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  • Title: Red
  • Author: Jack Ketchum
  • ISBN: 9780843950403
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Mass Market
  • The old man hears them before he sees them, the three boys coming over the hill, disturbing the peace by the river where he s fishing He smells gun oil too, too much oil on a brand new shotgun These aren t hunters, they re rich kids who don t care about the river and the fish and the old man Or his dog Red is the name of the old man s dog, his best friend in the world.The old man hears them before he sees them, the three boys coming over the hill, disturbing the peace by the river where he s fishing He smells gun oil too, too much oil on a brand new shotgun These aren t hunters, they re rich kids who don t care about the river and the fish and the old man Or his dog Red is the name of the old man s dog, his best friend in the world And when the boys shoot the dog for nothing, for simple spite he sees red, like a mist before his eyes And before the whole thing is done there ll be red Red for blood NOW A FILM BY LUCKY McKEE Trygve Allister Diesen Starring Brian Cox, Amanda Plummer, Robert Englund, Noel Fisher, Kyle Gallner, Shiloh Fernandez, and Kim Dickens.
    Red The old man hears them before he sees them the three boys coming over the hill disturbing the peace by the river where he s fishing He smells gun oil too too much oil on a brand new shotgun These a

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    1. Red is the story of Avery Ludlow, an old widower out fishing, his trusty dog at his side, when he is set upon by three teenage boys intent on robbing him When they realize Avery hasn t got anything worth their while, the boy with the shotgun blows the dogs head off for shits and giggles.The titular dog was Avery s best friend, and he wants justice He plans to get it no matter what the consequences might be.This is the first Ketchum book I have read that was not necessarily a horror story, and it [...]

    2. days ago, i dove into my piles and sought out that Overlook Connection Press edition which has a whiskered red doggie s face on the front, thus i dove it into my piles againcuz i bought a mass market copy of this D the author s way of storytelling and his power of words shivers me once , he s a hero of the genre rereading it makes me wanna see the movie again, and it has robert englund there O

    3. Most of us go somewhat insane when someone messes with our child or our dog You can talk smack about my sister, my mama, even my husband, but one snarky remark about my child and you will meet my alter, not very nice, ego Kick my dog and I turn into a pro death penalty, gun toting, gray haired bundle of irrational action.When Avery Ludlow decides to go after the three teenagers who shoot and kill his dog, I was pumping my fist in the air I was still pumping it when the book ended Lord, I hate bu [...]

    4. Before I give my opinion of this book I want to point out the horrible work by the printer of this edition I don t usually pay a lot attention to the printing companies, but this one was bad enough, actually the worst I ve ever seen, that I will be paying attention from here on out The publisher of this edition is a company called 47North When I say it is the worst I ve ever seen, I am not exaggerating I didn t keep count, but I bet there were a hundred misprints throughout this book I m not sur [...]

    5. Avery Allen Ludlow didn t do anything to the three punk ass kids that came up on him while he was fishing down by the river with his dog Red They did plenty to him however Now, it s time to fess up for the deeds done and harms perpetrated When it becomes apparent that is not going to happen, Avery takes matters into his own hands.Jack Ketchum can tell a hell of a story While this one may not be as brutal as some of the previous works I have read by him, there are some definite similarities in th [...]

    6. Very difficult book to read I ve always had a tender spot in my heart for animals , but great satisfaction seeing a man get fed up and take the law into his owns hands.Red really highlights the inability for citizens to take responsibility for their actions and the actions of their snot nosed slacker brats.

    7. When most people think of Jack Ketchum, they think of horror You think of horror again when you read a book blurb that sounds like a realistic, friendlier version of Pumpkinhead So hey, it s a horror story right Well, not really Life has decided to stop being predictable after all Red is much than the typical revenge story it touts itself as being Av doesn t believe a crime can t be forgiven, but he doesn t believe in scapegoats, liars, or not manning up to your mistakes and accepting responsi [...]

    8. To me Jack Ketchum is an incredible author and this is underlined with how this novel has been written J K is so well known for his twisted evil minds, cannibals and blood thirsty horror, this book however is different thus extended his pure talent There is no added gore or grotesque storyline though I really do love reading those just for the sake of it Instead Jack just grabs you straight from the very beginning of the story, as he always does thus channeling both your mind and your Imaginatio [...]

    9. This is probably as perfect of a book as you can get and just goes to show you don t always need an earth shattering, end of the world apocalyptic event to tell an engaging story Ketchum is a master wordsmith, adding flavor to the simplicity of this tale without ever overstepping his bounds Letting his characters live without ever forcing them to bend to the demands of a preconceived plot This was quite simply a beautiful, if painful, glimpse into an ordinary life, where the darkest masks of man [...]

    10. During an attempted robbery, three teens shoot a man s dog for kicks But that dog was the best thing in Avery Ludlow s life and he s not going to let them get away with it He wants justice for Red and he s going to get it no matter what it takes.What I love about Jack Ketchum is that all of his novels are realistic I could see any of his plots happening to myself, which makes them even scarier.And Red is no exception Loving and losing an animal is something everyone can relate to, making it easy [...]

