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Rush of Pleasure By Rhyannon Byrd,

  • Title: Rush of Pleasure
  • Author: Rhyannon Byrd
  • ISBN: 9780373775774
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Dangerous passion and primal instinctsWith his sinister good looks, Noah Winston is the one man a human with Casus ties who Willow Broussard has never been able to resist Once enemies, then lovers, Noah broke her heart Yet the powerful witch and paranormal private investigator can t turn him away when he needs her help in protecting his family, him and the world Dangerous passion and primal instinctsWith his sinister good looks, Noah Winston is the one man a human with Casus ties who Willow Broussard has never been able to resist Once enemies, then lovers, Noah broke her heart Yet the powerful witch and paranormal private investigator can t turn him away when he needs her help in protecting his family, him and the world against their enemy.As Noah and Willow work together, the secrets of their turbulent past are slowly exposed, each startling revelation drawing them closer But when the enemy finally makes a move, Noah will need than witchcraft and magic to survive He ll need his friends, one hell of a plan and the undying devotion of a tenacious witch whose love is eternal.
    Rush of Pleasure Dangerous passion and primal instinctsWith his sinister good looks Noah Winston is the one man a human with Casus ties who Willow Broussard has never been able to resist Once enemies then lovers No

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    1. 2.25 So this series started off pretty good and then kinda fizzled for me, but I wanted to finish it cuz OCD and Noah The finale of Primal Instincts gives us a peek at the previous couples but doesn t take away from the MC s romance It also wraps up the main story arc with only a few loose ends, or Casus, left for clean up and future spin off.I ve liked Noah since he was introduced in the series and joined the Watchmen He has a unique problem, being human, the head Casus can take over his body b [...]

    2. Lovveed it So sad that this is the end Pouts Oh well So Willow in the first half of this book got on my nerves Usually I am all for feeling sorry when the someone gets their feelings hurt and they wait years to hash it out In this case it was 12 years and it was with Noah But damn it , I felt like get over it already Stop being a bitch to Noah when I love him I wanted to smack her every time she upset him Dammit he has enough going on and issues of his own so get over it already Then by the seco [...]

    3. My Review Rush of Pleasure is the 8th and final installment of the PRIMAL INSTINCT series I have been on this amazing ride since the first book in series Edge of Hunger released in 2009 and it has been well worth it The PRIMAL INSTINCT series is one of my all time favorite series and I will definitely be going back and reading the series again and then again.Noah Winston is a strong and determined man Having Casus blood in his family, due to a Casus raping one if family members, Noah will stop a [...]

    4. The eighth and final book in the Primal Instincts series was a definite hit with me Combining the fantastic paranormal world that is so easy to get to know with mind numbing and page scorching passion to light up the entire country for eons to come, Noah and Willow definitely earned their rightful place as one of my favorite couples from the series.Noah David Winston is part Casus, thanks to his mother s line of family Noah remains vulnerable to the fact that a stray Casus shade who has made its [...]

    5. Wow what a great story to end the series I ve rarely read a story that so well wraps up the HEAs for all the lovers in the series, remained action packed and killed almost all the bad guys, in such a wonderfully well written way I know this is the end but i am gonna hold out hope for a spin off series would love to know what happens to Harris and The Granger guys Would reread this now if i didn t have so many stories to read still.

    6. I really enjoyed this last installment in the Primal Instincts series Had some great moments, especially when all the watchmen were working together and i was so thankful for the epilogue gave us one final glimpse into their lives with all their women Although Noah and Willow weren t probably my favorite couple their romance was very sweet and hotked the whole knew each other as kids storyline I also really LOVED Damon, the sex eating demon I m hoping we ll be seeing a book for him sometime in t [...]

    7. One wordAMAZING OMG I love this book I thought Aiden s story was my favorite but Noah is SO MUCH HOTTER And that s saying something I won t tell you what you can read in the blurb fromthe back of the book but I will tell you that if you enjoy a good paranormal romance than this book is for you But take my advice, start with the beggining of the series and read them all I can t wait for Ashe s story and I really really want Damon to get his own story also Yum

    8. finale affrettato, dopo tutto quel parlare non viene mostrato nulla del combattimento finale l epilogo a dir poco stucchevole

    9. obsessionwithbooksThis book was kindly provided to from NetgalleyVIEW 3.5 out of 5 starsRush of Pleasure is the eighth book in the Primal Instinct Series by Rhyannon Byrd This story picks up from the ending of Rush of Darkness and is a wonderful conclusion to this brilliant series.Noah Winston is part of the formerly named Watchmen, a highly skilled organization of shifters whose job it is to keep watch over ancient non human races Noah is human with a Casus bloodline and since being bitten by C [...]

