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Princess Smartypants By Babette Cole,

  • Title: Princess Smartypants
  • Author: Babette Cole
  • ISBN: 9780698115552
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • Princess Smartypants enjoys being an independent Ms and has no intention of getting married When family pressure mounts, she agrees to look for a mate but sets the candidates tasks that are impossible But then Prince Swashbuckle shows up Truly comical watercolors in softly glowing colors complement this fairy tale parody perfectly.A refreshing alternative SchPrincess Smartypants enjoys being an independent Ms and has no intention of getting married When family pressure mounts, she agrees to look for a mate but sets the candidates tasks that are impossible But then Prince Swashbuckle shows up Truly comical watercolors in softly glowing colors complement this fairy tale parody perfectly.A refreshing alternative School Library Journal
    Princess Smartypants Princess Smartypants enjoys being an independent Ms and has no intention of getting married When family pressure mounts she agrees to look for a mate but sets the candidates tasks that are impossible

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    1. This was one of my absolute favourite picture books as I child I read it over and over and over again my copy is now in tatters.

    2. Babette Cole has written many children s books that seem to feature rebellious children Princess Smartypants is certainly no exception Babette Cole s princess story has everything that both an adult and child would gladly appreciate great sense of humor and a beautiful message about being yourself and standing up for what you believe is right Babette Cole did a marvelous job on both the story and the illustrations The illustrations are as hilarious as they are exuberant Babette Cole produces a [...]

    3. My friends may be surprised that I m only giving this book 3 stars, because it s about an independent princess who outwits all her would be suitors so she can live by herself, take care of her pets, and have a good time And I do like the story yet, I can t quite put my finger on it, but books like this and the Paper Bag Princess seem to reinforce the idea that, in order to be a feminist and be independent, 1 you have to be mean to men, because they are bad, and 2 you have to be alone It seems th [...]

    4. Princess Smartypants does not want to get married because she likes being a Ms She wants to live her own life Her parents want her to get married She outwits her suitors and lives happily ever after because she doesn t get married.I LOVE this book What other book for kids says that girls don t have to get married and can have a complete and happy life without Prince Charming Princess Smartypants is my hero Every kid needs to read this book

    5. My seven year old girls had to reprimand me for my treatment of books as I was hurling this across the floor From the lowbrow names of Prince Pelvis, Swimbladder, Boneshaker, Grovel etc and the overall disrespectful, non familial attitudes to the man hating, lying, deal breaking princess this book was feminist rubbish from top to bottom Even the illustrations left nothing to recommend I hate to be contrary, but I had to run for the mouthwash to get this bad taste out.

    6. I know Babette Cole She has a little girl English voice, sometimes little girl clothes, lives on a boat for half the year and is altogether entertaining and eccentric Although she has written prolifically she says she actually makes her money from selling the original paintings that illustrate her books And those paintings are superb.

    7. Someone gave this to Owen for an early birthday He allowed me to read it to him one time, because there were animals in it, but since it had a plot and human characters, it was not a favorite of his I, on the other hand, thought it clever and fun, and I ve read it to several appreciative children since then.

    8. Oh, how my mother a woman whose favorite shirt said If they can send one man to the moon, why not all of them would have loved this book Here we meet a strong, smart young lady who resists all attempts by others to marry her off A fun, unusual story, with great illustrations by the author.

    9. I am a Ms I am not a Mrs, and I like the idea of a story about an independent girl who doesn t want to be a Mrs, and is happy to be a Ms But this story missed the mark The princess comes across as deceitful, game playing, dishonest and arrogant Princess Pants on Fire than Princess Smartypants.The names of the male characters are derogatory, and when a prince does complete her list of complex tasks, instead of marrying him as promised, she turns him into a frog.Rather than promote the idea of ch [...]

    10. After Babette Cole died in January, The Guardian summed up her career rather well She created books on the kinds of disgusting topics that children love and adults mostly do not, and then, emboldened by their success, she went on to controversial subjects, partly because she liked to shock and partly because she felt she had a duty to make sure children were properly informed Her publisher summed her up even succinctly She was as mad as a box of frogs.Her most famous book is probably Princess [...]

    11. Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole Genre Fairy taleAge group K 2nd gradePrincess Smartypants is a princess who does not want to get married She likes to be alone with her pets Her parents wants her to get married so she set up a bunch of tasks for the princes to complete in order for her to marry him Princes came from all over but not one could finish the tasks until Prince Swashbuckle came and he finished everything asked In the end Princess Smartypants kissed him and he turned into a frog.I [...]

