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The Education of Victoria By Angela Meadows,

  • Title: The Education of Victoria
  • Author: Angela Meadows
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lessons in love and a whole lot are in store in this saucy romp set in a European finishing school for young ladies Packed off to a continental finishing school, 16 year old Victoria thinks she will be taught how to be a dutiful wife for a gentleman But she soon discovers that she has a lot to learn in the arts of pleasure at the Venus School for Young Ladies ThereLessons in love and a whole lot are in store in this saucy romp set in a European finishing school for young ladies Packed off to a continental finishing school, 16 year old Victoria thinks she will be taught how to be a dutiful wife for a gentleman But she soon discovers that she has a lot to learn in the arts of pleasure at the Venus School for Young Ladies There she encounters the strictness of Principal Madame Thackeray and her team of tutors Under their guidance she learns the finer arts of sexual pleasure and discovers that there are plenty of fellow students and staff willing to share their carnal knowledge with this sweet young English rose On returning to England, she finds her father in financial difficulty, and must turn her newfound education to good use to save the family estate.
    The Education of Victoria Lessons in love and a whole lot are in store in this saucy romp set in a European finishing school for young ladies Packed off to a continental finishing school year old Victoria thinks she will b

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    1. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Erotic novel featuring all kids of sexual situations, not for the faint of heart.Opening Sentence His mouth pressed against mine, his tongue squeezing between my lips.The Review Victoria is 16 year girl caught with the stable boy in Regency era England Her father decides to send her to a finishing school in Vienna I am not sure if he meant to send her to that school, but she ends up in Venus finishing school for girls Almost immediately it becomes [...]

    2. I m not going to tell you anything about this bookIf you want to know what the hell is happening in it,you have to read it by yourself But,just FYIif you have problems with explicit scenes and if you re narrow mindedd you can t read about lots and lots and lots and lots of sex,page after pageease skip this one Thank you

    3. I made it to 55 pages in on my Nook It s one sex scene after another Victoria is 16 and has been sent to a finishing school in Venice that s really all about teaching young women how to please men So far there is no plot Just one sexual experience after another It s not sexy, it s not erotic, it s just disturbing And the language one scene we are subject to crack, arsehole, vulva, and clitoris The mashup of clinical and coarse terms is not appealing to me at all.Definitely a fail Added Flipped t [...]

    4. 2 meh stars Victoria is sixteen years old, and she is sent to a private school in Venice in that school girls learn how to please a man, so the book is all about sex there is really no story going on, just pure sex after sex After a while it just becomes boring

    5. Full review at For Your Literary PleasureI have many feelings about this book and not many of them positive, sorry I was fuming only 4% into the book and it didn t improve at all There is no plot outside of Victoria going to the finishing school and learning about sex which I don t think that constitutes a plot at all, forgive me if I m wrong This one dimensional story is barely interesting, its like an erotic description of the variations on sex jumping from one sexual encounter to the next The [...]

    6. And that was when I became a whore.Imagine you walked up to a guy and said What is your most ridiculous, unbelievable sexual fantasy It wouldn t be that farfetched for him to say, I wish there was a school where they taught women how to pleasure men, and I was one of their lab rats Not farfetched as a ridiculous fantasy, but as a story it s completely and utterly tragic Yes, a book like this will have sex But not at the expense of any plot ANY plot Victoria is caught with a farmhand touching her [...]

    7. The Education of VictoriaAngela MeadowsThis book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review by Net Galley.Let me just start by saying that this story captivated me like nothing else in a while It was darkly erotic and certainly moving I was revelling in all things sexual that these characters were experiencing and just overwhelmed at the episodes of instruction But I digress, Victoria is caught by her father with her pants down fooling around with the stable hand and is sent away to what [...]

    8. An open letter to the authorI would first like to direct your attention to the definition of the word, plot as defined by dictionary Also called a storyline The plan, scheme, or main story of a literary or dramatic work, as a play, novel, or short story Now, I have read a great many books in my time and there are only two books that, until now, I have not finished once I began The first was Woman in Red by Eileen Goudge and the other was Consequences by Aleatha Romig You now have the distinction [...]

    9. I m lacking the words for how bad this book was I kept reading and reading hoping to find something meaningful or to grasp some intention behind the writing or to make a connection with a character but nothing.The Education of Victoria was just a meaningless arrangement of sentences strung together to have on sex scene after the other Right from the start I found the character of Victoria odd Like she wasn t a real person at all Because NOBODY would behave like that Like she doesn t have a brain [...]

    10. Review featured on books n kisses3.75 Hearts Umm Wow ok did I say wow This was not erotica this was written porn Good written porn but still I am not sure there is than 3 paragraphs written at a time that does not have some kind of sex scene There is sex is every form and with every person Nothing is too taboo in this book Including the fact the main character who starts this journey at what her father thinks is a finishing school but it of a school of sex is only 16 First not that I would com [...]

    11. Although set in one of my most favorite time periods, and filled with lots of yummy hot scenes, this book was rather boring in it s main plot line Especially after 3 4th into it The first part makes for a very interesting manual , if you will, on sex and all that goes with it Of course, mixed in with perfect reactions Victoria Honestly, if I read and then we came together in perfect climax one time, I m going to chuck my iphone out the window or something As with most erotica stories, this one [...]

    12. More reviews at RosieReads Wowis bookwas one giant porno Seriously I m not joking There were points in this book where I was this close to setting it down, and never pick it up againbut for some reason, I kept reading I guess, hoping it would get better I mean, every scene had sex in it, whether it was oral, lesbian, or the real she bang Seriously, it felt like every single scene And honestly, the ending wasn t what I thought it would be at all Usually, women find their true love or yada yada ya [...]

    13. I found this book rather baffling to be quite honest, it s historical fiction yet I m pretty certain most of the language wasn t openly used in those times, let alone by 16 year olds.Attending what basically is a sex school, Victoria learns the art of satisying a gentleman whilst also getting her lady love on.I got halfway through and was fed up of constantly going Pffft at the language or the actions.The Education of Victoria is basically a thesaurus of genitalia terms, most of which make you w [...]

    14. well could have got a lot higher rating if there was of an emotional connection with Victoria s character the details in the story were really good but because of the lack of emotional between any of the characters I found I was not too bothered if I finished the book or not The last chapter had the best emotional connection.

    15. Gave up at 20% Could not get into it Victoria was unlikeable for me from page one Stilted dialogue, never ending sex scenes, flimsy plot to carry the scenes Not for me, sorry No review posted.

    16. This book has no plot It is one huge sex scene I like sex in my books but this just left me feeling dirty for reading it I got about 50% in the book and laid it down I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

    17. This was a review copy I got from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I don t even know what was going on here, some sort of terrible Story of O ripoff and then a handful of whatever the author thougtht might titillate a reader No plot, terrible characters.

    18. I don t often put books down, but this one had me stopping pretty soon into it I just wasn t interested One extreme sex scene after another, and she s just 16 Not my kind of novel.

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