UNLIMITED BOOK í Rise of the Fire Tamer - by Kailin Gow

Rise of the Fire Tamer By Kailin Gow,

  • Title: Rise of the Fire Tamer
  • Author: Kailin Gow
  • ISBN: 9781597489072
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • After winning a contest for a popular game called Wordwick Games, five teens Gemma, Sparks, Rio, Kat, and Jack, are invited to stay at Wordwick Games inventor Henry Word s mysterious castle and play the newest level of Workwick Games Little do they know, the castle is the doorway to a wondrous world call Anachronia where words can be used as weapons, power, and commoditAfter winning a contest for a popular game called Wordwick Games, five teens Gemma, Sparks, Rio, Kat, and Jack, are invited to stay at Wordwick Games inventor Henry Word s mysterious castle and play the newest level of Workwick Games Little do they know, the castle is the doorway to a wondrous world call Anachronia where words can be used as weapons, power, and commodity There is unrest in Anachronia, and if the five teens can follow the rules of Wordwick Games and prove to be the best player, one of them will be crowned Ruler of Anachronia.
    Rise of the Fire Tamer After winning a contest for a popular game called Wordwick Games five teens Gemma Sparks Rio Kat and Jack are invited to stay at Wordwick Games inventor Henry Word s mysterious castle and play t

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    1. I wasn t going to rate my own book, but even Presidential candidates get a chance to vote What can I say I love this book, especially when it features strong heroines.

    2. I must admit the cover of the book intrigued me Then as I read the prologue, I wanted to read A fast paced exciting read, Rise of the Fire Tamer is about five complex teens who wins a gaming contest to stay at the inventor s castle They win a chance to play an exclusive level of the game, which takes them to Anachronia The rules are in place and the teens need to follow them to win Exciting, adventurous, and peppered with romance and humor, I loved this book The characters are complex believabl [...]

    3. After reading a number or Kailin Gow s books, I ve come to expect that they re either going to be a hit or a miss And Rise of the Fire Tamer was definitely a miss.Again, like her other books, there are countless typos throughout the text There was even a part on the page where the paragraph just cut off leaving me puzzled and screaming at the book Where the hell did the words go Honestly you think someone would catch such a huge mistake like that So yeah anyways I wasn t shocked by the many erro [...]

    4. This book caught my eye right away The story line alone made me want to pick it up and keep reading.The book takes on the point of view of all the main characters with a focus on the POV of Gem The book starts with the winners of the wordwick games, once these 5 are announced they get the chance to stay at the creator of the Wordwick Games castle where they get to play the newest level in the game Once they get the tour of the place, Henry Word the inventor sends them off to there rooms where th [...]

    5. As usual Kailin Gow rocks out the YA genre with her work I absolutely adore her books and think she s one to watch This book, of course, was great I love the world building that she didFor me, it s always just right The characters in this one were great and I loved the storyline Here s a sneaky little thing that Kailin did with the booke made it educational shhh Don t tell anyone LOL In it you learn a lot of new words along with definitions but it s combined so well into the story that you don t [...]

    6. The Wordwick Games is one of the most popular video games around Five teenagers from different parts of the world are selected as winners of a huge contest sponsored by the Wordwick Games, each informed that they won by an omnious figure in a grey hooded cloak, who presents them with a black envelope When they arrive at Henry Word s castle, they are all quite taken aback by not only the castle itself, but also Henry Word himself After a tour and dinner, they find out that their prize not only in [...]

    7. With a summary like that, I couldn t not sign up for this blog tour I think every book lover understands that words really do hold power, so when this book promised words used as actual weapons I was instantly intrigued It definitely sounded promising and for the most part, I felt it lived up to that.The plot started out slowly, although I did like the prologue and its intro to all the characters Once the teens finally entered Anachronia though, I felt drawn in to the story and thought the pacin [...]

    8. I liked RISE OF THE FIRE TAMER than BITTER FROST, though they shared similar weaknesses Again, there are some editing issues Gemma Gem James is an intelligent and clever heroine, which is admirable, but she s shallowly drawn While most of the book follows her exploits, I know the least about her bad qualities She s just beautiful and a good prospective ruler.As a contrast, the secondary girl, Kat has far elaboration to her character She s the definition of trying too hard at the beginning of R [...]

    9. Review first published on my blog, Pieces of WhimsyThe story was great I ve always loved the idea of falling into a fantasy world, through a book or a movie or a game Wordwick Games also known as The Game is a very popular computer game and five lucky players have been chosen to stay with the inventor of the game, Henry Word, and they re also allowed to play the newest level of The Game which is alot different from how they thought Anachronia is a world full of different people and creatures and [...]

    10. Wordwick Games is a popular game Five of the biggest fans and players have now been invited to the home of the inventor of the game, Henry Word, to play the newest level of the game It s an immersive experience, one which takes them into the world of Anachronia Anachronia is a magical place full of ogres, dragons, and warring kingdoms Words have power there, real power If one of the players can prove to be the best, they will be crowned ruler If they can survive what seems like a very real place [...]

    11. I love the premise of this book the thought that words have power was very enthralling to me The world building was wonderful and it was very easy to follow along through the story I appreciated the fact that while the characters appeared to be stereotypical, they were in actuality far from it No one wants to read about the jock or cheerleader in their same old roles I will say there were a few issues that bothered me Number one, if a book is placing so much importance on words, it should be tho [...]

