[EPUB] ✓ تاريخ العربية السعودية، بين القديم والحديث | by ✓ Madawi Al-Rasheed مضاوي الرشيد

تاريخ العربية السعودية، بين القديم والحديث By Madawi Al-Rasheed مضاوي الرشيد,

  • Title: تاريخ العربية السعودية، بين القديم والحديث
  • Author: Madawi Al-Rasheed مضاوي الرشيد
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1932 1991 .

    One thought on “تاريخ العربية السعودية، بين القديم والحديث”

    1. A nice, clear history of Saudi Arabia I was, however, surprised that there wasn t primary source material used to support the text Everything but the seventh chapter and bits of the eighth and ninth is drawn from secondary sources That said, the seventh presents an interesting analysis of Saudi re presentation of its own history on the even of the centennial of Ibn Sa ud s capture of Riyadh I suppose I m not exactly disappointed that that there wasn t primary history, but I was surprised, sinc [...]

    2. Honestly, I didn t enjoy the book May be I was expecting out of it or the Saud lineage has been crafty enough to leave no tangible trails which modern historians can trail and give a clear picture about Too many details were glossed over which my thrust desired and sometimes one is in anticipation of an event which the author is building up but then he just gloss over it That I believe is thewn point of the book for me Otherwise, it s a good guide for any one who wants to dig into the past of m [...]

    3. An interesting and informative introduction, particularly its discussion of the inaccuracy of seeing Saudi Arabia as being rooted in desert nomadism But, the writing is terrible constant repetition of stock phrases, poor sentence construction, and terrible grammar.

    4. This is a straight forward history that consolidates all that I had learned about Saudi Arabia itself from other angles The final chapter, which discusses competing narratives in the state, elegantly explains lingering tensions.

    5. Very interesting and informative to be read with Robert Lacey and Bradley John for a comprehensive picture Keep in mind that Madawi Al Rasheed is from Al Rasheed s family who was stripped from power by Al Saud s.

    6. if anyone is interested in the history of the only country that doesn t issue tourist visas here is the one worth going through

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