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Darkling By Yasmine Galenorn,

  • Title: Darkling
  • Author: Yasmine Galenorn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The D Artigo sisters, Camille, Delilah, and Menolly, are half human, half Fae operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency When humans begin to go missing, then turn up as newly born vampires, Menolly an acrobat extraordinaire turned vampire must face the demons haunting her memories.
    Darkling The D Artigo sisters Camille Delilah and Menolly are half human half Fae operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency When humans begin to go missing then turn up as newly born vampires Me

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    1. After Changeling I honestly didn t expect to like Darkling as much as I did Some inconsistencies spelling grammar issues aside, this was an enjoyable story with almost no romance to speak of.Darkling is definitely not a paranormal romance For those interested, there are two sexual scenes in the book and they are used to either move the things forward or to encourage a change in a character The third D Artigo sister doesn t fall in love The whole story is centred on her sadistic sire Dredge s arr [...]

    2. I ve just finished Darkling, book three in Yasmine Galenorn s Otherworld series It is the first book in the series that I can claim to like Wellke is too strong a wordlet s go with I didn t hate it completely Not sure whether my semi enjoyment of this book, as compared to Witchling and Changeling, is due to a compelling main character or whether I have developed Stockholm Syndrome that I have been held captive by this series for so long These short books are loooonnnng reads that I am beginning [...]

    3. This is the book I chose for the 2016 popsugar challenge Book set in home state This book is set mostly in Seattle which is in the same state that I live in I live around Bellingham 5 starsIt was nice to finally know what happened to Menolly Quite sad Glad that she was able to sever ties with Dredge and finally end him Will Menolly find love When is Shadow With g finally going to show up Nice to have a book in Menolly s POV.

    4. The plot has a little depth in this one, perhaps because this sister has major inner demons to defeat before she can get on with her life She s a considerably interesting character than Camille and Delilah, albeit bogged down with the cliches that are becoming a trademark with this author The way Menolly conquers her dark memories and grows into a mature character is the best part of this book we see how she s gradually accepting that the people around her love her and aren t trying to antago [...]

    5. The third book in this series is my favorite so far Although, I ve rated all the books with five stars, this was beyond words Definitely darker, this story took me out of my comfort zone for an urban fantasy book There is so much pain and tragedy in the past of the main character that I m not so sure how she managed to continue living.So, this book is from Menolly s POV and it s a little different from the previous two How It has less humor and a lot of new characters Also, this story is like a [...]

    6. I think, in fact I know, I would have enjoyed this book if I had read it rather than listened to it Cassandra Campbell was inoffensive as a reader but not so much that I forgot she was there and not good enough to make this a performance Initially I was lost having not read the prior two books But eventually Galenorn provided enough information that I had a good idea of what was happening or at least who the characters were This is considered urban fantasy and as such the women are the leading [...]

    7. Third book in the series, told from the youngest sister s perspective Looks like the fourth will be going back to the oldest s It was good The fight continues we learn about the family from Menolly She s a vampire takes the lead as they battle her creator The story line is very similar to the other two I don t have the fourth book don t mind waiting a while to get it It s not a bad story, but it s also not compelling or different enough to make me want to run out get the next 2.5 stars is accu [...]

    8. WOOew Menolly would be a doozy She is one cool vampd I loved the fact that she was gettin heavy with Nerissa In all honesty Camille Delilah have enough testosterone floating around for ten womenLOL I am very interested in Roz thoughm he sounds delicious Also in Jareth who I wantto see if anything further happens between him and Menolly.d there is also Menolly and Nerissa Man these sisters get all the goodies And will Roz end up in a thing with any of them ME ME ME I also want to know why Erin is [...]

    9. Third in the Otherworld Sisters of the Moon paranormal romance series based in Seattle and revolving around three half human, half fae sisters charged with preventing Storm Wing from overthrowing the world even as the Otherworld takes sides in a civil war The point of view here is from Mennolly.My TakeOne of the interesting aspects of this series is that there is no settled love interest While one sister provides the main point of view in each book and they end up with a lover or three, they don [...]

    10. 4.5 stars great I first read this book August 29 30, 2013.I reread it January 22, 2017.The below review is adapted updated from the review I wrote after my first reading.I loved this book This one was told from Menolly s point of view, and it was really nice to gain insight into the youngest D Artigo sister though she still seems like the middle sister Not only that, but we learned exactly how she became a vampire and got to be witness to the view spoiler breaking of the bonds between her and [...]

    11. Darkling 978 0 425 21893 8The third in the Sisters of the Moon series, Darkling carries on the point of view cycle by moving to the third sister in the family the ill fated Menolly Half human and half Fae like her sisters, her particular cross to bear is her hated vampirism In the second book of the series, Changeling , we learned that the sisters old enemies were joining forces with the vampire group that tortured and turned Menolly, and Darkling follows that plot thread as a chance for Menolly [...]

    12. Darkling is the third book in the Sisters of the Moon series, the follow up of Changeling 2 In Witchling 1 we meet the D Artigo sisters Camille, the eldest who is a witch, Delilah, the middle child who is a werecat, and Menolly, the baby of the family who is a vampire The plot of Witchling establishes the confusing existance of the three realms Otherworld, Earth and the Subteranean Realms and introduces us to a host of otherwordly species from both those found on Earth and those from without Dar [...]

    13. Darkling is the best in this series so far in my opinion She s my favorite character and she has so many layers to her personality She s been hurt, stripped bare and victimized by the jerk, Dredge, that turned her into a vampire She s strong, loyal and will kick anyone s ass that hurts someone she cares about What I really like about this character is that she isn t conformed She s technically bi in my book, she likes the men but she ll also get involved with a woman if it feels right She s a ch [...]

