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Line of Duty By Terri Blackstock,

  • Title: Line of Duty
  • Author: Terri Blackstock
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At the request of her many fans Terri Blackstock revisits the heroic cast of characters in this fifth book in her best selling Newpointe 911 series In Line of Duty, a bomb explodes at the Icon International building in New Orleans while lawyer Jill Clark Nichols is in the top floor boardroom The thirty story building goes up in flames and fire departments from all aroundAt the request of her many fans Terri Blackstock revisits the heroic cast of characters in this fifth book in her best selling Newpointe 911 series In Line of Duty, a bomb explodes at the Icon International building in New Orleans while lawyer Jill Clark Nichols is in the top floor boardroom The thirty story building goes up in flames and fire departments from all around the area are called in The firefighters from Newpointe are especially concerned since they know Jill is inside the building Dan, her husband, rushes in to save her But as firefighters work to evacuate the upper floors of the building, a second and third bomb explode, causing the lower floors to cave in Firefighters and civilians are buried beneath the rubble When the smoke finally clears, a count is taken Jill narrowly escapes the chaos of the explosions and fire only to find Dan missing Were the bombs the act of a terrorist, or a scheme coming from a heart of greed Can Jill s faith carry her through these long days of pain and uncertainty And will Dan survive this tragedy or sacrifice his life in the line of duty
    Line of Duty At the request of her many fans Terri Blackstock revisits the heroic cast of characters in this fifth book in her best selling Newpointe series In Line of Duty a bomb explodes at the Icon Interna

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    1. This book was very good I enjoyed the story, it was generally clean and the way she wrote was very sympathetic and not preachy at all.Despite jumping between many POV s Terri Blackstock kept it relatable and easy to follow She shared moments of such raw emotion, but yet there was hope amidst the turmoil The underlying mystery was fabulous and I was shocked when all was said and done Just so enjoyable I love Jill and Dan and their family s relationships Those two mixed with Clara and Ashley was r [...]

    2. While Jill Nichols interviews an executive for a deposition, his assistant finds a bomb in the room directly below them Employees race down the stairs, only to find themselves caught in the blast As Dan and the rest of the Newpointe emergency service rush to the aid of the local rescue units, they find the bomber has left an unpleasant surprise Catastrophe reigns and lives are lost and the details of the investigation lie in the head of the assistant s daughter, an angry teenager Jill befriended [...]

    3. Terri Blackstock has a gift for weaving suspense and mystery with Romance this book is a great example of that She is one of my favorite authors I don t think I have read a book of hers that I haven t liked

    4. This was the final book in the 911 series and a great conclusion to the series The series can all be read as stand alone books but to get to know the characters it is best to read in order.This was of an action packed book than suspense, though there was a bit of suspense at the end The action started out with a bang, filled with emotion and turmoil and the emotion continued throughout the story I guessed correctly who planted the bombs from the beginning but due to the story being focused on [...]

    5. LOVED this book I did figure it out in the beginning but still wasn t sure until the very end I was correct The story is woven beautifully I truly enjoyed reading it.

    6. I enjoyed this one so much I didn t want to stop reading until I got it finished Terri Blackstock did a wonderful job of balancing the drama in the plot with the stories of the characters and what they were going through mentally and physically.

    7. the main characters in this book were Jill n Dan the fifth book in the series Lots of circumstances n emotions in this storytelling How do we react in tragedy n adversity Questioning God n faith and coming through the other side.

    8. Captivating mystery with crisis and deathbut no gruesome detaild a couple interesting discussions of God and suffering.

    9. The reader returns to Newpointe, Louisiana, for the fifth time and it s still a pleasant little burg to visit Allie and Mark have a baby Jill and Dan are settling in as newlyweds, as are preacher Nick and his paramedic wife, Issie However, their idyll shatters when a 30 story building in New Orleans becomes an inferno thanks to three bombs placed at interval levels Jill is taking a deposition when the explosions occur, and of course Dan and all of the Newpointe 911 responders offer their service [...]

