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Guardian of the Promise By Irene Radford,

  • Title: Guardian of the Promise
  • Author: Irene Radford
  • ISBN: 9780756401085
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now in paperback, the fourth novel in Irene Radford s acclaimed saga of Merlin and his descendants follows the children of twin brothers Donovan and Griffin, in a magic fueled struggle to protect Elizabethan England from enemies both mortal and demonic.
    Guardian of the Promise Now in paperback the fourth novel in Irene Radford s acclaimed saga of Merlin and his descendants follows the children of twin brothers Donovan and Griffin in a magic fueled struggle to protect Eliz

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    1. I received this eBook free from the LibraryThings early reviewer program This is the fourth book in a series of novels focusing on the mythical bloodline of Merlin As this was the fourth book, I decided when I received it that I would find and download the first three in the series I hate coming in to the middle of a series I have already posted my reviews of the prior three books This story is set about 13 years after Guardian of the Vision, which places the story in the 16th century, it is abo [...]

    2. This book was a LibraryThing Early Reviewers book I d already won one of the previous books Guardian of the Balance from LTER, and they were kind enough to give me this one, as well, a few months later I m sure I m desperately late in reviewing it, but nevertheless, here s my review I finished this book yesterday, during the Read a Thon It was good Better than the last one in the series Again, I m not sure whether this is because I prefer reading about a female protagonist in this case, Deirdre, [...]

    3. I received this novel from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program I had read this book several years ago in paperback, but wanted to read it again now that the series is being re released in e book format.Unlike the previous books in the Merlin s Descendants series, readers will probably do best to have at least read the previous book before reading this one to fully appreciate and enjoy this fourth installation You can read it on its own as Ms Radford does give her usual hints and reminders t [...]

    4. NOTICE I received this book from the author and nothing was asked but a review and nothing promised but a copy of the book.This book was hard for me to rate at first When I read an outline of the book it seemed like one I would like Middle ages England, magic, human interest and even a werewolf thrown in for good measure but when I started to read it I found it hard to get interested in the characters as the author jumped from one character to another and I planned to give it no than 3 stars Ho [...]

    5. Loved this book I got this free with a promise to review, and it was an amazing read, at least for me It combines elements of Elizabethan English history and her research and history are excellent as well as Arthurian legend with fantasy magic to bring an interesting perspective to that era of British politics Her characters are well rounded and her narrative style flows easily making the book very readable There were some places where I struggled to understand all the interactions of the charac [...]

    6. Received as part of LibraryThing s Early Reviewer s April 2012 batch, to mark this book being released as an ebook There s the odd markup issue where some of the text continues on as italics where perhaps it should be standard text Nothing that spoiled the reading of the book it took me a while to work around what was wrong but it happened than once.Fourth in the series, this picks up 13 years after the previous book Griffin s daughter has grown up with her cousins and her Uncle Donovan Elizabe [...]

    7. This is a book set in the perilous Elizabethan time Donovan Griffin is heir to the house established by Merlin His niece Dee and son Hal are two very powerful mages, as he is These are the people that stand against chaos Betsy, another daughter of Donovan, and the werewolves of Spain, headed by The Master, are on the side of chaos Time is running out for those trying to stop chaos from reigning Hal and Dee go to Paris to try to stop destruction there Donovan can t pursue them, as he is forbidden [...]

    8. This book continues the Kirkwood family saga, the main protagonist this time is Deidre Kirkwood the illegitimate daughter of Griffin Kirkwood and Roanna Douglas Deidre is a possible candidate for the Pendragon of England along with her cousins Hal and Betsey Deidre sets out to finish her Father s work and save England and Europe from evil very enjoyable reading

    9. Guardian of the Promise is the fourth book in the series Merlin s Descendants by Irene Radford It was an okay read but definitely geared to a younger audience.

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