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Night of the Vampires By Heather Graham,

  • Title: Night of the Vampires
  • Author: Heather Graham
  • ISBN: 9780373774869
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • As a soldier, Cole Granger fights to restore peace to a world divided by war and evil His extraordinary talents are enlisted to prevent the president s horrific premonition from becoming reality Nothing and no one will stop him from fulfilling his duty Especially the mysterious young woman who claims to be his comrade s sister Enemy or ally, he can t yet determine ButAs a soldier, Cole Granger fights to restore peace to a world divided by war and evil His extraordinary talents are enlisted to prevent the president s horrific premonition from becoming reality Nothing and no one will stop him from fulfilling his duty Especially the mysterious young woman who claims to be his comrade s sister Enemy or ally, he can t yet determine But one thing he knows for certain is that he must keep her close Very close.Megan Fox s quest to uncover a family secret leads her to the center of vampire riots in West Virginia To find the answers she needs and clear herself of suspicion she must join forces with Cole They work undercover to bring justice, but they can t disguise the potent attraction and need that draw them together Yet trust doesn t come easily for Cole and when Megan unearths the grim, dark truth, can she trust him to believe her
    Night of the Vampires As a soldier Cole Granger fights to restore peace to a world divided by war and evil His extraordinary talents are enlisted to prevent the president s horrific premonition from becoming reality Nothi

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    1. Enjoyable Paranormal Historical Romance What a fantastic twist to put in a Historical Romance It s bad enough that the Civil War is going on but when you add a plague of rouge vampires to the mix, the fight between the North and South gets put on the back burner as Cole Texas Sheriff and Megan half vampire , along with a few troops fight to put a stop to the spreading blood disease before it spreads nationwide The romance was such a tease throughout the whole book and I have to say that as I pat [...]

    2. Rating 2.5Quick Take The setting and integration with actual historical events is quite riveting However, the romance and character development felt a bit flat to me All told, I m not sorry to have read it.This book initially caught my eye when I saw the title anything starting with Night of the is bound to be horror rific and read the book s description, noted above You ll notice that the blurb is not completely clear on the setting of the story So I ll begin this review by noting that the book [...]

    3. I found this to be a fun read Yes, I said fun even though there are horrible vampire attacks I loved the mix of paranormal and historical elements I ll never think of some of the well known names in American history in the same manner again Ms Graham wrote a very satisfying story for her fans to enjoy The beginning was full of danger and questions The middle is perfectly balanced with plot and character development The ending holds many surprises, big battles and hope for the future Overall, a v [...]

    4. Cody, Brendan, and Cole are all fightingbut not against the North or South They re fighting a much darker force, one that the rest of the country is ignorant about, something of myths and legends vampires Then Megan enters their lives, claiming to be Cody s sister She seems to be fighting on the same side they are They accept fairly quickly that she is who she claims to be, but can they trust her Megan knows a lot about vampires her and Cody are both half breeds, so she proves to be a valuable m [...]

    5. I received this book from NetGalley as an ARC I have to say that this is not the kind of book that I would normally read I was honestly expecting a cheesy paranormal romance novel with lots of steamy scenes and no plot That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by this book Graham sets this vampire novel during the American Civil War and there is quite a bit of historical content in this novel I wouldn t say that Graham goes in depth about the war but at the same time I found that I had never r [...]

    6. Heather Graham has a wonderful talent for taking bits of history and blending them in with urban fantasy With Night of the Vampires, set during the Civil War, she creates an alternate history during which our nation was divided and watched brothers fight against each other for what they believed in, while vampires took advantage of the great death tolls to feed and replenish their numbers For on Night of the Vampires, to be released November 23, 2010, catch my review soon to be posted at freshf [...]

    7. This book wasn t as tense as the first of the series however, it was a bit dull I will read the next one in the series, keeping my fingers crossed that the children of Lawrence Fox finally get to meet their father I ll be a bit upset if this series goes on and on for several books before the father appears in their lives He made a brief appearance in the end but never fully interacted with his daughter or son Perhaps he never will which would end up as a big bummer.

