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Let Me Whisper You My Story By Moya Simons,

  • Title: Let Me Whisper You My Story
  • Author: Moya Simons
  • ISBN: 9780732288587
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of Hello God comes a moving story about the impact of war on ordinary people.Rachel is German and Jewish and living in Leipzig,Germany Life is good, and revolves around Sabbath meals shared with her happy family.With the outbreak of World War II, their lives are changed the family are forced to move from their comfortable home into cramped housing, and whFrom the author of Hello God comes a moving story about the impact of war on ordinary people.Rachel is German and Jewish and living in Leipzig,Germany Life is good, and revolves around Sabbath meals shared with her happy family.With the outbreak of World War II, their lives are changed the family are forced to move from their comfortable home into cramped housing, and when the Nazis arrive to finally take the family away they don t know what is to become of them But Rachel s father gives her instructions that save her life He also tells her not to speak Rachel remains quiet for the rest of the war, but what happened to her family Will Rachel regain her voice now that she really needs it Ages 9 13
    Let Me Whisper You My Story From the author of Hello God comes a moving story about the impact of war on ordinary people Rachel is German and Jewish and living in Leipzig Germany Life is good and revolves around Sabbath meals s

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    1. Eines Tages werde ich fliegen Ich werde dahingleiten ber dem L rm, den Sch ssen und dem Tod Es gibt einen Ort, Und ich werde ihn finden Seite 215 , aus Miris Tagebuch Inhalt Rachel w chst zusammen mit ihrer sieben Jahre lteren Schwester Miri in einer beh teten Familie auf, in einem ordentlichen Haus in Leipzig mit Vorgarten Ihr Vater ist Arzt und die Familie ist geachtet in der Nachbarschaft Doch als der Krieg voranschreitet, ndert sich pl tzlich alles denn Juden werden nach und nach alle Rechte [...]

    2. A very moving story based on true events.Rachel is a German Jew who lives a happy contented life with her family.Happy, that is, until Hitler decided that Jews were not acceptable.Rachel s family are taken away, but he father hides her under the kitchen sink and tells her You must be absolutely silent A young Nazi soldier sees her hiding but chooses to ignore her.Being silent is exactly what she does she finds she cannot speak at all no voice.Rachel is then discovered by the family who move into [...]

    3. I read many books few touch my heart as this one did The subject matter of war,children, and refugees is not just from another time Shows how little progress we have made as a society That is is still a problem today This book not only made me cry but gives hope that there will always be courageous ordinary people, that will go beyond the expected to save others I will need to read this book again

    4. Held captive by the story of the holocaust child survivors with Rachel bring the main character and her memories held fast for her lost family during the war and following years Tears and hope span this book and I felt the warmth it offered and the truth about what really happened in 1930 40 s in Germany thank you

    5. Meine Meinung Dieses Buch hat mich sehr ber hrt.Am Anfang konnte ich mich jedoch nicht mit dem Schreibstil anfreunden Es wurden st ndig Abs tze gemacht, in denen das Thema gewechselt wurde Im einen Absatz erz hlt Rachel noch ber ihre Schleifen und im n chsten beschreibt sie, wie sich der Krieg immer mehr zuspitzt Der Lesefluss wurde dadurch erheblich ged mmt.Der Schreibstil an sich ist anfangs sehr kindlich und einfach gehalten Da das Buch aus Rachels Sicht geschrieben ist, bekommt der Leser die [...]

    6. I found this book a little bit uneven.Rachel is the baby of the family, only 5 years old in 1938 The first really terrible experience she can remember is a girl spitting at her She is shocked and the lack of power to do anything about it is quietly but very clearly conveyed through her parents reactions The glob landed firmly on my forehead and it was a great shock My father hesitated in our walk I knew he wanted to say something his face was purple with rage The girl s parents looked away They [...]

    7. MeinungEin wundervolles und sehr ber hrendes Kinder und Jugendbuch InhaltRachel Schwarz wurde 1932 geboren und lebt zusammen mit ihrem j dischen Vater, ihrer Mutter, ihrer Schwester und der restlichen Familie in Leipzig Doch lange hat sie keine Zeit ein Kind zu sein, denn Hitler tritt an die Macht und damit beginnt eine der schwersten Zeiten Deutschlands Aus Angst vor den Soldaten, den Sch ssen und dem Bombenangriffen, fl chtet sich Rachel immer fters in den Kleiderschrank ihrer Eltern, auch die [...]

    8. 1 I read this book because I was looking for a book to buy and this caught my eye I enjoy books based on world war 2 and the stories experiences people have been through, so this was a god read for me 2 A character I found interesting was Friedrich The way he had been taught to hate all Jewish people and the accusations he shouted at Rachel numerous times were beyond extreme even though he was only a child himself, but it was all he had ever been taught I found him interesting because he was alw [...]

