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Classical Mythology By Mark P.O. Morford Robert J. Lenardon,

  • Title: Classical Mythology
  • Author: Mark P.O. Morford Robert J. Lenardon
  • ISBN: 9780195308044
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Classical Mythology No further information has been provided for this title

    One thought on “Classical Mythology”

    1. Brilliant A comprehensive overview of Greek and Roman mythology, with stories told in a surprisingly entertaining and coherent tone I recommend this for anyone interested in mythology, as it s one of the few textbooks I ve had that reads like a good novel.

    2. Read this as the basic textbook for my college classical mythology course circa 1995 Probably the best book on the topic I ve read.

    3. Another confusing book, as it seemed to explain the myths as though the basics were common knowledge It was almost impossible to try to piece together the outline of the classic stories because this book attempted to cover every convoluted or esoteric twist Also attempted to describe Freud s belief in the motives for creation of some of the myths All in all, a little too ambitious and ultimately confusing.

    4. Very dry, an extremely dull read It s loaded with good information, but the authors could have tried to keep it interesting It s the stuff that has captured the imagination of countless millions for thousands of years how hard can it be

    5. I rarely enjoy a textbook, but this one is well written and enjoyable the text makes the mythology easy to understand and engaging.

    6. I have been a Greek myth geek since I was first introduced to it in my sixth grade world history class The only thing this book added to what I already knew was how they may have came about I had never considered the cultural perspective of the Titanomachy or the Medusa myth and that was a refreshing take on things.if you are a novice to Greek mythology, this book is for you If you know your stuff, walk on by.

    7. The best classical mythology book that I ve ever had I found an earlier edition of this book and found it extremely helpful and detailed I now own this book and it s even better This edition is printed on beautiful glossy paper, has colour pictures, and serves as an excellent resource if you re a student, a professor, or if you re like me and you re fascinated with mythology

    8. This was my Classical Mythology class textbook for my Summer classes I really enjoyed reading this book Though it was a lot to read for a 6 week course I plan on going back to reread some sections but other than that I really enjoyed the textbook and the class.

    9. Joesph Campbell is the authority on Classical Mythology, and this book uses his works a lot There are a lot of names to know if you are trying to read this straight through I would recommend taking each chapter at a time to get to know the stories.

    10. This one was used for my Classical Mythology auditorium style lecture course in college I found this text enagaging than I did the version of the Odyssey we were supposed to read that semester.

    11. A really good text I now have a renewed interest on Greek Mythology and it s influences on the Western world.

    12. Comprehensive textbook FAH313, U of T Not too many differences between editions, you could buy second hand and save money.

    13. I love to read about the ancient myths they are so interesting and you can usually apply them to present time.

    14. I randomly searched my shelves for something to help me brush up on Orpheus and Euridice Before I knew it, I d brushed up on a whole lot and learned some new things to boot.

    15. An excellent and extensive source for Greek mythological and heroic figures Everyone from Andromeda to Zeus is here

    16. I love everything about the classics I think they are a source of timeless wisdom Rules and lessons that apply in any age can be learned from studying the Greek and Roman Mythology.

    17. A really great and entertaining read for any fan of classical mythology It doesn t read like a textbook, so it held my attention.

    18. Found this good in conjunction with my studies but on its own I would not recommend There are better compilations of the myths which are easier to understand for the beginner out there.

    19. It s a textbook, aimed at college Start your kids off with the d Aulaire books and then Bullfinch s when they re older This was a good overview for me, to fill in gaps in my knowledge.

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