    8. I liked the characters but I thought the girl was a little weak for such a powerful vampire I still liked the book and the ending surprised me I totally guessed wrong on the bad guy I like it when I don t see the end coming Still a great book in spite of the romance Love the mystery.

    9. Had some trouble reading this one it didn t move quite so fast till towards end of book Still really liked it and want to read last in trilogy.

    10. Review with a few details that might be spoilerish The historical details are what really make this story come alive Things like the Pinkerton Agency, Lincoln s work on the Capitol, actual Civil War battles, and the Smithsonian Castle I found these inclusions all the interesting because I just spent the last year living in Washington D.C so I was able to reconcile words on the page to reality, all seeming very accurate.Using Lincoln as a side character was a risky move and one could have easily [...]

    11. Most of us know how deadly and devastating the civil war is Now try to imagine it even worse With a third enemy that doesn t care which side of the war you are on If you are human, then you re fair game There is a pestilence that is ravaging the land, both North and South, and that pestilence is an army of savage vampires that seem intent on wiping out the human race all together Only a select few realize the truth behind the strange deaths Most choose to believe that it is some strange new dise [...]

    12. Follow up to Night Of The Wolveswhere we first met the characters of Cole Granger and Cody Fox in the town of Victory Texas In this second book we are once again draw into the Civil War era setting and the middle of a sinister war against the creatures of the night we all call Vampires Not only is this book chock full of interesting historical tidbits that take place during the Civil War such as numerous battle references and names of historical figures but some interesting and very unique char [...]

    13. Two of my favorite genres combined into one book Historical fiction and the paranormal meet in this great read Megan Fox, a half breed vampire, is tasked with going to Washington D.C by General Robert E Lee to try to stop the spread of the disease as they call it There she unites with her brother, Cody, who is also a half breed and meets Cole Granger, a Texan sheriff Cody and Cole have teamed up with others who are also fighting the outbreak of vampirism President Abraham Lincoln sends Cole and [...]

    14. My rating for this was up in the air, between a 2 or a 3, so I went with 3 And there are several reasons for this I felt like I was reading a History text book for majority of the book I love Historical Romance novels, but this was insane Two of the main characters in the beginning were similarly named and it was very confusing A Huge turn off if I have to stop and think of who is who because the author can t think of a name that is different I know Cole and Cody are not that similar but its clo [...]

    15. It s not often I pick up a book and then almost immediately set it down again, especially when it s a book about vampires This book, however, is going straight into the yard sale pile By the bottom of page 1, I thought this might be a lost cause for no other reason than the name of the female being prominently mentioned Kim Given that this is taking place in what seems to be the Civil War era South, the name is COMPLETELY out of place yes, I actually checked the Social Security Administration s [...]

    16. If it isn t bad enough the civil war is going on there is a much greater threat.e vampires.Megan Fox, a half breed vampire is send to Washington D.C to help put a stop to the spreading of the disease Here she meets up with her half brother Cody who s joined forces with the Texas sheriff Cole Cody, also a half breed doesn t know he has a sister and she isn t exactly welcomed with open arms They believe soon enough that she is Cody s sister but can they trust her Cole especially is weary of trusti [...]

    17. There s just something about a heroine with the name Megan Fox that makes me take that character a little less seriously I know it isn t fair, but I can t help but imagine the actress each time I read the book wonder if Heather Graham had been watching trailers for Jonah Hex when she was inspired to write this book Mercifully this book isn t as horrible as Jonah Hex was To Graham s defense though, this is of a re imagining of history ala Pride, Prejudice, Zombies, though But with vampires Graha [...]

    18. As ever I read books out of order and then think, well it would have made much sense if I had read the other first.Heather Graham is a wonderful historical romantic suspense author Her facts and knowledge of the Civil War are rich and add much to the general story Though this was an excellent story I liked Bride of the Night better The problem with a star setting is that you can t give a half a star Megan Fox is a southern lady in search of her father whom her mother said was a very good man va [...]