    12. Blah blah alternative princess cliche of forgoing marriage as girl empowerment I think girls who wanna get married will be fine unless this is the only piece of media they ever consumeI really like it as a picture book about an ill tempered girl who just wants to hang out with monsters.

    13. This story is about an unconventional princess who doesn t want to get married She likes to spend time with her unusual pets and ride her motorbike When suitors come to marry her she teaches all the princes a lesson by giving them horrible challenges to overcome so they run away All except one prince who is very clever and passes all the challenges set by princess smartypants She isn t amused and teaches him an ultimate lesson Princess Smartypants kisses the prince and he turns into a frog.What [...]

    14. Princess Smartypants Bengali and English Edition By Babette ColePrincess Smartypants enjoys unmarried life, living with her pets and doing as she pleases Her parents, the King and Queen, want her to get married She decides that whoever accomplishes her taks will win her hand in marriage After lots of princes failed to meet her demands, she meets Prince Swashbuckle He does all her tasks so she gives him the magic kiss, only to discover that he turns into a gigantic toad When the other princes hea [...]

    15. I loved this book as it is about a princess that unlike many girls is not bothered about her title, fame or fortune This princess doesn t want to be a queen She likes her motorcycle, her dragon friends, and her independence In this feminist reworking of a classic fairy tale theme, Princess Smartypants defies her parents wishes, outwits her suitors, and remains a content and single young lady The text and illustrations are full of humour.I would argue that this is highly accessible for children o [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book by Babette Cole The princess in this tale doesn t want to get married, but to get her parents off her back, she sets forth a challenge for each suitor to try and win her hand They each fail in a comic collection of terrible tasks, until Prince Swashbuckle succeeds Fortunately for Princess Smartypants, he turns into a toad when she kisses him and all other Princes are put off the idea of marrying her She is then able to relax and live happily ever after A perfectly illu [...]

    17. A bit of a man hating book Princess Smartypants doesn t want to get married so she comes up with Herculean tasks for her suitors All but one leave, and when he accomplishes all the tasks, she turns him into a toad Now that she s rid of him, she is free to live happily ever after, alone with her pets Hmmmm The illustrations are fun and the writing is interesting, but I m not sure it sends a good message.

    18. Every smile child I have to buy a present for will be receiving this book It s a much needed twist on the usual happily ever after tales Not only is it funny and cute, it teaches children that no matter what, they don t have to compromise their boundaries and they don t have to conform to society s expectations.

    19. Princess Smartypants is bit on the extreme side of feminism for me My five year old girl seemed to like it, but I found myself cringing and refusing to read it to her whenever she asked for it Can t take this one back to the library fast enough.

    20. Why can t we have a book that teaches young girls to be independent without teaching them to be mean to boys Show them that they don t need to marry without making it seem as if they need to then be forever alone Too many issues with this book.

    21. I appreciate the atypical princess, but Smartypants isn t really a person that I would want to know, much less reach my daughters to be like.

    22. Princess is a fictional fairy tale book about a Princess who does not want to get married Right away she is unlike all of the Princesses I ve read about She just wanted to live with her pets and do whatever she wanted to do Her parents insisted on her finding a husband She obliged to their request and decided to set tasks that any suitor who could accomplish would get her hand in marriage She was smart because she knew none of the suitors would be able to accomplish these ridiculous tasks She di [...]

    23. This is a very funny book well, it is the first few times you read it Just love the illustrations which tell so much of the story, especially the chinless wonders who come a courting.Princess Smartypants DOES get to live happily ever after in this story, but not in the usual way.My son loves it I overheard him telling a friend the other day that some people don t WANT to get married That s OK, isn t it

    24. Genre Modern FantasyGrade Level K 2nd GradeThis children s fantasy is a perfect read for a lower elementary aged students I love that it s not your average story about a princess trying to find her prince Which I think would really interest the students and keep their attention throughout the entire story I also love how this book is one of a few prince princess stories written by Babette Cole I think the ending is perfect for the kids, that its a happy ending with a twist I definitely will use [...]

    25. I would put this in the she meant well category of self categorised feminist picture books I pulled this to shreds in my MEd entry essay as really, all Princess Smartypants does is make herself unmarriageable as opposed to actually embracing being single and enjoying it I think she could do with a pep talk from Merida of Brave.

    26. When I worked in bookstores, I always had a tough time recommending children s books, but whenever someone asked for a recommendation for a little girl, Princess Smartypants was my go to book I like to think that it changed the life of a girl or two, or thirty and made them a little like the heroine of this tale.

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