    9. Many stories have been written about the Holocaust but what makes this one special is that it focuses on the people who hid and protected Jewish people during that time and it s written by masterful storyteller, Moya Simons Rachel is a young German Jew living in Leipzig when the wars breaks out Her family are forced from their home to a Judenhaus, a place marked for Jews to live, often in cramped, cold and filthy conditions, with ration cards barely enough to keep themselves alive They do their [...]

    10. I am really enjoying this book it may not be the book for you but then again it could be the best book you have ever read.The narrator of this book is a 9 year old girl called rachel her family is jewish and they are currently having a tuff time in their life,as the germans are starting to take over So far they have been moved into a small apartment block with other jewish families in same building.Her family is ordered to get out of the apartment by some soliders, but rachels dad tells her to s [...]

    11. It is a very good book about a German Jew, called Rachel, living in Germany during world war two who gets sheltered by a german family after her family is sent to a concentration camp After the war she gets sent a red cross shelter for misplaced Jewish kids in England where she mets another girl, called Greta, who she becomes friends with 3 years later she gets a note to say her dad and sister are alive and living in Australia Her mum, uncle, aunt and cousin died during the war and another is in [...]

    12. I loved this book so much that it took me 48 hours to read it It really touches on the relevance of race equality in our life s It made me think how could Hitler hate people for being a certain religion, however the same thing has happened with black people in almost every society around the world.Back to the book, it s good the plot line was kind of unpredictable but yet it gave me the sense that I knew what might happen.It was very good and even my 80 year old grandmother loved it I would defi [...]

    13. Like some have said, this book was a bit uneven.The first few chapters I wasn t sure if I was going to even continue on with the book But, after I was about a quarter of the way through and stuff really started to happen I found myself nearly hooked Rachel was pleasant enough but for the most she was of a observer in the story At the end I ended up crying which is always a good sign A lot of emotional moments sprinkled through the last few chapters but all in all I did enjoy this book

    14. As a middle aged woman I did not have high expectations of a book recommended for 9 to 14 year olds but was intrigued by the blurb and decided to give it a shot Wow I was totaly caught up in Rachael s story and cared so much for everyone in this book Even though it is fiction the accuracy of the setting in history really gives the story a deep message This hoocaust story gives us hope in humanity and God As evil as the world can be, love will always have the last word A wonderful read for anyone [...]

    15. I volunteered to read Let Me Whisper You My Story for the Readers Cup at school I m glad I did, because it was very good, reminiscent of The Diary of Anne Frank The novel deals with the impact of Hitler s rise to power in Germany and the way this affected Jewish people prior to and during World War 2 It is a poignant and important novel for young adults to read, especially when we consider that events within were only 70 years ago Recommended reading for all ages.

    16. This is by far my favourite book It has been for a while I am 14 and most of my favourite stories are about the nazis and I really do appreciate this book It makes you realise the lengths parents will go to, to keep their children safe It demonstrates a very naive young girl She takes things very literally and loves her family very much The things she went through are amazing and since reading this book, I Hav not found another page turner like this one

    17. This was a very good book and I recommend it to anyone who comes across it The book was about a young jewish girl s life during World War II The girl s family ends up in a concentration camp and she is left behind but when she finds herself safe, will she find her family again This is a brilliant book and I was caught up in it for hours.

    18. I liked the dynamics off the book I could really visulize the situation adnt the place the girl was in I think this was a good book because it was easy to understand and follow Highly reccomeended.

    19. it was very sad but not as bad as some of the war books out there i really felt her joy when she found her family again its all about the sudden changes the jews had to go through and then the recovery from the war it also shows that there are good people out there

    20. Let me Whisper you my story truly changed my perspective of World War 2 forever, it speaks of sadness, lost and despair, yet hope and happiness can rise from the ashes, It is one of my favourite books.

    21. Stories written about the holocaust are always upsetting, but this story had some uplifting moments as well as sadness Although it was never going to turn out perfectly the story did finish with some happy endings.

    22. Great book Takes an interesting angle on German Jews suffering that I haven t seen a lot of books take Loved it though It really makes clear the good that can result from good everyday people that stand up to evil despite the odds being against them.

    23. A sensitive, well written book about a young girl and the tribulations, danger and loss she has to face as a Jew living in Germany during the 1940s Whilst I think Hello God is a better story, this is still a worthwhile read.

    24. This book was amazing even though it was emotional in some parts it ,add me cry and in others parts it made me smile.

    25. its a great story about WW2, I absolutely loved the story and haven t gotten bored of it yet I have read it 3 times.

    26. Although a war based story, it was a delightful book written about children for children, touching on God, hope and the meaning of life.

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