    14. This is the third The Sisters on the Moon book by Yasmine Galenorn, and it doesn t disappoint It s packed with new problems for the sisters, and a lot of action I loved every minute of it Menolly intrigued me from the moment she was introduced in Witchling, so I couldn t wait to meet her and get into her head.The constant pain she relives because of her physical and mental scars is heartbreaking As if it isn t enough to have to deal with the fact that she s a vampire Her sire, Dredge is evil And [...]

    15. I realize I m not the audience for thisd I read it out of order, but it was all I had on a long car ride However, I won t be reading on with the series.The plot was shallow and unoriginal.The dialogue was flat and poor.The writing remained terrible throughout Terrible on a word by word, sentence by sentence level, betraying both a lack of skill and style.I was indifferent to all the characters Menolly especially I never connected with her I don t even like the cover I finished it for the pure ma [...]

    16. I actually really enjoyed Yasmine Galenorn s series Fun, sexy, and not taking itself too seriously It has enough paranormal to fit the genre,the plot follows some logic and each of the sisters gets their day in the sun with each book Galenorn appreciates the pagan paranormal viewpoint and provides an entertaining, sexy and entertainin read.

    17. Serinin bu kaitab n daha ok sevdim nedenseSan r m Menolly nin yk s etkiledi beni birde vampir avlay p durduklar i in aksiyon oktu

    18. I really liked this I d forgotten loads from book 1 2 but as theses are each about a different sister so I caught up quick

    19. Synopsis All over Seattle, humans have been going missing, only to turn up as newborn vampires the sure sign of a rogue vamp on the loose It looks like Dredge is to blame The same sadistic Dredge who gave me my scars, and who may well be in cahoots with the demon Shadow Wing If so, Otherworld and Earth are screwed The only way we can hope to defeat Dredge is for me to travel home to Otherworld, where I must face my own demons Because unless I sever the ties that bind me to Dredge, all hell is go [...]

    20. Synopsis We re the D Artigo Sisters Half human, half Faerie, we re savvy and sexy operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency But our mixed blood heritage short circuits our talents at all the wrong times My sister Camille is a wicked good witch whose magic is as unpredictable as the weather My sister Delilah transforms into a tabby cat when she s under stress And me I m Menolly, acrobat extraordinaire turned vampire And I d give my right fang to make my sire pay for killing me That is, if [...]

    21. I m not quite sure what it is about this series, but I can t quite seem to make my mind up about it It s fairly light as far as PNR and UF goes, but there s this nice charm to it that I really dig I m still slightly skeptical about the author s claim that she ll be able to write the series until nobody will publish it any, as I ve seen where doing so has resulted in the deterioration of several long running series in several different genres But that s a worry for future volumes, as right now we [...]

    22. Darkling 978 0 425 21893 8The third in the Sisters of the Moon series, Darkling carries on the point of view cycle by moving to the third sister in the family the ill fated Menolly Half human and half Fae like her sisters, her particular cross to bear is her hated vampirism In the second book of the series, Changeling , we learned that the sisters old enemies were joining forces with the vampire group that tortured and turned Menolly, and Darkling follows that plot thread as a chance for Menolly [...]

    23. This review was posted at Under The CoversIt s been a while since I read book 2 in the series, and with every book I always wonder if I might continue reading or if I should just stop But I have OCD and have to know what happens next So here I am I thought I would actually like Menolly s book, and I have to say I m a bit disappointed A lot of dark things came out in this book It was a good story, but just a bit too rough and too dark for my taste There was also a lot going on, as usual in this s [...]

    24. There s everything but the kitchen sink in the third instalment of the best selling Sisters of the Moon series.Half human and half Faerie, the D Artigo sisters are as at home in Seattle as they are in the Otherworld Camille is a witch, and rules the roost Delilah shape shifts into a tabby cat when stressed, but can be a panther at other times Menolly is a vampire, but not because of her half Faerie heritage but for the psycho sadist Dredge who s likely responsible for the outbreak of newborn vam [...]

    25. Ok there are a lot of things that I like about this series The beasties, the quest for the nine spirit seals, the settings is in Seattle, Washington, and some other attributes But here are a few of the things I don t like though1 Is the okay everybody stop it s history and battle planning time in a very perky type of way that sets my teeth on edge I mean a whole shit ton is revealed in these little pow wow s, but it really isn t expressed in a way that I like A lot is left to conjecture.2 The co [...]

    26. This series has the potential to be mind blowing It s okay, but it just leaves me wanting There are rich characters, sub plots, sex, fantasy and politics all over Yet I find myself still needing to understand It s like it was written as an outline, with just enough filler to pass it as a fast paced story It almost reads like a TV series script What lacks for me is you just don t know enough about the characters to form any empathy for them It starts to build and then you re thrown into the nex [...]

    27. Darkling is book 3 of the Otherworld series by Yasmine Galenorn of the D Artigo sisters The point of view focus of this book is Menolly s the sister who was abused, tortured, and unwillingly converted to vampire The gruesome full story of her torture made me shiver as it was told in this book Dark is growing in this series with the DredgeWith each book in this series, new characters are brought to light explaining the past and being folded into the present which is nicely illuminating I liked An [...]

    28. This book focuses on the third sister the vampire Menolly Her sire Dredge who captured her, tortured her, turned her and then commanded her to attack her own family has crossed over from OW and is now making new vampires in Seattle Menolly and her sisters have to stop the baby vamps, defeat Dredge, visit OW to meet Jareth a seer, and save a friend who is captured.These books are not HEA romances The first sister Camille is sleeping with 2 guys Trillian and Morio sometimes together now Delilah is [...]

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