    10. Originally posted at longandshortreviews.cA Long and Short of It BEST BOOK This is the eighth, and final, book in Rhyannon Byrd s Primal Instincts series, and it was worth the journey The final battle to stop the Casus is over, but in the confusion of the fight, the Casus leader, Anthony Calder, was able to escape, with the help of his pet witch Noah Winston won t rest until he has stopped Calder once and for all He also knows it is time to go back to his home town and bring the bad news to peop [...]

    11. This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date July 26, 2011Publisher HarlequinImprint HQNAuthor s Website rhyannonbyrd My Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series Yes, Book 8, Primal InstinctsSeries Best Read In Order Yes, but might be okay as a standaloneSteam Level HotBorn into a family descended from the evil Casus, Noah Winston has lived his entire life knowing that one day he may be possessed by pure evil Now, he works with the now [...]

    12. I m going to tell you the truth I didn t want to start this book By starting it I was opening the last book in a series that I love I know I know, there is going to be another series and odds are we are going to get to see characters from this series in the other It s still sad to say goodbye to a series that I have been following for the past few years Primal Instincts is one of my favorite paranormal romance series and I am always excited to get my hand on the next book Rush of Pleasure was no [...]

    13. I m so sad this is the last book in the Primal Instinct series, but I m happy that a new series will start so I guess it works out Rush of Pleasure wasn t at all what I expected but it was an enjoyable read I found Noah and Willow to be an interesting couple with a bitter sweet past that drew you in and kept you addicted to what would happen between these two people You know that he has Casus blood but you don t really know that much about him from any of the previous books so Noah has always b [...]

    14. I have to say that I am sad to see this book is the last book in the series The world that the action has been set in is a fun one, we have all sorts of hunky men, sassy women, and they are fighting to save the world, what can you ask for I love stories that deal with first love given a second chance, and that is the case with Noah and Willow Noah and Willow both have all sorts of family issues and it doesn t help that there families have been enemies for years Of course that also didn t help s [...]

    15. Even though I could predict the ending really early on Byrd never disappoints with twist n turns GREAT ending to an AWESOME series Also glad that there is a spin off since I wasn t ready to let this world go I recommend you start at the beginning you won t want to miss a moment The new spin off

    16. Another great story from RY My only criticism, being it s the last book in the series I would have liked involvement of the other watchman and their ladies in the story.Noah is a human working with the watchman, a group of shifters who protect the clans all the paranormals left in the world from human discovery Noah is a descendant of the Casius, a clan of evil blood drinking monsters who were banished from the earth hundreds of years ago They could however not be killed, so they were sent to m [...]

    17. I totally loved Noah s book , every since he came into this series in book 3 I ve been dying to learn about him and his book was so good Noah is so interesting and i was so happy that he got his own book, his stoy was different than the other books because at anytime he could possibly have his body taken over by one of the Casus , it was something he was afraid would happen and it really started to take its toll on him but then he goes back home and finds the girl hes never stopped loving and t [...]

    18. 8 10Even though I have not read the previous books in this series I really enjoyed this book I m sure a few references would have made sense to me if I had seen the glossary in the back prior to starting, but because I was reading on an e reader, I didn t realize if was there until I finished.What I liked Noah the male lead is sexy, hunted and maybe contaminated by the evil forces he is fighting against not sure if the possible contamination was cover in a previous book or not He and a band of [...]

    19. A very good ending to a great series This was one bad ass book Noah Winston is the Human fighting against the enemies the Casus But his family has ties with them because somewhere in the past some woman in his line of ancestories was raped by one of the monsters so the blood of the Casus runs in his family So even though he fights against the Casus, he also runs the risk of one of the enemy taken his body if he is weak But he is not weak, he is a strong powerful man on the hunt for the monsters [...]