    19. I won this book from on dec 16 and just received it feb, 12 I will read asap and post a review Thanks.Sorry it took so long for me to review this book but life just blew up in my face this last month so I had little to no reading time.This book for me was just not my style I thought the writing was flat and I really didn t like the char very much This is about a soldier, Cole Granger who is fighting vampires to save the world from a vision the President had from coming true What the back of the [...]

    20. This is a continuing series that occurs during the Civil War, or as I like to call it , the war of Northern Aggression The heroine, Megan, was sired by a vampire on his human lover Megan s father left before she was born, and she spends the book trying to atone for her vampiric bloodline The hero Cole, is a sheriff from Texas, who saw his town decimated by vampires, and is dedicated to eradicating them from the planet They are thrown together as Megan searches for her half brother, who just happ [...]

    21. I highly recommend reading Night of the Wolves first before reading this one so you know who some of the key players are.Megan is a vampire hunter from the south who is in search of her step brother Cody and to find her father Cole is a Texas sheriff who has put down a previous vampire infestation with some other vampire hunters from the South He s best friends with Cody who is Megan s half brother who he didn t know exsisted Cole and Megan collide in a Virginia prision during another vampire in [...]

    22. This book, which is the sequel to Night of the Werewolves, takes place during the civil war in the North There s been a rash of violent killings and reappearances of diseased soldiers from both sides of the war line Cole Granger, sheriff from the first book, is deep in the fight to control this disease with fellow comrades Cody Fox and Brendan Vincent He expected lots of things, but not the beautiful and dangerous Megan Fox, a woman claiming to be Cody s long lost sister Together they must work [...]

    23. This book is set in civil war era America There is a plague happening during the war The plague of vampires attacking the soldiers.Cole with partners Cody and Brendan are sent to take care of the situation where they come across Megan who claims she is there for the same reason There is no trust between Cole and Megan at first They are then sent to Harper s Ferry to handle the plague there.This is not your typical vampire book In fact I wondered if it was like vampire zombies Some many things w [...]

    24. I tried, but I can t get through this book When I picked it out at the library, I saw soldiers, and vampires on the backcover blurb The cover art involves a manly chest and a headless hero and I thought oh, supernatural romance, this will be fluffy Staking and snogging Perfect beach read Well What the blurb neglects to mention is that the story is set during the Civil War That s right The Civil War And not in a subtle sort of way either After Abraham Lincoln showed up to exhort our vampire hunte [...]

    25. I m not a big Heather Graham fan I ve tried several of her books and this is the first I ve finished She excelled in this paranormal romance, with just the right amount of history thrown in She portrayed President Lincoln just the way I ve thought him to be A man who loved this country, his family, and the people.She had great characters, even though she could have utilized them better She acted as this was a second book and we had already heard Cody s story I would have enjoyed Cody s story I r [...]

    26. I received an ARC from netgalley for Night of the Vampires by Heather Graham I had read a few books by Heather Graham and had found them enjoyable, light reads However, I found this book a struggle for several reasons, primarily that the the Civil War setting felt like window dressing to me While there was a wealth of historical detail, the book just did not seem to be firmly rooted in the period I never formed an emotional investment in any of the characters, something which I always need to tr [...]

    27. I am torn with these books I love the history aspect of them, being set during the civil war, and this book partially takes place in Harper s Ferry, a town I have been in so I am familiar with the setting but I am unable to get into her vampire books as much as I can her other books I did enjoy the book, but I did not enjoy it as much as I do her books with a ghostly plot I am not connecting to the characters in this book as much as I would like The writing is still solid and it is a decent boo [...]

    28. during the Civil War something some kind of evil is at work by tearing the throats of people don t matter if the from the north, South, adult, or child Texas Sheriff Cole Granger id call in with a couple of friends fighting to restore peace to a world divided by war and evil His extraordinary talents are enlisted to prevent the president s horrific premonition from becoming reality on the field he runs into a mysterious young woman who claims to be his comrade s sister Enemy or ally, he can t ye [...]

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