    12. This was a good young adult fantasy story It was fast paced, action packed, and mysterious It had trolls, ogres, zombies I know , and even a dragon It was an interesting story.We were introduced to five characters in the beginning and we soon came to learn that Gemma was the main protagonist of this first book She was rich, smart, kind, pretty, and brave She was too good to be true but I did like that even though she was a rich, pretty girl she was not shallow The other characters were briefly d [...]

    13. Did I enjoy this book This book was okay The premise was good and sounded so promising Unfortunately, Rise of the Fire Tamer did not meet my expectations It just seemed underdeveloped and very predictable.For a game that, in order to win, the player must use magic words, the words were not used or talked about all that often I was expecting a lot usage of these words Shouldn t the players have used these special words than they did It just didn t make much sense to me Words, and their definiti [...]

    14. I was surprised I liked a book on gaming this much because I m not into games But I really liked how the author used words as part of the test, and then used the same words later in the text One hitch, that really made the misuse of further stand out when she meant farther.At first I worried about too many main characters to keep straight But Kailin used a combination of visual characteristics with stereotypical roles turned on their heads, so I didn t have any problems remembering people For on [...]

    15. One of the most popular video games in the world, The Wordwick Games, holds a contest to find the best gamers in the world The prize A chance to play a new game Thus starts this quickly paced fantasy story that begins in our world and takes our young heroes to the land of Anachronia.There are five main characters Gemma the blonde English cheerleader Sparks the sandy blonde quarterback from a Texas Ranch Jack who is a nerd and very shy Rio the mysterious boy from East L.A and lastly, Kat who is p [...]

    16. I love words And I love books about words and the power of words, so I was excited to hear about this book And it didn t disappoint With interesting characters, a great setting, and a fascinating premise, Rise of the Fire Tamer provided lots of entertainment, not to mention lots of great words I liked the fact that the author provided definitions at the back, because I rarely feel like pulling out a dictionary as I read and these words play an important part in the story I was curious about why [...]

    17. Congratulations the letters say You are a winner You have the opportunity to to stay at the Wordwick Castle and participate in an exciting new game Henry Word, the inventor and creator has chosen five lucky young people Gem, Sparks, Rio, Jack and Kat to stay at his castle and compete in his new level of Anachronia Gem tells the story and leads us on an exciting journey with trolls and dragons Roadblocks are set up to deter them along the way but if they remember the rules they will surely succee [...]

    18. There were many good things about this book I always appreciate a good middle grade book that contains no swearing This book was an adventure It started out a bit Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ish when the kids get a special invitation to a mysterious castle to meet Henry Word That s about where that parallel ended though The five teens invited to the castle are all so different Their personalities really came through in the book I could picture and hear them in my mind which is a great thin [...]

    19. Five teens are selected to win a contest for their favorite game The group is made up of three boys and two girls They are very different from each other Their strenghts and weaknesses are varied Somehow one will win and become the ruler of the next level of the game.The teens soon learn that the game may be real When they get hurt, it really hurts The graphics are way too good to be computerized The land is made up of magic and fantasy creatures To excel in an unfamiliar environment, they must [...]

    20. This is a very clever book My Asian parents would approve since it s educational as well I m exposed to actual words on the SAT tests, while being completely and utterly lost happily in this fantasy world The teens at first appeared to fit into gamer stereotypes, but as they move forward into the story, the masks all come off You will root for these teens You will feel what each of them feel As is shown by this experimental fiction book, Ms Gow is an author to watch She is not afraid to try a ne [...]

    21. The Little BookwormThe idea was a good one A group of teenagers winning an online game sends them to a mysterious castle where they get to play an unknown level that sends them to another world In this world, certain ruler words have literal power and there is a struggle going on between two factions So what the players do has real consequences I liked the idea I wasn t so keen on the actual book It felt like it needed work, a little editing or something In the end, I didn t care about the cha [...]

    22. Addicting The trailer made me curious I m usually not a fantasy reader, but I enjoyed Ms Gow s other young adult books enough to give her young adult fantasy book about a game a try I was glad I did Like a role playing game you end up with favorites, but I found myself cheering for all the teens I wanted Gem or Sparks to win The love story is swoon worthy, too Gem is a lucky girl, but if I had to choose one, it would be Rio How she can even consider Goolrick is beyond me He is yicky Again, I lov [...]

    23. Wasn t sure with the start as it went through the five individual characters and I thought using that many characters may lose the integrity of the writing but really enjoyed reading the different perspectives on events throughout the book.Love how it was based on a video game but had twists through out it and ended on a brilliant cliffhanger Could have had detail to it but really enjoyed it.Felt very Matrixy

    24. There were a few things that kept this one from being rated higher on my own personal rating meter, including the consistent chapter wrap ups of where all key characters were and the untapped potential of the storyline Overall, it ended well and left room for future installmentsof which I will be curious to see Happy reading

    25. Kailin Gow has really caught my interest first with the Alchemists Academy Series and now this one reminded me a little bit of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, but just a little I love the twist at the end.fascinating now I ll have to find book 2 to read

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