    11. I was initially reluctant to read this, especially after reading Off Season, since that book clearly demonstrated that Jack Ketchum is a writer who is not afraid to go too far After reading Off Season and the back cover blurb for Red, I was worried that Red would callously use the death of an old man s dog as an excuse to depict an old man going over the edge and murdering and torturing the boys who did it in the most disturbing and horrific ways possible After reading The Girl Next Door, howeve [...]

    12. I loved the story of RED, as well as the novella THE PASSENGER included with this edition RED was especially touching, different from Jack s usual horror fiction Violent, sure But you could truly get into the lead character, Avery Ludlow, and easily sympathize with him The tension builds steadily throughout, leading to a satisfying conclusion Well done I would have given the book five stars, but I had to give it four because this edition, published by 47North, sorely needed proofreading Not Jack [...]

    13. Jack Ketchum s books are always vivid and impressive, and Red is definitely no exception Suspenseful, eerie and somber, this is definitely an amazing thriller that everyone should read.

    14. Red Jack KetcumLeisure Horror 211 Weak PagesYou re at the bookstore, under the gun as the girlfriend has imposed an unwavering 5 minute limit on your remaining time And there it is part of a 3 for the price of 2 bargain endorsed boldly on the cover by the greatest hack of our age, Stephen King the blood red cover showcasing a wooded area as the background of a recently fired shotgun and an equally recent corpse, presumably its victim and the synopsis on the back cover alludes to a tale concernin [...]

    15. I m not a dog person I wouldn t normally pick up a book about a dog but this one came highly recommended It s not really about the dog, but about the man, Av and a crime that triggers a series of events both good and bad This story is about responsibility, consequences, and the often torturous path to the truth Are there actions that are too heinous to forgive I believe there are and so does Av Passion is often considered a young man s condition but Ketchum shows us that given the right circumst [...]

    16. My edition had two stories in it The first one was Red about a man and his love of his dog It was a story of justice and revenge I especially liked the ending and give this part of the book 5 stars.The second story was The Passenger and was about a woman having a very bad night I thought it was a little too wrapped up at the end with a happily ever after and give this section 3 stars.Overall a great book which I recommend.

    17. Avery is a 67 year old veteran of the Korean War and a widow Red is his dog and faithful companion His wife bought him when he was a puppy for Avery and is one of the last links to his deceased wife While fishing in a rural Maine stream one afternoon, he s confronted by three spoiled punk teenagers with a shotgun In an attempt to rob Avery, they are enraged to learn he only has a few dollars in his wallet all the way back in his parked truck They then turn the shotgun on the dog instead As they [...]

    18. A much better book than I had expected So much of what I ve read of Mr Ketchum s has been extreme horror, but this one seemed personal and even touching at times Sure, there are some crazy and violent moments in here too, but by far this is one of my favorite books of his.

    19. Out of all the Jack Ketchum I ve read, this one is definitely my favorite, and that says a lot, I think, as I ve loved everything I ve read by the man.

    20. Red 3The Passenger 3Not my favorite Ketchum Fast paced and great writing, but the plots didn t hold my interest like his other work.

    21. Red wasn t exactly what I expected after reading a few of Jack Ketchum s other books, but I loved it just the same It isn t a horror novel in the way that those others are, but it deals with similar themes SpoilersWhen Avery Av Ludlow s dog, Red, is murdered in cold blood by a sadistic teen with his younger brother and an obnoxious buddy looking on , Av seeks justice But at every turn, it s made abundantly clear to him that no one will have to answer for Red s death When every traditional avenue [...]

    22. For those who have never read Jack Ketchum dont believe everything you hear.His work has been called pornographic and thats one of the nicer things said about his work.I cant speak for everything he has wrote but this book has a lot of heart.The basic premise is a man in his sixties is harassed by a trio of teenagers.They kill his dog Red in a terribly violent manner.The main component of the story is how the old man Avery Allan Ludlow deals with this loss and what he chooses to do about it.This [...]

    23. It s no secret that Ketchum is one of my favorite authors He is a master when it comes to character development and delivering an interesting, well executed story Red is one of those stories.Avery Ludlow is a simple old man He lives a nice quiet life since the passing of his beloved wife He owns a general store and his best friend is an aging dog named Red his wife gave him While Avery and Red are out fishing, three teenagers approach and attempt to rob him When they can t get what they want fro [...]

    24. I love this story and the ending brings tears to my eyes every time I read it The only thing I disliked was Leisure s inclusion of The Passenger, which I have still been unable to get into and read, as a ploy to make the book look longer Ketchum s exploration of loss and not just the loss of a pet , justice, revenge, and letting go of the past through the character of Avery are excellent This book is not one of Ketchum s best, but it is one of my favorites nevertheless It is also a fine example [...]

    25. I am so glad that I ve decided to conquer my fear and read this novel I adore Jack Ketchum and his stories that show the true human nature and asks uncomfortable questions about the condition of human heart And this one was no different, except it gave me hope which is a new feeling when I think about work of this author It is sad, yet somehow comforting at the end I truly recommend Red to all Ketchum s fans and to all readers who want to try his books but are afraid of jumping into deep waters [...]

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