was repeating something a sarcast [...]

    21. Some crap in here, but a lot of good stuff too Her use of potentially pedestrian themes the compromises women make to find men and the compromises of being in a relationship with them with a morbid twist is both provoking and creepy Joyce Carol Oates with a quasi Stephen King speak The strongest stories are those where the weirdness of the situation is balanced by the emotional plausibility of her characters Like the two daughters who substitute for their mother in a breast cancer scan or the Ci [...]

    22. This is a very good collection of short stories The settings and themes vary, but each has at least some element of magical realism Many of them are strange and unsettling Many of them are sad Budnitz writes beautifully Her writing is filled with interesting images, and yet she never forgets her characters and plots These stories are rich but not dense Budnitz has a gift for language and understanding people.If you can not sit down and read the entire collection, I strongly recommend the followi [...]

    23. even though this author is kinda one trick, i liked the trick, so i thought the stories were mostly entertaining basically the lesson of every story is that paternalistic people are awful, and that the worst thing is that they wreck other peoples lives and then claim its for their own good that s a really good lesson to say a lot and you don t see much literature about it the main problem was that i never felt moved to care about any of the characters

    24. I have read this collection countless times and honestly it just does not get old Each time I read it I find a new easter egg hidden in it You must reread it and look for single words that repeat and tie everything together If my copy were not loaned out to a friend I would go into greater detail Judy Budnitz is a magician with words and I have yet to find something that even comes close to this collection It is pure taffy for the brain if you are present for all it has to offer.

    25. These stories are really weird and wonderful they leave you wondering My personal favorite is Miracle I love Budnitz style and how she crafts these moving, unnerving stories with no logical explanation I m a fan She covers a lot of territory in one book from repeatedly to illegally immigrate into America to hate liking attempting murder of your ex boyfriend s new mail order bride, there s something for everyone here I m sold.

    26. The stories where Budnitz focuses on character, like Immersion, Nadia, and Flush are particularly worth reading Some of the others, which either lack character or plot conflict development, like the story Visitors for example, or are too dependent on their quirky conceits to tell a narrative story.

    27. This is an astounding collection of stories, each of them dark and a little fantastical If you re not in the mood for something a little macabre, don t bother, but there s a lot to chew on all the way through the book The best comparison I can draw is to Shirley Jackson s The Lottery , which I also thought was brilliant.

    28. Wonderfully bizarre stories that made me wish I wrote fiction My favorite, The Visitor, features a young woman preparing for her parents visit with a new boyfriend she s not sure she s totally impressed with That narrative is interspersed with phone calls from her mom as the two parents get further and further from the woman s home under increasingly strange circumstances.

    29. This short story collection is a chamber of horrors, although I couldn t put it down Didn t like the first two stories at all, but was grabbed by the third, and after that found much to like Budnitz is incredibly imaginative, sometimes darkly funny She writes as if channeling dreams or nightmares.

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