    20. Reviewed at Library of LightsDate reviewed 4 June 2011Review link mykindaland p 323Somehow, the cover of this book, Rush of Pleasure by Rhyannon Byrd puts me off and does not exactly tempt me to read it But I m glad that i made some effort to read it as it is a beautiful story Wonderfully written with strong dynamic characters and I was captivated with the eerie paranormal element in it.Rush of Pleasure really did give me pleasure and I get and excited as I turn the pages.I enjoyed this book v [...]

    21. I do like this series but did find this book a bit difficult to believe The two main characters in this story seemed to be in love too fast and without that period of time that a couple needs to have a believable relationship where feelings grow I just couldn t understand how she could continue to outwit the soldier with her escapes That was not believable to me I also didn t really buy that the main character, being only human, could fight such supernatural beings and be hurt so many times but [...]

    22. This was an ok ending to an overall ok paranormal series While I did enjoy the last two Primal Instincts stories from Byrd, I can t say I was overly excited to read this last installment somehow the book blurb didn t really grab my attention and Noah s never really been my favorite character and essentially I only picked it up because I d read the rest of the series On the whole, it was just about what I expected a quick, somewhat entertaining read with a predictable storyline and a so so ending [...]

    23. Bellissimo degno finale di questa serie che se non ho capito male proseguir con altri personaggi e una modifica nel nome In ogni caso dopo aver iniziato x caso a leggere il primo libro su questi fantastici Guardiani, vi assicuro ke non mi sono pentita di leggere tutti gli altri Ogniuno con le proprie caratteristiche, uniti da un forte senso del dovere, senso di protezione e possessione verso le loro donne e naturalmente un bellissimo rapporto di amicizia, fratellanza e rispetto tra questi formid [...]

    24. I don t know I took too long of a break from this series or if it just petered out Either way this book was really just an average paranormal romance for me Willow and Noah have a history and some drama to work through For me this just seemed really formulaic The erotic portions of the story was a little flat for me as well I think the only real stand out for me was Damon, would have been nice if he could have had his own stand alone However the series wrapped up well with the ending of the book [...]

    25. I received this book from Netgalley, and as such was unaware that it was part of a series at the time.The book is a fantastic Paranormal Romance, with all of the suspense, heartbreak and romance a good book of the genre needs.I would of course like to go back and read the whole series now, because I think it would have meant a lot to me knowing all of the back story.The characters are well developed, the dialogue between them is sweet and sassy, and the whole story is well written.Will re read [...]

    26. A great ending to the series.Noah and Willow has a history, and is was great to read about their relationship I liked that Willow didn t just forgive Noah for leaving her and for the way he ended things between them Healing a broken heart doesn t just happen overnight and with a few sweet words, so yes I could understand how difficult it was for Willow to trust Noah again.The suspense in this book was very intense, and the romance was great.I will definitely be reading this series again.Rhyannon [...]

    27. I am so upset that this series has concluded, it truly was a gem and I will miss it greatly Noah s book was a very good way to bring closure to the Primal Instinct story and it does tie up a great many items left over from previous books, but there are a few unanswered issues that I REALLY want to see in a spin off series praying please, please, please Full review will be posted at yougottareadreviews

    28. Got this book from NetGalley to review The PRIMAL INSTINCT series by Rhyannon Byrd definitely went out with a big bang with the last novel released in the series, RUSH OF PLEASURE In it, we finally get to hear Noah s and Willow s story, and boy, was I surprised They have an explosive chemistry, and a very intriguing past I love to see old flames reunite and their reunion is well worth reading about RUSH OF PLEASURE is a must read for fans of the PRIMAL INSTINCTS series.

    29. 3 1 2 stars view spoiler Noah decides to have sex with Willow instead of joining in the final battle between the Death Walkers and the Watchmen, a battle that has been building for books What Now, I understand that these books are scorchers, but I thought there was to them besides the sex That wasn t very heroic IMO hide spoiler

    30. Ending was mushy, and I didn t care for the prophecy Willow is innocent and vulnerable which is inconsistent with the strong warrior we were introduced to, almost as if her old self returned along with the man from her past Overall it was a great ending to the series, and it left me wanting to see of Damon the Demon.

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