    10. I actually liked the book, with all the fuss going around The start may not be full of actions but nevertheless things comes bouncing up and and down towards you Quite sad, really , about the terrorism and the people Still, it s a great book I d totally recommend it.

    11. Line of Duty is a Christian suspense novel that turns into a general fiction with a mystery This is the fifth book in the series, but it reads like a stand alone.The suspense in the first part was mainly created by the physical danger that the various characters were in and then wondering which characters survived After that, the suspense was created by relationship tension, regret and sorrow leading characters toward potentially bad decisions, and the side mystery of who blew up the building Th [...]

    12. Fifth book in the Newpointe 911 series, Terri Blackstock delivers an extremely emotional but enthralling finale to finish off this memorable series Line of Duty enables you to see and experience first hand some of the heroic and selfless efforts of the Firefighting teams, but on a much personal level having gotten to know and love the wonderful characters throughout the series Bomb explosions, kidnapping and terror are within this book, but interjected with moments of sweet love and heart wrenc [...]

    13. The only problem with finishing up a series like this is that I felt as though I was saying goodbye to a group of friends I ve come to know But then, all good series are like that I won t write much about what I think about the characters themselves because I might inadvertently write a spoiler, but I have to say one of my all time favorites is Aunt Aggie What an amazing and funny woman I just loved her.

    14. If you like mysteries with a strong Christ centered worldview you will like Teri Blackstock She is a NT Times Bestselling author This book is from Scribd For a free 60 day free trial use the following referral link clickilribd qs 7e3b

    15. Attorney Jill Clark Nicholas is sitting in the executive suite on the top floor of the Icon Building in New Orleans taking a deposition from corrupt CEO Donald Merrit when a bomb threat is reported The bomb goes off forever altering Jill s life and the lives of many she knows Good writing, but I would ve liked intense action and tension.

    16. Fantastic book I will definitely be reading from this author Now, I ll admit I figured out the who done it part rather quickly, however I still did not want to put this book down Such a great read The author grabs you, sucks you in, next thing you know, you feel like you ve known the characters all your life Loved this book, I do believe I ll be rereading it soon

    17. Good as alwaysI believe this was best of this series It got my attention from the very start Terri writes Christian based mystery books Always God based Love her books I could read them over and over again and have There is never any fear of foul language of hot sex scenes Her books are always clean cut I recommend her books highly.

    18. Overall, I liked this series, but by the end of this book I was a little tired of all the fairy tale story lines with everyone coming to Christ, getting married, and having babies There are quite a few editing mistakes and inconsistancies through out the series, but overall very entertaining and even convicting at times.

    19. I really enjoyed this book I enjoy this series so much and this book is no exception It kept me on the edge of my seat and the love and devotion between the two main characters is just so sweet and inspiring.

    20. Oh my goodness This series was awesome I absolutely loved it I really did learn a lot from all of these books Even though these people are fictional is a good reminder of God s mercy and love for us.

    21. This was a good read The bad guy that was exposed towards the end surprised me I will definitely be reading of her material Her faith based writing really shows how your own faith can be used in day to day living.

    22. I am SO hooked on this series, even tho the last one wasn t quite as good Maybe a little too close to home for me I admit it I use reading as an escape But I do love Terri s character development twists in her plots.

    23. I think that this series got better towards the end of it Trail by Fire book 4 and Line of Duty were probably my favorites of the series I loved Ashley s character in book 5 and would love to see what happens with her.

    24. Even though this is the third in this Newpointe 911 series, it is the first I ve read Very well written, with characters who are real struggling with relationships and trying to come to a resolution I am definitely going to read books by this author.

    25. This was my least favorite book of the Newpointe series I love Blackstock and her characters, but this one didn t have the same fluidity the others had However, the series, as a whole, is fantastic

    26. All of these Newpointe 911 novels are fun, fast paced reads I really enjoyed them, howeverif you are an avid reader and your eyes are drawn towards misprints and editing mistakesWARE I have never found so many mistakes in my life It drove me insane.

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